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The sweetest CP I’ve ever seen in my life is Zhou black duck and hometown chicken?


circle guy heard that the local chicken has fallen in love after fishing recently?

Wen: incredibly full

Source: advertising circle copywriter (ID: copyquan)

I cried…
Also a migrant worker, circle guy:
Bald for topic selection, overtime for manuscript
And the small series of fellow chicken:
With a “cluck cluck”, we completed the KPI of the day,
enjoy # the easiest job you’ve ever seen #~
It’s enough to be hated.
The circle guy heard that the local chicken fell in love again after fishing recently?
April Fool’s day, love is beginning to show
It was said that on April 1, mango mother sent a microblog and sighed:
“It turns out that the local chicken and Zhou black duck are CP”
It is not only the local chicken that will have the response of Zhou black duck “Gaga” under each “cluck”;
On April Fool’s day, the local chicken was officially certified as “husband”:
Directly fooled the netizens and shouted: is this something you can take?
This friend, you have something:
(according to the sign “Feixi old hen soup”, the local chicken should be a hen?)
Fierce claw shame:
So CP is called an asshole?
A netizen thought it over and called:
“Chicken and Duck Talk”
Anyway, it sounds a little wrong. It doesn’t feel normal.
On April 2, the official declaration of cooking (Allah)
The next day, the local chicken specifically avoided April Fool’s day and made a voice to confirm all this:
And show love on the spot:
The circle guy is really tied with Q.
Since then, the strange CP has increased again, and we have a whole evil door
In fact, this relationship has developed in full swing here, and the circle guys have been kept in the dark.
April 3, sweet hot search
Called the sweetest CP ever seen by netizens:
This relationship was made into a video by netizens:
Video source: @ Lin congfei
Chicken feet are spoiled online,
Zhou Heiya stepped up the offensive,
The whole network began to use CP
There’s a background sound
This CP is not only “steamed”, but also stewed and fried
Let’s go out and go straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau
Even got everything ready——
Wedding invitation
Couple card
marriage certificate
This domineering banner was put on the banquet
Non mainstream “love heart rate”?
It can be said that the next step is to greet the parents and villagers to eat.
The key week black duck also watered out many rippling spring hearts and erected countless online love enemies——
He is determined to usurp the throne
The beauty of becoming a man leaves the scene in a dark way
Stimulated, open the whole crazy literature?
Touch the king of Shanghai and ask for justice
Dog: shrimp and pig heart.
The villagers’ chicken took off the order, and the microblog and all the official micro blogs were celebrating the new year in the comment area.
It’s not too big to watch the excitement
Is this the beginning of “stealing”?
This cross racial chicken duck love is a “chicken flying dog jumping” in the comment area, which makes everyone have a lot of fun.
Netizen: just a witness
Director Shu — captured by the chairman
After the chairman found out, he didn’t witness marriage or follow the members, but questioned the working chicken who “didn’t do his job”:
Like the soul beat before:
Chicken feet stood up this time
The voice of everyone shouted thousands of times:
Is the work serious?
Are you really not hiring?
In short, 56 ethnic groups, 56 flowers and 56 languages are combined into one sentence:
It can only be said that this is good. Talking and falling in love, the KPI has been completed again, and the love career has had a good harvest.
(gnashing teeth)
CP marketing
From the perspective of marketing, CP marketing is also common in the circle.
Familiar to everyone——
There were Burger King and McDonald’s, BMW and Mercedes Benz. They fell in love and killed each other. They all drank with glass debris:
Then there are Coca Cola and Pepsi, JDB and Wang Laoji, which compete openly and secretly. Competitive marketing:
These are generally CP among peers with more or less the smell of fire medicine, with their own highlights.
This time, the local chicken and Zhou black duck, as two less competitive brands, can be used as a hot search on CP. the circle thinks that there are several points worthy of attention——
  • Have a mass base
This time, the CP of local chicken and Zhou black duck is based on daily social content and appears in a form of being excavated, with a sense of catching adultery (not gossip).
It seems natural and curious.
  • There is a stem in the content

Just like netizens’ interest in “Voldemort and Lin Daiyu”, the cross racial sadism of chicken and duck together – think about how much dog blood.
At the same time, because of the fishing signal of “cluck cluck”, this pair is a real match.
Coupled with the questioning of the chairman and the linkage between brands, the funny gods of rural chickens reply to throw their stems, which makes people talk and have something to say.
Just like Jin Jing and Li Jiaqi, who wrote before the circle guy, also made the live broadcast like a talk show, which is interesting and attractive.
Think about it carefully. We have written a lot about the villagers’ chickens:
The chairman of the hometown chicken made his debut
Fellow Chicken Little Red Book “hidden” fierce man’s abdominal muscle photo
The local chicken spokesperson can’t eat
Various topics have also been played.
(the local chicken is really good. Come here to get some money when you’re free.)
It gives people the feeling that in the social operation industry, rural chickens are like those school bullies who look at them without effort. They laugh when they play, and earn traffic, which makes people jealous.
However, I’m different – I’m just rotten
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
Join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449).

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