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Xi tea denied that its founder bought Xu Jiayin’s real estate, and Yili launched the dual carbon target. It is reported on the Internet that Ruixing and coconut plan to promote joint drinks. Shen NANPENG reduced his holdings of meituan to cash out HK $34 billion last year, and the global food price hit a record

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Xi tea denied the rumor that the founder bought xujiayin real estate, saying it would take necessary measures

Today, in response to the rumor that Founder Nie Yunchen bought the real estate sold at a discount by Evergrande Xu Jiayin for 270 million yuan, Xicha said that it was purely untrue information and was taking necessary measures to fabricate and spread untrue information. (Beijing News)

Fortune released the 50 most influential business leaders in China in 2022

Today, fortune released the 50 most influential business leaders in China in 2022. Among them, Liu Yonghao, chairman of new hope group, Qu Cuirong, CEO of Yum China, and Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald’s China, were on the list. (Fortune)

Nestle and fujilia have reached cooperation

Recently, fujilia’s supply chain company from the hotel and catering industry has reached a cooperation with Nestle group and become the authorized cooperative dealer of Nestle group. Fujilia group and its Hotel + catering brand can operate Nescafe, Starbucks coffee service and Nestle raw material distribution. (


China Salt Jintan company won the order of Nestle’s new factory

Recently, Nestle’s new factory in Southeast Asia signed an export salt procurement contract with China Salt Jintan. The enterprise will purchase 5000 tons of edible salt (in bags) from China Salt Jintan Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. and the first batch of orders are expected to be delivered by the end of this month. It is understood that the construction of Nestle’s new factory began in 2019. At present, the construction has been completed and is expected to be officially put into operation in July. (Jintan daily)


The main works of COFCO Coca Cola Guizhou plant project have been basically completed

Recently, the reporter saw at the construction site of COFCO Coca Cola Guizhou plant project in Gui’an new area that the main works of the project have been basically completed, the plants in the production area and office area have been completed, and the workers are orderly carrying out the detailed finishing work such as greening outside the plant. (Guiyang network)


Costa reached strategic cooperation with Huazhu group

Recently, Costa reached a strategic cooperation with Huazhu group to accelerate the layout of quick selection business in the Chinese market. It is expected that by the end of 2022, the number of Costa Costa fast selection counters in Huazhu is expected to increase to 1000. (issued by the company)

Zhang Qinghai resigned as chairman, and Cody dairy gradually bid farewell to the founder era

On April 6, Kedi dairy received the resignation report of Zhang Qinghai, chairman of the company. For personal reasons, Zhang Qinghai resigned as a director, chairman and special committees of the company. Elected by the directors of the company, Zhang Fenghua, general manager of Kedi dairy, will temporarily perform the post of chairman until a new chairman is elected. (Beijing News)


Pinduoduo platform launched “48 hour guaranteed package”

In order to help solve the problem of “the last 100 meters” of epidemic protection in Shanghai, the “48 hour protection package” was launched on pinduoduo platform on April 7. According to reports, consumers can open pinduoduo app or applet, search “Shanghai 48 hours” or click the 10 billion subsidy channel to enter the special page of guaranteed supply package. After placing an order, the goods can be delivered within 48 hours. According to the specific epidemic prevention policies, some packaged goods can be distributed to Shanghai, while some can only be distributed to designated areas. Consumers can consult customer service before placing an order. (36 krypton)


JUNLEBAO opened a community group purchase platform in Shanghai

According to the relevant person in charge of JUNLEBAO dairy group, products including JUNLEBAO milk powder, Yuexian fresh milk and simple alcohol yogurt have quickly opened community group buying platforms in Shanghai. On the premise of strictly abiding by the epidemic prevention policy, they work closely with volunteers in major communities to strive to deliver products to group buying residents as quickly and smoothly as possible. (issued by the company)

Ali’s hungry, RT mart, HEMA and rookie transferred 3000 additional front-line personnel to Shanghai

It is reported that hungry, RT mart, HEMA, rookie and other enterprises have actively organized qualified local personnel to return to the protection and supply posts as soon as possible, and mobilized reinforcements from other places. A total of 3000 anti epidemic protection and supply personnel will be added in the near future. The newly added personnel are mainly composed of riders, couriers and warehouse pickers. Among them, 1000 local riders will return to their posts when they are hungry, and 600 will be deployed from other places to support Shanghai; RT Mart deployed 600 people from other places; HEMA has added 300 front-line personnel in succession; Rookies send 500 more couriers from local. (TechWeb)

Honey snow ice city was fined 12500 for illegal child labor

Recently, honey Snow Ice City stores were punished for using child labor. According to the official website of Zhejiang Provincial People’s government, the Tiantai County miyue ice city beverage store was fined 12500 yuan by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province for illegal use of child labor. (Beijing business daily)


Cass batch 1 yoghurt yeast exceeded the standard

According to the official wechat of Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau on the evening of April 6, the yeast project of a batch of “one hour after meal” Bifidobacterium C-I flavor fermented milk produced by nominal Cass yogurt (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. exceeded the standard. Cass dairy responded on April 7 that the excessive yeast may be caused by the unqualified storage and transportation after leaving the factory or the terminal temperature. The reserved samples of CASS products in this batch have been tested by a third party and meet the national standards. (Beijing News)

Origen has launched its own beer brand Le K fine brewing

A few days ago, in response to the investor’s “no intention to buy Liquor Enterprises in Beijing or produce low alcohol liquor”, Origen said that the company has launched its own beer brand – Le K fine brewing, and the company has always maintained active research and exploration in the downstream. (Shanghai Securities News)


Hi tea launches new products under the joint name of Fujiwara ho

Recently, hi tea joined hands with Fujiwara, a street trend culture leader, to launch the limited planning of heytea and fragment “black tea”. FRAGMENT black packaging will be purchased from the 800+ store of Chinese mainland, with the BlackBerry berry. The joint will also introduce 4 packaging designs: Teng Yuan Hao’s cup, cup, double cup, double cup, and so on.


