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The creative prototype of Bing Dwen Dwen may become the successor of “jujube” and “sesame”?

foodaily Research Institute believes that the ultimate expression of traditional ingredients will bring infinite possibilities for category building.

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When it comes to the creation of innovative categories of Chinese traditional ingredients, “jujube” must have a place. With the innovation of “jujube”, the local brands miss you very much. You can say that they have established the brand position with jujube as the core. In 2021, the double 11 Li Jiaqi live studio was sold out in five minutes, with sales of nearly ten million. In addition, milk jujube and jujube with walnut have once become phenomenal single products in 2020.
In addition, I believe you have also noticed that in ancient China, sesame, which has always been regarded as a food material to prolong life, has ushered in its own “highlight moment” again in the past two years. According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, the sales volume of black sesame balls increased by 105.9% year-on-year during an e-commerce annual goods festival in 2022.
China has a vast territory and abundant resources. What other ingredients are worth excavating and shaping in the new consumption era? Foodaily is concerned that Hawthorn has been quietly active in recent years, so is it also of medicinal value expected to become the successor of “jujube” and “sesame”? What possibilities does it bring to category innovation?
Why do we pay attention to “Hawthorn”?
Hawthorn is so versatile when all major categories are used
“Ice sugar gourd is said to be sour, and it is wrapped with sweet inside.” when it comes to hawthorn, I believe many people will think of the top food in childhood memory – ice sugar gourd.
The crystal clear crystal sugar shell is wrapped with sour, sweet and delicious enucleated hawthorn. It is mouth watering from a distance, and a bite is full of crispy and sweet.
Since it was often sold in northern China in the early winter, the transparent shell of the mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was also derived from ice sugar gourd.
“Bing Dwen Dwen” creative prototype “Bingtanghulu” design manuscript
Source: China News Network
Over time, ice sugar gourd is no longer limited by region and season, and its species are becoming more and more abundant. Hawthorn can also be seen in beverages, snacks, baking, functional foods, dairy products and other categories.
Hawthorn appears frequently in many categories
According to the data of the decision maker Retail Research Institute, the proportion of Hawthorn flavor in food and beverage increased from 0.8% to 1.4% from 2017 to 2021, with an increase rate of 78.1%.
Among the beverage categories, Yuanqi forest launched a new “Hawthorn flavored soda bubble water” during 618 in 2021, taking into account the need to relieve greasiness with meals and unique bubble taste; Good hope water introduces the concept of traditional Chinese medicine food supplement and cuts into the market with the new herbal brewed bubble juice “hope Hawthorn” · according to the inventory of popular ingredients in 2022 by yingminte, the proportion of Hawthorn in the taste of carbonated drinks has increased from 0.0% to 2.4% in the past 2-3 years. The combination of hawthorn and carbonated drinks has brought new growth space for beverage categories.
At the same time, as the seasonal minority fruit has become one of the breakthroughs in the development of new tea drinks, Naixue tea, Lele tea and other brands have launched fresh fruit tea drinks with hawthorn as the main raw material in the winter when hawthorn is abundant; Changsha new tea brand Hawthorn pile takes hawthorn as the core and brings more than 20 Hawthorn fresh fruit drinks, desserts and snacks to consumers.
In addition, we found that Hawthorn also has development potential in coffee and wine. Three and a half offline stores launched the Beijing Limited beverage “Hawthorn pear”, creating the perfect integration of high-grade coffee texture and sweet fruit juice. Youyou and Sophie series hawthorn wine are fermented with Ziyu hawthorn as raw material. The alcohol of fruit wine is ≥ 7% Vol. in addition to being slightly drunk, you can fully feel the pure aroma of hawthorn.
Photo source: vitality forest, hope water, Naixue tea, Lele tea, hawthorn pile, three and a half meals
Among snacks, hawthorn milk balls, hawthorn lollipops, hawthorn rings and other innovative forms make Hawthorn vigorous; Yogurt flavor, chocolate flavor, cheese flavor, nut flavor, durian flavor and other innovative flavors give Hawthorn a new taste experience; Healthy Hawthorn free products for children and pregnant women make the consumer population more subdivided; Functional ingredients such as probiotics are added to help Hawthorn nourish and upgrade.
