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The milk tea company clarified that Guan Xiaotong was not involved in the operation, and the active recall of Jianda Europe did not involve the mainland market. The case of China Resources war’s investment in gold seed group was publicized, and Shanghai will focus on the supply of mother and baby products such as milk powder

Hot company information and announcement


I Maotai went online for one week: more than 16.64 million people participated in reservation subscription


Yesterday, on the 7th day of I Maotai’s online trial operation, consumers’ enthusiasm for subscription continued to rise. On the same day, more than 2.67 million people and 7.46 million people participated in the subscription. A total of 875 stores across the country opened online reservations. The number of reservations reached a new high, 1.24 million more than that on the first day. According to the statistics of “Maotai time and space”, I Maotai has been put into trial operation for one week, with a total of more than 16.64 million people and 45.41 million people participating in reservation subscription, and more than 170000 people buying wine. (sky eye News)

China Resources war investment shares

Yesterday, the case of China Resources Strategic Investment Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Anhui Golden Seed Group Co., Ltd. was publicized on the official website of the State Administration of market supervision. In this transaction, China Resources Strategic Investment Co., Ltd. plans to acquire 49% equity of Anhui Golden Seed Group Co., Ltd. from Fuyang Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. In the same relevant market, the sum of market shares of all operators participating in concentration is less than 15%. (snack generation)


Milk tea company clarified that Guan Xiaotong was not involved in the operation


Yesterday, “Guan Xiaotong and related milk tea companies were sued” caused heated discussion. Yesterday evening, the milk tea company concerned issued a statement saying that Guan Xiaotong did not participate in the operation and management of the company. Subsequently, Guan Xiaotong said in a statement: “we sincerely hope that you can rationally screen the online information. In view of the personal attacks and slander caused by the online information, our studio has entrusted a lawyer to continuously obtain evidence and will reserve the right to pursue responsibility according to law.” (Sohu Entertainment)

Make tea fresh


After Gaoshan tea, the sugar free tea beverage brand “rangcha” will add a new member – rangcha Herbal Series on April 13. This time, two products are launched: jasmine tea and Pu’er chrysanthemum tea. Inspired by Oriental herbs and infused with flowers, rangtha Herbal Series is refreshing, sweet and less bitter, leading to a new breakthrough in the taste of sugar free tea! And ingenious fusion of dietary fiber, 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 energy without adding preservatives without adding flavors. Select high mountain tea and extract 100% original leaf tea. Among them, jasmine tea is specially added with six scented jasmine tea; Pu’er chrysanthemum tea selects 7 natural plant ingredients such as Hangzhou white chrysanthemum, fetal chrysanthemum and longan. At the same time, the product packaging design pays tribute to the classic “formula” form and presents it in a younger visual style. The tea herbal series is packaged from the mouth, which is in line with the consumption ideas of contemporary college students and cutting-edge white-collar workers, so that young people can also show their life attitude in drinking tea and deduce the Chinese traditional tea culture that the younger generation is also willing to accept. (issued by the company)


The fate of this world changes


Yesterday evening, Jinshiyuan announced that Zhou suming, chairman of the board, would resign as honorary chairman after his retirement. Vice chairman Gu Xiangyue took over as the new chairman of Jinshiyuan. (times weekly)

Sushi Lang plans to open 42 to 46 stores in mainland China within three years


After opening its first store in the mainland in Guangzhou Dongfang Baotai Square last year, susilang quickly landed in Guangzhou Zhengjia square, wanlinghui and Yuehui city. In addition, the store in R & F Haizhu city is also under decoration and is expected to open in May this year. According to sushiro’s plan, 42 to 46 stores will be opened in mainland China within three years. According to the data on the official website, by 2021, sushi Lang had more than 600 stores in Asia, including China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, with a turnover of more than 200 billion yen. (Interface)


Self exposure of vinegar into the field of hengcai prefabrication


Yesterday morning, Hengshun vinegar industry revealed on the interactive platform that the company would enter the field of prefabricated vegetables. Affected by this, its originally depressed share price seemed to be injected with stimulants and quickly rose. Hengshun vinegar industry entered the field of prefabricated vegetables, perhaps because the main business is under pressure and turns to find new performance growth points. (Changjiang business daily)

Kenda Europe’s active recall of products will not involve the Chinese market for the time being


Yesterday, the Hong Kong Food Safety Centre announced that through the food accident monitoring system, it learned that the British Food Standards Agency and the Irish food safety agency had issued a notice that kinder “egg hunt kit” may be contaminated by Salmonella and is being recycled locally; The center contacted major local importers and retailers in real time for follow-up. The preliminary investigation found that the products mentioned in the notice were not sold locally, but later learned that the Irish food safety authority issued another notice to expand the recycling scope to cover more Jianda products. For the above situation, xiaoshidai learned from the company today that the current European investigation only targeted some Jianda products produced by Belgian factories, and took the initiative to recall them for insurance, but

