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coconut knows to redefine “Neo coconut doctrine”.

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With the rise of plant protein drinks, coconut has become a valuable raw material in the beverage industry in recent two years, making coconut milk, a seemingly traditional category, a favorite in the plant protein beverage industry; In addition, a large number of new brands focusing on coconut milk have promoted the market share of coconut milk sub categories to rise, showing a strong momentum of taking over oat milk!
Recently, foodaily found a young brand in Tiktok, which was founded in 2021, but has jumped to the Top1 position of Tiktok vegetable protein drink and shows great development potential. Yezi knows that its “Facade” 0 sugar fresh coconut milk is also a drink strongly recommended by the head anchors such as LuoYongHao, big logo, LiJinMing, yanrujing, and has also become a designated drink for the 2021 Beijing Film Festival in the cross-border film and television circles, It can be said to be a “walking coconut grass planter” on the social platform!
Today, let’s talk about how the new brand coconut can stand out from the competition of experts? What are the success codes behind the products and brands?
Leveraging the traditional coconut milk category
with innovation
Redefine the new coconut milk of the new era with “0 sugar”
According to the data of prospective industry research institute, in 2020, the scale of China’s food protein beverage market will continue to increase to 258.3 billion yuan at a CAGR of more than 20%. At the same time, according to tmall 2020 plant protein beverage innovation trend, coconut flavor has the fastest growth rate among all fruit / flavor drinks, up to 109%. Magic mirror market intelligence data also shows that among the vegetable milk brands that tmall double 11 entered the top 30 in 2021, the brands with coconut flavor accounted for more than 1 / 3, second only to oatmeal flavor.
Thanks to more than 30 years of historical development and mass market education, coconut milk category has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Its raw materials are natural and healthy, and the properties of plant drinks increasingly meet the new needs of the new generation of consumers in the first and second tier cities for the beverage market. At the same time, through a variety of DIY collocations such as “raw coconut latte”, “raw coconut mang” and “coconut lemon tea”, everything can innovate and upgrade coconut products, so as to constantly brush and burst the social circle.

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In the process of innovation, upgrading and transformation of this traditional category, does coconut know how to become the dark horse of coconut milk track?
1. Anchor the pain points of consumption in the new era and hit hard, leading the segments of 0 sugar fresh coconut milk
The concept of healthy consumption has already set off a wave of sugar control revolution in the food and beverage industry, and consumers’ demand for 0 sugar drinks continues to rise. Looking ahead, 0 sugar beverage Yuanqi forest and Suntory have strongly occupied the main positions of the shelves of major supermarkets and convenience stores. Ipsos consumer survey results show that in 2020, 84% of respondents pay more attention to health than in the past, and 78% of respondents are more willing to buy 0 sugar products.
In the current popular coconut milk track, the main coconut milk products on the market contain white granulated sugar, and the market channels sink mainly, ignoring the health needs of consumers in the first and second tier cities. There is a big market gap in 0 sugar coconut milk. When coconut knows it, it seizes this opportunity to innovate coconut milk sub categories, put forward the concept of “0 sugar fresh coconut milk”, and lead the new wave of 0 sugar in coconut milk track.
The birth of the concept is only half of the success. Consumers are very strict in the selection of new consumer goods. From the product concept to the line of the ingredient list, they all play a key role in the purchase decision.
“Good products are the cornerstone of a good brand,” said the founder of coconut know. When developing the product of 0 sugar fresh coconut milk, the first insistence of the founder was that the ingredients list was not allowed to contain essence, pigment and preservative; In terms of taste, pass if the coconut milk is not mellow enough and pass if the coconut is not fresh enough. For this reason, coconut knows that 0 sugar fresh coconut juice selects Sumatra Island Coconut, which is known as the source of golden coconut, and imports the whole original coconut to avoid the rapid loss of nutrition and flavor after being opened. In addition, during the production and processing of all products, it is guaranteed that no essence, pigment, preservative, cholesterol and trans fatty acid will be added, which will bring natural and healthy products to consumers.