The 2021 tmall jujube candied fruit consumption trend report shows that the compound growth rate of hawthorn products from 2020 to 2021 is more than 40%, and the average number of re purchases ranks first among nourishing candied fruits.
Photo source: Guangming x white rabbit, quanford, Yida
In the baking category, daoxiangcun’s sweet and sour Hawthorn pot helmet is one of the representative works of Beijing traditional cakes; Xianghe pastry shop introduces the traditional Chinese pastry “old flavor and new work” and introduces the fluffy, soft and fruity Heguo · rock sugar hawthorn; Wufangzhai Shangxin Peach Cheese Hawthorn soft heart green ball, wormwood waxy flavor, fruit stuffing, soft heart popcorn pulp meet the curiosity seeking psychology and quality needs of young people.
Source: Daoxiang village, Xianghe pastry shop, wufangzhai
In the functional food category, Tongrentang boiled hawthorn and a variety of herbal ingredients to make instant cream food, eliminating the tedious Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine soup before eating; Hawthorn is also added to the formula of functional candy such as minayo iron rich soft candy.
Cbndata’s 2020 insight report on light food consumption of alternative meals shows that in addition to basic nutrition and energy supply, alternative meals also begin to add more different elements to meet different functional and nutritional health needs. The consumption of substitute food products with hawthorn, ginger, collagen and probiotics increased significantly.
Source: Tongrentang, minayo, ozak
In addition, we also found Hawthorn in dairy products. Aoyoushan Beiyou children’s milk powder is specially added with hawthorn, Poria cocos, chicken inner gold and other ingredients to regulate children’s spleen and stomach and enhance physical health.
Why can a small Hawthorn stand out among many ingredients and become an all-round ace for playing with multiple categories? How has Hawthorn food developed from traditional snacks to multi category applications? How many possibilities for innovation are there in the future? Next, let’s walk into the treasure ingredient of hawthorn.
Medicine and food are of the same origin, and small Hawthorn contains great energy
Hawthorn, also known as red fruit, wild jujube, mountain red, etc. The records of Hawthorn in China can be traced back to Erya in the Han Dynasty. It was mostly wild at first, and began to be planted and eaten gradually in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
At present, hawthorn is mainly produced in Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Henan and Northeast China. According to the data of China Research Institute of industry, in 2020, the national Hawthorn cultivation area has reached 7 million mu, accounting for about 10% of the total area of fruit trees in China, with a total output of 2.016 million tons.
Source: unsplash
Hawthorn is included in the homologous catalogue of medicine and food published for the first time
In terms of medicinal value, famous doctors such as Zhu Danxi of the Yuan Dynasty and Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty found that hawthorn is mild in nature and tastes sour and sweet. It enters the spleen, stomach and liver meridians and can be used as medicine after drying. It is a good medicine for strengthening the spleen and appetizer, eliminating food stagnation, promoting blood circulation and resolving phlegm.
Modern medical research shows that Hawthorn also has the effects of reducing blood lipid, blood pressure, strengthening heart, anti arrhythmia and so on. Flavonoids in Hawthorn can inhibit the growth, proliferation, invasion and metastasis of cancer cells in vivo.
In 2002, the national health and Family Planning Commission published the homologous catalogue of medicine and food for the first time, and hawthorn is one of them.
In terms of edible value, hawthorn is rich in flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins, protein, pectin, calcium, iron and so on.
Among them, calcium content ranks first among all kinds of fruits; The content of vitamin C is 2-3 times that of citrus fruits; Vitamin E content is second only to mulberry; The content of carotene is 17 times that of apple.
With both medicinal and edible values, more and more brands have begun to tell stories around hawthorn. So, how did hawthorn, which is full of treasure, become a popular ingredient for multiple categories? What kind of development stage has it experienced?
