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Officially enter the special medical track! Hepnocai launched the first lactose free formula for infants in 1897


After ranking among the top five in the market share of infant milk powder, Aoyou continued to run out of acceleration and increase the layout of subdivided fields. Recently, the first lactose free formula for infants with special medical purposes “Zhishu” of Aoyou’s high-end milk powder brand haipunuokai 1897 was officially listed, marking its official entry into the golden track of special medical food.


In recent years, with high growth performance, hipnocai 1897 is becoming one of the “most beautiful children” of Aoyou group. According to Aoyou’s 2021 annual report, the business unit of hiponokai 1897 recorded a revenue of 3.182 billion yuan last year, a year-on-year increase of 17.9%. Among them, haipunuo kaihezhi continues to be one of the fastest growing brands of Aoyou, with a year-on-year increase of 22.0%.


This time to “unlock” the special medical track, hipnocai 1897 aims to find new growth points and achieve multi track leadership. Next, let’s have a look.


Focus on people with lactose intolerance


It refers to people’s inability to digest milk, lactose containing drinks or dairy products without lactose, which can not be tolerated by the body.


China is one of the high incidence areas of lactose intolerance. According to the report of China dairy index 2021, about 190 million Chinese claim to have lactose intolerance. Among them, infants are the most common people with lactose intolerance. More data show that the incidence of lactose intolerance caused by acute diarrhea in infants can reach 61.74%. If the disease persists, it will also lead to circulatory hazards such as malnutrition.


At present, many expert suggestions, such as the clinical practice guide for acute infectious diarrhea in children in China and the expert guide for nutritional intervention of infant diarrhea, suggest that lactose intolerant infants should consider a low lactose diet, and infants with milk as the main diet should be fed with lactose free or low lactose formula.


Based on this background, the new product “Zhishu” launched by hiponokai 1897 is specially developed for infants with lactose intolerant diarrhea aged 0 ~ 12 months.

The brand introduced to the snack generation, “in addition to the lactose free formula, ‘Zhishu’ also provides comprehensive nutritional support for the baby’s growth and development with more than 40 kinds of nutrition. In addition to brain visual nutrition such as DHA, ARA, choline and lutein, there are five core nutrients such as nucleotides and zinc to protect the baby’s intestinal self-defense and meet the multi-dimensional development needs of the baby’s growth.”


It is worth mentioning that, as the brand’s first lactose free formula for infants with special medical purposes, the listing of “Zhishu” has also achieved a breakthrough of “0” formula for special medical purposes in Hunan Province.


Opportunities and challenges of special medical track


Hepnocai 1897 entered the track of formula food for special medical purposes, covering a wide range of fields and people. Lactose free / low lactose formula food belongs to an important branch of its many branches.

According to the data, formula food for special medical purposes refers to the formula food specially processed and prepared to meet the special needs of people with limited food intake, digestive and absorption disorders, metabolic disorders or specific disease states for nutrients or meals. This includes special medical use infant formula for 0 months to 12 months of age and special medical use formula for people over 1 year of age.


In recent years, with the public’s attention to living standards and the improvement of personal health awareness, professional special medical food for the needs of special groups such as preterm birth, allergy and lactose intolerance has gradually entered the vision of Chinese consumers. Special medical food has been accepted by the public, and special medical baby food has gradually revealed its market potential.


AI media consulting’s big data monitoring and analysis report on the operation of China’s special medical food industry in 2021 shows that the market scale of China’s special medical food industry has increased from 2.59 billion yuan in 2016 to 7.72 billion yuan in 2020, which has nearly tripled in four years and is expected to maintain sustained growth in the future.


However, the barriers to entry in such a booming industry are very high, and enterprises with strong R & D and capital occupy a great advantage.

AI media consulting analysts believe that China adopts a registration system for special medical food, and the policy supervision is very strict. Special medical food enterprises are required to have independent production lines, and have high requirements on production capacity, R & D capacity and inspection capacity. In addition, special medical food takes about 2-3 years from R & D to production line construction and then to smooth approval, which leads to high policy barriers, capital barriers and technical barriers in the industry.


Hepnocai 1897 has also made comprehensive preparations to form its competitiveness in the field of special medical food. In terms of research and development, as early as the beginning of its establishment, the scientific research team of hepnocai 1897 began to study topics related to formulas for special medical purposes, laying a solid foundation for the layout of special medical foods.

At present, hipnocai 1897 has established an international professional special medicine R & D team. On the one hand, the expert team located in the Dutch R & D center is responsible for international cutting-edge research. On the other hand, the experts at the domestic headquarters are responsible for accurately connecting the needs of domestic consumers for special medicine and responsible for localized product R & D.

In the future, haipunuokai 1897 said that it would continue to rely on Aoyou 1 + 6 + n global R & D system, jointly establish a professional special medicine R & D team, rely on the resources of domestic and Dutch R & D centers, explore nutritional solutions more suitable for the needs of special groups of consumers, and transform and apply the scientific research achievements to formula R & D and product development with strong scientific research strength and global resource advantages.

At the same time, benefiting from the global layout of Aoyou in the early stage, hipnocai 1897 also occupies a considerable advantage in the whole chain management of milk source, production, testing and transportation to the market.


In the future, with the gradual promotion of the national nutrition plan 2017-2030 and the increasing attention of the state and society to special medical food, special milk powder including “Zhishu” will become an important focus of the special medical food market because of its professionalism and necessity.

Haipunuokai 1897 opened a new chapter of special medical food, which not only realized its own multi engine growth and provided more refined nutrition management for tens of millions of mother and child families in China, but also meant that haipunuokai 1897, as a capable cadre, would take more responsibilities in the development strategy of Aoyou’s “golden decade” and help diversify the layout, Accelerate the realization of Aoyou’s medium – and long-term goal of “global leading enterprise in infant formula, nutritional food and nutritional services”.

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