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Japan 2022 disaster food award announced that this session of emergency food can spell something besides functions?

to create a good emergency food requires technology and temperature
If you have surplus food at home, don’t panic.
This sentence should be the most true psychological portrayal of every Shanghai citizen in the near future.
With the increasingly severe epidemic situation in Shanghai, many communities have taken measures to seal up, control and eliminate themselves. This wave of unprepared operation has made many residents face the problem of food shortage. Grabbing vegetables and group buying have become compulsory homework for Shanghai citizens every day. It has become a common phenomenon in this international metropolis that “one dish is difficult to find”.
Recently, this “vegetable shortage” seems to have spread all over the country through the Internet. Various articles and videos boasting “vegetable hoarding skills” have gushed into various social platforms. Consumers from all over the world have begun to take precautions to join the army of “hoarding”.
On April 13, 2022, when people in Shanghai were in dire straits, the Japan disaster prevention safety association held the 2022 disaster food award at the diet food news agency, aiming to let more consumers around the world know about Japan’s excellent disaster and emergency food and widely spread Japanese products and brands all over the world.
Source: Japan disaster prevention and Safety Association
Since 2016, the Japanese disaster food award has been successfully held for six times, and has shown the society a variety of products that can highlight the function, delicacy, convenience and humanistic care at the time of disaster, breaking through people’s stereotype of disaster food, thus promoting the continuous upgrading and innovation of disaster food.
As the organizer of the disaster food award, Japan disaster prevention safety association was established in 2011. Its purpose is to carry out relevant activities to improve Japan’s national disaster prevention awareness based on “self rescue / mutual assistance / public welfare”, and appeal to each other with affiliated organizations and members to provide advice and suggestions for the disaster prevention industry and strive to achieve the goal of formulating differentiated disaster prevention and reduction measures based on regional characteristics.
It is reported that a total of 80 works participated in this year’s selection. Five judges, including Professor Okuda and Professor Kazuko, Honorary Professor of Jianan women’s University, finally determined the winning list of each category after strict evaluation.
Next, FDL digital food advocates will make an inventory of the 31 works awarded this time, so that we can enjoy the innovative charm and moving brought by these excellent products.
It turns out that disaster food can still play like this!
Picture production: FDL digital food proposition
Rice and carbon water
(1) Excellence Award: Satake magic rice Mini
As an emergency food that can be stored for a long time, magic rice is a dry rice that can be easily cooked by adding water. In recent years, large-scale disasters such as earthquakes and rainstorms have occurred one after another in Japan, making people’s demand for disaster prevention food increasing. In addition, with the continuous rampant COVID-19, home segregation and telecommuting gradually became normalization, which also prompted the rapid expansion of consumer demand for household food reserves. However, for consumers with extremely limited storage space, compact diet has become their first choice.
Based on the above background, Satake developed this mini series product. In addition to convenient storage, magic rice contains only half the content of existing products and has a storage life of up to 5 years.
In addition, in addition to rice, this Wumu rice is also equipped with vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms, lotus roots, bamboo shoots and burdock, which can meet consumers’ certain vegetable intake in case of disaster. At the same time, because the product claims not to use 28 allergen raw materials, even people with food allergy can enjoy it at ease.
Source: MT net
(2) Excellence Award: そのパスタトマトトヒのヒヒヒパスタタトトぺトヒヒヒ124
This is a pasta made of special pasta sauce, which can be preserved at room temperature for up to 5 years. The product does not need additional cooking and processing, and can be easily made by adding water. Compared with traditional instant noodles, the product will not affect the taste due to soaking in water for a long time, and can always maintain the original chewiness of spaghetti.
Among them, tomato flavor spaghetti adopts spiral noodles that are easy to wrap with sauce, which makes its flavor stronger and is loved by consumers from children to the elderly.
Source: s · I · o Japan
(3) Excellence Award: 2 small portions of rice (2 small portions of rice)
This product is a convenient rice that is very suitable for busy hours or emergencies. A box of products is divided into two small portions, which is suitable for long-term storage and saves space.
