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Net red coffee goes crazy. No sour cucumber is innocent

coffee in hand, the more you drink, the more you have.

Recently, did everyone drink Yeyun latte, a new joint product of Ruixing and coconut juice?

△ source: sack

Although the taste is very different from that of coconut latte, it is impossible for fashion pioneers to miss it because of the extreme packaging of this soil.

These days, the inner roll of coffee is nothing new. In order to survive in the inner roll, all coffee stores step into the manufacture of exotic coffee without looking back.

It’s just that some coffee special painting styles are too wild, which makes people raise a question mark all over their heads.

For example, a cafe in Haikou has launched a caraway latte.

△ source: Xiaoxu greedy snake

Those who eat coriander and those who don’t eat coriander, those who drink coffee and those who don’t drink coffee are silent.

Dry this cup of net red coffee special

Like milk tea, there are more and more varieties of coffee.

According to the observation of upper class gentleman, the so-called coffee special flavor can be divided into three types: one is taste special flavor, the other is technique special flavor, and the third is collocation special flavor.

Generally speaking, the taste and special flavor are the most conventional.

Because in the impression of ordinary people, how to mix coffee can get rid of the taste of coffee? However, creative coffee developers do not think so. Everything can be multiplied by coffee except coffee itself.

It’s not unusual for coconut milk to replace milk. After all, there are similarities in color and taste.

But when wine and coffee are combined, can the aroma of wine really stimulate the aroma of coffee and make it more mellow?

Whether it is or not, there is Maotai coffee anyway.

△ source: give me a cup of coffee

In Shanghai, there have been special coffee with spicy soy sauce, which once became a net red drink.

△ source: fresh gege Tiao

In addition, there are also various flavors of coffee, such as lemon peel coffee and cinnamon coffee.

△ source: @ Taoqi de douhuamei

If the taste is a test of imagination, then the technique must be intentional. In Tianjin, a coffee shop played a trick on pulling flowers. There is a saying that people can’t get down without some basic skills of practicing calligraphy.

△ source: Guan Xiaoli

During the Winter Olympic Games, Bing Dwen Dwen lafua coffee was popular for a while, but friendly tips: you can pull it at home, but selling it in a coffee shop is suspected of infringement.

△ works of Japanese baristas | source: twitter@NaoKi_N_K

If the taste doesn’t roll up, there is another way, which is the combination of Chinese and western.

Tianjin coffee also has a whole job of tofu brain latte coffee. At first glance, this special flavor of coffee will make customers doubt life. Tender tofu and marinated seeds are even served with chili sauce, coriander and mashed garlic. However, it is a “fake and guaranteed” tofu brain. How can it be coffee?

△ source: the best suitcase

However, when you look at the raw materials, it’s the same thing: the tender tofu uses homemade Greek yogurt and almond tofu, and the bittern is Espresso extracted from Italian beans.

“Spicy sauce” is sweet, disguised with raspberry sauce. Coriander is not coriander, but mint leaves. As for mashed garlic, it is the coffee flower of Yunnan coffee manor.

Coffee with fried dough sticks and ice cream? Also from Tianjin, a large producer of coffee, a coffee shop came up with a magical combination of fried dough sticks and American ice cream.

It seems that it’s not so strange that coffee steamed stuffed bun can be filled with coffee. It is said that the basis for the store to launch this coffee set meal comes from the fact that coffee can relieve the greasiness of steamed stuffed buns.

△ source: bighan

At the same time, there is fried dough twist special coffee. Coffee is accompanied by rougamo and coffee is accompanied by beef stew in croissants. It can be said that Tianjin has made great achievements in the combination of Chinese and Western coffee.

Drink coffee for 5 minutes and take photos for 2 hours

When the concept of online marketing goes deep into the field of coffee, whether you can take good photos has become an important evaluation standard of coffee. Who doesn’t want to sun a cup of coffee photos that seem shocking in the circle of friends and win a lot of praise and wow?

For example, the vision department is special for cement gray coffee.

