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From IQ tax to formula party, how can the 100 billion body control market move forward rationally?

in the anti epidemic years, life can slow down, how can weight management be abandoned?

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At present, the national anti epidemic war is in full swing. Many people live in isolation, review their cooking skills and taste the slow life. When away from the gym and social field, many people’s bodies begin to “run wild”, health is on the “red light”, and weight control has become the focus of the topic. A recent survey conducted in 30 countries / regions around the world found that 31% of the world’s population gained an average of 6.1kg during the epidemic!
Beauty first, health-oriented, people’s attention to the body has never diminished. From the popularity of slimming tea a few years ago to the evolution of “weight management”, consumers are changing from blindly seeking thin to pursuing a healthy and lasting lifestyle, and physical control behavior is becoming more scientific and rational. The word “management” also vividly points out that fighting fat requires a multi pronged approach and both symptoms and root causes.
Under the tide of sports control, all kinds of enterprises have poured into the track. As a leader in the nutrition and health food OEM industry, xianle health, which has participated in the development of a variety of functional explosive products and has a deep technical accumulation, is also eager to try. Recently, it appeared a variety of new products of weight management and sports nutrition. How can xianle health’s technical advantages make its products stand out in the “running like clouds” sports control track? In the current weight management food innovation, what trends will determine the future direction of this 100 billion market?
Under the new consumption wave,
A hundred flowers bloom in the weight management market
Reportlinker’s global weight management industry report points out that from 2021 to 2027, China’s weight management market is expected to grow by 10.6% annually and reach US $92.6 billion in 2027. Taking the substitute food market with the largest proportion as an example, its penetration rate has increased from 18% in 2016 to 27% in 2020, the first increase in different body management measures (Mintel data). Since the second half of last year alone, wonderlab, fit8, 21beauty, mint health and other light food substitute brands have obtained financing. In the field of weight management supplements, cutting-edge brands such as Le sports control, kokofree, Huaxi and yihesou have also emerged.
The continued popularity of the weight management market benefits from the national policies such as “healthy China action”, “national fitness plan” and the continuous promotion of national nutrition education; In addition, public health factors such as the rising obesity rate and the persistence of the epidemic also make consumers pay more attention to a healthy life. Among various health measures, exercise and weight management have become an important way to strengthen the body and relieve stress.
In the weight management segment, substitute meals and weight loss dietary supplements are the main types, accounting for 47% and 22% respectively in 2021. In the next five years, nutritional drinks and weight loss dietary supplements will lead the weight management market with an average annual growth rate of 12.4% and 7.8%.
From 2019 to 2020, local substitute food brands broke out intensively. By 2021, the market pattern will stabilize and the growth rate will drop. Weight loss dietary supplements continued to grow rapidly. With the recovery of the gym and driven by head brands such as nortland and muscle technology, the performance of L-carnitine fat burning products is eye-catching.
Under the continuous stimulation of sports control consumption demands, the domestic market shows a prosperous scene. All kinds of products to solve the demands of body control emerge in endlessly – substitute milkshakes, high fiber fruit tea, enzyme green juice, powdered staple food with strong sense of satiety, probiotic products to promote intestinal digestion, and various functional supplements to block absorption and burn fat. Overall, the weight management market shows three significant development directions:
1. The positioning focuses on the scenes of daily life, and the product forms and eating methods are becoming more and more abundant
From the obese to the general public, with the increasing popularity of physical control demands, the product positioning is also gradually life-oriented and snack oriented. Traditional health care products are left out in the cold. Drinks, candy, jelly and other rich categories make physical control easier and more pleasant.
In June 2021, every Kwai said the introduction of the “shake breakfast”, the “fast breakfast”, “business partner”, “fitness before and after” three typical life control scenes, and developed three kinds of creative eating methods, including the “snow cream yogurt Cup”, “ice shake” and “snow cream”.
Photo source: meixianshuo, fit8 Jingdong self operated store
In December 2021, fit8 and minions launched a series of probiotic protein powder for small yellow people, which reduced the usual thick bottle to the size of a capsule, one bottle at a time, greatly improving the convenience of drinking.
2. Under the scientific blessing, the function design of the joint control card is more perfect
With the deepening of basic scientific research, people have a clear understanding of food metabolism, especially the mechanism of carbon, water and fat metabolism closely related to body weight. On this basis, the functional design of weight management products will form different paths from blocking carbon and water absorption to controlling appetite and hormone regulation. In recent years, through the combination of functional components, the body control products integrating different action modes have become a new trend.

