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Under the glory of one billion single products, MECO honey Valley juice tea continues to sell well and can be expected in the future

went on sale and continued to sell well, thanks not only to MECO honey Valley juice tea’s accurate insight and rapid response to the market, but also to the accurate attack on the changes of consumer demand.

Text: Monica Dai

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With the promotion of the new consumption trend of great health, the ready to drink beverage market, which has been in a fixed pattern for a long time, has begun to be impacted by new brands and new categories. In addition, the “collective robbery” of various new tea brands has made the development and competition of the ready to drink beverage market more and more intense.
How does a product stand out? The Academy believes that it should seize the opportunity of “commercialization” and “food” in the period of “commercialization”, and look for the dividend of small categories.
According to the 2021 Z generation food and beverage consumption insight report jointly released by BiliBili insight and Nielsen IQ, among the 260 million Z generation, heavy beverage consumers account for 93%, while fruit juice accounts for 17% of the beverage types they have drunk for the last three times. It can be seen that, as a traditional category, the young people of generation Z have no loss in their love for fruit juice. However, how to tell the new story of fruit juice category?
Source: MECO honey Valley
Today, foodaily wants to focus on the analysis of MECO honey Valley juice tea launched by “cup milk tea giant” Xiangpiao group in 2018 – to establish a differentiated category image with the creative mix and match of “juice + tea”, attract young people to try new products with the healthy attributes of real materials, and then “maintain the audience with advanced technology”… So far, MECO honey Valley juice tea still sucks powder continuously. What is the secret of its continued popularity? How much space is there in the future?
Target category cracks
Let “small and beautiful” become “big piece”
In recent years, the concept of healthy diet has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the beverage market has gradually revealed a new trend of health, differentiation and taste innovation. Compared with the traditional milk tea series full of calories, people prefer new tea drinks made of real tea as raw materials. The current technology of tea soup has overturned the current situation of powder blending products in milk tea shops in the past, and set off a new wave of tea drinks with the characteristics of adding fresh fruits and high beauty. The explosion of new tea is the innovative inspiration of MECO honey Valley juice tea.
1. Taking advantage of the new tea outlet, “tea +” brings new inspiration
Back five years ago, the new tea drink after product upgrading is like a sword, breaking the beverage market and growing in the east wind of consumption upgrading and market pursuit of quality. According to the Research Report on China’s new tea industry released by AI media consulting, the market of China’s new tea industry showed a rapid growth trend in the five years from 2016 to 2020, and the market scale was about 77.3 billion yuan in 2020. It can be seen that China’s new tea industry has large market space and development potential. At the same time, with the improvement of income level, consumers are even willing to accept the increase of new tea prices within a certain range, contributing flexibility to the growth of the industry.
Source: AI media consulting
With the entry of multiple brands, trapped by factors such as the large competitiveness of the existing tea market and the easy replication of popular products, new tea brands also gradually aim at the development potential of instant tea categories, and take advantage of the e-commerce dividend to fight the combination of instant tea + instant tea in combination with the product experience accumulated in the development of new tea. At this time, the product innovation trend of tea + fruit juice is beginning to show.
In view of this, in 2018, MECO honey Valley juice tea, which is easy to drink, healthy and fashionable, was born and is committed to becoming a new tea leader. Its products not only meet the diversified needs of young consumers for drinks, but also meet the new life concept of healthy generation Z.
Source: MECO honey Valley
2. Generation Z has become the main consumer. Drinks are better, fun and healthy
It is not difficult to find that generation Z is emerging as an important force in the beverage consumption market. The Shanghai consumer rights and Interests Protection Commission issued the investigation report on generation Z beverage consumption, which pointed out that more than half of generation Z purchased beverages three or more times a week; More than 40% attach importance to health preservation. In terms of taste, consumers of generation Z prefer drinks with fruit flavor, tea flavor and milk flavor. 60% of generation Z will also choose to buy them because of the health of the beverage ingredient list. Therefore, fruit juice tea with healthy 0 fat and clean ingredients has become the best choice for many generation Z consumers.
In addition, the purchase of drinks by generation Z is also affected by multiple factors, and the appearance and social attributes of products have become two very important factors. They like novel and interesting packaging, and are also keen to share the good things they get to the people around them by taking photos, so as to express their attitude towards life.
The distinctive, fresh and lively packaging of MECO honey Valley juice tea also just meets the “beauty” needs of contemporary young people for drinks. Its classic ready to drink cup shape is more convenient to hold, the straw is inserted and ready to drink, which is convenient and fast, fashionable and beautiful as a whole, and is deeply loved by young people.
Source: MECO honey Valley
Choose the right track, and then the high-quality execution landing. MECO honey Valley juice tea is popular year after year. It not only has a keen insight into the target market and consumer groups, but also shows the cutting-edge quality and ingenuity of brand building products, and takes innovation and quality as the strong competitiveness of products.
Quality supports hot sales
Process casting barrier city
Stepping on the consumer demand point is only the first step taken by MECO honey Valley juice tea. If you want to be pursued by consumers for a long time, you must conquer the hearts of consumers with excellent quality. Backed by the strong R & D strength of Xiangpiao group, MECO honey Valley juice tea stands on such a commanding height, speaks with facts, sees quality and drinks fresh, and lays its own territory with cutting-edge technology.
1. ≥ 25% pure fruit juice + high-quality tea are now extracted, and the real materials can be drunk fresh
Different from the traditional tea flavor beverage, MECO honey Valley juice tea is a “natural match” of more than or equal to 25% pure juice + high-quality tea.
