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The former senior management of Starbucks joined the parent company of Manji dessert, Danone changed the rules of procedure of the honorary chairman, whether the IPO of Red Star Meiling was rejected, bainmei applied for the new national standard for 45 formulas, Baiguoyuan apologized, and magic claw planned to raise the price

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The orchard apologized for cutting the spoiled fruit

Recently, according to the video report of a blogger’s secret visit to Baiguoyuan, Baiguoyuan’s official microblog issued an apology statement and has carried out self-examination. It is reported that the two stores of Baiguoyuan Chengdu have problems related to illegal grading of fruits, selling overnight fruit cut fruits and deliberately avoiding the inspection of the headquarters, which have been closed for rectification. In order to prevent similar behaviors from happening again, Baiguoyuan said it was carrying out relevant rectification measures. (issued by the company)

Former executives of Starbucks China joined the parent company of Manji dessert

Recently, the traditional dessert giant “Manji dessert” and the new tea brand “Xiaoman tea field” have completed the merger. Liu Zizheng, the founder of Xiaoman tea field, will be the president of Zhigang group (the parent company of Manji dessert) and the co CEO of Manji dessert. At the same time, Zhigang group also announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing, jointly led by well-known catering groups and new consumer Unicorn companies. Hu Fengchun, former head of Starbucks China’s supply chain, COO of Piye coffee, former COO of Xiaoman tea field and song Xiaoli, former head of Starbucks China’s East China operation, will join us. (36 krypton)


Was the IPO of Red Star Meiling gem approved

Recently, the IPO of Red Star Meiling gem will be rejected. At the review meeting of the municipal Party committee, the four major issues of Red Star Meiling became the focus of torture, including the cancellation of Wuxi shede Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the former largest customer, and the gross profit margin of selling large bags of powder to mengbaoyingtong in 2019, which was significantly higher than that of other customers. (Beijing business daily)

Beinmei said it had submitted 45 new national standard registration applications for infant formula

Recently, when investors asked about the progress of the company’s new national standard registration, beinmei responded that the company has been paying continuous attention to the revision of the new national standard of infant formula milk powder and the registration of product formula, and has started the work related to the company’s formula registration after the release of the new national standard. At present, the declaration and acceptance of 45 infant formula registration of 15 series have been submitted and are progressing smoothly. (company announcement)

Beinmei said that the Shanghai epidemic has made more consumers switch to domestic milk powder

Recently, in response to investors’ concerns about the impact of the Shanghai epidemic on the company, beinmei said that under the epidemic, consumers have higher recognition of domestic brands; Objectively, the supply of foreign brands can not keep up, and the proportion of consumers turning to domestic products has increased; The outbreak of the epidemic makes consumers pay more attention to their health and the improvement of their resistance. It is reported that during the epidemic, beinmei’s consumers in Shanghai increased significantly. (company announcement)

Haidilao pushes a number of innovative measures to ensure supply

According to Li Yu, COO of Haidilao, as of May 4, more than 200 stores in Haidilao had suspended the business of hall food due to epidemic prevention and control. It is reported that as of May 5, 70% of Haidilao Shanghai’s restaurants have resumed online business, involving all districts of Shanghai. Haidilao Shanghai store, which resumed business, accepts online ordering, takeout and distribution. The delivery menu on Haidilao’s “get some good goods” has been restored to the level of 80% of the store’s Hall food. (issued by the company)

More than 40 McDonald’s “drive to speed” restaurants in Beijing can order and pick up meals without getting off the bus

Recently, more than 400 McDonald’s restaurants in Beijing have implemented “contactless delivery” and “contactless meal collection”. Consumers can choose to have the delivery staff deliver the food to the designated location for “contactless delivery”, or choose “contactless pick-up” after ordering on mobile app, applet and other platforms. In addition, consumers do not need to get off at more than 40 McDonald’s “drive through” restaurants in Beijing. They can order, pay and pick up meals at the window of the restaurant lane. (Beijing business daily)

Naixue’s performance increased by 70% on May Day, and the sales of stores in many places doubled

During the “May Day” period, the sales volume of Naixue’s tea stores across the country increased significantly, with sales increasing by 70%; Sales in some cities doubled, and orders exploded in stores in many cities, with Hall food orders increasing by more than 87%. It is reported that the new product “domineering bayberry” launched before the May Day holiday has become the top selling product in stores across the country. Nearly 500000 cups were sold during the May Day holiday. (issued by the company)

Zong Qinghou is the legal representative of Wahaha digital technology company

Recently, Zhejiang Wahaha Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes. The original legal representative Shen Jiangang withdrew and Zong Qinghou took over. At present, the company is jointly held by Hangzhou Wahaha Hongzhen Investment Co., Ltd. and Zong Qinghou. (business system)


Chayan Yuese sets up a new company in Chongqing

Recently, Chongqing chayue you me Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Its business scope includes catering services, which is wholly owned by Hunan chayue Cultural Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. Earlier, chayan Yuese had announced plans to open a store in Chongqing in June. (business system)

Anji food acquires 40% equity of xinliuwu food

Recently, industrial and commercial changes occurred in Hubei xinliuwu Food Group Co., Ltd. the original shareholders Liu Zhonghu and Liu Jing transferred a total of 40% of the shares, which were taken over by Anji food. It is reported that the enterprise was established in 2019, the legal representative is Liu Zhonghu, the registered capital is 260 million yuan, and the business scope includes aquaculture. (


