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Jiabeiaite official declared “double endorsement”! “Brand + channel” strategy to consolidate the leading position of sheep milk powder

Following the signing of National Father Huang Lei as “jiabeiaite goat milk recommendation ambassador” in 2019, jiabeiaite official announced that Tang Yan, a new spokesperson, was “jiabeiaite better nutrition selection officer” on April 9, launching the first shot of spring marketing of goat milk powder.

According to the latest annual report of Aoyou dairy, the company recorded a revenue of 8.873 billion yuan last year, an increase of 11.1% over the same period in 2020; Among them, jiabeiaite sheep milk powder business recorded sales of 3.348 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.8%. According to the retail tracking data of imported infant and young sheep milk powder from Nielsen IQ, jiabeiaite has sold more than 60% of imported infant and young sheep milk powder in China for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2021. The position of industry leader continued to consolidate.

2022 is the closing year of the second phase of Aoyou’s “golden decade” development strategy. As the only sheep milk powder brand under Aoyou, jiabeiaite will join hands with star parents to promote the baby feeding of new generation parents, which will open a new era of goat milk feeding.


Sheep milk powder track widening


After nearly a decade of development, the domestic sheep milk powder track has become wider and wider. Public data show that China’s goat milk output will be 1.445 million tons in 2020 and is expected to reach 1.458 million tons in 2021; In 2020, the market scale of goat dairy products in China will be 14.7 billion yuan, and it is estimated that it will reach 16.9 billion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of 25% in recent five years.

In particular, with the main force of milk powder consumption after 90 and 95, its new concept of parenting and consumption continues to pursue better for the baby. Goat milk is more and more favored by virtue of its natural advantages such as “rich nutrition and good digestion and absorption”. According to Frost & Sullivan research data, calculated by retail sales, the market scale of sheep milk powder in China will reach 20 billion yuan in 2020.

The huge market potential has attracted many big names. According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 90 sheep milk powder registered in China, including Aoyou, JUNLEBAO, Feihe, Yili, Mengniu and other brands; There are also more than 20 cross-border sheep milk powder, including Wyeth, Danone and other brands.

It is not difficult to foresee that with the implementation of the “three child policy” throughout the country in the future, and under the orderly guidance of the new national standard, secondary formula registration and other policies, goat milk feeding will become a new trend. Xiaoshidai noted that as early as last year, jiabeiaite upgraded its brand strategy, matched all-round resources with the new positioning of “giving babies better nutrition” and supported the implementation of the strategy.

At present, jiabeiaite controls 80% of the global supply of sheep whey protein, which gives it an unrepeatable competitive advantage in upstream raw materials. According to the company, jiabeiaite uses rare goat milk from its own pasture in the Netherlands and selects better sheep whey protein for product production.

It is worth mentioning that Aoyou’s concentrated sheep whey production facility in the Netherlands has been completed in 2021. It is expected that the new infant formula base powder facility will be completed in 2023. At that time, the group’s sheep whey protein supply capacity will be further improved.

In terms of formula research and development, through the cooperation mode of “integration of industry, University and research”, jiabeiaite has widely carried out research on breast milk and sheep’s milk in China, the United States, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and other places, and jointly established the “sheep nurse emulsification research center” with Jiangnan University. At present, jiabeiaite has more than 30 and 40 projects in China and overseas respectively, and the number of papers published ranks among the top brands of sheep milk powder.

Relying on Aoyou’s “top ten global breast milk research projects” and Aoyou’s unique “global Chinese breast milk database”, jiabeiaite has made full use of and transformed the research results of sheep milk emulsification, including the simulation of amino acid optimization, vegetable oil and structural fat ratio and breast milk osmotic pressure. Through global scientific research and clinical verification, jiabeiaite has realized the dual simulation of “nutritional value” and “feeding effect” of goat milk. Based on this, jiabeiaite has put forward the “golden feeding research” and redefined the new standard of “better nutrition for baby”, so as to meet the needs of new generation parents for better feeding of baby.

Data show that in 2021, jiabeiaite’s Chinese market revenue was 3.130 billion yuan, an increase of 11.1% year-on-year. Goat milk has been developing from a niche category to a mainstream category in China, and has become the choice of more and more new generation mothers.

Dual engine driven Strategic Leadership


As the main force of milk powder consumption, the new generation of parents not only advocate scientific baby rearing, but also pursue personalization. When choosing milk powder, they not only have high requirements for nutrition and function, but also pay more attention to the recognition of brand concept.

The official announcement to open the “double endorsement” is another important starting point for jiabeiaite to continuously improve its brand strength. For a long time, Huang Lei’s concept of parenting has been highly praised by people, and the image of “smart Daddy” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Since three years of cooperation with jiabeiaite, Huang Lei has witnessed the development of “mainstreaming” of goat milk as a “goat milk recommendation Ambassador”. As the representative of the new generation of mothers, Tang Yan’s trendy concept of parenting is very consistent with the new generation of parents, which is expected to further improve jiabeiaite’s brand awareness among young consumer groups.

In addition, as film and television actors, Huang Lei and Tang Yan are representatives of “powerful actors”. They coincide with jiabeiaite’s deep cultivation of goat milk industry and are deeply loved and trusted by consumers with high-quality products and services. With the help of the star double endorsement combination of “smart Daddy” Huang Lei and “fashionable hot mother” Tang Yan, jiabeiaite is expected to push the trend of goat milk mainstreaming to a new stage.

It is reported that next, jiabeiaite will adhere to the “brand + channel” dual engine driven strategy, deeply embrace the channel, and make efforts from “terminal image construction, marketing promotion activities, consumer service” and other aspects.

Specific measures include: launching popular dramas highly concerned by target consumer groups online; Offline, carry out encircling release of elevator advertising, large screen of business district, bus stop sign and other multi-media contacts around the 3km range of sales terminal, and continuously improve brand awareness; And precipitate the good reputation of the products through diversified forms such as medical and nutrition experts’ interpretation and online Hongda’s personality evaluation; Meanwhile, we should tiktok challenge and other innovative forms to enhance interaction with consumers, and continuously enhance consumer awareness of brand “better nutrition”.

Xiaoshidai noted that with the official announcement of “double endorsement”, jiabeiaite star single product “Yuebai” has also been newly listed, and has been upgraded from the aspects of “milk source, nutrition, technology and packaging”.

So far, jiabeiaite has not only Yuebai and Youzhuang Pro infant formula sheep milk powder series in the product matrix, but also the “Jingying” series and “Xiangyang” series designed for the growth of children aged 3-12, the formula sheep milk powder for pregnant and lactating mothers, and the “Yingjia” series of family formula sheep milk powder, which has basically realized the preliminary closed loop of “family oriented”. “Quality is life. Jiabeiaite always regards product power as its core competitiveness.” Li Yimin, vice president of Aoyou China and general manager of jiabeiaite, said.


It is not difficult to predict that jiabeiaite will further increase the dissemination of goat milk advantages through double endorsement, continue to promote goat milk research and consolidate its leading position in the sheep milk powder market. As Yan Weibin, chairman of Aoyou dairy, said, although the current milk powder industry faces various challenges, as long as there is a clear strategy and sufficient confidence, the prospect is still promising.

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