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After Liu Jianhong became popular, we predicted his future food delivery list

Liu Fuhong is popular and provides not only professional solutions, but also happy solutions. What enlightenment does this bring to some anti human healthy food? Draw inferences from one instance, what characteristics of food can also make “Liu Fuhong girl” crazy?

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After exiting Liu Jianhong’s live studio, Xiao Bian finished writing this article in a wheelchair (by the way, he hacked Jay Chou) (no).
I don’t know if there is a phenomenon of “jumping from person to person” in your recent circle of friends?
As the saying goes, “April does not lose weight, may is sad.”. In April this year, in addition to the beautiful longing for summer, there was a man named Liu Fuhong who ignited everyone’s enthusiasm for sports.
The name “liuhuanghong” is accompanied by Jay Chou’s Compendium of Materia Medica, which attacks Xiaobian through all channels, from Tiktok, Weibo, xiaohongshu, official account to circle of friends, etc.
So, Xiaobian finally couldn’t restrain his curiosity and went into the live studio of the man who exploded overnight to explore why Liu Jianhong became popular in the end? What psychological needs has he met in sports and body management? For Liu Jianhong girls / boys, in addition to Liu Jianhong, what characteristics of food can make TA people really “control their mouth and open their legs”, stick to both ways, and turn a healthy lifestyle into a habit that can be adhered to?
Liu Jianhong burst into flames,
It’s not just the Oolong incident and the “hot” good figure
Liu Fuhong, the “treasure star coach”, came out of the circle in the three live broadcasting rooms
Liu Fuhong likes to mention the heat and search the circle because the live broadcasting room was wrongly closed, which can be said to be “a blessing in disguise”.
Among the “three letters”, the most famous one was that Liu Fuhong was misjudged and banned from broadcasting because his good figure exercised all year round was too “hot”. In order to pass the trial, he had to wear a thick down jacket to broadcast jump exercises live. This dramatic development made netizens laugh at the hammer wall. While the topic rushed to the hot search, it also attracted a crowd of melon eaters to pour into the live studio.
Since then, a song “compendium of Materia Medica” shuttlecock exercise has further opened the topic for Liu Jianhong’s live studio. The participation and interaction of various stars and the positive feedback of users on various social media on Liu Zhenhong’s live broadcast and training effect also continued to increase his popularity.
As of April 25, according to the rising fan list data of Xinke data, Liu Fuhong’s fan increment in recent 7 days was 3479.43w, ranking first on the list.
Image source: new data applet
Why did Liu Jianhong quickly circle fans when there were thousands of live fitness coaches?
Liu Zhenhong can make a fire on the whole platform. It can be said that the weather, place and people are in harmony.
The national movement has become a trend, and the platform helps to jointly create stars
First of all, in recent years, national fitness is the general trend, and the attention of China’s sports fitness market is increasing year by year. According to the data of the State Administration of sports and the mob Research Institute, the number of people who often take part in physical exercise in China also continues to rise, from 406 million to 428 million from 2016 to 2019.
On August 3, 2021, the State Council issued the national fitness plan (2021-2025), which mentioned that the proportion of Chinese people who often participate in physical exercise reached 37.2%; At the same time, it also proposed to stimulate the vitality of sports social organizations, promote the integrated development of national fitness and create a social atmosphere of national fitness. It mentioned the need to promote the high-quality development of sports industry, actively cultivate outdoor sports, intelligent sports and other sports industries, and give birth to more new products, new formats and new models.
The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 also stimulated the demand of the public for home exercise. With the emergence of more and more high-quality fitness content producers on various platforms and the promotion of platforms, many people have long formed the habit of obtaining sports and fitness guidance resources from online. Among them, the form of live fitness has also become more extensive.
Secondly, after the misjudgment of the circle event, it is also inseparable from the traffic support of the Tiktok platform and the promotion of worry free media behind it to maintain its popularity.
Professional ability to undertake traffic, unique charm to transform fans
Finally, it is the charm of coach Liu and the atmosphere of the live broadcasting room that can keep these melon eaters who come to see the excitement.