Network transmission Ruixing and coconut plan to promote joint drinks

Recently, some netizens posted photos on social media, showing that Ruixing and coconut milk will launch joint drinks, but the news has not been officially confirmed. (snack generation)


Yili released the first double carbon target and roadmap of China’s food industry

Today, the zero carbon future plan of Yili Group and the road map of Yili Group’s zero carbon future plan were officially released. Yili has become the first enterprise in China’s food industry to release the dual carbon goal and road map. Pan Gang, chairman and President of Yili Group, said that Yili has reached the carbon peak in 2012 and will realize carbon neutralization in the whole industrial chain by 2050, and has formulated specific tasks for 2030, 2040 and 2050. (issued by the company)


Diageo enters ready to drink

Recently, Diageo’s high-end vodka brand ciroc entered the field of ready to drink and launched four kinds of vodka flavored canned cocktails. (Just Drinks)


Quick reading of food industry information


Global food prices hit a record high in March

The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said today that global food prices hit a record high in March due to the impact of the war in Ukraine on the food and vegetable oil markets. The FAO food price index was 159.3 points after the revision of March. The index tracks the world’s most traded food commodities. The index was 140.7 in early February and also hit a record high at that time. (Reuters)

Production and operation of dairy products in 2021

Recently, the production and operation of dairy industry in 2021 and the key work in 2022 were released. According to statistics, in 2021, the output of dairy products in the whole industry was 30.3166 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 9.44% (2.84% in the previous year), which was the highest growth rate since 2015. Among them, the output of liquid milk was 28.4298 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 9.68% (3.28% in the previous year); The output of milk powder was 979400 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 1.76% (compared with – 9.43% in the previous year). The output of infant formula milk powder is about 870000 tons (estimated), with a year-on-year increase of about 16%. In 2021, the market capacity of domestic infant powder is about 1.15 million tons (272700 tons imported), and the market share of domestic infant powder is about 75%.

China dairy industry association suggested that the focus of the industry in 2022 should include continuing to pay close attention to product quality control; Improve the industrial chain and stabilize the supply chain; Do a good job in the formula registration and conversion of the new standard infant formula; Special milk processing should actively expand the product range; Attach importance to cheese development; Pay attention to the development of cream; Pay attention to the development of “plant-based dairy products”. (China Dairy Industry Association)

Anhui Province issued opinions on implementing the dairy multiplication plan to enhance the competitiveness of the dairy industry

Recently, the Department of agriculture and rural areas of Anhui Province issued the opinions of the Department of agriculture and rural areas of Anhui Province on implementing the dairy doubling plan to improve the competitiveness of the dairy industry, in which the development goal is to achieve more than 750000 tons of fresh milk production in the province by 2025, and the qualified rate of product sampling inspection will reach more than 99%. It also put forward the implementation contents of supporting the better and stronger processing of dairy products and increasing the guidance of dairy consumption. (China Dairy Association)

Visual intelligent supervision of infant formula milk powder production in Inner Mongolia

In recent years, the state has successively issued special documents to strengthen the supervision of infant formula milk powder. The market supervision bureau of the autonomous region has actively explored and incorporated the visual supervision in the field of infant formula milk powder production into the applied Inner Mongolia market supervision risk management and control platform (smart supervision platform). By March 15, the visual smart supervision of infant formula milk powder production enterprises in the region has been realized, and the visual smart supervision information has been preliminarily realized in the country The supervision departments of autonomous regions and League cities share in real time. (Inner Mongolia market supervision wechat)


Hebei accelerates the revitalization of dairy industry

Recently, Zhang Qiuyi, deputy director of the consumer goods industry division of the Department of industry and information technology of Hebei Province, said that he would continue to support the addition of advantageous production capacity such as infant formula milk powder, pasteurized milk and cheese butter. Focus on supporting the construction and expansion of a number of infant milk powder processing enterprises, liquid milk and cheese butter processing plants, expand the production capacity of high-end dairy products, enhance the market competitiveness of infant powder in the province, and help build a strong dairy province. (Taihang News Network)

The Beijing Tianjin Hebei consumer association suggested that takeout catering enterprises should add “food safety seal”

Recently, the consumer associations of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province jointly organized to promote the use of “food safety seal” to take out catering service enterprises, suggesting that enterprises implement the “one seal for one meal” system. At the same time, in order to guide enterprises to develop the habit of consciously using “sealing labels”, the three local consumer associations presented 5 million “food safety sealing labels” to takeout catering enterprises. (Beijing business daily)

Shen NANPENG continuously reduced his holdings of meituan shares, and accumulated cash out exceeded HK $34 billion in 2021

According to the disclosure of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Sequoia Capital Shen NANPENG has continuously reduced his holdings of meituan shares. Since April last year, with the continuous setback of meituan’s share price, Shen NANPENG has madly reduced his holdings of meituan, from 397 million shares in 2020 to 219 million shares at present, with a range reduction of 45%. On the whole, since 2021, it has been cashed out at least 13 times, with a cash out amount of more than HK $34 billion. (financial sector)

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