Taking the classic peach red pomelo taste as an example, the peach juice contained in it comes from the fresh honey peach in the golden mountains of Taihang Mountain – sunshine, temperature, soil and moisture. The unique ecological environment breeds world-class good quality. MECO honey Valley juice tea is the best of the best. It selects 8-10cm fruits with uniform size and complete shape, and strictly controls the whole process from picking, selection to transportation and cold pressing within 8 hours, Keep every drop of juice fresh and healthy.
In terms of tea bottom, MECO honey Valley juice tea selects high-quality tea. Compared with more than 500 kinds of tea from all over the country, it has done more than 40000 experiments and screened layer by layer to finally get the ideal original leaf tea. Good fruit juice with good tea can restore the current fruit tea experience.
In terms of taste, MECO honey Valley juice tea also shows ingenuity and accurately takes the preferences of young consumers. The research found that peach flavor beverage is the first choice for generation Z, followed by refreshing lemon flavor and grape flavor; Among the tea flavors, oolong tea, Matcha, black tea, green tea and other beverages have a high acceptance.
Photo of Z generation beverage consumption survey report source: Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission
MECO honey Valley juice tea just matches this taste trend. Peach red grapefruit, cherry berry, Thai lime, red pomegranate and white grape contained in the product matrix, as well as the newly launched litchi passion fruit are all the cutting-edge flavors loved by young people. At the same time, in order to ensure the purity of taste, MECO honey Valley juice tea has also made great efforts in technology.
Source: MECO honey Valley
2. Advanced technology ensures the best flavor and quality of drinks to the greatest extent
The taste is closely related to the process. In order to ensure the taste and bring consumers an excellent drinking experience, MECO honey Valley juice tea adopts tea extraction technology, 85 degree constant temperature extraction, retains the original flavor of tea, and then cooperates with UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology to maintain the original flavor and quality of food to the greatest extent. In terms of filling, the world’s leading cup aseptic filling equipment is introduced, no preservatives are added, the safety of products is guaranteed, and the ingenuity is exchanged for the peace of mind of those who cancel the fee.
With the high quality created by high standards and strict requirements, MECO honey Valley juice tea has made a strong breakthrough in the tea products of “experts like clouds”, and seems to have become a billion level single product, and its hot sale is far more than this: strong supply chain channel ability and marketing ability to keep pace with the times… Is it expected to become a 10 billion level single product?
fierce competition
Development prospect prediction of MECO honey Valley juice tea
In recent years, with the gradual slowdown of the growth of the new tea market, major brands continue to seek new development directions, and have arranged ready to drink categories that are more favorable for online sales. At the same time, the traditional supermarket convenience channels have undoubtedly intensified the competition in the ready to drink tea market. But on the contrary, it will also be found that the cross-border operation of the new tea industry is not at the same level as the competition of the whole ready to drink tea market. As a pioneer in the industry, MECO honey Valley juice tea has already established a strong ability to lay offline channels. Whether it is supermarket shelves or beverage cabinets in convenience stores, MECO honey Valley juice tea can be seen everywhere.
Source: MECO honey Valley
From the perspective of category tracks, successive entrants are also reflecting that the new category of juice tea is very popular, just like a blue ocean market.
1. The innovative form of fruit juice + tea and the small and beautiful innovative category are deeply favored
In 2018, the proportion of fruit juice and tea beverages in China’s soft drink market structure ranked third and second respectively. From the development of beverage categories in recent years, the innovative form of fruit juice + tea has been greatly favored by consumers.
In addition, unlike traditional fruit juice essence, which is unhealthy and pure tea tastes monotonous and slightly bitter, fruit juice tea has more flavors and tastes because of its more formulations and production methods, and it also caters to the diversified needs of young people for taste.
Source: Huajing information network
Consumers’ love for fruit juice tea is also reflected in the hot sales of MECO honey Valley fruit juice tea since its listing. From 2018 to 2019 alone, MECO honey Valley juice tea achieved a cumulative sales volume of nearly 1 billion yuan in only one year, and made great achievements in 618 and double 11 of the following year. Take 618 for example. Nearly 1.25 million cups of MECO honey Valley juice tea sold out in seconds, and became the sales champion of 618 juice tea products in 2020. With the sharp increase of sales, MECO honey Valley juice tea also entered the hearts of thousands of consumers and established a profound consumer mind.
Source: MECO honey Valley
2. In line with the context of young people, listen to the voice of consumers
Who else hasn’t drunk MECO honey Valley juice tea? In tmall MECO flagship store, consumers express their love for MECO honey Valley juice tea with real evaluation and feedback, which also shows the popularity of MECO honey Valley juice tea in the same category.
Photo source: tmall MECO flagship store
In addition to the good reputation of the online platform, MECO honey Valley is also popular with young consumers online and offline. In 2021, taking Wuhan as the model and 4P as the core, MECO honey Valley juice tea will blow a “whirlwind” in the river city of Wuhan with a rapid trend. Through the large-scale flash events of MECO Migu brand held in Guanggu pedestrian street and business district, it attracted many consumers to punch in independently and quickly swept the circle of friends of young consumers in Wuhan.
Source: MECO honey Valley
In major cities across the country outside Wuhan, MECO honey Valley juice tea has also brought different surprises to consumers with its quality, technology and taste, captured the hearts of young people and driven the continuous growth of product sales.
In short, the market burst and continued to sell well not only thanks to MECO honey Valley juice tea’s accurate insight and rapid response to the market, but also its accurate attack on changes in consumer demand. It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning. Only by choosing the right track and choosing the right track can 0 develop into 1. With the good momentum of development, it is believed that MECO honey Valley juice tea will continue to write a new chapter from 1 to infinity in the future.
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