The unique feature of this kind of coffee is that the espresso is mixed with bamboo charcoal powder, so that when poured into the Iced Milk, it will form a cascade of layers, like a kicked over cement bucket pouring on the newly paved ground.

Many photo loving fairies said that this kind of coffee is extremely high-grade. It can’t be better for immersive photography. Tool coffee is no doubt.

△ source: Sunny peach

However, after taking photos, it is impossible to buy back. After tasting it, many admiring consumers said: it is a latte, but it tastes like bamboo charcoal. Is it really healthy?

The same polarization also appears in the special flavor of pepper coffee.

Some customers said that this kind of coffee has a great sense of ceremony, because it sounds very simple. It is to pour pepper and ice water into American coffee, but at the moment of pouring coffee, the ice water will be instantly rendered into a water and ink painting.

In terms of taste, the aroma of pepper is strong without choking, but can set off the sweet feeling of coffee aftereffect.

△ source: zooe

However, some people said that the combination of pepper water and coffee has become a mixture of American bitterness and pepper chicken over time.

There was a West Lake Lotus coffee special on the short video website, which captured the traffic password and harvested 109000 little hearts and 15000 comments.

△ source: Voice of Zhejiang

However, the essence of the fancy appearance is that coffee is half less, and Pennisetum can not increase flavor, but may increase insects

Is net red coffee about equal to IQ tax

Nowadays, many coffee specialties are not creative works caused by leisure in stores, but have to be done.

On the one hand, coffee shops in various cities are in full swing, and the huge demand has created the prosperity of the coffee industry.

Morning C and evening a have already become the standard configuration for workers. Without a cup of coffee, it is impossible to start a busy day.

Take Shanghai for example. As of November last year, there were 7200 coffee stores in the city. In Ruijin 2nd Road Street, Huangpu District, which has the highest density, there is a coffee shop within 20 meters.

The competition is so fierce that it is natural to spend time on the menu to attract customers.

On the other hand, in recent years, due to factors such as the rise of coffee raw materials and transportation costs, the hard costs of coffee stores have risen again and again. In addition, due to the epidemic, under the background of consumption degradation, the number of coffee consumers entering the stores has declined, and the performance of each coffee store has declined, making the already involved industry worse.

△ source: CCTV Finance

In this case, either start the price increase strategy to ensure profits, or seek fancy joint names.

The most direct is the special coffee flavor with unique taste, which takes the new, strange and special as the selling point to attract online Red punch in and harvest a wave of traffic.

△ source: picture worm

However, in order to find a way out in confusion, some stores even forget the original intention of making coffee, and finally drift away from the special flavor of exotic coffee. Either it is a pure gimmick, or the ingredients are not integrated at all, which is so hard to drink that it makes people frown.

For example, at a coffee festival, a store launched a special flavor of sour cucumber. Most customers just listen to the name and avoid the sour smell.

In this creative world, developing new products is indeed a technical activity. It should not only attract everyone’s curiosity, but also take into account taste, appearance and creativity.

So, what kind of net red coffee can survive?

The above-mentioned coffee with fried dough sticks and ice cream is the best evidence. A netizen pointed out that this special tone looks like a big hole in the brain. In fact, it has a theoretical basis.

More importantly, the most common breakfast match for Tianjin people is fried dough sticks and bean curd. This eating habit has been deeply rooted in the bone marrow. On this basis, creative cuisine is made with regional characteristics.

In fact, not only many local friends said it was completely acceptable, but even outsiders came up with the idea of visiting Tianjin.

In Shantou, the idea of selling coffee in the sausage noodle shop appeared. It looks wild, but it actually fits well. This sausage noodle shop has also become an urban tourism landmark.

△ source: picture worm

In addition, if the pattern can be opened and the coffee specialty is no longer limited to the coffee itself, the store will immediately open the door to the new world.

For example, in the way of selling coffee, when you make coffee with your hand pushing a bicycle on your way to work, or sell coffee in an SUV, it’s really coffee special – you go to consumers to make coffee for them.

In short, consumers will always pay for coffee specials.

For consumers, coffee flavor should be an upgrade of experience and taste, which must be suitable for consumers and can never be the self hi of the store.

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