The card control surface launched by super zero in October 2021 reduces heat absorption at three levels through three core components: resistant dextrin inhibits fat absorption; Seaweed extract inhibits amylase from decomposing carbohydrates into sugars; Mulberry leaf extract can inhibit α- Glucosidase activity, inhibit blood glucose value, and then regulate metabolism.
Wonderlab launched protein yuan Qi soup bowl nutritional meal substitute porridge powder, which combines New Zealand grass fed milk protein and pea protein into a unique “double protein rice” through extrusion and recombination technology, so as to realize the nutritional characteristics of “three times protein” and lower carbon water.
Image source: Super zero official wechat, youzan
3. High appearance product design, highlighting social attributes
Many consumer analysis reports believe that “virtual company” + “fashion beauty” is the core of the psychological needs of generation Z. The infatuation with the appearance of packaging and the completion of identity and circle integration through consumption are the common consumption concept of young people. As the main group of sports control, generation Z girls are even more so.
The brand new brand of music, Internet plus creative thinking, which is located in high fiber drinks, is a product of the two yuan IP chop master, the mountain river map and the domestic new illustrator.
Another cutting-edge sports control brand, momeis, launched a substitute meal milkshake at the end of 2020 with a beaker shaped bottle body and pure background color with magic text, which makes the packaging highly recognizable and popular with women on social platforms such as xiaohongshu.
Photo source: re purchase website
The upgrading of consumption demands drives weight management products to show more fashion and personality and integrate more smoothly into public life. The sports control brand, how to transform the dazzling concept of sports control into consumption recognition and sales volume?
From “I want to control” to “I want to control”:
Skillfully implant the concept of body control into the consumer mind
In the new consumption environment, many brands fight closely in the same track, competing not only for product innovation, but also for the penetration of users’ minds. Among the factors that affect the user’s mind, scenario setting is particularly important.
Using scene thinking for product design can not only find the precise demands of users in specific scenes, but also help to measure the adaptability of products; Moreover, when the product does not match the scene, in addition to revising the product positioning, it is possible to dig out new scenes that have been ignored or never considered, and create new needs and markets.
At present, consumers are often at a loss and have no choice in the face of various body control concepts, core components and professional terms. To make the well-designed concept quickly accepted by the public, starting from people’s familiar life scenes is a good entry point.
The scene of sports control products is naturally inseparable from three meals a day. Most meal substitutes are based on this setting. However, as people’s eating behavior becomes more and more fragmented and random, there are more possibilities to cut into scenes other than three meals.
For the users of weight management supplements in the first tier cities, xianle Health conducted a lot of research in the early stage, involving the use scenarios, functional concepts, dosage forms, packaging preferences and other dimensions. The detailed survey data provide a sufficient basis for the development of new products. The survey results show that the main scenes of taking weight management supplements are early in the morning, before going to bed, before and after high calorie food; Women are interested in the addition of intestinal regulation and beauty functions; Men are more interested in promoting vitality and sleeping materials; In terms of product dosage forms, drinks and tablets are the most popular; Small size, simplicity and hygiene are the most important packaging elements for consumers.
Photo source: xianle health
Based on the above results, the five products launched by xianle this time are respectively aimed at five sub scenes: rapid emission promotion after getting up in the morning, Party hi eating, resting state, three meal interval, and sports and fitness.
1. Morning rise
In many people’s nutritional cognition, drinking a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning can supplement the water lost by the body’s metabolism during sleep, promote defecation and wake up the brain. In fact, this time is also the beginning of celestial control.
Photo source: xianle health
Xianle Xiandong ® Citrus enzyme drink focuses on the function of “promoting excretion”. With litchi enzyme, citrus fruit powder and prebiotics as the core components, it is committed to the triple goal of “smooth x fat burning X light fiber”. Among them, the litchi enzyme prepared by CO fermentation of lactic acid bacteria and yeast contains SOD (superoxide dismutase) much higher than the line standard, which is helpful to remove superoxide. The dual dietary fiber composed of fructooligosaccharides and Xylooligosaccharides promotes intestinal peristalsis and helps digestion more smoothly. Citrus fruit powder is called “fat crusher”, which contains hesperidin monoglucoside, which helps to promote the decomposition of triglycerides.
2. Hey, eat
In the colorful modern diet scene, whether it is the “carbon explosion” moment in the party and entertainment, or the food accompanying the overtime stay up late and game play time, high carbon and high fat are inevitable. How can we reduce the absorption of sugar oil powder and make “Hi eat” have no trouble?
Photo source: xianle health
Xianle Xiandong ® White kidney bean green tea pomegranate tablet candy takes “blocking” as the core appeal. Plant extracts such as white kidney bean, green tea, pomegranate fruit powder and rose powder in the formula help to inhibit α- Amylase and glucosidase activity, reduce sugar absorption; At the same time, it helps to inhibit the catalytic decomposition of fat by lipase and reduce fat absorption.
