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Nestle Health Sciences released new cross-border products of baby food allergy and successfully held the 8th Nutrition Forum

On April 16, the 8th Nestle Health Science and Nutrition Forum hosted by Nestle Health Science (China) Co., Ltd. (nhsc) opened.

With the theme of “scientific nutrition makes a healthy life”, the forum invited experts at home and abroad to discuss online, aiming to provide a variety of nutritional solutions for children with different nutritional needs.

At the same time, Nestle Health Sciences also launched three new cross-border products – enminshu HMO, peptide Minshu HMO and aiershu HMO. As a food allergy management product line added with breast milk oligosaccharide (HMO) introduced for the first time through cross-border e-commerce channels, these three products will help babies build a comprehensive immunity and provide better choices for infants with milk protein allergy from 0 to 12 months old.

The 8th Nestle Health Science and Nutrition Forum

Heavy new products

Ms. Gu Xinxin, President of Nestle Health Sciences Greater China, introduced that the three new cross-border products – enminshu HMO, peptide Minshu HMO and aiershu HMO, after strict clinical experiments, have groundbreaking added 2 ‘fucosyllactose (2’fl) and lactose-n-neotetrasaccharide (lnnt) to the “anti allergy” formula, which can safely and effectively alleviate allergic symptoms and support growth and development while reducing infection and medication, Stimulate minbao’s natural “Self-protection”.

High quality DHA and Ara are also added to this series of formula. Studies have shown that DHA / ara can help promote infants’ visual, cognitive function and brain nerve development, and stimulate minbao’s talent “brain power”.

President Gu Xinxin introduces new cross-border products

Since the 1980s, Nestle has opened the road of HMO exploration and invested a lot of resources and energy in cutting-edge technology research. After 30 years of research and development, Nestle and its partners have made a breakthrough in biotechnology. They have the ability to add these HMO components to standard infant formula and special infant formula products, and develop enminshu HMO, peptide Minshu HMO and aiershu HMO. Nestle Health Science provides better choices for infants with milk protein allergy aged 0-12 months with advanced production technology, innovative formula and R & D, and expands broader development space for industry categories.  

In addition, five formulas for special medical purposes under Nestle Health Science – aiershu, peptide Minshu, enminshu, Xiaobai taineng and xiaojiashan will be put on the market with brand-new packaging, so as to bring better visual perception to the majority of medical care and consumers with reliable formula and constant quality. Vitaflo, a brand of Nestle Health Sciences in the field of rare diseases and nutrition ® It also appeared in this forum. Its products focus on many disease fields such as congenital metabolic diseases, children’s epilepsy, children’s nephropathy and nutritional support, involving many rare diseases such as phenylketonuria, maple syrup urine and glycogen accumulation.

The packaging of pediatric series products is renewed and upgraded

Exploring new paths for international exchanges

The forum continued the strong expert strength of the previous seven sessions. Professor Cai Wei, the third chairman of the branch of parenteral and enteral nutrition (CSPEN) of the Chinese Medical Association, was invited as the president of the conference, Professor Sanja Kola č EK, the president of the European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutrition (ESPGHAN), Professor YVAN vandenplas, the former chairman of the ESPGHAN gastroenterology Committee, Professor Luo Xiaoping, Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology Professor Gong Sitang of Guangzhou Women’s and children’s Medical Center, Professor Qian Suyun of Beijing Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University and other well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad talked about the clinical nutrition norms and standards of children’s diseases through online connection, transmitted the cutting-edge academic knowledge and new trends of clinical treatment, unlocked the new progress of international research and explored a new path of clinical nutrition of children’s diseases.

The president of the conference, Professor Cai Wei, interacted with international experts

Open new ideas for allergy prevention and treatment

Children’s growth and development has always been a key issue in the field of Pediatrics. Before the age of two, it is the key period of children’s brain and intestinal development. For children with common childhood diseases such as food allergy, cerebral palsy, diarrhea and liver disease, it is more necessary to take targeted special medical foods to strengthen nutritional absorption, so as to fully meet the nutritional needs of children’s growth and development and disease recovery.  

Among them, allergic diseases, as one of the key protection diseases listed by WHO in twenty-first Century, has also seen an increasing incidence rate among China’s infants and young children in recent years. ¹。 Incidence rate of China’s 0~2 0.83%-3.5% children reported that the proportion of allergic diseases that had occurred or was occurring in infants was 40.9%, according to the current survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in China city. The incidence of allergic reactions was 33. The clinical manifestations of milk protein allergy are diverse. In severe cases, there will be food refusal, diarrhea, vomiting or reflux, resulting in growth and development disorders.

At present, effective allergy prevention has become a global public health priority. When discussing the current situation and Prospect of infant allergy prevention and treatment, experts said: “Parents have a wrong understanding of children’s allergies, which leads to children’s allergies in supplementary food, milk and other supplementary nutrition. However, in recent years, parents’ awareness of anti allergy has improved and began to turn from simply avoiding allergens to seeking the help of special medical products to ensure the comprehensive and diversified nutrition of infants and children in the process of growth and development. In addition, the field of Pediatrics has never stopped exploring the prevention and treatment of allergy problems, and HMO’s The addition opens up new ideas for the prevention and treatment of infant allergy “.

Professor Gong Sitang calls for attention to infant milk protein allergy

Stick to the mission

Referring to the development prospect of special medical food and the development goal of Nestle health science, Ms. Gu Xinxin, President of Nestle Health Science Greater China, expressed her professional opinion based on her 30-year industry background: “the development of the industry needs the strong strength of the enterprise as the support. Nestle Health Science adheres to the self-discipline spirit of quality first, science and professionalism and integrity, maintains the sense of mission from beginning to end, and develops special medical products suitable for the physique of Chinese people and the nutritional needs of special people”.

President Gu Xinxin was interviewed by reporters

The 8th Nestle Health Science and Nutrition Forum was successfully concluded. This forum not only continued the scientific and high level of the previous seven forums, but also provided new inspiration and new ideas for the clinical development of Pediatrics.

As the sponsor of the forum, Nestle health science will continue to carry forward the tradition of scientific and professional research and development, practice the work guidance of “four aspects” such as “facing people’s life and health”, actively promote the new development of scientific nutrition, escort the healthy growth of Chinese children, and make the concept of nutrition support deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the context of the new era.

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