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Yuanqi forest was accused of slowing down its growth target this year. Nestle launched bag making coffee in China and Yili launched derivatives business. Naixue added 37 stores last quarter. Ruixing appointed a new accounting firm and rijishangjing planned to be listed

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Naixue’s tea released an announcement on the operation of Naixue’s tea in the first quarter today, showing a net increase of 37 Naixue’s tea stores in the first quarter. Affected by the epidemic, in the first quarter of the group, about 5-15% of Naixue’s tea shops were temporarily closed in a single day, and about 25% of Naixue’s tea shops could only provide self delivery and takeout services in another single day. The impact on operation is more significant than that in March 2020, but it is still better than that in February 2020. (company announcement)

Yuanqi forest is accused of slowing down its growth target this year

According to latepost yesterday, Yuanqi forest set a sales collection target of 10 billion yuan in 2022, with a growth rate of only 37%, which is significantly slower than in the past. (latepost later)

Yili carries out derivatives business

Today, Yili announced that Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and its holding subsidiaries carry out commodity futures hedging business and foreign exchange derivatives trading business. Among them, the trading amount of commodity futures hedging business at any time point shall not exceed 2 billion yuan or equivalent in other currencies, which can be used in rolling within the quota; Foreign exchange derivatives trading business shall be carried out at any point in time, and the trading amount shall not exceed 6.8 billion yuan or equivalent in other currencies, which can be used in rolling within the limit. (company announcement)


Today, Qiaqia food announced that the company had nearly 120000 terminals at the end of last year and will continue to expand in the future. The model is still under exploration and is constantly iterating. Moreover, the company said that through intensive cultivation of channels, the market distribution rate, store activity rate and monthly per capita output will gradually increase, and there will be greater sinking space and opportunities in the northern market and third and fourth tier cities in the future. (company announcement)

Xiwang food’s revenue increased by less than 10% in 2021

Today, Xiwang food, a corn germ oil enterprise, released its 2021 annual performance express, which showed that it achieved a revenue of 6.354 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 9.94% year-on-year; The net profit was 192 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 38.63%. (Beijing News)


It is said that Alibaba’s own brand “Taobao choice” will disappear

Alibaba’s own brand “Taobao Xinxuan”, which has been born for nearly five years, is about to disappear. According to the exclusive news of latepost later, Taobao Xinxuan is upgrading its brand recently. It will change from an independent lifestyle consumer brand to provide its own goods for tmall supermarket, focusing on young families. (latepost later)

Japanese Restaurant Shangjing plans to go to Hong Kong for IPO

Yesterday, the Japanese Restaurant Group Shangjing submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange to be listed on the main board. According to the prospectus, Shangjing has opened 47 chain restaurants in 18 cities in China. The IPO fund-raising will be mainly used to open new restaurants and develop new brands across the country. (36 krypton)

Ruixing coffee appointed a new accounting firm to submit the 20-F annual report on the same day

Today, Ruixing Coffee Co., Ltd. announced the appointment of Lixin certified public accountants as the independent certified public accountants of the company. The appointment has been approved by the audit committee of the board of directors of the company and takes effect from now on. Lixin will succeed zhongzhengda certified public accountants, the former independent audit institution of the company, to perform the independent audit procedures of the company. Zhongzhengda is committed to working closely with the company and Lixin to ensure the seamless transition of relevant work. On the same day, Ruixing submitted the form 20-F annual report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the document, the total net revenue of Ruixing coffee in 2021 was 7.965.3 billion yuan (about US $1249.9 million), an increase of 97.5% compared with 4.033.4 billion yuan in 2020. (36 krypton, Sina Finance)

Ruixing coffee established a new company in Qinghai

Recently, Ruixing coffee (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. was established, the legal representative is Zhao Zhipeng, the registered capital is 5 million yuan, and the business scope includes catering services; Food sales; Rental of daily necessities; Take out delivery service, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Ruixing coffee (China) Co., Ltd. (business system)


Yum China newly established supply chain management company

Recently, Chuansheng supply chain management (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative is Huang Duoduo, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. Its business scope includes road transportation of raw and fresh milk; Food sales; Liquor business, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Yum China. (business system)


Guangzhou Shengli beer’s bankruptcy application was rejected by the court

Recently, Hong Kong Shengli beer announced that the bankruptcy application submitted by its subsidiary Guangzhou Shengli Beer Co., Ltd. was recently rejected by the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court. The Court pointed out that even though the liquidation audit report and other documents were submitted by the liquidation group of Guangzhou Shengli beer, the liquidation group had not confirmed and verified the creditor’s rights, nor investigated and handled the housing subsidies applied by former employees of Guangzhou Shengli, and ruled that the evidence of Guangzhou Shengli’s application for bankruptcy was insufficient. (company announcement)