Foodaily noted that the white kidney beans in this candy are produced in the plateau above 1800 meters above sea level, with high amylase inhibitory activity; Another raw material, Spanish pomegranate, adopts French ads nano wrapping technology to improve the utilization efficiency of active ingredients.
3. Rest
Many people think that “metabolic fat burning” only occurs when sweating in the gym. As everyone knows, the body is still releasing a lot of energy and burning fat on commuting roads, office sit INS, lunch breaks, naps and even sleeping. The total calories consumed at these moments are called resting metabolic rate (RMR), which accounts for about 60% – 75% of the total daily energy consumption.
For the “lazy house” people who are eager to lose weight but can’t open their legs, the workplace elites and social animals who are busy and have no time to exercise, it’s a fantastic physical control to help the body burn fat during resting time. Xianle health has found opportunities in this physical control scene which is easy to be ignored but has a huge demand.
Photo source: xianle health
Xianle Xiandong ® Brown algae green tea solid drink adopts patented formula, with fucophyll, green tea extract and mulberry leaf extract known as “fat burning small motor” as the core components, which helps to stimulate the static combustion of fat, inhibit the absorption of sugar and fat by adipocytes, promote fat browning and improve the resting metabolic rate. It is suitable for “resting” scenes such as commuting, lunch break and night.
4. Fourth meal
Under the pressure of fast-paced work and study, many people need to boost their energy and relieve the pressure between meals. Energy drinks, protein bars, chocolate and other products have become the standing snacks at the table of many people. The proportion of the fourth meal in the whole day’s food intake is becoming higher and higher. How to scientifically intake the fourth meal has become a new consideration in the product positioning of many sports control brands.
Healthy China action (2019-2030) pointed out that the dietary fiber intake of Chinese residents is obviously insufficient, and the average deletion rate is about 50% compared with the nutritional standard, while in first tier cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, the deletion rate is as high as 65% – 70%. For a fourth meal with quality, you might as well start with dietary fiber.
Photo source: xianle health
Xianle health extract ® Dietary fiber vitamin berry aims at the demand of “sporadic snacks” between meals to resist dextrin and oats β- Dextran and Qiya seed are the key raw materials, and the purpose of fiber supplement is achieved through soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. The product is coated with collagen. The q-bomb is full and the taste is fresh.
5. Movement
Gym, playground and urban runway are becoming the daily punch in place for many sports controllers. The discussion on how to keep fit scientifically has always been a hot topic.
In September 2021, BBC science program host Dr. Michael Mosley said in a podcast: splitting the medium-intensity aerobic exercise that many people are discouraged from into “fast food exercise” with shorter time and lower intensity can not only make the fitness more persistent, but also increase the number of times to stimulate human metabolism, and the fitness effect is even better than a long-term exercise.
Source: BBC Chinese website
Sports fitness tends to be “short frequency and fast”, which actually provides better opportunities for sports control products. The basic demand for protein, carbon, water and fat in different stages of exercise gives birth to people’s demand for high protein, rapid energy supplement and ketogenic food; Sports control brands meet people’s shaping needs by replenishing water, improving endurance and accelerating body metabolism.
Photo source: xianle health
Xianle Xiandong ® L-carnitine electrolyte effervescent tablet belongs to the “endurance supplement” in sports nutrition. It takes L-carnitine, taurine, vitamins and electrolytes as the core components to create a triple energy matrix of “fat burning + electrolyte supplement + energy improvement”, so as to help sports people improve their sports endurance and comprehensively improve the sports effect. L-carnitine, the core ingredient in the formula, can transport fatty acids in the body to mitochondria, burn them and produce energy. Only under the condition of exercise can fat be decomposed into glycerol and fatty acids, and L-carnitine can start the “fat burning” process. Therefore, after taking L-carnitine, we need to cooperate with enough training to better play the role of fat reduction.
Through the positioning description of five new sports control products of xianle health, it is not difficult to see that different development concepts will produce different product images due to the same sports control mechanisms such as promoting emission, blocking and fat burning. Aiming at the daily consumption scenes that really exist and are easy to be ignored by us, and fully excavating the consumption demands under each scene, we can greatly improve the “affinity” of products. From educating consumers to “control”, to enlightening consumers to “control”, the carefully crafted concept of physical control is like a trickle, pouring into people’s minds.
In addition to scene thinking, what ability should sports control brand have?
Start with demand, be loyal to science,
How does sports control brand build a moat?
