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KFC has big moves! App starts “subtraction” for silver haired people

After iterating constantly to achieve more functions, KFC super app with a huge scale of hundreds of millions of users began to “subtract”.


Xiaoshidai noticed that recently, KFC super app launched a “minimalist” version with a low profile, which can be switched from the standard version with one click. Maybe experienced viewers will feel familiar – because its page features are very similar to the “elder version” and “care version” previously launched by internet giants such as wechat, meituan and hungry, which are more suitable for the use habits of the elderly. For example, they all use a much larger font than the normal.


In fact, although it can be used by all consumers, the original intention of the minimalist version of KFC super app is to solve a series of pain points of the elderly in digital ordering. Today, xiaoshidai browsed the top 10 non platform brand app of IOS gourmet catering category. At present, only KFC super app has launched a minimalist version.


“We have observed that digital ordering actually has some obstacles for some groups. For example, it is not so easy for some elderly people to use app independently and skillfully. Therefore, we hope to promote information accessibility and better meet the specific needs of subdivided groups. For example, in the minimalist version, we retain the two core functions of ‘self-service ordering’ and ‘Home Express ordering’.” The person in charge of KFC told the snack generation today.


Let’s pay attention.


Elderly consumers


Behind this warm innovation comes a lot of first-line insight from KFC restaurant managers.


“We have conducted long-term interviews with several restaurant managers in different regions and provinces across the country. According to their feedback, many elderly consumers have difficulties in using the app, such as not knowing how to download, or thinking that the operation is complex and the font size is too small.” KFC said to the snack generation.


Specifically, in the digital ordering, KFC found that the pain points of elderly consumers are mainly concentrated in three aspects.


“Many elderly consumers like to place repeated orders. He has a strong purpose of ordering and has a fixed choice. For example, he likes KFC Panini and a cup of hot soybean milk for breakfast. He will place repeated orders according to this combination every day or every few days.” KFC pointed out to the snack generation, “the pain point reflected by these people is that they can’t see the regular menu at a glance when ordering online.”


According to the research of KFC, a considerable number of elderly consumers rely on recommendation. “Many times, when this kind of elderly consumers order food in offline stores, they may not know what to eat, or have a general direction that they want to eat hamburgers but have difficulty in choosing, so they will rely on the recommendation of our staff; but if they order food online, they will not be able to see a clear recommendation menu at a glance on the front page of the app, so we also need to provide better solutions here.”

In addition, many elderly consumers will pursue cost performance. “He may spend because of some preferential activities (for example, Tuesday membership day, crazy Thursday) and hope to enjoy the relevant discounts of the business. Therefore, for such consumers, we also want to convey the preferential information to them more clearly.” KFC official said.


Online “minimalist”


So, based on the above interesting customer group insight, what does the “minimalist version” of KFC super app look like?


Today, xiaoshidai opened “my” on KFC super app for setting, and opened the minimalist version for some experience. Obviously, compared with the Standard Version, in addition to the larger and more eye-catching font, the biggest feature of the minimalist version is that the page function is much simpler, removing most of the irrelevant ordering content.

KFC super app minimalist home page


For example, in the minimalist version, the two core functions of “self-service ordering” and “home delivery ordering” are retained, while the independent columns such as “free kitchen”, “popular new products” and “gift card” on the front page of the standard version are deleted, as well as the page display of many preferential activities, advertisements and commodities; The bottom menu bar only retains “home page” and “my”, and removes “mall” and “paid member”.


“For this product design, we have three principles.” The person in charge of KFC explained to the snack generation.


First, it is in line with consumers’ ordering habits. “In the recommended menu, you will generally see what you have ordered recently. At the same time, we will also distinguish between breakfast time, afternoon tea time and dinner time, and recommend you to order frequently in the current time. Therefore, for the elderly who have the habit of placing orders repeatedly, he can buy with one click instead of looking in the menu every time.”