Yili is the first “zero carbon factory” in China’s cold drink industry

On April 13, Yili Group Zhejiang Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. won the carbon neutralization verification statement issued by Bureau Veritas, becoming the first “zero carbon factory” in China’s cold drink industry, which is also Yili’s fourth “zero carbon factory”, opening a new journey of Yili cold drink industry chain and a full range of products towards a zero carbon future. (issued by the company)

Yuanqi forest plans to build the first carbon neutralization plant

Today, Yuanqi forest and China Forestry Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Yu Honghui, party secretary and chairman of Zhonglin group, and Tang Binsen, founder of Yuanqi forest, attended the meeting and witnessed the signing. It is reported that after the signing of the contract, Yuanqi forest will build the first carbon neutralization plant, promote the achievement of the enterprise’s green and sustainable development goal, and strive to achieve the vision of 100% carbon neutralization plant by 2030. It is reported that Yuanqi forest has established a special sustainable development department. (CNR network)


Today, JUNLEBAO’s exclusive yogurt launched the limited taste “Cherry litchi” in spring. (issued by the company)

Yili professional dairy products and Happy Cake push joint products

Recently, Yili professional dairy and Happy Cake jointly launched “Oriental inspired probiotic cake”, which has been officially sold in 300+ cities nationwide since April 11. (issued by the company)

Nestle gold bag coffee launch

Today, Nestle coffee China announced the launch of Nestle gold bag brewed ground coffee, which is brewed by adding hot water up and down. There are three flavors: mellow cocoa flavor, elegant whiskey and sweet raspberry. (issued by the company)

95% of the milkmen were sealed, and Guangming launched a one button group

Guangming dairy revealed that at present, 95% of the milkmen ordered by Guangming Xinxin are still under seal control management and cannot complete the door-to-door business model of milk delivery. Guangming dairy opened the “heart to heart” group purchase business on April 3, and upgraded and opened the “heart to heart” app online group purchase function on April 8. At present, Guangming normal temperature milk, Guangming milk powder, Guangming cold drink, milk shed and other products can be purchased by designated personnel in the community. (surging News)


HEMA: it is expected that the number of aid teams will reach 1000 before April 15

Recently, a number of enterprise support teams have arrived in Shanghai. As of 10:00 on April 13, more than 400 employees from more than 20 cities across the country have arrived in HEMA, which undertakes the task of guarantee and supply. It is expected that the number of support teams will reach 1000 by April 15. (surging News)


Guangzhou McDonald’s delivers free meals to front-line anti epidemic workers in Guangzhou and Foshan

In early April, the epidemic situation occurred repeatedly in Guangzhou and Foshan. On the premise of ensuring safety services, Guangzhou McDonald’s quickly gathered restaurant employees in various districts to send free love meals to medical personnel and community front-line anti epidemic personnel. (issued by the company)


Vitasoy volunteer team delivers nutritional drinks to Guangfo area

On April 14, the Vitasoy volunteer team sent a batch of nutritional drinks to some social work service stations in Baiyun, Haizhu and Yuexiu districts of Guangzhou and many hospitals in Foshan to cheer and help the medical workers, community workers and caring volunteers who continue to fight in the front line of anti epidemic. (issued by the company)

Starbucks plans to add employee benefits, but union employees may be excluded

Howard Schultz, temporary CEO of Starbucks, is stepping up his efforts to oppose the unionization movement of American stores and said that unionized stores cannot enjoy the legal new benefits for employees. (Wall Street Journal)


Quick reading of food industry information


Beijing: all imported cold chain foods should be traceable

The Beijing CDC recently issued a new version of the “guidelines for epidemic prevention of imported cold chain food”. Business managers should do a good job in the warehousing and certification of imported cold chain food, so that all goods can be traced to the source. According to the guidelines, the relevant departments shall tighten the inspection and Quarantine of all imported refrigerated and frozen foods; Conduct nucleic acid detection on the outer packaging and surface samples of goods; According to the characteristics of different goods, the samples of goods were collected for nucleic acid detection. (Beijing Daily)

European wheat exports decline

Strategie grains lowered the European wheat export forecast for the 2021-2022 harvest season from 32.5 million tons to 31.4 million tons. At the same time, the export forecasts of barley and corn were slightly increased from 7.2 million tons and 4.7 million tons to 7.6 million tons and 5.4 million tons respectively. (Wall Street Journal)

Amazon imposed a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge on merchants

Amazon said it would impose a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge on merchants storing and transporting products in the United States in response to rising costs. This is the first time Amazon has imposed such a surcharge. Amazon said that in order to meet the huge demand during the epidemic, it has made a lot of investment, including hiring 750000 more employees and increasing the average salary of warehouse employees from $15 to $18. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

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