When eating products, you only need to heat them slightly in the microwave oven to obtain fluffy texture, such as freshly cooked rice, which is convenient and cost-effective.
Source: Amazon
(4) Excellence Award: snapper can rice (snapper can rice)
This product is a disaster food jointly researched and developed by Hiroshima University Hospital and optical industry, with a shelf life of up to 3 years. It can be widely used in emergency scenarios for all kinds of people.
In emergency situations, it is usually difficult for people to obtain a balanced and nutritious diet, especially due to the shortage of vegetables, it is difficult to ensure the daily intake of dietary fiber required by the body. In addition to the dietary fiber derived from ingredients, this Canned Rice of snapper also adds dietary fiber derived from natural starch (indigestible dextrin), which ensures that consumers can ingest up to 7.5G of dietary fiber per meal. At the same time, the product does not contain 27 allergen materials, which is suitable for people with food allergy.
As for cooking treatment, the operation method is also very simple. Just add water, cover the lid and wait for a period of time (hot water for 15 minutes and cold water for 60 minutes). You can enjoy the delicious food without waiting for the boiled water to boil like a traditional can, so as to avoid the possible risk of scald.
On the other hand, the softness of rice can be freely adjusted by the amount of hot water (water), which can be widely used for people with various physiological conditions and ages.
Photo source: optical industry
Canned goods
(1) Excellence Award: flavor and flavor (grapefruit flavor sardine)
This is a Japanese style sardine canned. The product is seasoned with grapefruit juice, grapefruit sauce and grapefruit flavor soy sauce made in Japan, giving people a refreshing and perfect taste, which is very suitable for rice or wine snacks.
In terms of nutrition, the product is rich in DHA and EPA, and the protein content of each can reaches 14.8g.
Source: Polar Ocean
(2) Excellence Award: flavor (roasted chicken, egg, soy sauce flavor)
This is a parent-child canned chicken kebab made of Japanese chicken and a complete seasoned egg. In terms of seasoning, the product uses the fruit sweet sauce with apple juice as the secret recipe, which has a strong and fresh taste. In addition to being enjoyed as a snack, it can also be made into a roasted chicken string parent-child well by pouring it on rice.
Source: Amazon
(3) Excellence Award: boiled (Curry boiled mackerel)
A national curry combination can with mackerel, potatoes, carrots and onions. It tastes delicious and easy to eat. At the same time, in order to improve the product flavor and remove the peculiar fishy smell of mackerel, the brand wrapped mackerel in flour and fried it, which can be accepted by people who don’t like fish.
Source: maruhanichiro
(4) Encouragement Award: 80g of ノザキのコンビフフフノザキキのコンビフフわビフフわビ
Yezaki salted beef products are packaged in plastic cups that are easier to open and take out. At the same time, the original production method of chuanshang foods is used in the flavor of the product, so that the beef can reach the soft taste of instant melting. It can be used for various dishes such as fried dishes and curry, as well as emergency food.
Source: maruhanichiro
Cooking category
(1) Excellence Award: 7-year preserved food (7-year preserved cooked food)
This product is a disaster prevention suit born out of the enterprise’s intention to help important customers in an emergency. The product includes food needed for 3 days, and the shelf life can be up to 7 years through cooking processing technology and aluminum packaging technology. In addition to being self-contained, this combination bag can also be used as a gift to make the recipient feel full of sincerity and care.
It is understood that the product package specifically includes three packs of cookies (cheese flavor, white chocolate coconut flavor, pumpkin flavor), three steamed bread (milk, chocolate, blueberry), three bags of steamed food (curry rice, Wumu rice, corn rice) and three bottles of 500ml water.
Source: Amazon
(2) Excellence Award: 200g reserved beef curry (200g reserved beef curry)
With a shelf life of 5.5 years, this curry beef is mild in taste and made of vegetable oil. It can be delicious even at room temperature. It is very suitable for emergency food storage in case of disaster.
Source: Hachi food
(3) Excellence Award: somomanma OK curry
This is a reserve food that does not use seven allergy ingredients, which meets the requirement that consumers can eat delicious curry even without water. In addition to facing the general public, the products are also very suitable for emergency food for children, people with food allergies, the elderly and other special groups. At present, the product has launched two flavors: extra spicy and medium spicy.
