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Take the lead in laying out high-end tracks, and promote the upgrading of the industry with bean based plant organic soybean milk

in addition to health, what else can you tell the new story of the soybean milk market? Where are the new opportunities for soymilk to become “national milk”?

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With the improvement of consumers’ awareness of health and environmental protection, plant protein continues to be popular and fermented all over the world. As the main driving force of the plant protein market, since 2020, the outbreak of the plant milk market in China has attracted the continuous attention of consumers and the industry.
According to the star chart data, from the perspective of domestic e-commerce channels, among the subdivided categories of vegetable milk, soybean milk ranked first with 46.8% market share in the first half of 2021. Among them, douben bean is the brand with the highest sales in the category of soybean milk; Dali food’s 2021 financial report also shows that in 2021, douben bean achieved an income of 2.245 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.8%.
As a high-quality source of plant protein, soybean has a long history in China. Both taste and nutritional value are widely recognized. Soybean milk has been used to drinking in China for nearly 2000 years. It can be said that it is one of the classic popular drinks. Many Chinese people start their day with a bowl of hot and fragrant soybean milk for breakfast.

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As a traditional category, from the industrialization of soybean milk to now, what innovation direction and new growth point can this category have?
Recently, foodaily learned that there are new products of plant organic soybean milk series on douben bean. Since its launch five years ago, douben bean has been deeply cultivated in the field of soybean milk and is at the forefront of the industry. Now it has launched a new concept of “plant organic” and took the lead in the layout of high-end plant nutritional drinks.
The demand for health and environmental protection drives the development of plant protein market,
Double protein initiative indicates the direction of the soybean milk industry
Speaking of the hot track that has attracted much attention in the food industry in recent years, it must be inseparable from the plant-based food track. The public’s pursuit of healthy diet and high protein food, as well as the recognition of environmental protection and sustainable products, have promoted consumers’ demand for plant protein. Globally, vegetable milk is the category with the highest proportion in the plant-based market, and it is also one of the most important driving forces of the plant-based market.
Back home, as mentioned at the beginning, according to the analysis report on the development of plant-based industry based on star chart data, in the subdivided categories of plant milk, although the sales of “online Red” plant milk such as oat milk and coconut milk are growing rapidly, the market share of soybean milk occupies the first place in online sales and is far ahead.
In the 2016 dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, it is recommended that Chinese residents consume 25-35g soybeans and soybean products per person per day. In the newly released Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents (2022), it is recommended that Chinese residents eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grain and soybeans, and 25-35g soybeans and nuts per day. However, according to the report on nutrition and chronic diseases of Chinese residents (2020), about 40% of adults do not often eat soybean products, and soybean consumption is obviously insufficient. There is also a gap in soybean milk consumption in Chinese Mainland compared with markets such as Hong Kong and Japan that have the habit of drinking soybean milk.
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As a national beverage with a deep consumption foundation, the value of soybean milk needs to be released in terms of consumption and the layout of the national nutrition and health industry.
As early as 2017, the national nutrition plan (2017-2030) issued by the general office of the State Council pointed out the need to strengthen the implementation of major projects such as double protein project, take high-quality animal and plant protein as the main nutritional base, and carry out the transformation and promotion of key products of double protein project.
During this year’s two sessions, soybean milk was written into the proposal by deputies to the National People’s Congress. Zheng kuicheng, deputy to the National People’s Congress of the two sessions, pointed out in the proposal that at present, China’s residents are facing problems such as the coexistence of insufficient and excess nutrition, unreasonable food selection and collocation, frequent occurrence of nutrition related diseases, and the popularization of nutritious and healthy lifestyle. Among them, the imbalance of nutrition has become a prominent problem in the improvement of residents’ dietary management. It is suggested to continuously promote the consumption of soybean protein food such as soybean milk, strengthen the utilization of high-quality plant protein, and better meet the balanced needs of national nutrition. Since then, # the topic of # suggesting that soy milk be included in the national milk drinking plan # has been hot searched, and the topic has been read 150 million times.
On March 1, the 2022 China soybean milk industry nutrition and health development forum also put forward the initiative of “one cup of milk, one cup of soybean milk,” two cups of milk a day, healthy double protein “. For lactose intolerant people, soybean milk as a food source of protein supplement is not limited by diet; In the national nutrition plan proposed at the national level, soybean milk is also an important source of high-quality plant protein.
The soybean milk consumption market to be developed and the state’s attention to the double protein project indicate the great potential of the domestic soybean milk market. As the top 1 in online sales of soymilk, douben bean has entered the soymilk market since 2017. It is committed to building soymilk into “national milk”, responding to the initiative of balanced nutrition and drinking soymilk together with milk, so as to stimulate the development of the soymilk industry and the enthusiasm of soymilk consumption.
Source: douben bean
Deep ploughing for 5 years,
Legumes lead the new trend of plant organic
Douben bean takes “focus on plant nutrition” as the brand positioning. Since the brand release, douben bean has gradually become a leading brand in China’s soybean milk industry, and continuously stimulates the development of soybean milk market through new product iteration.
