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Yili joins hands with aerospace technology to build the world’s first “dairy space laboratory” and set a new Chinese model for the world

the world’s first “future dairy space laboratory” built by Yili Group and China Aerospace was officially unveiled.
On April 16, the Shenzhou 13 crew successfully returned, and the Shenzhou 13 manned mission was a complete success. On April 17, the cooperation press conference between Yili Group and China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center was grandly held in Beijing. Yili officially signed a contract to become the “official partner of China Aerospace creative dairy products” and announced the launch of a series of Aerospace Science and technology and cultural in-depth cooperation projects such as “future dairy space laboratory”. In the future, Yili will work with aerospace science and technology to make a comprehensive layout on the mutual promotion, innovation and application of China’s aerospace technology in the field of general health.
Zhou Hong, deputy director of the science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., academician Yu Dengyun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chief economist of China Academy of space technology and chairman of aerospace Shenzhou Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd., Yu Miao, director of China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center, Feng Chunping, executive deputy director of China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center, Zhang Jianqiu, executive president of Yili Group, Liu Chunxi, vice president of Yili Group Dr. situ Wenyou, a scientific research expert of Yili Group Innovation Center, and other guests attended the meeting.
Signing ceremony of Yili Group and China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center
Looking at the “14th five year plan” period, the practice of scientific and technological innovation is not only a major deployment in response to national economic policies, but also a major responsibility of enterprises as market subjects. As the “top five dairy companies in the world”, Yili Group has the leading technology in the dairy industry. The combination with the cutting-edge technology of China Aerospace is expected to produce new products. This is a powerful manifestation of the two sides’ brave mission with practical actions and actively explore and practice the strategy of strengthening the country.
Academician Yu Dengyun, deputy director of the science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., said in his speech, “the cooperation with Yili Group will focus on the field of aerospace technology helping the development of dairy industry. Through the establishment of joint laboratories, aerospace technology will be applied to the whole dairy industry chain by using research projects such as space biology, aerospace new materials and satellite monitoring.”
Yu Dengyun, deputy director of science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech
At the press conference, Zhang Jianqiu, executive president of Yili Group, said: “Yili will strive to cultivate more healthy dairy products that meet the extreme nutritional requirements and stringent quality standards, and promote the upgrading of China’s dairy industry and help China’s aerospace technology create a better life through complementary and mutually reinforcing scientific research cooperation of ‘dairy + Aerospace’.”
Zhang Jianqiu, CEO of Yili Group, delivered a speech
Yili Group joined hands with aerospace technology,
China dairy R & D enters the space age
As the biggest highlight of this press conference, the world’s first “future dairy space laboratory” created by Yili Group and China Aerospace was officially unveiled. In the future, the two sides will cooperate closely with relevant aerospace scientific research institutions in the fields of scientific research and exploration, technology transformation and product development, work together to carry out close cooperation in the fields of aerospace new material packaging, space strains, carbon satellite pasture monitoring, health and nutrition guarantee, strive to cultivate more healthy dairy products that meet the extreme nutritional requirements and stringent quality standards, and promote the research and development of China’s dairy industry to officially enter the “space age”.
The future dairy space laboratory jointly built by Yili and aerospace R & D institutions was officially established
The full launch of the “future dairy space laboratory” project is not only a beneficial exploration for the application of aerospace technology enabling industry, but also an important attempt to help upgrade national health and nutrition. At the press conference, experts in the field of space biology shared the scientific research achievements of space technology, especially space biology, and the important contribution of R & D achievements in the field of national health. Mr. Wu Jie, one of China’s first astronauts and astronaut coach, was invited to participate in the unveiling of the joint laboratory.
At the press conference, Dr. situ Wenyou, a scientific research expert of Yili Group Innovation Center, expressed the hope that through this cross field cooperation, we can make full use of the technical advantages of both sides to jointly carry out technical exploration and tackle key problems, develop lighter, safer and environmentally friendly food packaging materials, as well as nutrition and health products suitable for special people, and bring advanced technologies and products to consumers.