Source: isico
(4) Encouragement Award: boiled (boiled saury)
This delicacy is made of fresh saury caught on the east coast of Hokkaido. It is seasoned with soy sauce and carefully stewed. It tastes soft and waxy. It can be eaten even with bones. It is very suitable for rice side dishes or wine snacks. At the same time, the product can be stored at room temperature for one year. In addition to eating immediately after opening the bag, it can also be enjoyed after heating in a water bath.
Source: Nature Museum
Rolling stock category
(1) Excellence Award: moo Mai, Chiu Mai, Chiu congee, Chiu Shili (glutinous rice, wheat and corn thick soup)
This is a simple staple food made of vegetables, which is like porridge and soup. At the same time, it is also the main nutritional supplement beneficial to the body. The product has a strong and mellow taste. The simple sweet taste of corn and unique refreshing adjustment make the product easier to taste and more appetizing.
At the same time, using rice, glutinous rice and corn as ingredients, consumers can feel the texture difference of each ingredient, making the overall taste more hierarchical.
Source: hakubaku
(2) Excellence Award: soybody (fresh vanilla)
This is a new soybean protein beverage based on soybean milk. Its taste is characterized by the combination of mild soybean flavor and light vanilla flavor, and the overall taste is smooth and smooth. At the same time, this product also contains up to 15g soybean protein, without cholesterol and dairy products, which can give the body a good sense of satiety.
Source: guijiawan soy food
(3) Excellence Award: kelp soup
This is a healthy soup with a lot of kelp and strong Hokkaido Scallop flavor. At the same time, roasted white sesame is added to the product to add the aroma of soup and highlight the delicious taste of soup.
Source: askul
(4) Encouragement: naxu plateau milk flavor (naxu plateau milk bread milk flavor)
The product uses the milk from qianbensong farm in naxu plateau, which makes the bread moist and strong flavor. At the same time, the bread itself does not contain preservatives, but an appropriate amount of alcohol is added to the packaging bag to prolong the shelf life of food. It is understood that this product can be stored at room temperature for about 50 days.
Source: Amazon
New product / suit category
(1) Excellence Award: earthquake disaster learning, disaster storage and food preparation (disaster reserve food package learned from earthquake disaster)
Through continuous improvement and innovation, this disaster reserve food for sudden disasters can achieve the dual advantages of long-term storage and delicacy, and successfully realize the efficient commercialization of products.
It is understood that the product uses 4-layer aluminum bags to block the oxygen and ultraviolet rays that deteriorate the product. At the same time, the ingredients do not contain 7 common main allergen materials. Therefore, it is suitable for most people to eat even in case of sudden disasters.
At the same time, the product has also obtained halal certification, and the scope of application has been extended from Japan to many overseas countries. The product can not only be used as emergency food, but also as the preferred diet for overseas travel, mountaineering and camping.
Photo source: Japan is the food product
(2) Excellence Award: tofu (always delicious tofu)
This product can be stored at room temperature for 120 days, so it can be used for daily storage, disaster emergency or outdoor cooking scenes such as camping and mountaineering. In addition to the advantages of ultra long storage, the product is made of carefully selected, high-quality, safe and reliable “100% domestic” soybeans as raw materials, combined with the clean and sweet water sources of the four countries.
At the same time, the production process adopts advanced technical means such as full-automatic sanitary aseptic filling technology and soybean milk sterilization technology cultivated for many years to ensure the high quality of products without using preservatives and defoaming materials, so that consumers can feel the beauty brought by tofu in various scenes.
Source: Sato snow food
(3) Excellence Award: delicious food, very delicious food, cocoa flavor of great Ring Cake
The product adopts UAA technology, that is, after the raw materials are pretreated, the cooked food materials are put into a 4-layer packaging bag that blocks oxygen and light, and the air is discharged at one time, filled with new inert gas for sealing. This technology can control the multi-step heating and low-temperature sterilization system by computer, so that the finished annual ring cake can be stored at room temperature for a long time.
