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Box horse big mouth taste new x oatly new, the next pop is plant-based ice cream?

On April 22, oatly and HEMA launched a plant-based ice cream called “big ass face”. The ice cream takes HEMA’s iconic brand pattern as the prototype, uses low-carbon environmental protection raw materials dominated by oatly oat milk, and integrates fresh coconut fragrance and oat grain fragrance to bring consumers a delicious and light burden experience of 0 lactose and 0 trans fat, which can be easily enjoyed by people who are lactose intolerant.


Qiang and Qiang jointly tried the new in the big mouth of HEMA, and they won a large number of fans. Everyone clocked in on social platforms such as xiaohongshu and Tiktok: “big ass face is so delicious that I can eat 100 more!”



This box has a big mouth to try new x oatly

What’s special about “vegetarian” ice cream?


In appearance, this ice cream named “big ass face” takes the IP three-dimensional shape of box horse as the prototype, which is cute and eye-catching. In terms of packaging, oatly’s consistent style is also followed: straightforward, humorous and very attitude.


Its main raw material comes from oatly. It selects imported oats, combines coconut fragrance with oatmeal grain, and adds light sea salt. It is fashionable oatmeal sea salt coconut flavor, delicious but not sweet. At present, this ice cream has been sold in hemamen store.


Since the 1990s, oatly has focused on the research and development of healthy and sustainable high-quality oat products. Oat was hydrolyzed into liquid by special enzymatic hydrolysis technology. As a plant-based ice cream, it is 0 lactose and is very friendly to people who are lactose intolerant.


In addition, “big ass face” ice cream was born on International Earth Day. This joint name is oatly’s physical behavior to reduce the burden on the earth and convey the brand concept of adhering to environmental protection and loving nature.



Not only ice cream, oatly still has more possibilities


At the beginning of 2018, oatly opened the Chinese market with oat milk, chose coffee shop as the starting point and took the first step. From boutique cafes to coffee chain giants, they quickly “captured” most of the coffee circles.


Later, oatly opened up more channels and gradually moved from a small crowd to a wider range of consumers. For example, cooperated with high-end supermarkets and large chain supermarkets to test the water in new retail; Also settled in convenience stores and even tea, baking and other fields. It is reported that the newly developed 250ml small packaging products have recently been put on shelves in supermarkets and convenience stores in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.


Reach consumers through multiple channels, constantly improve the frequency of people’s consumption of oat milk, and let oatly occupy the user’s mind as the leader in oat milk products – oatly milk comes to mind.


Take this ice cream for example. Oatly has once again served as the pioneer of plant-based ice cream in the Chinese market. In addition to the “big ass face ice cream” jointly signed with HEMA this time, oatly’s latest cup ice cream has also been put on shelves in tmall flagship stores and major supermarkets. There are not only multi berry flavors that combine strawberry, blueberry and raspberry elements, but also pistachio flavors that skillfully combine oats and nuts. The plant-based ice cream with 0 lactose and 0 trans fat, combined with four trendy flavors, provides consumers with multiple choices.


In addition, oatly also launched three flavors of stick ice cream. In addition to the original flavor and hazelnut, there is also a latte flavor that restores the flavor of net red oatmeal coffee. Oatly stick ice cream series was launched in Shanghai through community group purchase, and the sales volume has exceeded 100000 in less than 10 days.



Although the long-term category education is inevitable, more and more Chinese consumers are willing to pay for healthier and higher quality diets, which is also a positive trend.


In terms of product form, in addition to liquid oat milk and oat based ice cream, oatly has continuously developed Oat Bread and oat yogurt. These products are used in tea drinking, baking, dining, travel and other scenes, and expand oat based products and scene applications based on them. Its mellow oat milk has been widely praised in recent group purchases in various communities in Shanghai, and has become a new choice for many consumers to match breakfast and direct drinking at home.



Based on oats, there will be more possibilities in the future.



Explosive products come out frequently?

How does oatly lead the plant-based track


The popularity of plant-based track, whether new and cutting-edge brands familiar with new retail or old dairy giants with mature channel network, have come to an end one after another. But in the hot plant-based track, oatly has always been the leader. How does it do that?


First of all, it is reflected in the product power. Oatly has more than 25 years of research and development experience in Oatmeal Milk. With strict selection of high-quality oats as raw materials and unique enzymatic hydrolysis technology, oatly Oatmeal Milk presents the natural oatmeal flavor appropriately and achieves good taste. In the hearts of consumers, it has become the benchmark of oat milk.


At the same time, the operation of Asian factories and the continuous innovation and breakthrough of Asia Pacific R & D center in Shanghai have also brought a steady stream of impetus to oatly’s integration into the Chinese market and meet the needs of Chinese consumers.


At the end of March, oatly joint book also launched a new plant-based tea drink “orange Manshan Camellia”, and the single product sales exceeded one million only 10 days after listing. This product uses Oatmeal Milk specially customized by oatly Asia Pacific R & D Center for books, which is more suitable for tea.


In addition, oatly’s distinctive values also continue to empower products, which is also the core competitiveness of oatly.


For a long time, oatly has been committed to promoting the systematic improvement of the dietary structure of the whole society and encouraging people to turn to plant-based diet beneficial to the sustainable development of individual body and mind and the earth’s environment.


This brand value concept has also been appreciated by more young people. For consumers, choosing oatly also means choosing a low-carbon, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Oatly’s brand value has exceeded the product itself, but at the same time, it is constantly empowering the product.




From the category education of oat milk to standing out among many competitive products, oatly continues to expand the possibility of oat based food.


The spiritual core of oatly’s “challenge and subversion” has not changed, but its style of humor and curiosity and constantly discovering new pleasures in life has been attracting more people.

The picture comes from Shenzhen circle

Summer is coming soon. This box of horse mouth tastes the lovely, cute and lactose free plant-based ice cream jointly named x oatly. Would you like to try it?

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