Haitian flavor industry has completed the industrial and commercial change registration of registered capital

Haitian flavor industry recently announced that with the approval of Foshan market supervision and Administration Bureau, the registered capital of the company has been changed from 4212576170 yuan to 4633833787 yuan, and the business license has been renewed for the company; Except for the registration of changes in registered capital, other registered items in the business license remain unchanged. (company announcement)


Nanjing Yurun Food was forced to exceed 395 million yuan

Recently, Nanjing Yurun Food Co., Ltd. added three pieces of information to be executed, with a total of more than 395 million yuan. The execution court is Nanjing Intermediate People’s court. It is reported that the company has been executed more than 90 times, there are also a number of consumption restriction orders, the final case and bankruptcy reorganization information, and the total amount of non performance exceeds 825 million yuan. (China Finance)

Fonterra brings two milk powder for mother’s Day

Today, Fonterra announced that its Anja consumer brand team has launched two products, Anja triple protein nutritional milk powder and Anyi gold high calcium and low-fat three in one milk powder. It is reported that Anjia triple protein nutritional milk powder is an independent strip small package, and the products are designed for young mothers, while Anyi Jinzhuang high calcium and low-fat three in one milk powder is designed for middle-aged and elderly mothers. (issued by the company)


Tims coffee launches scallion bagel

Recently, TIMS coffee announced on its wechat official account the launch of the new product “scallion bagel” of the bagel family. (issued by the company)


Fonterra launches e-commerce platform mynzmp

Recently, Fonterra launched a new online dairy platform mynzmp, which makes it easier for raw material customers to buy goods, including milk powder. It is reported that the platform is built at the request of Fonterra customers, which can make it easy for customers to find product information, manage and track orders, and provide more personalized online purchase experience. In the future, Fonterra also plans to create a seamless online and offline experience on this basis. (New Zealand Herald)


Danone amended the rules of procedure on honorary chairman

Recently, Danone’s board of directors revised its rules of procedure to carefully define the power of Frank Riboud, honorary chairman and a member of Danone’s founder family. The new rules stipulate that he is “invited to attend the board meeting”, which was previously expressed as “attending the meeting”. It is reported that at the recent annual general meeting of shareholders, Danone’s shareholder investment fund phitrust submitted a resolution to limit the role of honorary chairman. Although it was rejected without a two-thirds majority under the recommendation of Danone’s board of directors, it still won the support of 59.33% of the voting shareholders. (Challenge)

Starbucks asked for a meeting with the US authorities on trade union issues

Starbucks has also requested a meeting with the authorities after Starbucks U.S. union members talked to government officials on Thursday, saying in a letter that most of its employees do not want to become union members. (Reuters)

Claw plans to raise pricing in the United States in September

Recently, claw released its performance report for the first quarter of 2022. During the reporting period, the company’s net sales reached a new high in the first quarter, reaching US $1.52 billion, a year-on-year increase of 22.1%. The report mentioned that the cost of sales in the first quarter increased due to the increase of freight, ingredients, imported aluminum cans and other costs


Royal fislan Romania opens new pressed cheese production line

Recently, Royal fislan invested 3 million euros to open a new pressed cheese production line at its napolact factory in Northwest Romania. It is reported that this investment is aimed at increasing the output of the plant and is part of the annual plan. (SeeNews)

Dunkin ‘and beyond meat were charged with similar propaganda slogans

Recently, vegadephia, a Philadelphia vegetarian company, sued Dunkin ‘and beyond meat, claiming that the slogan “great taste, plant based” used by the two companies in promoting cooperative sandwiches infringed the “almost identical” trademark registered by the company a few years ago. At present, none of the three companies has responded to this lawsuit. (ABC News)

Quick reading of food industry information


In 2021, the unqualified rate of sampling inspection of food safety supervision was 2.69%

Recently, the wechat official account of the national market supervision and administration released a tweet saying that in 2021, the national market supervision department completed 6954438 batches of food safety supervision and sampling inspection, and 187368 batches of unqualified samples were found. The unqualified rate of supervision and sampling inspection was 2.69%, an increase of 0.38 percentage points over 2020. Among them, the unqualified rate of supervision and sampling inspection in the fourth quarter was 2.85%. (State Administration of market supervision)


Sheng Qiuping, Vice Minister of Commerce: the long-term fundamentals of foreign trade have not changed

Sheng Qiuping, Vice Minister of Commerce, said in an exclusive interview with the people’s Daily that China’s foreign trade industry has a solid foundation and its long-term fundamentals have not changed. The Ministry of Commerce will pay close attention to the changes of the situation, adhere to the problem orientation, open up the blocking points and checkpoints, and ensure the stability and smoothness of the supply chain of the foreign trade industry chain. Help enterprises make good use of various online and offline channels to obtain more orders. (people’s daily)


The four departments issued a document prohibiting minors from participating in live broadcasting and reward

Recently, the four departments of the central civilization office, the Ministry of culture and tourism, the State Administration of radio and television and the state Internet Information Office jointly issued the “opinions on standardizing webcast rewards and strengthening the protection of minors”. The opinion proposes to prohibit minors from participating in live broadcast reward and strictly control minors from engaging in anchor. The website platform should cancel the reward list within one month after the publication of this opinion, prohibit ranking, drainage and recommendation of network anchor based on the reward amount, and prohibit ranking users based on the reward amount. (people’s daily)

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