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Yoghurt hits bubbles, new hope dairy opens an innovative category!

Under the double superposition of the impact of the post epidemic and the digital era, the rise of new consumption habits is bringing earth shaking changes to the food and beverage industry.

According to the survey released by juquansuan and 36 krypton Research Institute, consumers pay more attention to the health-related factors of food and beverage products, and three of the top four consumer concern factors are related to health. Moreover, in addition to these health needs, consumers’ additional emotional needs for food and beverage products are also very strong. In this trend, new products such as Zero sugar bubble water that meet the health needs and have fashionable temperament have become the dark horse of the industry in the past few years and ushered in explosive growth.

Nowadays, various changes in consumer demand, decision-making path and brand preference are bringing new opportunities for the innovation and development of the food industry. However, at the same time, to seize the innovation dividend period of new brands, new categories and new products, food enterprises also need to show more innovation awareness and investment. New hope dairy recently launched a new category of yoghurt products – “yoghurt steam” bubble yoghurt, which is a good case.


Bubble + yogurt, new collision, blowing “mixed wind”

0 sugar gas soaked water drinks are not a novel category concept as early as 2022. Yogurt is a traditional drink that has lasted for thousands of years. Starting from the needs and preferences of generation Z, new hope dairy uses bubbles to stimulate the innovative inspiration of yogurt, create the first bubble yogurt naturally fermented by strains in China, and create a new category, which is expected to win the love of young people with innovative ideas and interesting taste.

In the middle of last year, new hope dairy released the “fresh Cube” strategy and positioned the strategic core communication group as the “fresh generation”. New hope dairy, which adheres to the long-term principle, believes that this group of generation Z young people have the spirit of daring to change, pursuing quality and being positive and optimistic, and their demand for products is more diversified.

Through the research on this segment of consumer groups, combined with innovative and bold new products, it will help the company keep up with the pace of young people and win the future. Therefore, new hope dairy began to carry out category innovation and explore a new blue ocean in the dairy industry in combination with the consumption preferences of young groups.

Based on the massive market research data, the R & D personnel decided to retain the texture of yogurt to the greatest extent, and boldly try interesting subversion and collision on this premise. In the process of exploration, they were inspired by the bubbles generated by the natural fermentation of yogurt – these bubbles not only have the taste of carbonated drinks loved by young people, but also produced by the natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria. They are healthy and fresh, novel in taste and interesting across borders, which are the characteristics loved by young people.

They seized this burst of inspiration and invested in product R & D with the strong scientific and technological innovation force of new hope dairy. The R & D personnel screened out a stable bubble strain Fuji snow. The low-temperature slow fermentation technology was used to effectively stimulate the heterotypic fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, and then through colloidal compounding, the yogurt formed a micro cavity after fermentation, effectively retaining the unsteady carbon dioxide in the product. Through repeated proportioning experiments, the bubble yoghurt finally highlights the stimulating experience of dense bubbles on the premise of ensuring fresh taste, with both delicious and sensory experience.


This precise innovation creates a new category by using the characteristics of yogurt and scientific and technological empowerment. The unique bubble taste, the brand-new bubble taste brought by the fermentation of Fuji snow strain for three times, opens a fresh package, and instantly overflows with the aroma of white grapes. Take a sip in the hot summer, which is cool and refreshing. It makes people immensely immersed in the fresh and natural world, as if their heart has also turned light green.

The new products, combined with the interesting topic marketing of online “sour milk produces steam”, captured the heart of generation Z once they were listed, became a popular online model and a king of offline stock shortage, and also opened up an innovative category track in the sour milk market. Relying on its own product innovation ability, new hope dairy also achieved the second best result in product attraction in the list of “top 10 of new dairy brand influence after” 00 “jointly released by China Youth Daily · Zhongqing online and Beijing Zhongqing Huayun New Media Technology Co., Ltd.

Hard core technology, exploring market increment

Category innovation is not a day’s work. According to Nielsen’s long-term market monitoring, more than 20000 new products will emerge in China’s FMCG market every year, accounting for 17 billion yuan of market share. However, over the past decade, the survival time of new products in the market has become shorter and shorter, with an average of less than 18 months.

Therefore, in order to seize the blue ocean dividends of new categories, enterprises must maintain the “wolf nature”, constantly explore new incremental directions, and find and shape their own competitive advantages in innovation. For the new hope dairy industry, innovation not only puts them in an industry-leading position in the development path of many years, but also combines market demand with scientific and technological research and development by investing a lot in scientific and technological research and development. It can also quickly transform the R & D strength into product landing and explore the incremental market.


Strain is the technical core of low-temperature yogurt. In order to break through the “neck” problem caused by the monopoly of core technology by large foreign enterprises, new hope dairy has continuously strengthened technology investment for many years, constructed a global production, learning and research platform of “four continents and six countries”, and established an independent and controllable Key Technology Library to provide its own biotechnology output for product innovation.

At present, new hope dairy is a rare dairy enterprise in China with its own strain resource bank. Its own patented strains can get rid of the dependence on foreign probiotic strains, and also bring great freedom to product scientific research and innovation. Lactobacillus rhamnosus grx10 in the live moistening ball yoghurt of new hope dairy is a proprietary strain from new hope dairy. This strain has a variety of activity advantages, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises on probiotic strains, and using the self-developed 3D embedding technology to ensure that more probiotics “live” to reach the intestine.

In the face of the market’s healthy demand for low sugar and low calorie, new hope dairy has made efforts to control sugar, We hope to see the first prize of “three-dimensional technology innovation” in dairy industry through the invention of different types of nuclear technology. We hope to see that we can continuously win the second prize of “three-dimensional technology innovation” in 2027 through the “three-dimensional technology innovation” in dairy industry. We hope to rely on the invention of different types of nuclear technology, and we can win the second prize of “three-dimensional technology innovation” in dairy industry Promote the innovative development of industrial practice, and transform the global cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements into a sharp weapon to explore the market innovation increment.


In the traditional food industry, category innovation is not a simple thing, but we know the value of innovation. If the pursuit of innovation is lost, the industry will fall into endless homogeneous competition, and the changing needs of consumers will not be met.

From the category innovation process of bubble yoghurt, new hope dairy not only showed the achievements brought by adhering to the spirit of innovation, but also saw the continuous investment and persistence required behind the innovation. With the change of market, consumption and media environment. New hope dairy will be committed to finding new opportunities in innovation for a long time, leading its evolution and development with the innovative spirit of pursuing excellence, and winning in the new market.


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