From street snacks to multi category applications,
Commercial development of Hawthorn food
Hawthorn food 1.0: ice sugar gourd, top stream of Beijing snacks
It is said that during the Southern Song Dynasty, the most beloved imperial concubine of song Guangzong was sallow and thin, and did not want to eat. The imperial doctor used many valuable drugs, but they didn’t improve, so he had to make a list for medical treatment.
A quack doctor came into the palace and suggested that as long as he suffered with rock sugar and hawthorn and ate five to ten before each meal, he would be cured within half a month. At first, everyone was still skeptical. The imperial concubine recovered as scheduled after taking it according to this method. Later, this practice spread to the people, and the people sold it together, so there was the original ice sugar gourd.
Sugar gourd prevailed throughout the country during the Qing Dynasty. Jiulongzhai, Xinyuanzhai, bulaoquan and other time-honored stores have sprung up one after another. Jiulongzhai originally created yam ice sugar gourd. In Qianmen Street, the busiest street in Beijing, it has a long reputation for selling preserved fruits in winter and sour plum soup in summer; Xinyuanzhai chose the Liulichang where literati gathered, and sold individual rock sugar hawthorn or Begonia fruits in cartons padded with oil paper, so as to avoid the disgrace of literati eating with long bamboo sticks in the street.
Photo source: Fang Yan
In the period of the Republic of China, according to the description of the writer Liang Shiqiu in his prose “sour plum soup and sugar gourd”, the ice sugar gourd sold on the market is mainly divided into three types: the super long sugar gourd with thin malt sugar, red and yellow color, and up to five feet long; After boiling white sugar, stir fry the “snow red fruit” and “sugar snowball” of hawthorn; And the authentic ice sugar gourd boiled with rock sugar into a thin sugar shell.
Picture source: Fu Tao nine full
Hawthorn food 2.0: rough processed hawthorn products set off a short “Hawthorn fever”
Before the 1970s, there was little scientific research on Hawthorn in China, the hawthorn fruit was not fully developed and utilized, only a small amount of hawthorn was used for medicine, and the Hawthorn processing industry developed slowly.
Since the reform and opening up, the development of food industry has gradually stepped on the right track, and hawthorn processing industry has also ushered in the spring of development. Hawthorn products, such as hawthorn slices, hawthorn cakes, fruit dandelion peel, hawthorn sauce and hawthorn cans, are favored by consumers for their sweet and sour taste and health effects. Food enterprises compete to process hawthorn, which has set off a “Hawthorn fever” all over the country in just a few years.
At the same time, due to the strong regionality and seasonality of hawthorn and restricted by storage conditions, the actual processing time is mainly concentrated in 3-5 months after Hawthorn harvest. For continuous production enterprises, there are great challenges in the design capacity. Therefore, most domestic hawthorn products brands are small and medium-sized enterprises in the north, and leading and large enterprises account for less.
For more than ten years after that, the processing technology and production equipment of hawthorn products mostly stayed at the traditional workshop production level, and the product renewal iteration speed was slow, which could not meet the growing consumer demand of consumers; The lack of planning in Hawthorn planting has exacerbated the contradiction between supply and demand.
Around 1987, the national “Hawthorn fever” changed sharply to “cold”, hawthorn products were unsalable, and the enthusiasm of fruit farmers and processing enterprises was greatly frustrated.
Hawthorn food 3.0: multi category application, hawthorn ushers in high light moment
In the early 1990s, the emergence of hawthorn fruit tea made by mixing Hawthorn pulp with one or more kinds of pulp such as apple / pear / Peach marked the beginning of Hawthorn deep processing. However, due to its high viscosity, poor palatability and high sugar content, Camellia fruit tea has basically disappeared in the market around 1995.
Huiyuan, Wahaha, uni president, Master Kang and other leading brands have also launched hawthorn juice drinks. However, due to the small number of products, lack of positioning, promotion strategy and immaturity of the century, they finally withdrew from the market one after another.
