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Master Kang laotan pickled cabbage noodles returned to the shelves. Large American retailers limited the sale of milk powder and adopted a cow to respond to the sale of beef. Nestle’s French headquarters was accused of being searched, and Shanghai strictly investigated the “group purchase” to bid up prices

Hot company information and announcement


Master Kang’s old jar of pickled cabbage noodles was put on the shelves again


Recently, some citizens found that laotan pickled cabbage instant noodles in some supermarkets in Kunming returned to the shelves, along with the announcement letter issued by Songming County market supervision and Administration Bureau on March 23, 2022. The announcement letter mentioned that the Bureau conducted a comprehensive inspection on the pickled cabbage package used in laotan pickled cabbage beef noodles produced by Master Kang (Kunming) convenience food Co., Ltd. on March 16. This afternoon, according to the news of whip Niushi, Master Kang’s customer service said that only the laotan pickled cabbage noodles produced by four factories are involved in the flag vegetable industry. All the products of the four factories have been taken off the shelves, and there is no reproduction of instant noodles. The laotan pickled cabbage noodles produced by other factories can be eaten normally. In addition, the salesman of Master Kang in Shanghai said that laotan pickled cabbage instant noodles had been put on shelves again in Shanghai and sold out, and the warehouse was empty. (urban times, bullwhip)


Delicious to promote the listing, Wal Mart, Wanchai wharf are customers


Recently, xianmeilai Food Co., Ltd. updated its prospectus and continued to promote the process of A-share listing. Xianmeilai, established in 2006, focuses on aquatic product prefabricated dishes. Its main products include instant cooked prefabricated dishes mainly composed of shrimp slip, and instant prepared dishes mainly composed of shrimp and sashimi. At present, XianMei’s downstream customers include supermarkets such as Wal Mart, Yonghui and RT mart, e-commerce and new retail platforms such as and HEMA, food processing enterprises such as missing and Wanchai wharf, chain catering and food material enterprises such as Xiabu Xiabu and Guoquan, as well as regional trade distributors. (I knew it early)

Beijing Xinfadi obtains 106 million strategic investment from New Hope Group


Recently, Beijing Xinfadi obtained a strategic investment of RMB 106million from new hope group. The post investment valuation is 707 million yuan, accounting for 15%. Beijing Xinfadi is an operator of agricultural products wholesale market, which undertakes 70% of vegetables and 80% of fruits in Beijing. (Tencent)

Jiannanchun welcomes the succession of the “second generation”, and Qiao Yu takes the post


Yesterday, Jiannanchun announced that Qiao Yu was elected as the vice chairman of the company, and served as the general manager and legal representative of the company to comprehensively preside over the work of the company. Meanwhile, Qiao Tianming, chairman of Jiannanchun, will no longer be the general manager of the company. Public information shows that Qiao Yu is the son of Qiao Tianming. (Sohu Finance)

Adopt a cow to respond to beef business

Yesterday, in response to a query about its beef business, a cow adopted said, “we don’t accept interviews at present, and don’t believe the rumors circulating in the market”. On April 10, reported that the adoption of a cow had begun to prepare the beef cattle business department and start beef cattle breeding in early 2022. In addition, beef cattle ranch and business division operate independently of the dairy sector. It is reported that adopting a cow has initially transferred some employees from the milk business department, and the current staffing is about 6-7 people. (Yilan commerce)

Adopt a cow and release new low-temperature milk


Today, adopt a cow WeChat official account to issue new products.

McDonald’s new triple cheese Angus thick beef burger will be on the market within a limited time


Today, McDonald’s China has launched Angus max series heavy new product – Triple cheese Angus thick beef burger in more than 4000 restaurants across the country. (issued by the company)


Aoyou’s Aoyou + maternal milk powder won the award


Recently, the latest 2022 selection results of the consumer goods quality evaluation organization “world food quality evaluation conference” were announced. Aoyou’s maternal formula + won the “Gold Award of the world food quality evaluation conference”. (issued by the company)


Shengtong special medicine and jinaijia rushed to Shanghai


Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai is grim, and the baby’s “rations” have also been “food shortage” to varying degrees. Upon learning the news, Shengyuan donated the nutrition urgently needed by the baby and medical staff – Shengtong special medicine’s series of milk powder and Youbo jinaijia milk powder to Shanghai for the first time. (issued by the company)


