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How to protect master Bao’s e-commerce road without meat floss Xiaobei’s flagship store?

overweight e-commerce is a move we have to play.

The first generation of net red abalone master finally “caught the net”.

On April 26, master Bao’s wechat official account updated a tweet entitled “master Bao’s pastries have begun to be e-commerce”. It is mentioned in the article that master Bao’s pastries have successively launched their own stores on major e-commerce platforms. In the future, it is planned to gradually restore some pastries manufactured and sold on site to new food factories and bring them into the e-commerce system for sales.

Although only Tizi crisp and pineapple crisp are currently on-line, this 18-year-old baking brand has finally taken the first step in e-commerce.

In the past two years, the wave of new baking tracks has surged, and new brands such as Mo dim sum Bureau, Hutou Bureau and Standard Chartered bakery have attracted the attention of many young consumers by taking advantage of the east wind. Although master Bao still ranks first in the list of major brands, those brands that have been established for only one or two years show explosive power that can not be underestimated. Master Bao’s overweight is a move he has to play.

Just from the current point of view, the e-commerce platform products put on the shelves by master Bao are not the trump product “meat floss Xiaobei”. It is still unknown whether we can break through the technology and successfully move the hand-made products online in the future. At the same time, the online war of prefabricated snacks between new tea drinks and new baking is also surging. What tricks can master Bao have?

“Li Gui” is rampant, buying on behalf of others and making money

Not surprisingly, under the tweet of master Bao announcing the layout of e-commerce, the biggest voice is the hope that Xiaobei meat floss can go online. “Master Bao, please study how to sell seaweed meat floss scallops online and ensure the taste. I really like it!” This comment was praised by fans as the first one, and also received a response from master Bao.

“We will try our best to carry out technology research and development, restore the pastry technology produced and sold on site in more stores to food factories, and try to find more advanced ways to restore stores. However, until we do this, we are not able to provide Xiaobei to everyone on the e-commerce platform for the time being.”

This means that those fans who do not have master Bao stores in their cities still have no chance with a variety of signature products.

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that small shellfish products are the soul of master Bao. As early as 2020, master Bao’s annual data showed that the annual sales of Xiaobei cake exceeded 100 million. Over the years, this ace piece has not only achieved master Bao’s position in the Jianghu, but also won a share of countless purchasing agents and Shanzhai stores.

Long before master Bao became famous, his Shanzhai shop took the lead to grab the heat. In May 2018, a cake shop with the signboard of “master Bao” attracted public attention because of the false queue and the illusion of booming business. Soon after, a company called “Beijing Yishang catering” issued an apology statement, and everyone knew that it was “Li Gui”.

After catching the big fish of Beijing Yishang catering, master Bao found that there were thousands of fake stores across the country, while there were only about 30 authentic master Bao stores at that time. Aware of the seriousness of the copycat problem, master Bao made great efforts to protect his rights.

A consumer said to the zinc scale: “in 2018, when I bought products at master Bao’s store in Beijing, I found that the address of all authentic stores at that time was printed on the small ticket, and it was also indicated that I never joined.” This measure has been praised by many consumers, and also appeared in the process of cracking down on counterfeiting of new brands such as tea Yan Yue se.

In addition to the counterfeiters’ money, master Bao’s purchasing agents also have no worries about food and drink under the protection of his fame. Zinc scale found that even now master Bao has opened offline stores in 38 cities across the country, the business of purchasing agents is still booming.

Price list purchased by master Bao

In offline stores, the price of seaweed flavor crispy shellfish is 30 yuan / kg, crab roe flavor crispy shellfish is 34 yuan / kg, lemon yogurt crispy shellfish is 33 yuan / kg, and cocoa flavor crispy shellfish is 30 yuan / kg. Generally speaking, the weight of a kilogram is about 7 to 8.

But in the hands of purchasing agents, the prices of these products have risen a lot. The sale method of agent purchase is divided into 8 packages, regardless of Jin. The price of each box of seaweed flavored crispy scallop and crab roe flavored crispy scallop is 59.8 yuan. There are two more pieces of lemon yogurt crispy scallop and cocoa flavored crispy scallop, and the price has also risen to 69.8 yuan / box.

Although this price includes the postal fee of SF after reaching a certain purchase quantity, the nearly doubled price is enough to see that the profit of purchasing on behalf of others is not thin.

More importantly, it can be seen in the comment area of these purchasing shops that many consumers who have purchased master Bao recognize that these products under the banner of purchasing are actually fake products.

Based on master Bao’s fame, many consumers have tried to see his true face from various channels. However, driven by interests, price differences and fake products emerge one after another, which also affects master Bao’s brand image to a certain extent. Now, master Bao has launched the official e-commerce flagship store. I wonder if it can reverse this situation?

Financing is slow, and the sub brand has a bad start

As an old wanghong in the baking industry, master Bao’s involvement in the capital war is significantly slower than that of newcomers.

In 2004, master Bao’s Pastry was also called “baozixi pastry house”. After 18 years of development, master Bao has only experienced three rounds of financing. According to the search on aiqicha, master Bao completed a strategic investment of 100 million yuan on December 15, 2017. Half a year later, in May 2018, he completed a round of financing with unknown amount, and then completed the strategic financing with unknown amount by the end of 2020.

Master Bao’s financing process is slow source: aiqicha

The new baking leading brand Momo dim sum Bureau, established in 2020, has completed five rounds of financing in just eight months in 2021, with a cumulative financing amount of hundreds of millions of yuan. With the boost of capital and the flow playing method in the new consumption era, the popularity of Momo dim sum bureau is like taking a rocket. On many platforms such as xiaohongshu, microblog and public comments, Momo dim sum bureau is known as one of the business cards of Changsha and a place that must punch in.