With the development of China’s aerospace industry and the in-depth development of space experiment projects, a series of space scientific research has achieved gratifying results. In this regard, with the mission of leading industrial development with innovation, Yili will be interested in participating in future space experiments to explore the cutting-edge research of dairy products under special conditions such as long-term microgravity, strong radiation environment and extreme temperature, so as to provide scientific and technological support for better serving the upgrading of national nutrition.
Cross border cooperation,
Explore new forms of space culture breaking out of the circle
Exploring the vast universe, developing the aerospace industry and building a powerful Aerospace country are our unremitting Aerospace dream. Aerospace Science and technology is the representative of national scientific and technological strength in the eyes of the public. Building an aerospace power is inseparable from the development of aerospace technology and the promotion of aerospace cultural soft power.
As the only directly affiliated unit of China Aerospace Science and technology group specializing in aerospace culture, China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center has always been responsible for carrying forward the aerospace spirit, disseminating Aerospace culture and popularizing Aerospace knowledge, guided by the needs of the public and based on its “space creation” brand, and continued to develop interesting, practical and interactive cultural products with distinctive Aerospace themes, So that the public can truly feel and correctly understand the cultural information transmitted by the aerospace spirit.
The “future space creation plan” in cooperation with Yili Group covers a series of in-depth cooperation projects in Aerospace Science and technology and culture. It will create a new position to carry forward the aerospace spirit through the sinking channel covering the whole country of Yili Group, and expand the innovative form of aerospace culture communication through product creativity.
No innovation, no future!
Yili has become the source of innovation in China’s dairy industry
Whether it is a space power or a healthy China, it is inseparable from a sound innovation system and self-reliance high-tech. The first dairy space laboratory settled in Yili is not only the trust of China Aerospace in Yili’s product quality, but also the affirmation of Yili’s innovation ability. “No innovation, no future” is the development concept that Yili always adheres to. Its future mission and pursuit of innovation make Yili hide the core potential driven by scientific and technological innovation under the achievements of “the first in Asia and the top five in the world”.
At present, Yili has established 15 innovation centers around the world, continued to carry out innovation cooperation in the whole industry chain and achieved fruitful results: as of the beginning of December 2021, the total number of global patent applications and invention applications of Yili ranks among the forefront of the global dairy industry, becoming the innovation highland of the global dairy industry.
Moreover, as a landmark project with a significant leading effect in the dairy industry, Yili modern smart health Valley in Hohhot is stepping up its construction. Among them, the world’s leading 5g green production artificial intelligence application demonstration project of liquid milk with a total investment of 5 billion yuan is a global intelligent manufacturing benchmark project with the largest single scale and the highest automation level in the world, realizing the whole cycle, whole process and Reconstruction of the whole industrial chain. In the future, Yili modern smart health valley will be driven by dairy industry and high-tech industry, and the primary, secondary and tertiary industries will develop in coordination. Through industrialization, intensive, park and intelligent development, Yili modern smart health valley will build perfect production, R & D, cultural and tourism, leisure and life service functions, and form an integrated pattern of coordinated development of production, life and ecological space.
The 17 year long support for China’s Olympic cause shows Yili’s adherence to the brand’s original intention and its strong echo to the “sports power”; Starting the “space age” of China’s dairy industry research and development with China aerospace technology is not only a new answer for Yili to the industry and consumers, but also Yili’s sense of responsibility and mission as an industry leader to help transform the development of aerospace technology.
In the “post 100 billion era” of Yili, under the guidance of the goal of “overall value leadership” of Chairman Pan Gang, Yili will fully open a new chapter in the exploration of scientific and technological innovation, and is committed to comprehensively improving the influence of Chinese dairy enterprises in the global scientific and technological innovation pattern by applying aerospace technology to the whole dairy industry chain, so as to help realize Aerospace Power and healthy China.
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