In terms of professional ability, as “Jay Chou’s same style” and has guided the private fitness education of many stars, solid professional fitness knowledge and practical experience are his “hard strength”, so that he can bear and transform this sudden wave of traffic. In the live broadcast, in addition to the action combination arranged by himself, he can also confidently explain the action essentials and precautions in sports, reasonably arrange the rest and recovery time, and remind everyone to exercise scientifically and do according to their ability.
Another reason for the melon eaters to complete the identity transformation of “Liu Zhenhong girl / boy” and stay in the live studio willingly is that they feel that this is a happy live studio, which is also his most unique “soft power”.
From the feedback of some girls / boys of Liu Jianhong, foodaily observed that the reason why Liu Jianhong’s live studio made them addicted was that the atmosphere of the live studio “made people move”, “it was really easy for people to insist” and “it felt that time had passed quickly”.
Source: little red book, guava, pop, Cape sauce
Dynamic and familiar songs such as compendium of Materia Medica and dragon boxing, coupled with magic slogans such as “fat on the waist, mermaid line, vest line I want”, and “are you still alive? “Such kind greetings, although it will be said by the player that” too much talk “, Liu Zhenhong’s constant encouragement makes people tired and busy. This interactivity also gives netizens who practice with him a sense of companionship.
At the same time, Liu Jianhong, who is more energetic than 90 minutes after taking off, or Pamela and other fitness bloggers who are called AI people by netizens because they don’t change their face and heart in the training video, and vivi Wang WanFei, who broadcast live with Liu Jianhong, also rowed secretly, In the end, the expression is too painful and so on, which makes the majority of Netizens feel “too real”, “this is not what I look like when I exercise”, “looking at her expression, I seem to look in the mirror and see my own appearance”, so it is easier to have resonance and identity, rather than lose sports confidence because of self doubt.
Photo source: Xiao Hongshu, Wang xueminzi, Miss onion, microblog @ Liu Zhenhong willliu
Wang WanFei sent a video to urge netizens not to talk about her rowing, otherwise they will be practiced by Liu Jianhong after the next broadcast, and talking about how to get along with her husband Liu Jianhong has also become a hindrance that netizens like to talk about. Many people even threatened not to be Liu Jianhong’s girl because of her good personality, high EQ and lovely people. The interaction between husband and wife files also makes the live broadcast room more interesting and improves the enthusiasm of netizens for discussion and communication.
Healthy exercise habits are difficult to develop into pain points, and long-term persistence is the key
For many people, exercise is a thing that makes TA people “try and give up again and again”. I want to exercise and have a healthy body, but I feel that exercise is really painful and it is difficult to be interested in sports, so I insist on forming the habit of long-term exercise, which is a true portrayal and one of the core pain points of Liu Zhenhong’s girls / boys. For TA people, it is more important to choose a suitable form of exercise that is easy to adhere to for a long time than high-intensity exercise.
As the saying goes, while Liu Jianhong shared sports and fitness content in her account, Wang WanFei began to share the “vivi healthy kitchen” series on her little red book account, introducing some delicious healthy dishes and light foods with less oil and salt and low calorie.
Source: xiaohongshu Wang WanFei vivi
For people with body management awareness, in addition to choosing the form of exercise, what kind of food to choose is a problem they have to consider every day. Like exercise, the diet of low-carbon, low-fat, low heat, oil, salt and sugar also makes Ta “try and give up again and again”. So what kind of food can meet the needs of Liu Jianhong girls / boys who should not only restrain but also eat well and stick to a healthy diet for a long time?
We should not only lose weight healthily, but also cook scientifically,
What happiness programs can “food Liu Fuhong” provide?
Eating and being afraid of being fat is not only a pain point for Liu Jianhong’s girls / boys in China, but also a long-term problem around the world. Like Liu Jianhong in the live broadcasting room, foods from all countries have tried their best to provide you with some relatively happy solutions.
