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China Resources Yibao was accused of planning to go to Hong Kong for IPO, and Wen’s shares had a net loss of 13.4 billion yuan. Carlsberg said that this year was full of challenges. JD apologized for the delayed distribution in Shanghai, and Haidilao Shanghai successively restarted its online business

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China Resources Yibao is accused of IPO in Hong Kong as soon as next year and plans to raise HK $7.8 billion

Today, Bloomberg quoted news that China Resources is considering letting its packaging and drinking water subsidiary China Resources Yibao IPO in Hong Kong as soon as next year, raising up to about HK $7.8 billion. It is reported that China Resources has discussed the potential listing of China Resources Yibao beverage (China) Co., Ltd. internally and discussed with some financial advisers. At present, the discussion is still at an early stage, and the details of IPO such as scale or timing may change. A representative of China Resources declined to comment. (Bloomberg)

Ferrero recalled Jianda products from Arlon factory in Belgium and entered China without official channels


Recently, due to the suspected association between Jianda products produced by Ferrero’s Arlon factory in Belgium and Salmonella diseases, Ferrero group is carrying out preventive active recall in relevant markets. Although Ferrero Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has not imported any of the following products (see the figure below), it is noted that products may enter the Chinese market through non authorized sales channels such as cross-border e-commerce, overseas Amoy and entrepot trade. If you have purchased, please contact the original purchase channel for return processing. (issued by the company and the General Administration of Customs)

Haidilao Shanghai stores have restarted online business one after another

As of April 14, as a supply guarantee unit in Shanghai, the supply chain Shuhai logistics capacity under the ecological territory of Haidilao has recovered more than 30%, and 18 stores and 2 delivery stations in Haidilao Shanghai have resumed online business. According to the person in charge of Haidilao Shanghai, Haidilao online orders will not only sell hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot dishes, but also launch livelihood food packages, self heating small hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot and other foods according to the logistics supply of the day. (Beijing News)

Aoyou supports Shanghai anti epidemic

Recently, Aoyou and Changsha Aoyou charity foundation, together with its sheep milk powder brand jiabeiaite and new nutrition brand aiyisen, donated a batch of love materials to the Shanghai aid medical team of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of traditional Chinese medicine through Hunan Red Cross Society to send nutrition and warmth to the front-line medical staff supporting the anti epidemic in Shanghai. (issued by the company)

JD apologized for the delayed delivery in Shanghai

Recently, wrote in its delivery tips to Shanghai: in view of the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements in Shanghai, users’ orders are expected to delay delivery. is making active efforts to allocate a variety of internal and external resources and spare no effort to ensure supply. Jingdong will make dynamic adjustments according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control every day, and make every effort to arrange delivery and distribution as soon as possible, which brings inconvenience to users. Please understand. (cover news)

Knight dairy deputy general manager resigned


Knight dairy announced yesterday that the board of directors of the company received the resignation report submitted by Qiao Shirong, deputy general manager, on April 12, 2022. The resignation will take effect from April 12, 2022 and will continue to hold the post of (director) after resignation. (company announcement)


Yili director Zhang Junping resigns

Yili announced today that Zhang Junping, a director of the company, resigned as a director of the 10th board of directors and a member of the strategy and Sustainable Development Committee of the board of directors due to job changes (about to retire). After his resignation, Zhang Junping did not hold any position in the company. (company announcement)


Factory price transferred from qinghualang


Yesterday, Langjiu released the price adjustment of its large single product qinghualang. From now on, the planned ex factory price of 53 degrees 500ml qinghualang was adjusted from 909 yuan to 1009 yuan. The Beijing News reporter confirmed the news from the relevant personnel of Langjiu. (Beijing News)

Tea brand fuxiaotao affiliated company owed 3.49 million taxes and was punished

Tianyancha app shows that recently, the franchise fees charged by some franchise businesses of Fu Xiaotao were not recorded according to the contract amount, and the total amount that should be subject to tax supplement was 3.492 million yuan. (surging News)