It is understood that the shelf life of this ring cake is up to 5 years and 7 months. In addition to supplementing the energy required by the body, it also tastes very soft, giving consumers a taste experience like the products sold in cake shops.
Source: alpha foods
Health and allergy response category
(1) Excellence Award: zenzai Ohagi RT
The product is made of 100% domestic glutinous rice and Hokkaido red beans. It has moderate sweetness and does not contain 28 allergic raw materials. Its soft hardness meets the soft rice standard formulated by Japan nursing Food Association. It is very suitable for people with food allergy or low chewing function.
At the same time, the product can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 years, and the product is attached with a spoon. The bag can be directly used as a container. Even in an emergency, it can achieve the effect of ready to eat without preparation.
Source: alpha foods
(2) Excellence Award: え い 〤 う か (EI sheep soup)
This is a Lamb Soup dessert that can help people easily replenish calories. One serving can replenish 171 calories (a cup of rice). At the same time, the products use the sheep soup manufacturing technology of jingcunwu for many years to achieve a storage time of up to 5 years. In terms of taste, the product is soft and moderate, sweet and refreshing. Even if it is eaten without water, it will not feel sweet, greasy, dry and difficult to swallow.
At the same time, in the packaging design, the products all reflect humanistic care. First of all, in terms of convenience, this is a product that can pull the thin packaging film with one hand, so as to realize easy opening and eating. At the same time, the product packaging box adopts a special design that is easy to see even in the dark. In addition, braille is also used on the surface of the packing box to indicate the relevant contents of the product.


Source: Jingcun house
(3) Long term preservation of jelly
Lipovitan jelly can consume 200 calories per bag (100g). At the same time, the product can be stored for up to 5 years by using special technology, which is suitable for reserve food in disaster prevention and emergency.
In addition, the product does not contain 28 kinds of allergens and caffeine. It can support the water supplement and nutritional intake of the general public in disaster and emergency situations, and meet the storage needs of the government, schools, companies and families.
Source: Dazheng pharmaceutical
(4) Encouragement Award: xuanmi rice dance (xuanmi rice dance)
The product uses KIKKO revolutionary new low-cost sterilization and packaging technology to pack brown rice, black rice, red beans, red beans, seaweed salt and water, and then age at low temperature for a period of time.
Because brown rice is raw rice, brown rice enzyme can produce natural amino acids. After cooking and sterilization, it can show a slightly sweet and chewy texture. It is a nutritious anti-aging food. Therefore, once launched, this product has been loved by many consumers who care about their own beauty and pay attention to the health of their families.
In addition, because the product can be enjoyed without heating, it is also very suitable for emergency food.
Source: Amazon
Special Award
Japan Food News Agency Award: cup noodle rolling stock set
“Cup noodle rolling stock set” is an emergency set containing cooking items sold by Nissin in its online store, and automatic replacement service is provided every three months.
This set includes not only food, but also various items needed in case of disaster. It is reported that the set includes 9 CUP faces and forks, gas stove, gas tank, pot, 5-year long storage of drinking water, solar folding lamp, water cup, work gloves, and special box for product delivery (special box can be used not only as storage box, but also as carrying backpack or stool).
Source: Riqing
Japan food and Education Association Award: rice noodles, mountain vegetables, black winter vegetables made of rice noodles
This mountain vegetable Wudong noodles is made of 100% domestic rice flour and has a shelf life of up to 5 years. When eating, just pour boiling water into it to enjoy the delicious Udon with strong bonito soup flavor.
At the same time, the product packaging can not only be used as a container, but also comes with a fork, which greatly broadens the eating scene. At the same time, the product does not contain allergens, and people with food allergies can enjoy it at ease. Therefore, it is very suitable for emergency reserves of kindergartens, nurseries, hospitals, various organizations, local governments, schools and enterprises.
