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Yili joins hands with China Aerospace to create a “future dairy space laboratory”

The aerospace industry is full of good things. The shenshisancheng group, which attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of people, returned triumphantly yesterday. Today, China Aerospace ushered in another “quality Guardian”.

Today, the cooperation press conference between Yili Group and China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center was held in Beijing. Yili, the leader of dairy industry, officially signed a contract to become the “official partner of China Aerospace creative dairy products”, and announced the launch of a series of Aerospace Science, technology and cultural in-depth cooperation projects such as “future dairy space laboratory”, committed to cultivating more healthy dairy products that meet high nutritional requirements and strict quality standards. This cooperation also allows China’s dairy research and development to officially enter the “space age”.

Signing ceremony between Yili Group and China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center

Xiaoshidai sorted out the key information of this press conference and shared one or two with you.



Aerospace Science and technology represents the top scientific and technological level of a country and measures everything with strict standards.

In space, astronauts walk not on their feet, but on their arms. This can lead to muscle atrophy and osteoporosis.

In such a special environment, astronauts have very high requirements for high-quality nutrition, so if they want to “enter their eyes”, they must go through multiple tests. In other words, partners who can work side by side with China Aerospace must have sufficient professional research advantages and high quality assurance.

As a dairy enterprise “the first in Asia and the top five in the world”, Yili has always been strict with the quality standards of dairy products. In the inspection procedures, Yili raised the standard by 50% on the basis of the national standard line and formulated the enterprise standard line; On the basis of enterprise marking, the standard was raised by 20% and the internal control line was formulated.

At this press conference, the “future dairy space laboratory” was officially unveiled. In the future, the two sides will cooperate closely with relevant aerospace scientific research institutions in the fields of scientific research and exploration, technology transformation and product development, work together to carry out close cooperation in the fields of aerospace new material packaging, space strains, carbon satellite farm monitoring, health and nutrition guarantee, and strive to cultivate more healthy dairy products that meet the extreme nutritional requirements and stringent quality standards, Promote the research and development of China’s dairy industry to officially enter the “space age”.

The future dairy space laboratory jointly built by Yili and aerospace R & D institutions was officially established

At the press conference, Dr. situ Wenyou, a scientific research expert of Yili Group Innovation Center, expressed the hope that through this cross field cooperation, we can make full use of the technical advantages of both sides to jointly carry out technical exploration and tackle key problems, develop lighter, safer and environmentally friendly food packaging materials, as well as nutrition and health products suitable for special people, and bring advanced technologies and products to consumers.

With the development of China’s aerospace industry and the in-depth development of space experiment projects, a series of space scientific research has achieved gratifying results. In this regard, with the mission of leading industrial development with innovation, Yili will be interested in participating in future space experiments to explore the cutting-edge research of dairy products under special conditions such as long-term microgravity, strong radiation environment and extreme temperature, so as to provide scientific and technological support for better serving the upgrading of national nutrition.



Another reason why China Aerospace chooses Yili is Yili’s perfect innovation system and strong innovation ability. In the previous report of xiaoshidai, Yili always adheres to taking scientific and technological innovation as the driving core and will integrate the global dairy forces to build a “global healthy ecosystem”.

At present, Yili has established 15 innovation centers around the world, continued to carry out innovation cooperation in the whole industry chain and achieved fruitful results, such as jointly building and upgrading the European Innovation Center with Wageningen University in the Netherlands, establishing the Oceania innovation center in New Zealand, and taking the lead in the implementation of the Sino US Food wisdom Valley in the United States.

According to the official data of Yili, in recent years, Yili has invested more than 400million yuan in scientific and technological research and development every year, which is far higher than the industry average. By the beginning of December 2021, Yili’s total number of global patent applications and invention applications had ranked among the top in the global dairy industry, becoming the innovation highland of the global dairy industry.

Meanwhile, as a landmark project with important leading effect, Yili modern wisdom and health Valley in Hohhot is stepping up its construction.

Among them, the global leading 5g green production artificial intelligence application demonstration project of liquid milk with a total investment of 5 billion yuan is the global intelligent manufacturing benchmark project with the largest single scale and the highest automation level in the world, realizing the reconstruction of the whole cycle, whole process and whole industrial chain from “one grass to one cup of milk”.

The world’s first “future dairy space laboratory” project created by Yili Group and China Aerospace creative is an innovation for the dairy industry.

The launch of this cooperation project is expected to enable Yili to set a model for the transformation of aerospace scientific and technological achievements and create a benchmark case of scientific and technological innovation in the field of food and beverage.

The innovative achievements that will affect and lead the development of the dairy industry in the future are likely to sprout here.

Yili, as the industry leader, is the mainstay of the development of China’s great health cause, and has always been practicing the responsibility of national enterprises.

Xiaoshidai previously reviewed the history of Yili’s cooperation with the “Olympic Games” and supported China’s Olympic cause for 17 years. Yili has also become the only official dairy partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games.

While opening cooperation with China’s aerospace industry and enabling Yili to contribute to the goal of “Aerospace Power”, it also planted a seed called “aerospace strict election”. One day, this seed will grow into a towering tree and contribute to “healthy China” together with the “Olympic quality” tree of Yili.


For enterprises, advanced technology is important, but if it can not “benefit the people” and benefit the majority of consumers, it is still far from real success.

Yili can reach the position of “the first in Asia and the top five in the world” by not shouting slogans. Yili is good at integrating high-quality resources and moving forward steadily to help improve the national nutrition and health level.

For Yili, the cooperation with China Aerospace is a new milestone. It is believed that Yili’s innovation will appear in more places on the way to achieve “healthy China”.

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