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Shancun and JD Health launched a live broadcast of rainbow nutrition kitchenette in response to the call of Chinese residents’ dietary guide 2022!

In recent years, Chinese people pay more and more attention to dietary health. How to balance dietary nutrition scientifically and reasonably has become a major focus of attention.

Recently, the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents 2022 compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society has extracted eight balanced dietary guidelines, suggesting that Chinese people know food and choose fresh, nutrient dense food.

The proposal coincides with the rainbow nutrition principles. “Rainbow nutrition principle” believes that the body needs colorful, diverse and balanced food every day, which is not only used to supplement energy and macro nutrients, but also to supplement vitamins and minerals that the body cannot produce and synthesize.


As an advocate of the “Rainbow nutrition principle” and actively responding to the call of the newly released “dietary guide for Chinese residents 2022”, Shancun brand recently launched the live program of “Rainbow nutrition kitchens” jointly with JD live, inviting Chen Zhikun, a national secondary nutritionist, to support dietary nutrition and popularize a more scientific and healthy dietary nutrition concept to consumers.


Next, let’s have a look.




The first step to improve dietary health is to understand the overall nutritional intake of the people.


On the one hand, with the economic and social development and the improvement of living standards, the overall nutritional status of our people has improved significantly.

The scientific research report 2021 on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society shows that the quality of national diet in China has generally improved. This is reflected in that most people’s dietary structure is still dominated by plant food, and the supply of vegetables is relatively rich and sufficient. However, the intake of animal food is increasing, which not only increases the energy supply ratio of protein and fat, but also significantly increases the intake of animal protein such as livestock, poultry, fish and eggs.


On the other hand, from the comparison of specific material intake levels, there is still a contradiction between “excess” and “deficiency” in the overall national nutritional status.


The scientific research report 2021 on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents clearly points out that at present, the national intake of high salt and oil is still common, and the consumption of sugary drinks is increasing year by year; Insufficient intake of whole grains, dark vegetables, fruits, milk, fish, shrimp and beans.




There is still room for improvement in national nutrition intake, but the subjective improvement willingness and participation enthusiasm of Chinese people in dietary health have increased significantly. The relevant research conducted by the China Association for science and technology in conjunction with a search engine shows that food safety and nutritional health account for more than half of the people’s query content.


After the release of dietary guidelines for Chinese residents 2022, Shancun actively responded to the call to further meet consumers’ strong “thirst for knowledge” for food safety and nutritional health.

Recently, in the live program of “Rainbow nutrition kitchenette” jointly launched by Shancun and JD live, Chen Zhikun, a national secondary nutritionist, spoke from his own experience and offered advice for dietary nutrition. Through the production and demonstration of multi-channel creative food, Shancun hopes to convey the life concept and practical operation method of balanced diet to consumers in the way of interesting science popularization.


According to xiaoshidai, this live broadcast is the opening program of Shancun to undertake Jingdong’s health and value-added activities. “Rainbow nutrition kitchen” will be used as a fixed column in the future, and will play the role of knowledge popularization and e-commerce drainage in Shancun Jingdong and tmall’s self operated stores for a long time.

According to the plan of Shancun, in the future, the program will also invite nutritionists, health KOL and ordinary food spokesmen to participate in it. Starting from the rainbow nutrition food menu, it will continue to introduce the “Rainbow nutrition principles” and awaken consumers’ demand for “Rainbow nutrition”.


In fact, “Rainbow nutrition principle” is no stranger to many consumers. It plays a guiding role in guiding consumers to improve and enhance nutritious meals.


Food diversification, species balance and population adaptation are the three simple principles of “Rainbow nutrition principle”.


“Food diversity” refers to the diversity of the choice of ingredients for three meals a day. Specifically, it is proposed in principle to eat more than 12 kinds of food a day and more than 25 kinds of food a week.


The principle of “species balance” requires that the five basic foods necessary for the human body – grains and potatoes, vegetables and fruits, livestock, fish, eggs and milk, soybean nuts and oils should be ingested in a balanced and appropriate amount. At the same time, we should reduce the intake of white rice noodles, oil, salt and sugar.


“Population adaptation” focuses on people of different ages and genders and puts forward different nutrient supplement priorities. Children in the critical period of development, young adults with high work pressure consumption and body management needs, and the elderly who need to enhance resistance and long-term health management have their own key nutritional needs list.


In general, the “Rainbow nutrition principle” also has the characteristics of science, quantification and intuition.

It can not only meet the requirements of dietary diversity score (DDS) and meet the nutritional needs of the human body for “a-zn”. It is a scientific dietary measurement method. It also quantifies the details of the food source of each kind of nutrition required by the body, and quickly identifies the food diversity through color, which is very intuitive. Therefore, in principle, it is easy to spread to the public as a whole.


Also based on the convenience of dissemination and use, Shancun recently launched the “Rainbow nutrition index self-test” applet, which makes it very convenient for consumers to understand their own situation.




At present, on the basis of trying to achieve the nutritional balance of three meals a day, the appropriate use of dietary nutritional supplements is one of the supplementary ways to realize rainbow nutritional diet. It is becoming a feasible and increasingly popular scheme to supplement vitamins and minerals.


GSK and the second hand jointly released the 2021 insight report on the trend of categories and people in the healthy consumer goods industry, which pointed out that in the new consumption era, the segmentation of consumers starts from the scene. As far as vitamins are concerned, the discussion of efficacy scenarios tends to be refined, and the penetration of work life scenarios is deepened. Vitamins are stepping into the daily life of consumers.


Multi vitamin products that can help supplement the needs of vitamins and minerals are becoming popular. In Shancun’s three product lines represented by OTC, health food and ordinary food (mainly probiotics), OTC and health food are mainly multi vitamin products.

Xiaoshidai noted that the research field of multi-dimensional nutrition of good existence has been laid out in advance. Statistics show that, as one of the first brands to put forward the concept of a-zn nutrition collocation in the world, Shancun, relying on more than 40 years of scientific nutrition research experience, advocates the principle of rainbow nutrition, focuses on daily healthy meals, and evenly supplements vitamins and minerals to lay the foundation for daily health. Its products have sold well in 65 markets around the world.

with the increasing enthusiasm of Chinese consumers for dietary health, nutritional food brands represented by Shancun may also usher in a period of accelerated development.

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