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Aoyou changed its directors, Abbott lowered its growth guidelines for the whole year, and lantris’s acquisition of Danone was accused of being “quite unrealistic”. It adopted a cow and officially announced the beef cattle business. Shake shack was exposed to eating insects

Hot company information and announcement


Jilin is the first beef cattle Industrial Park of “adopting a cow”

It is reported today that its newly developed beef cattle business has been substantially implemented. In addition to the establishment of the meat business department in January this year, the newly opened beef cattle business will be independent of the dairy sector and will be operated as an independent sub brand. Relevant products will appear as early as June. At the beginning of this year, its first beef cattle Industrial Park has been put into operation in Jilin Province. The project is planned to be constructed in five years, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, covering the whole industrial chain of beef cattle breeding, feed, slaughtering and processing. (issued by the company)

Aoyou issued a notice on the change of some directors

Yesterday, Aoyou announced the change of directors, the composition of the Board Committee and the voluntary release of the latest quarterly financial results. The announcement shows that Zhang Lingqi has been appointed as a non-executive director, and Ma Ji and Ren Fazheng have been appointed as independent non-executive directors. Meanwhile, Qiao Baijun has resigned as a non-executive director, while Liu Junhui and WAN Xiansheng have resigned as independent non-executive directors and the Board Committee.


Online Red hamburger shake shack eats worms clerk: under investigation

Yesterday, some citizens broke the news that they were in wanghong hamburger store

Hungry? 5404 yuan for execution

Recently, it is reported that lazas network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of hungry, has been listed as the executee by the people’s Court of Hedong District, Tianjin, with an execution target of 5404 yuan. Tianyancha app shows that the case is suspected to be related to Hou’s dispute over the right to life, health and physical rights related to the hungry company. (technology leftovers)


Meituan and hungry? Launch “group purchase version” takeout and focus on meals

Recently, meituan, hungry and other platforms launched “group purchase version” takeout to try the new mode of “centralized meal delivery and centralized distribution”. Among them, hungry Yao launched the “hungry Yao spell group” in Wuxi, Shaoxing, Jinan and other places, while meituan launched the group purchase version of takeout product “meituan spell a good meal” in Wuhu, Xiamen and other places. (webmaster’s house)


The industrial park project of Mengniu, modern animal husbandry and Shanxi Xinyuan animal husbandry was officially started

Recently, the 50000 cow breeding project of Shanxi Modern Xinyuan animal husbandry industrial park was officially started. At the ceremony, relevant principals of Tianju Xinyuan coal industry, Xinaote agricultural development company, Mengniu Group and modern animal husbandry signed a strategic cooperation agreement. (Lingshi County People’s Government)

Jiajia food’s revenue decreased by 15.34% year-on-year last year

Yesterday, Jiajia food released its annual performance report, saying that the operating revenue in 2021 was about 1.755 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 15.34%; The net profit loss attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was about 80.16 million yuan. (company announcement)


Sanquan food has arranged the prefabricated vegetable market and actively responded to the rising cost

Yesterday, Sanquan food announced that some products of the company have prefabricated properties and functions. Recently, the company also launched microwave fried rice, air fryer series and Northern coke fried balls, which will be gradually put on the market according to different channels. For the rise of raw material prices, the company has a certain conduction ability. The company will continuously improve its profitability by timely adjusting its product and cost strategy. (company announcement)

Mailing details of formula registration approval (decision) of infant formula milk powder products on April 19, 2022

Recently, the food evaluation center of the State Administration of market supervision and administration announced the mailing details of the approval document (decision) for formula registration of infant formula milk powder products on April 19, 2022. (


The new tea brand “Zhizhi tea” won the angel round of 5 million yuan financing

Recently, the new tea brand “Zhizhi tea” announced the completion of the first round of angel round financing of RMB 5 million. The investor is Hubei zhiyuanqiao Technology Co., Ltd. this round of financing funds will be used for brand construction and the establishment of Wuhan Branch. (36 krypton)


Analysts commented on the rumor that lantris acquired Danone

In response to the rumors that lantris acquired Danone, Bloomberg today quoted investment bank stifel analyst Pascal boll as saying that Danone’s dairy and protein substitute business may be the most complementary business with lantris. Danone has annual sales of 13 billion euros (about 90.6 billion yuan), and the enterprise value may be about 22.7 billion euros.