Source: Weixi food
Japan disaster prevention industry conference Award: Agricultural Association drinking rice (Agricultural Association drinking rice)
This is an emergency food born in the Hanshin Shimbun earthquake. It can be preserved for up to 5 years. The winner of the 34th Kansai Invention Award “Agricultural Association drinking rice” is a cereal beverage made from daily raw materials such as rice, job’s tears and red beans based on the eating habits of consumers in Japan. At the same time, the product is a reserve food that can be used immediately in the early stage of the disaster according to the actual experience of the Hanshin tamru earthquake, which can provide consumers with nutrition and water needed by the body in case of emergency.
In addition, because the product does not use allergic raw materials, it can be applied to a wider range of people, including people with food allergy. At present, the product has launched three flavors: Plum kelp, cinnamon and cocoa.
Source: Amazon
Package design award: koikeya long life snake
Whether natural disasters or viruses are rampant, Japan has suffered an increasing proportion of large-scale disasters in recent years, which makes many food brands begin to reassess the importance of “food” in the event of disasters.
Huchiwu found that puffed foods such as potato chips have already penetrated into consumers’ daily life. Therefore, in the emergency period, such foods can not only provide supplies for physical functions, but also have the emotional value of relaxation that ordinary disaster foods do not have.
Based on this discovery, huchiwu developed a potato chip puffed food package “koikeya long life snake” that can be preserved for 5 years. It is reported that this product is a limited series of huchiwu online sales platform. There are 6 cans of products in a box set, which can be presented to relatives and friends as a gift to provide them with a sense of security.
Source: Riqing
Canned doctoral Award: sardine cattail (sardine cattail)
This is a series of Pu Shao products that have been loved by consumers for many years. The so-called Pu Shao is a dish made by breaking the fish and boning it, coating it with sweet and spicy soup mainly made of soy sauce.
This product is roasted sardine and crispy and served with Maruhanichiro sauce, enabling consumers to enjoy DHA, EPA and calcium.
Source: maruhanichiro
Revival support Award: Hot plus multi warm bag
Hotplus is a multifunctional bag that can heat food and drinking water conveniently and safely through the high-temperature steam generated by the combination of exothermic agent and water without using open fire or electrical equipment.
The product is divided into heating layer with exothermic agent and heating layer for heating food and water, which are distinguished by special design, so that the food adding process is very clean and safe. In addition, the product is also equipped with a handle with its own sealing function, which is convenient to carry. It can be carried as a “water supply bag” outdoors or when water is cut off.
Source: Yamamoto business
Disaster Prevention Safety Association Award: 5 bunches (5 fish intestines)
This is a fish sausage that can be preserved at room temperature. It contains a large amount of calcium necessary to maintain the health of bones and teeth. At the same time, the product packaging is very convenient, which can be easily opened to enjoy delicious food.
Source: Amazon
Encouragement award of the disaster prevention safety association: no cooking uni food 7 the · Curry Rice
This is a curry rice emergency food without fire, water and waiting. It is equipped with tableware and can be eaten as soon as it is opened anytime, anywhere. In addition, the product can be rolled with a spoon to achieve different texture and softness, so that in addition to ordinary people, even children and the elderly can easily eat it.
In addition, in 400g rice, the amount of salt added is controlled below 2G, which can be enjoyed by people who need to reduce salt. At the same time, the product does not contain 27 allergic raw materials.
Source: Rakuten
Self cultivation of disaster food model students
Japan, with frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and abnormal weather, is recognized as one of the “major disaster countries” in the world, which also makes the Japanese government and people devote a lot of efforts to the construction of disaster prevention facilities, disaster prevention education and the popularization of disaster prevention knowledge. The huge driving force generated by this social background also strongly promotes the rapid development and continuous innovation of Japan’s disaster emergency food.
FDL digital food advocates that through the inventory and analysis of the award-winning products, it is found that in the design of disaster food, brands have already broken through the single dimension of functional attributes and began to innovate and improve products based on deeper consumer needs. It can be divided into the following points:
(1) Functionality
As an emergency food, it has the functions of supplementing nutrients required by the human body, convenience, multi scene compatibility and long-term storage, which belongs to its basic configuration. Among the products awarded this time, many products can achieve continuous optimization and innovation even in the category of “standard configuration”.
