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Waterfall ice American brush screen! Is it a good thing that coffee becomes more and more popular?

how big is a person’s brain hole?

Today, coffee has become a top stream existence, who plays who fire.
West Lake Lotus coffee is still hot, tofu brain latte and pickle American style will take turns to play; Follow the latest waterfall of Meide net.
The endless operation of God can not help but make people reflect. Is coffee such a “rebel” a good thing?
This spring
The ceiling of the coffee game was overturned
How big is the brain hole of drinkers?
I thought the bubbling “Saturn coffee” was already the ceiling of creativity. Unexpectedly, recently, the waterfall ice American style with “channeling thin effect” triggered a challenge in the whole network. Both coffee practitioners and ordinary consumers are eager to try.
Isolated at home, I met the founder Chen Duchu and finally got the “channeling effect”
Tiktok, many waterfall ice American videos, whether successful or rollover, meet the eye everywhere, and the total reading volume of micro-blog’s related topics is over 20 million, which can be said who fires.
The innovation speed of netizens is too fast. Some people use cocktail ice hockey to make a beautiful waterfall, some people turn the inverted waterfall into a picture, the purple and pink rainbow waterfall also came out, and others challenged the “double pit waterfall”
The pattern of ice American style has been completely opened
This spring, the heat of coffee, there is no window period.
On April Fool’s day, the coffee company of Taier pickled cabbage fish also brushed the screen. Pickled cabbage fish latte, pickled pepper chicken claw Macchiato and real ear hanging coffee are very good from name to creativity.
Iced bock sauerkraut Latte
Yes, coffee. I probably didn’t expect that one day when I came to China across the sea.
People seem to have found a set of popular rules. The more popular, the more traditional things. As long as coffee is added, they will immediately become the king of traffic.
What kind of consumer psychology is buried behind the wonderful combination of coffee?
Come on! Challenge a “waterfall ice American”
If you read the tiktok and the little red book’s coffee recommendation, you will have the same idea with me: the spring that did not participate in the ice challenge of the waterfall is somewhat incomplete.
Just yesterday, after reading a lot of “waterfall American car tips”, I also started on it.
Unexpectedly, the rollover began with frozen ice. Without abrasives, if you want to freeze a perfect ice block with the same thickness on all sides and slightly thinner thickness at the bottom, the success rate is less than 10%.
Make waste ice No. 005
Later, the rollover occurred at every step.
For example, how to put the ice into the water smoothly, and then accurately inject the hot concentrated liquid into the ice groove without spilling, so as to ensure that the ice will not turn into the bottom of the cup. At the same time, ensure that the concentrated liquid can accurately melt the bottom of the ice first, and finally harvest the perfect “thinning” effect.
Finally, I had to inject the coffee liquid with the help of tweezers
After one pass of operation, in successive rollovers, my strong desire to win or lose was stimulated, and finally I gained happiness beyond the taste / function of a cup of coffee.
If drying cars and bags is a naked social currency, then drying coffee is an advanced and interesting personal habit.
Moreover, there is a real flow blessing. Who can resist it. “Saturn coffee” even led to the hot sale of the same glass on a treasure.
Waterfall American style, Saturn coffee, ice powder cold extract of Bangda predecessor, pickled pepper chicken claw Macchiato… These creative coffees, on the one hand, are wantonly brushed on the screen, which is a great time for young people to play.
On the other hand, some friends think the coffee has been broken, and even think it’s a joke. “If an industry is known by outsiders through jokes, are you a good thing after all?”
What I want to discuss more is: is this wave of competing coffee ideas good for the industry?
Coffee pop
Began to “be born from the folk”
Asked about the cafe owners around us, they all said that just play. No one is on the shelf in the store. It can be said that waterfall ice American style, Saturn coffee and mashed garlic latte are all popular models born in the folk.
In the little red book, “after 00, open a cafe in the dormitory and earn thousands of yuan a month”, “dormitory Cafe vlog”, “boyfriend special tune of dormitory cafe”, etc. college students start coffee business in the dormitory.
A report shows that in the past two years, the sales of home coffee equipment has been growing, and consumers are more and more enthusiastic about making coffee by themselves.
Compared with the big pop models born in coffee shops such as raw coconut latte and dirty, a series of wonderful coffee pop models have been born in young people’s living rooms, college students’ dormitories and advertisers’ brain holes.
Experts are among the people, which is the mass base of coffee.
At the same time, the psychological distance between coffee and young people has also disappeared.
In the past five years, coffee has been the biggest change in China. Some brands are closer to the flesh of consumers by opening their stores in vegetable markets, breakfast shops and office buildings, while others are closer to customers in consumption decisions by setting down prices.
A cafe near the vegetable market in Tianjin
In my opinion, this wave of exotic coffee tide has narrowed the psychological distance between coffee and the public.
Coffee is no longer something that needs to be worshipped carefully, but an existence that can be created by the whole people and played together.
Although some products are “unspeakable”, each flash of creativity makes more people see coffee and are willing to share it online or punch in offline. These traffic will really benefit every practitioner.
After all, Epiphyllum is also a flower.
Chinese coffee, we should cherish every attention, seize every opportunity to increase business and gather sand into a tower, so as to benefit all living beings.
From gimmick to ritual
I also saw real progress in coffee
Some people laugh and others scold this wave of creativity. Behind the seemingly unseemly creativity, I also see the progress of the industry.
I still remember that a few years ago, maid cafes, leg cafes and bathroom cafes were popular.
Bath cafe in Japan
And all kinds of cat and dog coffee, as well as the goat themed cafe in Shibuya, as well as the mini pig cafe and rabbit cafe, all together form a zoo.
Not to mention the operation of all kinds of cat excrement and coffee like excrement.
It’s too hard for consumers to taste coffee, but it’s too hard to think about it.
This wave of exotic flowers, at least, both the industry and the public, began to pay attention to the coffee itself, rather than the scenes and stories outside the coffee.
Whether it’s Coconut egg coffee made now, cookie cup latte that can be eaten together, or coffee with pepper or onion, ginger and garlic, they all attract curiosity through product form innovation.
Coconut egg coffee
Ningbo fluid coffee also has a spicy sauce coffee. Before drinking, you should have a sense of ceremony. Use a bright red pepper to turn around the edge of the cup to experience the iced coffee liquid and spicy “ice fire collision”. Like the waterfall American coffee and Saturn coffee, it is better than the sense of product ceremony.
Whether you fall in love with coffee because of pepper or are willing to buy a cup because of a sense of ceremony, coffee has finally attracted attention by “this cup in your hand”, not others. This in itself is the progress of the industry.
Last year, I thought that fried dough sticks, afjiaduo, chicken head rice, American and Chinese stewed coffee had been very brain opening, but I didn’t expect that this spring was the peak duel for coffee to enter the cosplay competition.
This wave of wonderful ideas may be just a small beginning of the popularization of coffee. Let’s look forward to more people playing coffee together with an open and inclusive attitude!

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