“I think this deal is quite unrealistic.” “This requires Randles to put a lot of cash on the [negotiating] table,” boll said It also pointed out that Danone may sell small brands with poor performance, which is what the new CEO promised to do.

In addition, Bruno Monteyne, an analyst at Bernstein, believes that Danone’s yogurt and infant nutrition business is a good match for Randles, which focuses on milk and cheese business. “This deal is worth thinking about and should not be dismissed.” in terms of the acquisition, landris may need a partner, but given that it is a French company, the government is more likely to approve of such a deal. (Bloomberg)

Abbott lowered its annual sales growth forecast

Abbott lowered its full year sales growth forecast on Wednesday on the grounds that it voluntarily recalled some infant formula products, including Similac, although the demand for epidemic testing products helped its business exceed expectations in the first quarter. Abbott nutrition sales fell 7% in the first quarter of this year. The company’s chief financial officer said at the performance meeting that the total organic sales are expected to grow in the middle to high single digits this year. (Reuters)

Starbucks filed a lawsuit with the US labor Commission

Starbucks filed a complaint with the U.S. labor Commission yesterday, saying that a trade union called “workers united” participated in “illegal acts” during demonstrations at stores in Phoenix and Denver. It is reported that the Union has previously submitted a petition on behalf of Starbucks employees in about 200 stores in the United States, and has won about 20 elections since December. (Reuters)

Lucky charms cereal, a general mill, was included in the food safety investigation list

US federal regulators officially launched an investigation into the safety of lucky charms cereal yesterday and included the investigation in the agency’s ongoing food safety investigation list. It is reported that the FDA had received complaints from many consumers that they had adverse symptoms after eating lucky charms. Lucky charms is a breakfast cereal brand produced by General Mills foods since 1964. (Wall Street Journal)

One of the largest takeaway groups in the world

Just east takeaway, one of the world’s largest online food distribution groups, said yesterday that after receiving the active acquisition intention, the company may “introduce strategic partners for its business grubhub, or sell some or all of it”. (Financial Times)

Didi takeout delivery business will withdraw from the Japanese market

Didi Food Japan, a subsidiary of didi travel, announced on April 20 that it would stop the delivery service in Japan on May 25. Didi said that in the future, “we will focus on taxi Hailing service”. (Nikkei Chinese website)


Quick reading of food industry information


World Bank president warns that the food crisis may last until next year

World Bank President marpas said on the 20th that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has pushed up global food prices, and the poorest people have suffered the most. He warned that the current food security crisis will last for several months and may even last until next year. In the next 15 months, the world bank is expected to provide $170 billion in financing support to deal with the crisis. (CCTV News)

Xiaohongshu was exposed to layoffs: some employees were notified of last day and compensated n + 1, but there was no year-end bonus

Many xiaohongshu employees broke the news on the pulse. They were suddenly notified of last day on the same day. There was only notification, but there was no room for communication. The compensation method was n + 1, but they couldn’t get the year-end bonus – xiaohongshu generally issued the year-end performance bonus at the end of April every year. Some xiaohongshu employees revealed that the overall layoff of 20% has affected all departments, affecting a large number of fresh students and employees in the probation period, and employees in Beijing and Shanghai companies have been laid off. However, it is also said that it is a normal inventory optimization, which belongs to the elimination at the end. After optimization, recruitment will be started, but the recruitment volume is small. Little red book has no response to the rumors of layoffs. (Sina Technology)

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