For example, in the past, disaster food was more to give people energy and protein supplement. However, in fact, during the disaster, due to the scarcity of vegetables, the lack of vitamins, dietary fiber and trace elements can be found everywhere. In the award-winning products, many brands began to add vegetables or dietary fiber to their products to improve this problem.
(2) Diversification
Diversification is also one of the highlights of Japanese emergency food. Among the award-winning products, in addition to traditional emergency foods such as instant rice noodles and various cans, all kinds of snacks, desserts, snacks, dishes and beverages are also prominently listed.
Even in an emergency, disaster food is no longer a helpless move, but a delicious experience that allows consumers to have more choices.
(3) Universality
Whether the elderly, adults or children, normal people or patients, healthy people or self-improvement people, everyone is equal in the face of disaster. Food is the most instinctive demand and the most basic human right.
In the award-winning products, many Japanese brands no longer only take the general population as the target group. However, through the dimensions of raw material selection, formula optimization, texture adjustment and packaging design, the applicable population of the products is greatly widened, so that more people can enjoy safe and reassuring life-saving rations in emergencies.
(4) Humanistic care
In addition to the universality mentioned above, the humanistic care and social responsibility of the brand can also be fully felt from the initiatives of these products to meet more different groups through continuous optimization.
Whether it is to add Braille to let the blind know the product information, or not to use allergic raw materials to let the people with food allergies taste at ease, or considering the low chewing ability of the elderly and children, so as to improve the taste and texture of food, every little detail and thought given by the brand to the product reflect a heart of goodwill and compassion.
(5) Emotional value
For disaster food, it is no longer difficult to impress contemporary Japanese consumers just to meet the basic needs of consumers for food and clothing and life support. As an excellent disaster food, in addition to filling the consumer’s stomach, it also needs to soothe the consumer’s mood.
After all, in the face of disaster, in addition to physical discomfort, huge psychological panic is the most tormenting thing for the affected people. At this time, a delicious and familiar food, through the transmission of taste, smell, temperature and other senses, can often best remind consumers of the good memories of the past, make them quickly find a sense of security and obtain emotional release and decompression.
For disaster food or emergency food, in the past, the attention of the domestic market has not been high, consumers’ awareness of it is relatively scarce, and there is a lack of awareness of storing relevant food.
However, the sustained impact of COVID-19 in recent years, especially the recent outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, has led to a large number of residents facing the problem of food shortage, grain shortage and grain purchase. This situation is undergoing rapid education and changing people’s cognition about the category of disaster emergency food. No matter whether there is an outbreak or not, many residents have started “hoarding” daily, and are expected to gradually form a new consumption habit.
On the other hand, looking at the products that can be used as disaster food in the current Chinese market, in addition to some canned, ham sausage and convenience food, there are only some military food, which can be summarized by relatively single category, common taste and unbalanced nutritional composition.
In particular, compared with Japan, which is dependent on one water, there is still a huge room for improvement in the innovation and development of disaster food in China. Therefore, FDL digital food advocates hope that through these excellent cases in Japan, China’s food people and China’s food industry can really pay attention to and pay attention to this field. Perhaps there are huge business opportunities hidden in this emerging market that has not been reclaimed too much.
We pray that the mountains and rivers are safe and the country is peaceful and the people are safe!
However, when the disaster comes, I hope our people will not have to worry about “one ration” while bearing the great panic caused by the disaster.
Headline source: Sankei news
Author: Ma Baiguo; Source: FDL digital food claim (ID: foodatalink), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily Expo 2022] in line with the original intention of providing the whole value chain and one-stop industrial innovation services for the industry, foodaily Expo 2022 (2022.05.31-06.02, Shanghai) is further upgraded. In addition to the upstream and downstream of the food industry, it also covers and gathers multiple resources such as e-commerce, social media, traffic, channels and capital, aiming to bring you an annual innovation feast. Here, products, content, technology, marketing and other aspects related to food & brand innovation will be presented in the form of “professional exhibition + innovative content + interactive experience”, breaking through and differentiating in the consistent form of industry exhibition.
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