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Develop new green ideas in the wine industry, and polerica has done it!


As the leader of domestic imported alcohol group, Pernod Ricardo has set a new “milestone” on the road of promoting the achievement of China’s sustainable development goals.


As the exclusive naming Party of China’s Stadium, Baole Liga China joined hands with Tsinghua SDG Research Institute as early as 2019 to promote the achievement of China’s sustainable development goals with the help of scientific research, and called on consumers to practice a sustainable lifestyle.



Join hands with Tsinghua SDG Research Institute to cultivate local “new green”


With the increasingly severe climate problem, sustainable development has become the common cause of all mankind. In order to enable young people to participate in climate action, the universities for sdg13 award was held simultaneously in five world-famous schools in Germany, South Africa, Brazil, the United States and China to recruit “sustainable young people” to give advice and build a green future.

As the organizer of the event in China, Tsinghua SDG Research Institute joined hands with Baole Lijia China to jointly promote the competition. Aiming at the related fields of sdg13 climate action – double carbon and renewable energy, natural resource protection, sustainable utilization of resources and other directions, the competition encourages young students to find innovative solutions to practical problems through interdisciplinary and multi field team cooperation, so as to strengthen their attention and Practice on issues related to sustainable development and improve their comprehensive ability to deal with climate change.

Take group photos of all online and offline guests

The United Nations Department of economic and social affairs pointed out in the world youth report that sustainable development is closely related to the development of contemporary youth, and young people are promoting the sustainable development goals. Over the years, Pernod Ricard has been paying attention to the cultivation of “new green talents”. This time, Pernod Ricard China exclusively named the China competition and provided support for the winning team to develop solutions. At the same time, the relevant person in charge of the Baole Ricard China sustainable development project was invited to serve as a judge and mentor to provide practical skills and experience support for the participating students and help them optimize their solutions.

In addition, in combination with the sustainable development strategy and key points of polerica group, the competition set up two “polerica special awards”, which combined the perspective of scientific research with enterprise practice, encouraged young students to pay attention to relevant topics such as natural resource protection and sustainable utilization of resources, and broadened their horizons.

Professor Zhu Xufeng, executive dean of Tsinghua SDG Research Institute, believes that: “Chinese youth are the main force for China to actively participate in global climate action and governance in the future, so we join hands with Baole Lijia China. We hope to turn the ideas of Chinese youth into practical and landing innovative climate solutions with the opportunity and platform of this competition, and finally contribute the wisdom and action of Chinese youth to new solutions and strategies for climate change in China and even the world!”

Professor Zhu Xufeng, executive dean of Tsinghua SDG Research Institute

It is understood that the cooperation between Pernod Ricard China and Tsinghua SDG Research Institute began in 2019. The two sides jointly launched China’s first sustainable development bar initiative and operation guide to lead the sustainable operation of the industry; In 2020, the two sides will jointly host forums related to sustainable development and jointly release publicity videos on environmental protection public welfare, so as to attract more consumers’ attention and action on environmental protection public welfare; In the same year, Baole Ricard China supported the Sustainable Development Scholarship of the school of public administration of Tsinghua University and helped cultivate talents in the field of sustainable development.

The competition is a cooperative innovation between the two sides in sustainable development education. It not only provides a valuable opportunity for sustainable youth to realize their creativity, but also effectively promotes cross-border exchanges in the field of sustainable development.

Wang Jue, vice president of public relations and communication in China

Deliver a speech online as a specially invited judge

Explore new ideas for green development of liquor industry


This year’s government work report proposes to continuously improve the ecological environment and promote green and low-carbon development. On the one hand, we should strengthen the comprehensive treatment of the ecological environment, and on the other hand, we should orderly promote carbon peaking and carbon neutralization. How to find a lasting driving force for the development of the wine industry is a new proposition thrown out by the reform of the deep-water area for the wine industry and enterprises. Green and sustainable development has become an important direction for the development of liquor industry.

Xiaoshidai noted that as early as April 2019, Baole Lijia launched the 2030 corporate social responsibility action plan, covering the four core areas of “nourishing the local environment, people-oriented, recycling and rational gathering”, and made many targeted actions. As a responsible corporate citizen, Pernod Ricard is always committed to the sustainable development strategy. Therefore, the company integrates the sustainable concept of “nourishing the soil” and “recycling” into the construction, production and experience of the winery.

Take Sichuan Emeishan diechuan malt whisky distillery built in 2021 as an example. The distillery uses a lot of recycled materials and local materials, reduces the use of natural gas, uses 100% renewable electricity, and offsets part of carbon emissions by participating in local biogas projects in Sichuan. As a pilot project of renewable agriculture of baolelika, baolelika Helan Mountain distillery actively explores a more sustainable grape planting mode, and has also launched a number of water-saving and energy-saving measures to contribute to the protection of local water and soil.

Panorama of diechuan malt whisky distillery in Emeishan, Sichuan Province

In terms of environment, Pernod Ricardo also strives to “nourish the soil”. Its famous cognac brand Martell also officially launched the mangrove ecosystem protection project last year to help protect natural resources, innovate and realize the harmonious coexistence of local communities.

In terms of green operation, the group’s world’s first retail flagship store drinks & Co drink Wonderland follows the operation guidelines of sustainable development bars, replaces disposable plastic products with degradable environmental protection materials, prepares cocktails with the goal of zero waste, and earnestly implements the commitment of green action in every detail. In addition, from the perspective of “people-oriented”, Baole Liga launched the online training course of “future bar world”, and actively communicated the concept of sustainable bar business and responsible alcohol consumption with bar practitioners and social consumers.

As a pioneer in promoting “rational drinking”, baoleli pays close attention to the two major issues of not driving after drinking and not drinking for minors, and cooperates with all sectors of society to implement the concept of “rational gathering”. These are the successful interpretation and commitment of Pernod Ricard to corporate social responsibility.

Pernod Ricard has been committed to promoting the concept of rational drinking for many years

As the world’s second largest spirits and wine group, in the first half of fiscal year 2022 (from July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021), Pernod Ricard achieved a historical “double high” of nearly 6 billion euros in sales and nearly 2 billion euros in profits from continuing operations. China, as one of the group’s “growth engines” in Asia, contributed to business breakthroughs.

At the same time, Pernod Ricard focuses on the sustainable development of Chinese society to give back to the society. The in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua SDG research institute once again demonstrates the determination of Baole Lijia to further cultivate the Chinese market and further realize the localization of sustainable development goals. Wang Jue, vice president of public relations and communication of Baole Ricard China, said that in the future, the group will develop more local “new green” projects and practice to achieve the goal of sustainable development; At the same time, deepen cooperation with all social parties in the field of sustainable development, and provide opportunities and platforms to train professionals in the field of sustainable development for China.


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