Coca Cola launches


Recently, Coca Cola announced that it will launch a game inspired soda before it goes on sale in the real world. It is reported that zero sugar byte will “bring the taste of pixels into life”. The new flavor will appear in physical form in American stores on May 2. It is unclear how the drink tastes. (New York Post)


Danone is still considering withdrawing its business in Russia


Recently, Danone said that it was still considering whether to withdraw its business in Russia and had not decided to withdraw from the country at this stage. Earlier, a source close to the matter said that Danone was studying a feasible way to withdraw from Russia because the West was preparing to implement new sanctions. (Reuters)

Nestle means that access to food is a basic right

At today’s shareholders’ meeting, Nestle executives said that people’s access to food is a basic right and a key value of the company. Previously, Nestle was criticized for not reducing its activities in Russia quickly enough. Nestle said it suspended most production in Russia while maintaining sales of basic products such as infant formula and medical nutrition. (Bloomberg)


Diageo invested £ 40.5 million in capacity expansion


Recently, Diageo plans to invest £ 40.5 million to expand its beer packaging facilities in Belfast, Northern Ireland and longkorn, England. The new capacity will be put into operation in 2023. (foodbev)

Langris acquires BMI dairy business


Recently, the French dairy company lantris signed an agreement to acquire the dairy business and brand of Bayerische milchindustrie eg (BMI). The acquisition includes regional brands from southern Germany, such as Frankenland, th ü ringer land and national brand haydi. All these activities together generate an annual turnover of about € 200 million, with a total turnover of € 665 million. (EFA NEWS)


Yizi senior management pointed out that the epidemic affected the business system in many ways


Brigette wolf, global head and vice president of Yizi snack futures, pointed out that as consumers spend more and more time at home, they tend to look for familiar foods, leading to a surge in sales of Yizi biscuit and biscuit core businesses. She added that the trend is turning to discovering new brands and products. Yizi is seeking development opportunities for plant-based products and cooperating with start-ups. (foodnavigator)


Quick reading of food industry information


The Ministry of industry and information technology solicits public opinions on the digital “three products” action plan of the consumer goods industry


According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, in order to accelerate the digital transformation of the consumer goods industry and promote the in-depth implementation of the “three products” strategy of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands, the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology has studied and drafted the “Digital” three products “action plan for the consumer goods industry (2022-2025) (Draft for comments), which is now open for comments. The main goal is that by 2025, the technology integration and application ability of the consumer goods industry to implement the digital “three products” will be significantly enhanced, a batch of new products, famous products and high-quality products will be cultivated in the field of consumer goods, and the variety leadership, quality competitiveness and brand influence will be continuously improved. (36 krypton)

Shanghai will focus on milk powder and other mother and baby products

Today, Chen Tong, vice mayor of Shanghai and head of the special living material support class of the municipal epidemic prevention and control leading group, said that in view of the difficulties in purchasing mother and baby products such as infant milk powder, it has been listed as a key guarantee, and the allocation, transportation and distribution of such products have been given key guarantee, and all major e-commerce platforms and supermarkets have been requested to give priority to receiving orders and distribution. In the supply of mother and baby products, the demand for popular mother and baby products is mainly met by comprehensive supermarket stores such as Lianhua supermarket, Metro and Carrefour. We help enterprises coordinate the problems encountered in smooth logistics and terminal distribution, and improve the guarantee and supply capacity of enterprises. Over the past 10 days, more than 3500 cans of baby milk powder have been sold daily in the above supermarket channels. At present, the inventory is 133200 cans, and the supply is sufficient. (surging)

Shanghai will build a white list of insurance suppliers and unseal some wholesale markets and e-commerce warehouses

Chen Tong, vice mayor of Shanghai and head of the special living material support class of the municipal epidemic prevention and control leading group, said today that the city has established a white list to unseal outlets such as wholesale markets, distribution centers, e-commerce warehouses and central kitchens that strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures; Support guarantee and supply enterprises to make overall allocation of resources throughout the country and introduce and enrich new guarantee and supply personnel. It is allowed to allow the delivery brothers and other guarantee personnel who are sealed and controlled in the community for non epidemic reasons to go out of the sealing and control area and return to the guarantee and supply post. (China Youth Network)

Xu Lei, President of JD group, became CEO of JD group


Today, Jingdong announced that Xu Lei, President of Jingdong group, will succeed Liu qiangdong as CEO of Jingdong group, be responsible for daily operation and management, and report to Liu qiangdong, chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong group; Liu qiangdong will devote more energy to long-term strategic design, major strategic decision-making and deployment, training of young leading talents and Rural Revitalization. It is reported that Xu Lei has joined JD for more than 10 years. He served as CEO of JD retail in July 2018 and was promoted to President of JD group in September 2021. (Wall Street News)

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