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Beauty economy is choppy. Can you eat good looks and good physique?

the awakening of self-care consciousness makes consumers eager to better show themselves from the inside out.

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How strong the “love of beauty” is, how turbulent the wave of beauty economy is. The change of aesthetic concept and the rise of women’s consumption ability promote the rapid development of oral beauty market. As the main consumers of oral beauty products, women’s beauty concept is constantly evolving and upgrading. The awakening of self-care consciousness makes them not only pay attention to facial skin, but also pay attention to the maintenance of body level. Beauty is no longer limited to the surface, but the beauty of health is from the inside out.
The rapidly growing beauty and body management market segment has become a new hot spot in the food industry. For new consumer brands that are constantly entering the market, whether they can gain a firm foothold in this fertile land depends more on their understanding and grasp of consumption pain points.
What facial problems do consumers pay attention to and what functional components are worth considering? In addition to improving facial appearance, can you present a better personal state by adjusting your physique and managing your body? From home to abroad, what is the pattern of Oral Beauty innovation?
The pan oral beauty market is coming
Young people who are afraid of ugliness and aging are propping up a new market. With the popularity of mobile Internet, live broadcast and short video, “selfie is justice” and “selfie is the last word” are pursued by more and more young people. Nowadays, cutting hands for beauty is no longer a female patent. The male market segment led by “other economy” is becoming increasingly prominent, and the “male beauty era” is quietly coming. According to the men’s beauty News – insight into men’s skin care and grooming market released by ipso in 2021, men’s skin care awareness in first tier cities has awakened, and generation Z has become the leading force in men’s skin care and beauty industry.
People pay great attention to “appearance”, which promotes the continuous refinement of the functions of various external skin care products. However, the tedious and time-consuming in skin care has also become a pain point for many people. Medical beauty and other technical means can solve cumbersome problems, but out of fear of surgery, some people still choose to stay away. In contrast, more convenient and fast oral beauty products are gradually favored by consumers.
According to Zhiyan consulting data, stimulated by the beauty anxiety of young people, China’s oral beauty market is expected to exceed 23.8 billion yuan in 2022. Today’s consumers will not only pay attention to product ingredients, product efficacy and their impact on appearance and body, but also pay attention to the presentation form and packaging of products. For example, they are more and more inclined to snack, interesting and high appearance products rather than traditional dosage forms (such as capsules and tablets). According to ipso’s 2021 report “makeup, food, fun, internal and external repair – sharing of consumption trend of beauty and health care products”: the form of beauty and health care products that consumers are most interested in buying is oral liquid.
Photo source: makeup, food, fun, both inside and outside – sharing the consumption trend of beauty and health care products, Ipsos China, 2021 / 09, foodaily mapping
In China, oral beauty products are not a new concept: from the “ancestor” product wife oral liquid, Japanese FANCL collagen, Swisse, an Australian brand popular in the mainland by taking the east wind of cross-border e-commerce, to the new consumption oral beauty brands emerging in China in recent years, they are basically aimed at the skin problems most concerned by consumers. According to the 2020 white paper on China’s beauty and nutrition jointly issued by the nutrition and health food branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society and the dermatologist branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the skin problems most concerned by women are skin spots, dark complexion, dry skin, lack of water, wrinkles / drooping, large pores, acne, oil and sensitive redness.
Photo source: 2020 white paper on beauty and nutrition in China, nutrition and health food branch of China Nutrition Society × Dermatologist branch of Chinese Medical Association, foodaily cartography
In addition to skin, consumers gradually realize that a healthy body state has a great impact on their own energy, spirit and appearance. It has gradually become a new trend of oral beauty economy to obtain healthy skin by taking care of the body. According to the 2021 insight report on women’s quality of life trend released by cbndata, dampness removal ranked second in the consumption trend of different effects of women’s online traditional supplements in 2020, second only to beauty. Heavy moisture can easily lead to oil on the face, acne and hypertrophy of the small stomach, which causes great trouble to women who love beauty.
Consumption trend of different effects of women’s online traditional supplements in 2020
Data source: cbndata consumption big data
Consumers’ cognition of beauty solutions is becoming more professional and rational, and oral beauty brands are also constantly launching more targeted products. Hangzhou Hengmei Food Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched a group of oral liquid, which not only focuses on caring for women’s beautiful face, but also looks forward to letting women bloom from the inside out through physical maintenance. Of course, beauty is gender neutral, and many products have also been loved by male consumers. At the same time, with a wide range of beauty oral liquids on the market, how can Hengmei’s series of new products meet the party’s test of picky ingredients and win the favor of consumers?
