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The CEO of Starbucks said that the day of “false promise” was over, the “post office coffee” applied for registration, many dairy enterprises responded to the rise in the market price of imported milk powder, and Guangming group was in a “wartime state” for 24 hours

Hot company information and announcement


After Wei long, the “spicy Prince” also officially announced price increases


In April 15th, the official account of the spicy Prince issued an article entitled “we made a difficult decision”. The article announced that the price has been raised since May 1st, and the 110g spicy Prince has risen from 6 yuan to 7 yuan / pack, and the 550G box Prince has risen from 24.9 yuan / box to 29.9 yuan / box. Previously, on April 6, Weilong issued a notice on price adjustment of some products. (Xiaoxiang Morning Post)

Coconut group recruitment advertisement again cited controversy


Recently, a recruitment advertisement released by coconut Group continued to attract attention. The copy said that “you can have a car, a house, a high salary, a future and get rich when you enter school”. Over the years, the company has been punished by the industrial and commercial department for vulgar propaganda for many times. (surging)


China Post has registered several “post coffee” trademarks

The interface news learned from Tianyan that since April 1, China Post Group Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of several “post office coffee” trademarks. The international classification includes advertising sales, wine, convenience food, etc. the current state is waiting for substantive review. In the past two years, China Post has frequently expressed its intention to layout the coffee market. (Interface)

Spicy chicken wings have been revised?

Recently, some netizens reported that the taste of McDonald’s spicy chicken wings has changed, including the thickness and taste of fried chicken skin. In response to the change in the taste of spicy chicken wings, McDonald’s China replied to the Beijing News on April 12 that the spicy series is a classic product locally developed by McDonald’s in China and is deeply loved by Chinese customers. At present, some restaurants are testing wheat spicy chicken wings with improved technology, and the product specifications are the same as before (Beijing News)

The net profit of Qingdao food decreased by 13.98% year-on-year

Qingdao food released its annual performance report today, saying that the operating revenue in 2021 was about 434 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 9.66%; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was about 68.04 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 13.98%. (issued by the company)

Solid gold Su Li Gao promotes the first original formula without protection

Yesterday, according to WeChat official account of Jianhe group, Solid Gold was high in China’s market recently. ™ Protein. Among them, there is no protective factor ™ Protein is initiated by solid gold suligo. It is a cat food product with top-level pet functional plasma protein formula. (issued by the company)

Guangming group enters a 24-hour “wartime state”

With full production capacity, the subordinate enterprises of Guangming Food Group have entered a 24-hour “wartime state”. Among them, from March 1 to April 12, the fresh milk output of three factories in Shanghai totaled 26520 tons, with an average of 617 tons per day. There are 124 agricultural, industrial and commercial supermarkets, Haode convenience stores and bk24 convenience stores under Guangming Food Group. (Jiefang Daily)

Jingdong urgently transferred more than 3000 young brothers from China to Shanghai


Jingdong said that yesterday, express brothers from various cities across the country gathered in Shanghai, some by plane and some by high-speed rail. At present, more than 3000 express brothers and other front-line anti epidemic insurance personnel in many parts of the country will arrive in Shanghai one after another. According to the reporter, Jingdong brother does not need to be isolated after entering Shanghai. Jingdong brother from all over the country is mainly engaged in sorting and delivery after entering Shanghai, so as to make up for the shortage of delivery capacity in Shanghai, rather than referring to the trunk line drivers who transport goods from other places to Shanghai. (First Finance)

Yili invests another 40 million yuan to help China’s ice and snow

On the evening of April 16, “China ice and snow night” was held in the capital gymnasium. Yili, as the only industry representative, attended the event and announced in the “pay tribute to Tongxin” link that it would jointly invest 40 million yuan in the winter sports management center of the State Administration of sports in 2022 to continue to carry forward the “Beijing Winter Olympic spirit” and further support the development of China’s ice and snow cause. (issued by the company)