Ferrero expands Kenda product recall in New Zealand


Ferrero is recalling more Kenda branded products to New Zealand retail channels due to possible Salmonella contamination. Vincent Arbuckle, deputy director of the New Zealand Food Safety Agency, said that the shelf life of the previously recalled products was until October 7, 2022. At present, the recall scope has been extended to all Jianda products produced in Belgium, including all batches and products with different shelf life. (Stuff)

Nestle headquarters in France is accused of being searched

According to the French media today, the country’s regulatory authorities are searching Nestle’s French headquarters. Nestle owns a pizza brand called buitoni in France, which has been accused of being associated with discomfort caused by E. coli contamination in about 50 people in France. In addition, Nestle’s factory in northern France is also under search. The factory has stopped production since April. (actu)

Nestle punari completes wet cat food production capacity expansion


Nestle punari recently completed


Fonterra will spend more than 300 million to build a sewage treatment plant


Recently, Fonterra has been approved to build an 85 million New Zealand yuan (367 million yuan) sewage treatment plant at the hotap plant in Waikato for wastewater treatment and transport it to the farm for land irrigation. It is reported that the plant will be completed and commissioned in 2025 to ensure that it will be fully put into use before July 2026. (Waikato Times)


Panera bread trial automatic coffee brewing system


Recently, Panera bread is experimenting with miso robotics’s new automatic coffee brewing system, which management says will give employees more time to focus on other tasks. It is reported that the system uses artificial intelligence to monitor the capacity and temperature of coffee, and can provide prediction to let the restaurant know customers’ preferences. (CNBC)


Beyond meat expands retail distribution of plant chicken


Recently, beyond meat expanded its distribution of plant chicken to 8000 new retail stores, including grocery stores, pharmacies and large retail stores. Deanna Jurgens, the company’s chief growth officer, said that expanding distribution remained a key growth driver for beyond meat this year. (CNBC)

Quick reading of food industry information



The largest retailer in the United States is restricting the sale of infant formula, and Abbott’s recall has exacerbated the already shortage of supply in most parts of the United States. Abbott is one of the largest producers of formula from Similac and other popular brands. As of Tuesday, target Corp., Kroger Co., CVS health Corp. and Walgreens boots alliance Inc. had imposed restrictions on the number of formulas consumers could buy online or in some stores. A spokesman for target said that at the request of the U.S. Food and drug administration, stores in most States imposed a limit of five cans of formula a day. CVS said it recently began limiting the amount of each consumer’s purchases in stores and online to three cans. Wobolian said it imposed sales restrictions in stores and online last month. (Wall Street Journal)

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of supervision strictly investigated the bid up of prices in “group purchase”


Peng Wenhao, deputy director of Shanghai market supervision bureau, said that the Shanghai market supervision department will continue to strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of operators’ price behavior. In particular, individual price violations such as driving up prices and hoarding in the name of group buying will be investigated and dealt with according to law. (Interface)

The Ministry of Commerce organized 11 provinces to supply 18000 tons of vegetables to Shanghai


At the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council yesterday, Li Danghui, deputy director of the Department of consumption promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, said that for the protection and supply of living materials in Shanghai, 11 provinces had been organized to carry out joint protection and supply. As of April 11, 18000 tons of vegetables, 850 tons of rice noodles, 500 tons of meat and eggs had been supplied to Shanghai, and more than 5400 tons of vegetables, fruits and other foods had been supported free of charge. (

In the first quarter, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce increased by 0.5% year-on-year


Today, Li Kuiwen, spokesman of the General Administration of customs, said that according to the preliminary calculation of the customs, in the first quarter, China’s cross-border e-commerce import and export reached 434.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.5%, including 310.4 billion yuan of export, an increase of 2.6% and 124.1 billion yuan of import, a decrease of 4.2%. (surging)

Tiktok will launch cross-border e-commerce business in four Southeast Asian countries on April 25

According to tiktok’s official website, tiktok will officially launch the cross-border e-commerce business of tiktok shop in four Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines) on April 25. With China and Indonesia, tiktok shop has supported the business of six countries in Asia and one country in Europe (UK). (interface News)

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