After 2010, the upgrading of consumption promoted the reform of the food and beverage industry. The progress of modern processing technologies such as fermentation, freeze-drying, membrane separation and industrial enzyme preparation has led to revolutionary changes in Hawthorn products.
According to the drinking needs of modern consumers in the catering scene, Guanfang hawthorn tree has launched hawthorn juice drinks without adding pigments and preservatives and with the content of original juice slurry ≥ 60%, bringing consumers a new choice to relieve greasiness and accompany meals. In recent years, it has occupied a certain market share in the domestic hawthorn juice market.
Source: under the Hawthorn Tree
Hawthorn has become the favorite of children’s snack innovation
Foodaily observed that the “national tide” culture prevailed, and consumers began to pay more attention to the concept of dietary supplement in traditional Chinese medicine; Under the general trend of pursuing natural, healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables, consumers have put forward higher-level needs for convenience and experience of hawthorn.
The regional traditional brand Yida takes the unique high-quality “iron Hawthorn” in Chengde as the raw material, inherits the century old secret technology, and adds online channels to realize brand renovation. We have successively launched online Red flavor Hawthorn balls, colorful flavor ice sugar gourd, Guochao Hawthorn barrels, lactic acid bacteria Hawthorn gift boxes and other products, and carried out modern transformation of traditional hawthorn products to meet the consumption trend of young people.
At the same time, as the “fourth meal” in addition to the three meals, snacks can provide important energy and nutrient supplements and play an important role in children’s physical and mental growth. From “refusing children to eat snacks” to “choosing healthy snacks” has become the consensus of many “Millennium parents”.
Sweet snacks are naturally attractive to children, but many lollipops on the market are made from white granulated sugar, essence, preservatives and sweeteners. Excessive intake is likely to lead to dental caries and obesity.
Liangpin snack fairy takes hawthorn as the main raw material of lollipop to reshape the mind of lollipop category. The fresh hawthorn fruit is pulped, lightly roasted and slowly roasted, and erythritol replaces sucrose to regulate the spleen and stomach while inhibiting the growth of oral bacteria, so as to meet the fine feeding needs of “Millennium parents”.
Photo source: liangpin snack Fairy
Traditional ingredients and new Chinese tonic
With the expansion of health consumption from the past “vulnerable groups” to popularization and the younger core of health product purchase, the homologous characteristics of Hawthorn medicine and food have created a natural consumer base. Brands continue to use Internet thinking to empower hawthorn and open a new trend of Nuggets’ natural health.
For example, Tongrentang Zhima Health launched the national tide health coffee drink – hawthorn and tangerine peel American style, deeply dig the health value of each herb, and combine hawthorn and tangerine peel with coffee to bring consumers a new Chinese nourishing experience. Chinese wolfberry herb, Chinese wolfberry herbal medicine and Chinese wolfberry herbal medicine are the most popular brands of Chinese wolfberry herbal medicine and Chinese wolfberry herbal medicine.
Photo source: Little Red Book vegetables don’t eat carrots
In recent years, the tide of new consumption has roared with all kinds of cultural views, aesthetics, outlook on life and diet. Foodaily Research Institute believes that the word “health” is a fundamental need for the people, the family and the country in any era, and consumers’ pursuit of health has always stood firm.
Driven by macro factors such as the acceleration of aging, “healthy China” strategy and the prevalence of “national tide” culture, capital has accelerated to the field of great health, modern scientific research has been continuously improved, consumers’ health care needs have been fully awakened, and the innovative application of traditional medicine and food homologous ingredients is full of vitality.
Hawthorn, as a classic medicine and food homologous food material, has the advantages of diversified health functions, popularization of consumers, daily consumption scenes and so on. In view of the increasingly subdivided health needs of consumers, the upstream and downstream parties of the industry fully tap the market potential of hawthorn, skillfully apply it to various categories of food and beverage, and bring personalized and humanized health solutions to consumers.
In the future, what kind of innovative development will Hawthorn food show? Let’s look forward to it!
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