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Fragrance floated into the bubble water track, and the new Chinese tea brand Jasmine milk white completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. The fragrance floats into the bubble water track, and the new bottled salty lemon seven gas bubble water in lanfangyuan
2. Bile launches protein water and liquid protein technology to activate the movement state
3. The boss of Lele tea x pushed the zongtou play zongzi gift box, and the ingredients of abalone and scallop were upgraded
4. Starbucks launched a series of new products of Xingbing zongzi, and tried to eat light bamboo leaves for the first time
5. Empty engraved Mini snack box pasta on-line, light load and reduce the burden, aiming at the scene of small hunger
6. Paoding made meat, launched spicy vegetable beef sauce, double vegetable protein 0 and added sucrose
7. Youxing releases chicken breast meat and lunch meat, which can reduce fat by 85%. It’s easy to get a good figure
8. Wahaha private equity fund was established, and Zong Qinghou held a total of 20% equity
9. Baiguoyuan submitted an application for listing in Hong Kong, with 5351 offline stores
10. New Chinese tea brand Jasmine milk white has completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing, focusing on mining Oriental white flowers
11. Baijiu brand Sishi has won millions of yuan of strategic investment to make pure grain Baijiu with high cost performance
12. The food nutrition food extreme source biology obtained tens of millions of pre-A round investment, which was invested by CCTV Jinqiao
Recently, Xiangpiao’s lanfangyuan launched a salty lemon seven gas soaking in water and entered the new track. The new product is 0 sugar and 0 fat, with real lemon juice and strong bubbles. The triple flavors of salty, sweet and steam are combined, which is full of vitality and better refrigeration. It is suitable for parties, sports, meals and other scenes. 500ml large capacity is smooth and cool in summer. The new tmall flagship store sells for 500ml * 12 bottles / 75 yuan.
Photo source: lanfangyuan flagship store


Foodaily observed that bile launched a protein water. Liquid protein technology does not need brewing, which is convenient and easy to absorb. The new product contains 23g whey protein excluding lactose and milk fat, which can energize muscle, enhance enzyme activity and regulate metabolism; It also contains three B vitamins B3, B6 and B12 to improve expressiveness. Nano scale small molecules are easy to absorb. Grapefruit lemon tastes smooth and refreshing. It is suitable for muscle strengthening, vegetarian athletes, or students or white-collar workers who lack protein in their diet. Now tmall flagship store sells for 500ml * 6 bottles / 69 yuan.
Source: bile food flagship store


Recently, the boss of Lele tea x jointly launched a zongtou play zongzi gift box, which focuses on the filling. There are six flavors: Scallop XO Sauce Abalone black pig meat zongzi gathers delicacies, and the whole abalone into the filling, which is delicious; Eel dumplings in secret sauce are made of large pieces of eel, with fat meat; Overlord elbow dumplings Wrap Large elbows, soft and rotten, fragrant; Double chestnut black pig meat dumpling is made of slow growing black pork, thin but not firewood, with double chestnut soft waxy and sweet; Pork dumplings with plum vegetables are fragrant with fat; Rose white jade Brown is sweet mouth, white kidney bean paste and double petal rose are sweet and dense. In terms of shape, intangible cultural heritage pillow zongzi highlights its characteristics. Now tmall flagship store sells for 100g * 6 / 168 yuan.
Photo source: lelecha flagship store


On May 1, Starbucks China’s 2022 Dragon Boat Festival Xingbing Zong was launched. Taking Zongye Ruo bamboo leaf as the source of inspiration, and eating light bamboo leaves, Starbucks incorporated the “bamboo” element into all aspects from products to packaging. There are 5 flavors in total. Bamboo shadow and lemon flavor are the first star ice zongzi with light bamboo leaf powder; The fillings of dark hazelnut are made of high-quality dark chocolate, with pure and rich taste; The salted egg yolk of Zhizhi is blended into Starbucks New York Cheese Cake and the same New Zealand cream cheese to create a fusion of Chinese and Western flavor; Tahiti vanilla cold extract flavor, including coffee coconut, naturally sweet; Zen rhyme peach contains white peach pulp, fresh and sweet. In addition, each 2022 xingbak Xingbing Zong gift bag is also equipped with bamboo lemon Tiao sugar dip powder, which brings another wonderful experience of Xingbing Zong.
Photo source: PRNewswire


Recently, a new mini snack box spaghetti was engraved in the air to solve the problem of small hunger, small greed, light and no burden. The small amount of food can take care of the small amount of girls. In terms of pasta modeling, the new product has four shapes: twisted surface, shell surface, curved surface and spiral surface, which is convenient to lock more sauces. The taste is ace classic tomato flavor, with rich sour aroma and tight meat quality. It can be delicately handled whether it is night snack, camping or dating. Tmall flagship store sells 218g * 4 boxes / 89.9 yuan.
Image source: kongke flagship store