Wen’s shares had a net loss of 13.4 billion yuan

Wen’s shares disclosed its annual report today. In 2021, the company’s operating revenue was 64.954 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 13.31%; The net loss was 13.404 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 280.51%. It was announced on the same day that the company will use its own funds of no more than 7 billion yuan for entrusted financial management in 2022 without affecting its normal operation and ensuring the safety and liquidity of funds, which can be used on a rolling basis within the limit. (company announcement)

Taixing group’s revenue increased by 13.4% year-on-year

Recently, Taixing group announced its financial report for 2021. During the reporting period, the company achieved a revenue of HK $3.173 billion, a year-on-year increase of about 13.4%, and the gross profit margin increased by 1.7% to 72.3%, but the net profit decreased by 16.2% to HK $99.7 million. (Interface)

Xi’an Catering revenue increased by 26.39% year-on-year


Yesterday, Xi’an Catering released its annual performance report, which said that the operating revenue in 2021 was about 519 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.39%; The net profit loss attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is about 169 million yuan; The loss of basic earnings per share was 0.338 yuan. (Beijing News)

Starbucks Hong Kong pushes limited edition plant-based menu


According to vegconomist yesterday, Starbucks Hong Kong will provide a Limited Edition Gourmet plant-based menu, which includes three salty dishes and two desserts, all made of oatly and imposible foods. (vegconomist)

Food packaging supplier Pule helps the development of low-carbon economy


Recently, Pule group commissioned the release of the current situation and Prospect of food packaging recycling, hoping to achieve a low-carbon circular economy. It also formulated a 2030 sustainable development strategy, including a commitment to design 100% of products to be recyclable, degradable or reusable. The company also plans to use recycled or recycled materials for more than 80% of its raw materials. (issued by the company)


Belle carlebo’s profit increased by 12% in the first half of the fiscal year


Recently, chocolate maker Barry Callebaut announced that the operating profit for the six months ended February 28 was 331 million Swiss francs (about 2.24 billion yuan), an increase of 12% over 297 million Swiss francs (about 2.01 billion yuan) in the same period last year. (Baking Business)


The CEO of Pernod Ricard North America called the cocktail “a real recovery”


Recently, Ann Mukherjee, CEO of North America, said that in the epidemic, people enjoy more coffee Martini at home, which is very beneficial to the company’s absolut and Kahlua brands. The return of people’s demand for cocktails is conducive to the development of the company’s cocktail preparation business. (Yahoo Finance)


Carlsberg said 2022 is full of challenges


Recently, Carlsberg said at the shareholders’ meeting that 2022 will be another challenging year, and the continuous closure of entertainment venues will limit the recovery of ready to drink channels. The group said that this year it is committed to achieving growth through innovation and high-end, and providing sustainable long-term value creation. (The Malaysian Reserve)

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The Ministry of industry and information technology takes multiple measures to support the stable production of key enterprises in Shanghai

According to the official wechat of the Ministry of industry and information technology, recently sent a Shanghai front working group to work with relevant departments in Shanghai to make every effort to ensure the supply of medical materials, promote the stable production and resumption of production of key industrial enterprises, and ensure the smooth operation of the industrial chain supply chain. Together with the development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of transport, establish a coordination and docking mechanism for the support of important production materials in the “three provinces and one city” in the Yangtze River Delta, promote mutual recognition of passes, set up problem complaint and resolution channels, and solve the problem of itinerary code management of drivers and passengers in transfer stations for emergency materials to and from medium and high-risk areas, so as to ensure the smooth transportation of key products and materials for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. (Ministry of industry and information technology)

Microsoft is testing its first cross-border e-commerce platform internally

Microsoft is testing its first cross-border e-commerce platform, buy with Microsoft. The platform will be launched in April and may. It is reported that the platform aims to serve high-quality cross-border sellers. In terms of product categories, at present, it is mainly concentrated in the fields of household goods, 3C, clothing, shoes and hats, electronic accessories, gardening tools, etc. other conventional consumer goods will also be opened in the later operation process. (Beijing News)

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