In 2017, doubendou took the lead in defining new products of soybean milk category in the industry and launched pure soybean milk without addition at room temperature. Since then, doubendou has continued to improve the soybean milk industry line and build a matrix of soybean milk products. Since 2018, it has successively launched black soybean milk, green soybean milk, nut soybean milk, sesame black soybean milk, oat soybean milk, red jujube soybean milk and grain soybean milk, forming four product series of organic soybean milk, pure soybean milk, original soybean milk and Weizhen soybean milk, covering the high-end, middle-end and mass markets, Meet the nutritional and preference needs of different consumer groups.
In 2021, doubendou released the normal temperature plant yogurt “flogurt plant excellent home”, entered the yogurt Market and continued to strengthen its advantages in “plant nutrition”.
Of course, doubendou’s layout on the “plant nutrition” track does not stop here.
In recent years, it is still due to the enhancement of the concept of health, environmental protection and sustainability. In addition to plant protein, consumers are also increasing their consumption of organic food.
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According to the world of organic agriculture statistics and emerging trends, a white paper on the global organic industry jointly compiled by the Swiss Institute of organic agriculture (FiBL) and the IFOAM international organic Alliance (IFOAM – OI), released at biofach, Germany, the world’s largest organic food expo on February 15, 2022, in 2020, the area of global organic agricultural land, the number of organic producers and organic market sales continued to grow, reaching a record high, Global organic market sales reached 136.8 billion US dollars.
In China’s organic market, the repeated COVID-19 has also affected many consumers’ choice of organic food. According to the report of China Economic Net, according to statistics, China’s organic food consumption market is growing at an annual rate of 25%. In 2020, according to the survey launched by CNCA, 85.9% of the 623 consumers surveyed increased the consumption proportion of organic products.
The 2021 China organic product certification and organic industry development report released by the State Administration of market supervision shows that in 2020, China issued 2.7 billion organic product marks, and the estimated total sales of China’s organic products reached 80.45 billion yuan, an increase of 18.6% over 2019, becoming the fourth largest organic food consumer in the world. More and more consumers are willing to pay for organic high-quality food. Many food enterprises have also seized this signal and began to layout the organic market.
Doubendou also captured this trend, combined the advantages of the brand’s plant nutrition strengths with the organic market demand, and launched a new concept of “plant organic” this year. It took the lead in laying out the high-end plant milk track with new plant organic soybean milk products, leading consumers to open the demand for a new plant organic life.
Check the origin and source, innovate and empower the process,
How to make plant organic soybean milk?
On “World Earth Day” on April 22, four series of new soybean milk products of bean based bean plant organic were fully launched. Through the interpretation of this new product, we can see how doubendou can polish the product from the source and create a real “plant organic” in an all-round way.
Organic plants come from 1% of the organic farm ecosystem. The raw materials of the organic soybean milk series of bean based plants come from the organic soybean farm in the Songnen Plain of Northeast China, which is one of the only three cold black soils in the world. The natural oxygen bar adjacent to the original wetland, this fertile black soil and the natural running water of Xiaoxing’an Mountain jointly nourish the high-quality soybean raw materials that rotate every other year.
The innovative production process ensures that the nutrition and delicacy of soybean can be fully released. Douben bean plant organic series soybean milk adopts the gold medal whole bean technology to fully release dietary fiber, plant protein and GABA and retain multiple primary nutrients; The emulsification homogenization process decomposes large particles into small particles, which makes the taste of soybean milk more smooth, rich bean flavor and full milk feeling.
The organic soy milk of bean based plant includes four series: organic whole soy milk, organic pure soy milk, organic soy milk and organic black soy milk, creating a rich product matrix.
·Douben organic whole soybean milk focuses on top plant organic nutrition. Every 100ml contains 2.3g native plant protein to provide the protein needed every day; At the same time, a box contains 3G native dietary fiber, which helps to maintain intestinal health; Each box of 3mg gamma aminobutyric acid can help relieve mood and sleep.
Source: douben bean
·Doubendou organic pure soybean milk is the first sugar free high protein organic soybean milk, 0 added with sucrose, with only organic beans and water as ingredients, which is suitable for people with sugar control needs; At the same time, it contains 3.8g/100ml high protein, which can supplement the daily protein demand.
Source: douben bean
·Each box of organic soy milk contains 7.5G native organic vegetable protein, 0 trans fat and 0 cholesterol. In addition to the 250ml Tetra Pak diamond package, there is 1L Tetra Pak suit, which is suitable for the high-end plant nutrition supplement of the whole family.
Source: douben bean
·Each box of organic black soybean milk contains 7.5G vegetable protein, which limits the organic black beans to bring mellow and black nourishment to consumers.
Source: douben bean
It can be seen that the bean based plant organic soybean milk meets the diversified needs of high-end nutritional consumers and provides more consumers with an entrance to a new life of plant organic.
Foodaily believes that under the dual promotion of healthy diet of contemporary consumers, the enhancement of environmental protection concept and national policies, plant protein and organic food are food tracks that will develop for a long time in the future, and the soybean milk industry will certainly be one of the driving forces of track growth. As the leader of the domestic soybean milk industry, the launch of soybean based plant organic soybean milk has once again promoted the upgrading of the industry. I believe that with the promotion of soybean milk brand, more and more consumers will develop the habit of drinking soybean milk together in the future, bring plant nutrition into more life scenes and actively practice a new organic lifestyle.
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