Starbucks CEO said the days of “false promises” are over


Starbucks CEO Howard told employees in a video on Monday that “there have been a lot of false promises in the past few years”, and he promised that those “days are over”. The video was sent to Reuters on Friday. Howard said: “we will make our own commitments, make real commitments and solve the problems in your store.” he added that he plans to focus on the problems raised by employees, such as the need for more training, the need to ensure working hours, ice maker damage, untimely maintenance and repair, etc. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information


It is said that the market price of imported milk powder is rising due to shortage and supply interruption

The recent rise in the price of imported milk powder in some parts of China has also aroused the concerns of Baoma. The first financial reporter saw from several e-commerce platforms that in the official online store of an imported infant formula brand, the product sales price has not been adjusted, but the products of some segments have been sold out. In other online stores, the sales price of this segment of milk powder has risen from more than 370 yuan / can to more than 470 yuan / can. According to customer service personnel, this price rise has lasted for more than ten days. The reporter learned from Danone, feishilan, Jianhe group and other milk powder enterprises that they have not adjusted the product price. At present, the import of infant powder products is normal, and all milk enterprises are also ensuring the supply of the national market through the operation mode of multi port and warehouse import, without large-scale shortage and supply interruption. (First Finance)

25 coffee enterprises have been authorized to use the geographical indication certification trademark of “Pu’er coffee”

Recently, the first batch of coffee enterprises authorized to use the geographical indication certification trademark of “Pu’er coffee” issued geographical indication product authorization letters by Pu’er Coffee Association. It is reported that the first batch of authorized coffee enterprises are 25, all of which are members of Pu’er Coffee Association and use coffee beans in Pu’er producing areas. Among them, 14 coffee enterprises have obtained the legal use qualification of “Pu’er coffee” national geographical indication special sign (GI sign), and the relevant procedures for the legal use qualification of other coffee enterprises are being handled. (released by Pu’er)

Shanghai released Q & A on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production of food enterprises

If a food production enterprise whose food production license expires cannot renew its license due to the impact of the epidemic, the validity of the food production license shall be extended to one month after the elimination of the epidemic in this city. Before returning to work, food production enterprises need to formulate plans and emergency plans for returning to work, implement daily personnel health monitoring and protection, and ensure safe return to work. During the epidemic prevention and control period, illegal acts such as using wild animals, living animals of unknown origin, animal derived food raw materials and expired or recycled food raw materials, falsely marking the production date in key supply products such as rice noodles, pastries, edible oil, meat products and infant auxiliary food, adulterating, adulterating, shoddy and products that do not meet food safety standards will be severely punished according to law. (Shanghai market supervision bureau)

Liaoning launched visual supervision system for infant formula milk powder production enterprises

Liaoning provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau announced on the 15th that Liaoning Province has launched the visual supervision system for infant formula milk powder production enterprises, preliminarily realizing the remote, real-time and online visual supervision of infant formula milk powder production enterprises in the province. Visual supervision of infant formula milk powder production enterprises is not only an important task deployed by the State Administration of market supervision. (China News Network)

Open solicitation of opinions on three new varieties of food additives such as lactase

On April 15, the national food safety risk assessment center solicited opinions on three new varieties of food additives such as lactase and carmine. Among them, lactase is a new kind of enzyme preparation for food industry, which is mainly used to catalyze the hydrolysis of lactose. Its quality specifications shall comply with the national food safety standard food additives and enzyme preparations for food industry (GB 1886.174). (food world)

CSRC: Didi’s independent delisting is a specific case, which has nothing to do with other Chinese stocks listed in the United States

According to the official website of the CSRC, on April 16, the person in charge of relevant departments of the CSRC said that the CSRC had taken note of the relevant announcement when answering a reporter’s question about “Didi’s announcement on delisting from the United States today”. This is an independent decision made by the enterprise according to the market and its own conditions. The CSRC has always insisted that the overseas listing activities of enterprises should comply with the laws, regulations and regulatory rules of the place of listing and business operation, and requires listed companies to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, especially small and medium-sized investors. The specific case of Didi’s independent delisting has nothing to do with other Chinese stocks listed in the United States, has nothing to do with the ongoing consultation on China US audit and supervision cooperation, and does not affect the process of bilateral cooperation. (CNR network)

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