Sugar control is a long-term strong demand and provides a low-carbon water diet solution
Whether for the mild “fat reducing” group or the hard core fitness group, controlling the intake of carbon and water in their daily diet has always been one of their most concerned problems. This is also the reason why the popularity of keywords such as “sugar control”, “sugar reduction”, “low carbon” and “ketogenic” remains high. In response to this demand, there are many alternative solutions for rice noodle raw materials on the market.
For example, Japanese Jiwen’s “sugar 0g(” is a product launched in response to the dietary trend of controlling carbon and water intake. It advocates mild control of daily carbon and water intake, so that people can adhere to carbon control diet through delicious food for a long time and happily, so as to achieve the goals of controlling body, improving skin and physical health.
This product does not use wheat flour, but noodles made of soybean residue and konjac as the main raw materials, without decomposable carbohydrates for energy; At the same time, a packet of noodles contains 10.7g dietary fiber. While controlling carbon and water, it also promotes intestinal health by increasing the intake of dietary fiber.
Source: Jiwen official website
This Zero sugar noodle has three forms: fine noodles, round noodles and flat noodles. Many recipes using this product are also introduced on the official website, providing rich cooking suggestions, so that you can have a happy carbon controlled water meal.
Some recipe suggestions displayed on Jiwen’s official website, picture source: Jiwen’s official website
Accurately control calories, scientific nutrition ratio, and provide daily diet matching solutions
For people who consciously control their diet every day, how to scientifically match three meals a day can not only control calories, but also eat enough, eat well and eat fancy, which is also a headache for them. People with conditions may also choose a professional dietitian to provide advice and customize their daily diet.
However, even if there is no one-to-one nutritionist, there are already targeted diet solutions on the market. For example, peppermint life meal, according to the CRD Energy Limited balanced diet mode recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society, provides consumers with 21 day meals through rich products. Four meals a day and one bag of products a day ensure both nutrition and taste richness. Worry free recipes make it easy and easy to stick with nutritious meals.
Source: Mint health
Snacks should also be carefully selected to provide solutions to satisfy hunger
Even if you care about your body, you will inevitably feel hungry outside the dinner. It is human nature to be greedy for snacks. It is happier and easier to stick to the habit of choosing the right amount of snacks than just being patient and finally unable to adhere to retaliatory overeating, or falling into self blame for eating high calorie snacks.
For example, the nutritional adjustment food “ぐぴたっっっっっ” series of cookies of naris up in Japan is aimed at women who want to keep fit but do not want to endure hunger or desire for sweets.
In terms of composition, this product adds konjac mannan polysaccharide, which can absorb water and expand, increase the sense of satiety, and supplement dietary fiber at the same time; At the same time, calcium, iron, lactic acid bacteria, protein and other nutrients are added; In addition, there are two series of sandwich soft cookies with 85% sugar reduction and bean milk and bean dregs biscuits with 0 sugar, which control the most concerned sugar content.
In terms of taste, this series of products are also very rich. There are not only sandwich soft cookies with chocolate brownies, blueberry cheese cake, maple pudding and chocolate bananas, but also soybean milk and bean dregs biscuits with original soybean milk, chocolate, Matcha and strawberry, which are both delicious and burden free.
Since its launch in 1997, this series of products have sold more than 196 million, which is deeply loved by Japanese female consumers.
Source: naris up official website
In addition to controlling sugar intake, high protein snacks are also a good choice. Chicken breast meat, which is loved and hated by sports people, is targeted by food brands and made into snacks. For example, the fat and low-fat chicken breast of infinite food and the slow roast chicken breast dry with halogen awakening adopt the processes of steaming before baking and halogen before baking respectively, which makes the tasteless chicken breast strong and chewy, and become a satisfying healthy snack choice with meat aroma and satiety.
Photo source: halogen awakening, infinite food flagship store
After Liu Jianhong’s explosion, it is still unknown whether he will choose the road of live broadcasting with goods or other realization modes in the future. However, back in the food industry, the demand of “Liu Zhenhong girls / boys” for “being able to hold their mouths for a long time” is real and long-standing. Meeting the needs of TA and providing happy and healthy solutions must be a long-term research topic in the food industry in the future.
Source of cover picture: Xiao Hongshu Liu Fuhong
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