The new baking is red to purple, which naturally has an impact on master Bao. After all, young people who have been defeated and defeated repeatedly in following the trend never stingy to pay for new things. “In the past, if you didn’t eat master Bao for some time, you would miss him very much, but later there were too many cakes to choose from, and the frequency of buying master Bao became very low.” One consumer said to the zinc scale.

What is master Bao doing outside the capital market? As mentioned above, master Bao has always been troubled by fake stores. Because he did not cover all categories in the early trademark registration, master Bao was exploited by illegal businesses. Over the years, master Bao has been trying to protect his rights and crack down on counterfeits.

Bao Caisheng, founder of master Bao, once said publicly: “if I don’t crack down on counterfeiting, I can spend a lot of time on research and development. I was going to produce a lot of new products, but cracking down on counterfeiting has affected the development of new products.”

From 2016 to April 2020, master Bao filed a lawsuit against 213 infringing stores across the country. It was not until 2021 that master Bao mentioned in the “annual summary” that his rights protection work was basically completed in 2021, and the words “Bao Caisheng” were gradually removed from stores across the country to retain “master Bao cakes”.

After that, master Bao, who was finally reborn, buried himself in business again.

During this period, master Bao launched his sub brand “haofudao”, mainly promoting traditional Chinese pastries, no longer selling star product meat floss Xiaobei, and adding new products such as original jujube cake, milk flavored peach crisp, millet peach crisp and black rice peach crisp. However, haofudao, which is not supported by Xiaobei products, has not ushered in good luck.

Before the official announcement, many stores of haofudao had been suspended. Master Bao shifted the focus to the main brand again and accelerated the speed of opening stores. This short-term attempt to diversify will inevitably fail.

Determined to continue to expand the influence and value of the main brand, master Bao also played the trick of new consumption. In the past, master Bao, who used to have almost no discount, will now launch group purchase packages on platforms such as public reviews and Tiktok when launching new products, and invite KOL and Koc to share punching cards. This move has indeed brought a lot of traffic to master Bao.

However, this method of play is not lasting. On many platforms, we see that consumers still choose classic products after trying to buy new products in group. The taste of new products is not “wall” like that of signboard Xiaobei and products of other brands.

In other words, master Bao, who is officially facing the new baking era, is not enough to rely on the flow playing method alone. Only by concentrating on research and development and taking out trump products that show sincerity, is the weapon to retain consumers.

Except for Beckham,

Master Bao, do you have a second card?

Compared with the new baking brand with fast flow and fast going, the original Xiaobei products of master Bao ensure its “wealth for life”.

Lai Yang, executive vice president of Beijing Institute of business economics, once said publicly that master Bao’s brand is popular because its products have unique characteristics, so it is sought after by consumers, and there is no “short-lived” phenomenon of the brand. However, although Xiaobei’s products are enduring, master Bao can’t stand still under the market competition pressure of the rise of new baking brands.

The sub brand “haofudao” is not satisfactory, which also means that master Bao’s signboard does not echo all the time. When the products fail to bring consumers a certain attraction and influence, it is difficult to improve the performance. Coupled with the slowdown of master Bao in the financing process in the past, continuous investment will only accelerate the decline of new brands.

Therefore, whether master Bao wants to expand the brand influence or add sub brands, he needs more perfect operation mode, management system and planning ideas.

Xiaobei, a popular product, has achieved master Bao’s leading position in a single field, but the overall R & D barriers in the baking industry are limited. Nowadays, Xiaobei products on the market have emerged one after another, and supply chain brands directly create prefabricated products with standardized processing. Even if these products can’t replace master Bao, they also dig out some blank channels of master Bao.

At present, master Bao’s layout of e-commerce is not only that he finally has leisure after solving the great disaster of Shanzhai, but also because of the changing new consumption era.

According to the statistics of AI media consulting, after 2013, the scale of China’s baking market has remained above 220 billion yuan all year round. By 2021, the scale of China’s bakery market is estimated to reach 260.08 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 19.9%. According to this growth rate, the bakery industry will officially reach 300 billion yuan in 2023.

It is also mentioned in Qingshan capital 2020 China FMCG early investment opportunity report that the per capita consumption of baked goods in Chinese Mainland is 6.9kg, which is twice as large as that in Hong Kong and Japan, which have similar eating habits.

In the face of such a “promising” market scale, the entrants have already made news. For example, the Standard Chartered bakery of Hutou Bureau, which was founded only in 2019, has not only opened the store expansion competition with Mo dim sum Bureau offline, but also opened its flagship store online, with more than 40000 + fans. It has also frequently boarded the live broadcast room of head anchors such as Li Jiaqi. The monthly sales of evergreen biscuits, golden cheese crispy and other products are in the tens of thousands.

Master Bao, who came late, now only took out pineapple cakes and raisin cakes. Although they are attractive, they are not innovative. After the early heat fades, consumers in surrounding offline stores will continue to choose to buy fresh and ready-made store products, while consumers without store options may have more other choices. In other words, master Bao’s e-commerce without Xiaobei has insufficient stamina.

What’s more worth mentioning is that new tea brands such as Xi tea and Naixue’s tea only open online flagship stores and put differentiated products on the shelves after the number of offline stores and fans have accumulated to a certain extent, so as to achieve the effect of expanding fans and linking fans. Master Bao’s current operation mode is not only not out of differentiation, but also difficult to be promoted as offline drainage and build momentum for online.

Master Bao, who has been cautious all the way, may always lack some innovation. In the young track of new Chinese baking, it is often said that telling a good story is not enough. Only with excellent products and enough innovation can we really retain young consumers. Master Bao, who is always popular but not popular online, should try to come up with more creative products and make some indestructible innovation.




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