Scene thinking reflects the brand’s deep insight into user needs. In the past 30 years of development, xianle health has established in-depth cooperation with many excellent enterprises such as GSK, Bayer, Mars, Yangshengtang, limitless, Angel yeast and so on. The products developed cover 9 dosage forms and a variety of nutritional demands. Rich service experience in the industry makes xianle “easy and comfortable” for all kinds of people, all kinds of nutritional demands and all kinds of product forms. For the scene mining in the subdivision track of sports control, it has more unique opinions than other players.
Photo source: annual report of xianle health in 2021
The competitiveness of functional food is still the concept positioning and efficacy performance. For the sports control brand, the R & D and innovation ability based on science is not only the cornerstone to ensure the competitiveness of products, but also the moat of the enterprise. Xianle’s healthy moat depends on two ports:
1. Raw material selection and development capacity
Still take the five new sports control products launched this time as an example. The core ingredients selected or prepared by advanced technology ensure high activity factors; Or pay attention to the synergy between components. Like xianle fiber ® Litchi enzyme, one of the four key components in Citrus enzyme drinks, is made from natural fruits and vegetables by collaborative fermentation of lactic acid bacteria and yeast. The enzyme contains ultra-high concentration SOD, which can achieve “6h rapid purification of the intestine” and reduce adverse reactions of the body.
Another example is xianle Xiandong ® Brown algae green tea solid beverage, a “static fat burning” combination composed of fucophyll, green tea polyphenols and mulberry leaf extract, is developed from three interrelated mechanisms: stimulating fat combustion, inhibiting fat accumulation and controlling appetite through “ileal braking mechanism”.
It is worth noting that xianle health applied for the patent of “fat burning and slimming” (a composition for regulating fat metabolism) with fucophyll and green tea polyphenols as the protagonists in March last year; The white kidney bean pomegranate tablet candy for the “Hi eat” Scene applied for the patent of “double control beauty body” (a composition that inhibits the absorption of sugar and fat) in July last year.
Experimental chart of xianle health body control raw material composition
Photo source: xianle health
In terms of raw material ratio, xianle health is based on scientific research and provides a solid basis for product concept through a large number of in vitro and somatosensory experiments.
For example, the patented composition of green tea pomegranate rose is right α In terms of the inhibition rate of amylase, glucosidase and lipase activities, a large number of experiments have been carried out to verify the ability of fucoidin green tea fat reducing combination in reducing fat accumulation and crushing adipocytes.
Xianle health’s 2020 annual report shows that from 2018 to 2020, xianle’s R & D investment accounted for an average of 3.7%, which is a significant leader in the industry.
It is the unremitting investment in scientific research that xianle health can gain a firm foothold in the highly competitive sports control market.
2. The ability to transform concepts into products quickly
Xianle health, as a world-famous contract R & D and manufacturer of nutritious and healthy food, not only benefits from years of accumulated R & D experience, but also can capture the popular functional concept and visualize the concept with scientific research; Moreover, it has a strong supply chain system and has obvious advantages in capacity guarantee, cost control and integrated services.
Xianle health has four production bases and three R & D centers in China and Germany. It is not only the first nutritional and health food enterprise to produce vegetable gum soft capsules on a large scale in China, but also a rare manufacturer of multi dosage probiotic products in the industry, including soft capsules, soft candy, tablets, powders and hard capsules. In April 2020, xianle’s medical and Health Industrial Park in Ma’anshan was successfully put into operation, bringing a daily beverage production capacity of 600000 + bags / bottles to xianle. The intelligent factory in the park relies on logistics automation equipment and WMS, MES and other software to realize the connection of material flow and information flow of the whole plant.
Source: Wuqiang intelligent technology
Xianle has a 4000 + mature product library and 2000 + raw material reserves. It provides one-stop solutions from formula development, product registration support, small-scale trial production, large-scale production, packaging, quality control and marketing training. It has become an important force to promote the innovation of domestic functional food industry.
Soft and hard strength enables xianle health to quickly transform the captured concepts and needs into fresh products. Xianle is an important contributor to many new consumer brands in the field of sports control, such as the new products launched by weixianshuo and zimeitang.
According to the report on nutrition and chronic diseases of Chinese residents released in December 2020, more than half of the people over the age of 18 are overweight and obese. About a third of consumers are very concerned about weight, obesity and body problems.
There are 200 million obese people and 440 million new generations who pay attention to health and beauty. The body control population is growing. The weight management market will become another fertile land for “strategists” in the new consumption era. How can the sports control industry, which is full of opportunities and challenges, find a more attractive concept for consumers and turn the concept into a classic product that can stand the test of time? Xianle health’s five new sports control products are just an answer worthy of reference.
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