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Coconut water secondary outbreak? 7 Fen sweet has been upgraded, and the supply side has increased significantly

coconut water, how can I play this year?

The popularity of coconut water is not the first time.

In 2018, all major brands collectively had a wave of coconut water drinks.

This year, after the taste baptism of Yangzhi manna and raw coconut products, coconut water is about to usher in a second outbreak.

In March, three new coconut water products have been added to the store, and the sales volume of coconut water at the supply side has increased significantly.

Coconut water, how can I play this year?

The sales volume is second only to Yangzhi manna
7 minutes sweet, start with coconut water first
The coconut water drink tide in 2018 was brought by Gu Ming. At that time, Gu Ming bought out coconuts from specific production areas in Thailand and made a melon fairy water. Then there was a wave of coconut water drinks in the industry.
This year, the first shot of coconut water is the hand that moves first with 7 minutes of sweetness.
At the beginning of March, 7 points sweet was included in the seasonal limit, and three new drinks containing coconut water were added. The coconut water was matched with perfume lemon and pineapple respectively, and three single products were made, namely, beaten lemon raw coconut water, Golden Jade pineapple raw coconut water and Golden Jade pineapple raw coconut milk, with a price of 17-18 yuan.
Among them, the most popular “beating lemon raw coconut water” is a mouthful of coconut water, which intersects with the aroma of perfume lemon. The sweetness of coconut water neutralizes the acidity and astringency of lemon.
Beat lemon coconut water
In addition to Jinyu pineapple raw coconut milk, which is a combination of coconut water and coconut milk, the other two are a combination of raw coconut water and fruit.
“Coconut water is clear, sweet and low calorie. It can be defined as another kind of fruit juice. Because of its own characteristics, it is not easy to grab the flavor of other fruits. After matching with fruits, it is very in line with the current fresh and light taste trend.” The person in charge of 7 points sweet research and development told me.
“The products are now on the market in some stores. In the test, it is found that the sales volume has rushed to the second place in a week, second only to the 7-point sweet signature product Yangzhi manna. At present, we have distributed goods all over the country, and it is expected that these three products will be new in stores all over the country next week.”
In Shenzhen, a number of coconut specialty stores have sprung up. Among them, Kou Kou coconut, which focuses on fresh coconut water, has a monthly turnover of nearly one million. Last winter, it won two rounds of ten million financing.
On the supply side, coconut water suppliers such as coconut extract and fino also said that the demand for coconut water has increased significantly since March.
Why did coconut water break out twice this year?
1. The taste of Yangzhi manna and raw coconut baptism, and coconut is popular again
If the trend of coconut water in 2018 is for consumers to taste fresh, the popularity of coconut water this year is true love. “After the popularity of Yangzhi manna, raw coconut, raw coconut latte and other products, there is no doubt about the universality of coconut taste. It is a natural choice to transition from coconut milk and coconut milk to coconut water.” The person in charge of 7 points sweet products said.
Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo
2. Fresh and light taste, becoming the mainstream
In the product report of Yinli laboratory in March, it was found that “refreshing and light” has become the new main trend of major brands. After rich taste bombing, consumer demand began to return to the truth. The characteristics of coconut water, fresh and refreshing, and natural flavor cater to the taste iteration trend of consumers.
3. The domestic supply chain of coconut water has become mature
In 2018, if you want to buy a coconut water, you can either buy out a production area like Gu Ming, or you have to choose products of imported brands. The hard cost of raw materials has persuaded many brands to retreat.
But this year is different. The domestic coconut supply chain has developed. “The localization of coconut water supply chains at different levels is more mature than last year, which has boosted the real popularity of coconut water from the end of the supply chain.” The person in charge of 7 points sweet products said.
There are three principles for drinking coconut water
According to the analysis of the person in charge of 7-minute sweet research and development, there are three principles to do a good job of coconut water:
1. The bottom of tea should not be highly fragrant, but not limited to tea soup
Coconut water itself does not taste strong, so it is not suitable to choose too high aroma at the bottom of the tea. It is generally matched with unfermented tea, semi fermented tea and low baking fire tea base.
In addition, you can open your brain hole, “who said you must drink tea? It’s also a good choice to match it with the tea jelly you eat”.
2. Superposition of popular fruits, effect 1 + 1 > 2
In terms of matching with other fruit raw materials, “it must be the taste familiar to consumers, and it is better to be the hottest fruit in the mainstream fruit”.
“Lemon was a well deserved pop last year, so our beat lemon coconut water is very popular.”
In addition, coconut water itself belongs to the characteristics of fragrance in the front and freshness in the back. In fact, it is not limited in the choice of fruits, but it is more suitable for sweet fruits.
3. Pay attention to the flavor differences of coconut from different places of origin
Fresh coconut, Yeqing and yehuang are relatively mature products. It may be necessary to pay attention to the origin of coconut, because there is a great difference in the flavor of the origin.
Finally, another point to note is, “although coconut products seem to be popular all over the country, in fact, there is a great gap in consumers’ acceptance of coconut water in different cities. Before they are put on the shelves, we need to do a good job of market research and evaluate the consumption habits of local people.”



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