On the coconut processing line, the brand also adopts tens of millions of automatic equipment, the whole process aseptic cold chain production, 5-second ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, so as to ensure the quality of raw materials and retain the natural flavor of coconut to the greatest extent.
Such products with ingenuity can naturally be perceived by consumers. In the evaluation of products, some consumers even give a high score of “feeling like drinking fresh coconut just cut open”.
At the same time, taking into account the strict requirements of most consumers for calories, in addition to the characteristics of 0 sucrose, 0 lactose and 0 fructose, 0 sugar fresh coconut milk has only 28 calories per 100g, which is lower than that of an apple, making it the preferred plant protein drink for many people who control sugar, exercise and reduce fat.
2. Build a multi product matrix with “innovation” and “extreme”
In addition to the star single product 0 sugar fresh coconut milk, the brand has also developed many new ideas around coconut, formed a new multi SKU matrix, broke the single table drinking scene of coconut milk, and penetrated into a variety of high-frequency consumption scenes such as afternoon tea, office and breakfast.
The thick coconut milk powder, which is mainly matched with coffee, is inspired by the demand of “warm coconut latte” in winter. In the cold winter, the coconut milk should be poured out and heated, and then the DIY of coffee products. This cumbersome operation can not help but discourage many “lazy” consumers. The emergence of thick coconut milk powder just hits this pain point, and consumers can immediately have a cup of winter warm coconut latte in 8 seconds.
It is revealed that the brand’s upcoming summer new product – 0 sugar added thick coconut milk is the first 0 sugar added thick coconut milk on the market. Thick coconut milk products must be familiar to everyone, but the version of “0 added sucrose” is the embodiment of the brand’s pursuit of product innovation. In the face of the rising demand for fat reduction in summer, this lighter thick coconut milk product undoubtedly has great market potential.
From the perspective of products, it is not difficult to see that coconut always takes innovation as the core of products in order to meet the segmentation needs of different consumer groups and multiple scenarios, which is also the fundamental reason why the brand can redefine “new coconut doctrine”. Then, in addition to excellent product power, how does coconut know to build a consumer mind and brand step by step?
New forces of coconut racetrack emerge in large numbers,
Does coconut know how to stand out?
In the new food era, a brand that can cross the cycle and achieve sustainable growth should not only have product innovation, but also brand innovation, which is also the temperament of a new brand from “big explosive” to “real brand”.
1. The brand has been upgraded in an all-round way to “shine at the moment” in the coconut milk track with a younger vision and interesting attitude
According to Nielsen’s top ten trends of China’s consumer market in 2019, 64% of consumers will decide whether to taste new products according to the packaging. The return on investment generated by the consumption stimulated by the new packaging is 50 times that of advertising investment. It can be seen that the role of design in determining purchase is becoming stronger and stronger.
Therefore, at the end of 2021, coconut knew that it had made an important decision to upgrade its brand. In the face of a wide range of creative designs, the team experienced the process of constantly overturning, restarting and thinking. When the team saw the current new vision for the first time, almost everyone decided “it’s it!”—— The fresh design style, eye-catching logo that can be seen at a glance, and the style of graffiti and painting not only convey the brand image of coconut, which is very young, lively and interesting, but also help the brand to express interesting and interesting life attitude. Compared with the old version of vision, it is more in line with the aesthetic and consumption concept of young consumer groups.
On the left is the old package and on the right is the new package
2. Comprehensively respond to the new changes in the retail pattern, and do not let go of every “settlement” of young people
Where young consumers appear, brands appear. Coconut knows this and runs away from all kinds of online and offline, mature or growth channels to “surround” consumers and bring better products to consumers.
In the 800million day live Tiktok channel, coconut knows that with the endorsement of many top talent anchors and the recommendation of thousands of Tiktok talent, it has harvested 230million brand exposures, which perfectly explains the communication effect of “quality and efficiency”.
In the new retail channels such as meituan shopping and Xiaomang app (a new e-commerce platform under mango TV), coconut knows that it has also carried out in-depth cooperation with it, jointly customized Cherry Blossom exclusive packaging and Changsha City Style exclusive packaging, as well as creating brand special day activities to help the brand rank first in the hot selling list of meituan shopping and beverages.
In addition, the brand also laid out online channels such as traditional tmall and, as well as offline retail terminals represented by the whole family, as a daily gathering place for new consumers, creating more opportunities in the vision of young consumers.
3. Capture and enlarge the perspective of young people and create new ideas of brand marketing
Younger brands are naturally supported by younger teams. It is understood that coconut knows that the online team consists of a group of post-95 generation Z partners. The perspective of these young people also gives the team keen brand insight. In terms of brand marketing, coconut knows to make good use of the power of “leveraging the brand power with young people” and frequently carry out market activities to play and enjoy with generation Z consumers.
① Join hands with Xiaolan and his friend IP to create 0 sugar summer and expand the boundary of brand influence
In the era of cross-border joint branding, coconut knows and shows no weakness. It has carried out joint cooperation with the expression package “Xiaolan and his friends” IP used by wechat for more than 6 billion people to expand the boundary of brand influence and penetrate into the circle of more young people.
② Xiaohongshu / Tiktok multi-dimensional grass planting, content innovation is the traffic password
The brand does not rely on the product tile Amway content in the little red book / Tiktok, but also creates multi-dimensional grass planting content with experts through a series of highly interactive and communicative innovation topics, attracting a wide range of consumers’ onlookers and experts’ imitation, and frequently posts on the content platform to achieve the fission communication effect.

③ Use the creative periphery as an extension to deepen the impression of product consumption
In the field of consumption, the periphery of the brand has become an important factor driving product sales, and coconut knows it well. For example, the “coconut automatic rotating cup” used with thick coconut milk powder DIY has unexpectedly achieved brilliant performance on the social platform. Some consumers said: “I bought it for the cup, but I didn’t expect the powder to taste very good, so I bought it again three times.”, It reflects the catalytic effect of surrounding areas on consumers’ purchase of products.
In short, from products to channels to marketing, coconut knows to use a set of combination cards to open up this link to achieve the unity of quality and efficiency, show us the innovation and vitality of a new generation of domestic brands, and constantly deepen the influence of coconut milk brands in the new era, based on the local market and hit the hearts of generation Z.
How to create the trend of the new era, new coconut milk, we know the brand in coconut and see a different answer. As a representative of new domestic brands, coconut knows to express the story of a new generation of coconut milk with the attitude of continuous pursuit of innovation, and upgrade the traditional channel playing method with the idea of continuous iteration, so as to lead the traditional category of coconut milk to glow with new fashion. We look forward to seeing coconut harvest more excellent achievements and reputation in the near future!
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