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Three chefs are ecstatic, friends! Ruixing will do something again in May!

a bold new product forecast.

Since the beginning of May, the trend of coconut cloud latte has not passed, and the coconut green ice extract is still full of heat. Ruixing has a new action, which can be said to deeply implement the spirit of labor day. There is really no idle day during the May Day holiday. A notice poster every day will expose all three new series in May.
Unlike in the past, it didn’t take four or five days to count down this time, but told the whole story one after another. This operation was not only refreshing, but also fresh.
The change of style may have something to do with the “rollover” of the last two new product announcements. It was cracked too quickly and there was no suspense. However, Ruixing still used strong social ability to humor to resolve the embarrassment. It’s not important to lose face. The performance still needs a full set.
As soon as the notice poster came out, it was really “three kitchen Ecstasy”. The bubble party, the fruit latte party and the American party could not help themselves in the comment area. They wanted to return to the new one.
From the perspective of posters, Ruixing directly divided the camps for different audiences. Everyone entered the site orderly according to their preferences and reveled separately, which skillfully solved the eternal problem of “it is difficult for everyone to adjust”. Copywriting continues the style of 5g surfing and expresses the attitude of different factions.  
According to the timeline, bubbles, fruit lattes and new American products were released in the first, middle and late May respectively. Yesterday, the new bubble coffee has been launched, and the other two series remain mysterious for the time being. However, the multiple transformation of working deer in the poster has sent out many signals. We might as well analyze it together.
Bubble series leading the array
As the first place of the new product, bubble coffee has been in place, but it is different from deja vu.
As the original pop of the first generation, orange golden bubble coffee, which has retired for a year, returns to the classic citrus flavor. The new grapefruit bubble coffee is an improved and upgraded version of grapefruit ice extract, showing a new sweet grapefruit flavor.
The tropical fruit flavor with cool bubbles is enough for summer, and the two new products also newly add the original “super 0 calorie sugar process”, and upgrade and select SOE yegaxuefei coffee beans to enlarge the sweet fruit aroma, making the entrance more fresh, pleasant, balanced and refreshing.
Bubble coffee will return every summer. From the first generation of black gold bubbles and Orange Gold bubbles, it also derives the tastes of qingti, melon and grapefruit. It continues and upgrades this cool, sour and sweet fruit flavor. With bubbles as the carrier, it jumps on the taste buds, refreshing and wonderful.
Bubble coffee has always been controversial. The poster “coffee without bubbles has no soul” is the voice of the bubble party. Although some people think it tastes strange, it does not affect the bubble Party’s obsession with it.
Picture from little red book
However, it has always been a bug in the delivery of bubble coffee, which has been criticized by many bubble parties, and the “European air tank” launched today has eliminated all obstacles.
Bubbles can be completely retained in the tank. The transparent tank presents wavy stratification. Takeout can be sent. It is convenient to take out and help you offset the summer heat anytime and anywhere.
New product forecast
In addition to the bubble series, there are two series of new products waiting to be released. We repeated the offer to find the law + “look at the picture and speak”, and boldly predicted a wave.
● fruit latte series
Last spring and summer, the emergence of fruit latte opened a new world of latte, peach, qingti, melon The sweetness of fruit and the silky sweetness of milk bring an extra sweet latte flavor.
New products in early summer will naturally add fruit elements related to summer. Every one of last year’s products has a high voice, and there is a possibility of return. According to the poster, it can be determined that a new fruit is coming.
The color matching of red and green has been very recognizable, and the green circle matches the red heart. Looking at the three points like mother of Pearl between the forehead of working deer, isn’t it watermelon seed? We guess that the watermelon latte is 80% sure to be at the meeting, but the leaves on both sides feel like a coconut forest. I wonder whether the raw coconut element will return again?
● American Series
“Are you all right, my American style” is a homophonic stem that has become popular on the Internet recently. Drinking American style sharing dynamics has become a new form of online social networking. Maybe everything is well in American style, or it may depend on American style to continue life, and don’t forget to tease when losing.
American style is simple and pure, which explains that “real delicious often only needs simple seasoning”, and what you drink is the original flavor of coffee beans. Ruixing small black cup SOE series, from yegaxuefei, Yunnan red honey, Huakui to the paradise manor, unlock the unique flavors of different production areas one by one, bringing enough surprises to the consumer public. Combined with the richness of posters, we will exclude the basic American style for the time being.
What else can American style change after removing bubbles?
The head of “American deer” looks like a coconut shell. The element contained in the new product should be Ruixing’s coconut with fire. That’s right. Coconut related products include last year’s raw coconut latte, this year’s Coconut cloud latte and coconut green ice extract.
The new coconut green ice extract was “sweet” to many people. Ruixing working deer opened himself and joked, “do I feel good alone?” the “my American style” on the poster was also like a humorous response. If this special American style is slightly adjusted, it is possible to upgrade and return. I also look forward to whether the raw coconut latte and coconut cloud latte will reappear as a new face.
In the past two years, Ruixing has made great efforts in latte, thick milk, raw coconut, velvet Each milk base has its own characteristics, triggering bursts of fashion. This time, the launch point is put on two products that highlight the flavor of coffee, bubble and American style. It is hoped that more dazzling products will appear in May.
Self winding Shangxin
Meet multiple tastes
Ruixing’s new product launch has been surprisingly fast, and has recently entered a high-speed stage. Two joint brand new products have just been released in April, followed by three new series in May.
The continuous and stable release of new products is inseparable from the R & D team with sufficient energy and mature R & D mechanism.
In Ruixing’s annual documentary “deer 2020”, it truly presents the bit by bit of new product incubation. Each new product should be planned several months in advance, after intense discussion in three dimensions: product cognition, professionalism and cost performance.
Ruixing’s R & D department applies the paranoid attitude to products. The three teams compete with each other in the form of horse racing, which is then tested by the product testing department, and finally reviewed and implemented by the optimization department. With a mature process, the clerks and workload remained unchanged, but the number of store SKUs increased from 60 to 90 last summer.
The mechanism of quickly launching good products should also be based on a stable supply chain and a full set of digitization. The birth of explosive products is not accidental, but the result of following the digital law and scientifically tracking the popular trend of drinks. Through massive market data, we can get countless product combinations, improve innovation efficiency, and the innovation mechanism feeds back more comprehensive and detailed data.
Going new is not blind. To impress customers in the end, a drink must meet three standards – delicious, quality and inexpensive.
The new logic of Ruixing can be described by the tide washing sand. Zhou Weiming, senior vice president of Ruixing, pointed out that since the beverage menu structure of Chinese consumers has not been finalized, it is necessary to constantly push through the old and bring forth the new to explore the menu boundary, and consumers can choose excellent products worthy of retention.
Ruixing continues to make efforts on the product side to promote the continuous segmentation of product tastes. The three series are launched together this month. It is suggested that everyone “queue up and enter the field carefully”, which is the embodiment of segmenting tastes for different audience groups. I believe Ruixing has the strength and potential to present more daily and professional delicious coffee for people.
Whether fresh or full-bodied, or with different tastes and different food ingredients, the diversity of drinks serves the complex tastes of consumers, and consumers broaden the boundaries of products, which is actually a positive win-win relationship.



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