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“Explosive anti phagocytosis”, analyze the long-term sales password of functional food | fbic go! Innovation live broadcast Preview




Driven by both consumption trend and capital, the domestic nutritional supplement market has witnessed a hot wave in the past year. Recently, foodaily learned that Dajiang biomedical, one of the three ODM enterprises of global health food and with a history of more than 40 years, has launched a “double business technology” with ultra-fine particles and multi-layer liposome hollow structure as the core in China, which can help the human body efficiently and stably absorb water-soluble nutrients, oil-soluble nutrients and insoluble ions, solve the contradiction of incompatibility and difficult absorption, and set off a new revolution in nutritional supplements.

There are more and more kinds of nutritional supplements, with different sizes and forms. The “fight alone” way of taking them has become a huge burden beyond three meals a day.

Many nutritional supplements can well meet the needs of portability, easy to take, personalization and even complex functions, but they are not enough in the stable and efficient functional expression of products. A large number of start-up brands cater too much to the consumption trend of “snack, high beauty and national fashion”, but ignore the fundamental function of the product – efficacy.

At 14:00 p.m. on May 17, Chen siting, the chief product trainer and product designer of Dajiang biomedicine, will share how the brand can jump out of the development trap of “explosive anti phagocytosis”, how the “dual business technology” can find business opportunities in the nutritional supplement market, break through its own “siege” from the coating material and processing scale, create a long-term sales road of explosive products and open a new generation of functional drinks. Don’t miss this live broadcast~

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开讲时间:5月17日(周二) 14:00-15:00
陈思婷 Rene
海大食品科学研究硕士,现任大江生医首席产品培训师&产品设计师,深耕功能性食品行业多年,也是TFDA 台湾卫生福利部-稽核员、技术指导员,台湾大型教学研究医院-临床营养研究员,以及营养师、食品技师,取得保健食品工程师、HACCP 稽核认证。参与设计多款大江生医热卖产品,在线培训人数超过百万人,培训场次超过300场。
TCI大江生医创立于1980 年,是功能性食品和护肤品全球智造专家,总部位于台北,全球业务中心分布于北上广、美国、荷兰、日本、印尼等地。在台湾、上海、美国设有多个精准制造中心,以全球最大ERP系统控制生产,打造绿色供应链,获TQF、ISO50001、ISO22000等资质认证,产品外销至全球62 国,服务全世界75%人口,获国际专利&商标2174+,得奖320+。
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