On April 26, paoding minced meat announced the launch of small spicy vegetable beef sauce. The new product focuses on double vegetable protein, 0 trans fat and 0 sucrose. It is fried with a variety of pepper and garlic. The minced garlic is more spicy. Specially add no less than 30% high protein vegetable beef crumbs, with clear grains and full flavor. 130g small can, unlock various edible scenes. At present, the flagship store of paoding meat tmall has put new products on the shelves, and now the fresh taste price is 19.9 yuan / can.
Image source: steamed pork


Recently, Youxing released a chicken breast meat lunch meat to provide more choices for fitness and fat reduction people. The new product selection chicken breast meat is matched with peeled chicken leg meat to meet the requirements of low fat and high protein while maintaining a fresh taste. Compared with the same amount of other lunch meat, the fat is reduced by 85%. The protein in each can of 198g is about equal to 5 eggs and the heat is less than 2 apples. On the package, the product adopts plastic cover design, which is convenient for secondary consumption. The price of tmall flagship store is 24.9 yuan per box.
Image source: ishape Youxing flagship store


On May 2, Shenzhen Baiguoyuan industry (Group) Co., Ltd. submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange. According to frost Sullivan data quoted in the prospectus, the retail sales of Baiguoyuan fruit ranked first among all fruit franchised retail enterprises in China in 2021, with a scale of 2.8 times that of the second.
Baiguoyuan was founded in 2001 and opened its first Baiguoyuan store in Shenzhen in 2002. As of May 2, Baiguoyuan’s offline stores include 5351 stores in more than 130 cities in 22 provinces and cities in China, including 5336 franchise stores and 15 self operated stores.
Image source: Omni channel franchise


On April 26, tianyancha data showed that Lishui Wahaha private equity fund partnership (limited partnership) was established. The executive partner is Zhejiang Wahaha Management Consulting Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. Its business scope includes private equity investment, investment management, asset management and other activities.
Equity penetration shows that Zong Qinghou holds a total of 20% equity of Wahaha private equity fund, and the SASAC of Zhejiang Provincial People’s government finally holds 28.56% of Wahaha private equity fund. According to the filing information of the fund industry association, in 2021, 75 year old Zong Qinghou obtained the fund qualification certificate and filed a private fund manager with the fund industry association. The establishment of this private placement fund also marks Zong Qinghou’s official entry into the private placement circle.
Source: Sohu


Recently, the new Chinese tea chain brand Jasmine milk white has completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round is led by angel investor song huanping, followed by dolphin club founder Li Chengdong and happy Tiger Fund. This round of financing will be mainly used for brand building, product R & D, store expansion, tea garden supply chain improvement, etc.
Jasmine milk white opened its first store in Shenzhen in February 2021, positioning oriental jasmine tea. The product line covers fresh milk tea, fresh fruit tea, pure tea, retail tea, etc., and the customer unit price is about 15 ~ 25 yuan. There are 800 mu tea gardens in Guizhou for professional operation, cooperate with domestic leading dairy industry to customize fresh milk, and create a customized supply chain suitable for brand products based on user needs.
Source: microblog


It is reported that Baijiu brand Xi Shi has completed a strategic financing of several million yuan. This round of financing will be mainly used for new product R & D, channel construction and brand promotion.
Xi Shi was founded in 2020, relying on the provisions of the new national standard of Baijiu, focusing on pure grain brewing. At present, Xishi has launched two Luzhou flavor products, Xishi 1997 series and Xishi Tianfu. The former is light bottle ration wine with a price of 78 yuan, while the latter is mainly for wedding banquet, party, festival wine and other scenes with a price of 258 yuan. The price of less than 100 yuan is also conducive to reducing the threshold between traditional blending wine users and Xishi products.
Image source: Xishi


It is reported that Jiyuan biology has recently completed tens of millions of PREA rounds of strategic financing, invested by CCTV Jinqiao. This round of financing will be used to build health brands in new consumer markets such as Dr. lanbao lutein ester Antarctic phosphorus shrimp oil and deep-sea Antarctic phosphorus shrimp oil. It will launch CCTV children’s channel at a high frequency at an advertising price of nearly 100 million yuan, quickly check the students’ eye health needs under the great health trend, and establish the Chinese eye health technology brand Dr. lanbao.
Founded in 2014, polar biology focuses on the development and utilization of Antarctic krill resources. It is a participant in the formulation of China’s Antarctic krill oil industry standard. Adhering to the concept that the quality is higher than the industry standard, it has created a “new category of Antarctic healthy food”. The brand products have the characteristics of “science and technology, delicious and efficient”, and the products have a huge market space in China.
Source: Antarctic Haibao



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