For the habit of elderly consumers seeking concessions, the minimalist version also presents the relevant information more intuitively. “For example, the two-piece set of afternoon tea is a package that elderly consumers choose frequently during the afternoon tea period (Note: the two-piece 10 yuan of afternoon tea designated products here are only enjoyed by KFC paying members). We will put it on the recommendation menu so that consumers can see at a glance that they can enjoy the discount at this time point.”

Today’s browsing of snack generation shows that the minimalist version covers the mainstream preferential forms of KFC, including card package, menu discount, etc. (consistent with the Standard Version), as well as some preferential forms that are “relatively less mainstream, but very popular with the elderly”, such as v-gold exchange and check-in welfare.


“Because during our research, many elderly consumers talked about the check-in function. They can get a benefit after signing for seven days, which is very in line with their needs. The internal data of our app also confirms this preference.” The person in charge of KFC said that after streamlining, it can highlight the key points. As mentioned above, because the minimalist version will directly put some “hot or cost-effective activities” into the recommendation menu, it can more effectively reach elderly consumers.

The second is the principle of the shortest path, which is to reduce the ordering process and steps as much as possible.


In fact, many consumers with clear ordering purposes may have the need to simplify the ordering process, but this is particularly urgent for the elderly. “Older people’s understanding and perception of digital products will be weaker than young people as a whole, so as long as the path is a little more complicated, they are likely to give up halfway.” The person in charge said that the “one click plus purchase” function of the minimalist recommended menu is to solve this pain point.


Finally, it is to reduce the presentation of unnecessary information.


It can be seen that all minimalist products on the market will basically subtract unnecessary information such as advertising. “Because every additional layer of information, more dazzling, is more likely to make us lose some consumers. Therefore, we only retain the most core and key functions for consumers.” The relevant person in charge of KFC explained.


“More temperature”


Up to now, the minimalist version of KFC super app has been quietly online for about three weeks.


“We went online silently and didn’t do much publicity. At present, the users of the minimalist version have a good response.” KFC official said. The snack generation noticed that some users on the app store left comments on the new version, saying, “the home page is much simpler, you can quickly find a meal order entrance and find a meal memory function.”


According to the feedback from KFC staff, the new minimalist version has received high praise from some elderly users. “People aged 50-60 think the font screen looks very convenient and concise,” several clerks said. “Older users say it’s very good. After they go in, they directly order the recommended menu. Their taste is relatively fixed.”


Xiaoshidai learned that this minimalist version of KFC super app was independently developed by KFC. The project was launched in December last year and officially launched nationwide on April 12 this year. In other words, it took only about three months from the project approval to the official launch.


“Thanks to our mature R & D process, we completed the design and launch of the minimalist version in a very short time,” said the relevant person in charge of KFC. In the early stage, the project team did a lot of homework through market data analysis and Restaurant Manager research, then tested the initial plan, listened to the suggestions of elderly users, then carried out rapid optimization, and finally formed the officially launched version.


The person in charge said that listening to the voice of users is one of the core links in the product design process. “For example, what font size is appropriate is judged by users. I remember an aunt told us that the font size can be seen clearly, but if it is too large, the amount of information presented on the screen will be too small. In the future, we will continue to optimize according to user feedback.”


In fact, since its launch in 2016, KFC super app has been significantly upgraded almost every year.


For example, xiaoshidai noticed that in 2016, KFC launched super app, integrating the original mobile ordering app, Home Express app and brand app; Subsequently, in 2017, the membership function was added; Join the e-commerce function from 2018 to 2019; From 2019 to 2020, interactive content will be added, and special functions such as check-in and love chicken farm will be launched; Last year, it focused on the improvement of ordering experience and member experience, and displayed characteristic brand content in the form of information flow.


After years of iteration, KFC super app has developed from a ordering tool to a platform with more brand temperature and consumer emotional connection. The launch of the minimalist version is the latest example. “Among our app users, the proportion of elderly groups is not too high, but we also hope to take into account the specific needs of these subdivided groups and make the smart life more warm by launching the minimalist version.” KFC official said.

Pay attention to “snack generation” (wechat: foodinc) “and reply to” KFC “to see the wonderful news.

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