The rise of the ingredients party promotes the “scientific” Oral Beauty
With years of market education and consumer intelligence cultivation in the beauty industry, the “ingredient party” known for paying attention to and studying the core ingredients and their effects began to rise. The idea of “homologous makeup” has become the popular idea of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the development of oral makeup products. People’s demand for regulating the whole body so as to improve their appearance has generally increased. The concept of “drug and food homology” has also become a differentiated and innovative tool in the industry, and jointly set off a new wave of oral beauty that “both inside and outside become beautiful”.
1) Nicotinamide, collagen peptide, blood orange powder, moisturize and tender face and drink it out
Collagen and nicotinamide, as common raw materials in beauty and skin care products, have recently become the star ingredients of “cosmetics and food homology” oral beauty products. Hangzhou Hengmei’s nicotinamide yeast compound fruit flavor drink (also known as nicotinamide Shuiguang drink) launched this time takes nicotinamide and yeast extract as the main raw materials, aiming at the skin spots that we pay most attention to, and helping to create white and tender skin. Nicotinamide, a derivative of vitamin B3, has been used as a common ingredient in skin care products because of its functions of freckle elimination, aging resistance and skin barrier function. For the stain problem that puzzles consumers most, nicotinamide can not only accelerate the transfer of melanin in keratinocytes to the stratum corneum and promote the exfoliation of stratum corneum, so as to achieve the purpose of freckle removal, but also inhibit the formation of melanin to prevent the formation of stain.
Source: Hangzhou Hengmei
Yeast extract, another main component of nicotinamide light drink, should be no stranger to beauty loving consumers. After all, the fairy component of the famous SK-II fairy water is its most cherished yeast extract. Although fairy water is easy to use and is called “oily skin mother”, it may cause acne, redness and other problems for dry skin and sensitive skin. Fortunately, in addition to external use, yeast extract can also be taken orally. As a small molecular polypeptide, glutathione can be quickly absorbed by the human body. In terms of freckle removal, it mainly inhibits melanin synthesis by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. In addition to inhibiting the formation of black spots, it can also improve skin brightness and avoid dark skin.
Photo source: tmall SK-II official flagship store
In view of consumers’ general concern about dry skin and water shortage, Hengmei proposed the solution of collagen peptide drink. Because collagen peptide can improve skin moisture and reduce the formation of fine lines, it has become one of the most widely used oral beauty raw materials. In addition to adding common collagen peptides, Hengmei collagen peptide drink also adds collagen tripeptide (CTP), which is the smallest structural unit of collagen peptide. It can be directly absorbed by the intestine and sent to the skin. It plays a role in the dermis and activates the production of collagen in the body. CTP has 4-15 times the absorption and utilization rate compared with ordinary collagen peptide. In addition, CTP can also affect the expression of some genes in skin keratinocytes and fibroblasts, induce the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and stimulate the increase of the number of fibroblasts. Supplementing collagen tripeptide can promote the synthesis and growth of collagen in human skin, reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and increase skin moisture.
Not only collagen peptide, hyaluronic acid from the recent fire has also been added to this collagen peptide drink. Hyaluronic acid increases skin viscoelasticity by changing cell metabolic environment and water and ion balance. The addition of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis further helps to improve the moisture content of skin, alleviate dryness and water shortage, and create moisturizing skin.
Collagen peptide drink developed by Hangzhou Hengmei for yiqingyao
Source: yiqingyao
Most skin problems are related to excessive ultraviolet radiation. Too much ultraviolet light will accelerate the oxidation of melanin and the increase of free radicals in the skin, and deteriorate the elastic fibers and collagen fibers that keep the skin elastic, resulting in skin problems such as color spots, dark complexion, dryness, wrinkles and sagging. In the face of UV trouble, Hengmei launched anti-aging antioxidant drink. Aiming at the generation path of free radicals, different components are added at the three key nodes of inhibiting the generation of free radicals, eliminating the generated free radicals and activating the body’s own antioxidant system to jointly interfere with the generation of free radicals.
Mechanism of antioxidant drink
Source: Hangzhou Hengmei, foodaily cartography
2) Euryale ferox, Poria cocos, saffron, medicine and food are of the same origin, both inside and outside
With the improvement of national health care awareness and the cultural foundation of Chinese health care, young people who pay attention to health not only pay attention to good skin, but also favor good physique, and look forward to recuperating their body with the help of traditional Chinese medicine. Hengmei has developed a series of oral liquids based on the concept of Chinese herbal health preservation of “medicine and food homology”, aiming at some unique physical problems of Chinese consumers.
Traditional Chinese medicine often says that “ten people are nine wet”. Contemporary people’s living habits of blowing air conditioning, eating cold drinks and staying up late aggravate the moisture in traditional Chinese medicine, which is prone to dark skin, oil, acne and other problems. In addition to adding coix seed, Euryale ferox, Poria cocos and red adzuki bean, which are common in the formula for dispelling dampness and tonifying food, Hengmei’s dehumidification drink also adds corn whiskers for diuresis and depressurization and pear fruit cactus for detumescence and diuresis to remove moisture from the body. Different from the residue feeling of red bean and job’s tears powder, Hengmei dehumidification drink oral liquid tastes more refreshing.
Hangzhou Hengmei developed Huaxi ancient formula for Huaxi to clear wet corn must drink
Source: Huaxi
According to the needs of different people, Hengmei has also launched other oral liquids for common health and tonic problems. For example, take care of PMS oral liquid in special periods, select saffron extract, red clover extract, blueberry, double petal red rose powder, traditional ginger and jujube and other warm palace raw materials, and pay close attention to the fairies in special periods. Help consumers have a good physique, so as to have a good look from the inside out. They refuse sister Lin’s weak Liu Fufeng, but have Gu Ailing’s healthy beauty from the inside out.
Delicate people, it’s just to be able to fight with their appearance and health
Focusing on overall health, in addition to women’s segmentation needs such as moisture removal and paying attention to special periods, exquisite consumers’ complaints and brands’ solutions to small problems such as acne marks and poor complexion can often be seen on social platforms. From the beauty and skin care products recently listed in the world, foodaily found several representative products that can not only solve consumer demand, but also bring innovative inspiration to “Oral Beauty” enterprises.
1) Regret medicine for acne muscle
For acne star people, the most expected thing is to have smooth skin. Acne muscle is mostly related to hormone imbalance, stress stimulation, water and oil imbalance and bad living habits. It is generally easy to get oil on the face. FANCL, Japan’s largest brand of non additive skin care and health food, can be called a regret medicine for acne star people. Through a variety of vitamins to regulate the skin, regulate the imbalance of hormones, control the outbreak of acne from the root, control the balance of water and oil, maintain skin health, tender and activate the natural vitality of skin. Theanine added in nutrients helps relax the mood, relieve stress and reduce acne caused by stress.
Photo source: Official direct purchase of tmall Global
2) Delicacy is to take care of even the hair and nail tips
Open the little red book and microblog, you can know that the sophistication of today’s exquisite people has been beyond imagination. In addition to their appearance, they will not let go of their hair and nail tips. Besides the commonly used external care products such as hair conditioner, hair film, hair care essence, negative ion hair dryer and armor oil, some foreign companies have introduced oral beauty products to improve hair, nails and skin gloss.
The Greek brand Kos launched lookin ‘good capsule through West Indian cherry, mangosteen, grape seed, blueberry extract, functional fungus deer stamen, vitamin E, turmeric and milk thistle and other raw materials to improve the anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory capacity of the human body, so as to make people radiant and make hair and nails shiny.
Source: Kos
3) Hydrating is not only possible with hyaluronic acid
Since January 2021, the National Health Commission approved hyaluronic acid to be used as food raw materials, oral beauty foods represented by hyaluronic acid have emerged one after another, and domestic brands have competed to enter the Bureau. In addition to hyaluronic acid, what other food ingredients can play a hydrating effect and help oral beauty brands form differential competition?
In Japan, where the oral beauty market is relatively mature, foodaily has found several products that skillfully use various functional ingredients to moisturize the skin and prevent dry skin. For example, ORBIS defendera, an oral product launched by pola, contains glucose ceramide, which can improve skin dryness and reduce skin desquamation.
In addition to the “homologous makeup and food” ingredients, lactic acid bacteria have also become a little assistant for moisturizing. The main functional ingredient of yogurt beverage launched by Japanese dairy manufacturer Takanashi group is Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which claims to alleviate dry skin and keep skin moist. The product is designed for people who are worried about dry skin and fat content. It can still maintain a good figure while improving skin health.
Source: Takanashi group
It is not difficult to see from the popular products on the market that the Japanese oral beauty market is highly mature, which is mainly reflected in: focusing on the subdivided demand and the wide use of various functional raw materials to realize differentiated competition, so as to attract exquisite consumers. These practices will be beneficial innovative inspiration for the domestic beauty food industry.
Throughout the global market, consumers’ attention to beauty is not only limited to the external skin, but also began to pay attention to factors that further affect their external state, such as physique and hair quality. With the surging tide of beauty economy, Hengmei’s oral beauty and physical health products are not only for women, but also aimed at men’s “beauty” needs, designed more accurate products and continuously improved market penetration.
In the face of the current consumers’ pursuit of beauty from the inside out and their desire to have a good look all over the body, we have felt the new trend of the 10 billion oral beauty market. Enterprises should seize the opportunity, seize this beautiful new outlet in time, and make products that meet the expectations of consumers to produce longer-term effects.
Cover image source: Swisse
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