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Li Ning officially sells coffee: there are 7000 stores in one store

selling coffee has become the hottest sideline.
Unexpectedly, Li Ning also came to sell coffee.
these days, the coffee circle has become lively again. The reason is that Tianyan checked a record – Li Ning Sports (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the trademark of “Ning coffee”. Subsequently, Li Ning Company generously admitted to selling coffee: in the future, it will provide coffee services in the store to improve customers’ comfort and experience when shopping.
the investment community found that Li Ning coffee has emerged in some Li Ning stores in Beijing, Guangdong, Xiamen and other regions, and some can get a cup of “Li Ning coffee” for free as long as they consume arbitrarily in Li Ning stores. This means that Li Ning has officially entered the coffee game, and this hot Jianghu has ushered in an unexpected player.
Source: Li Ning’s official microblog
How imaginative can Li Ning sell coffee? According to the 2021 annual report data of Li Ning company, by the end of 2021, Li Ning had 7137 stores, and once fully launched, there were more than 7000 coffee shops. In contrast, Starbucks has more than 5000 stores in China, while Ruixing has more than 6000. Under the
epidemic, physical stores are not easy. It is not difficult to find that those who sell coffee across borders are almost giants with a large number of physical stores. It is not troublesome for them to sell coffee, but they can bring an imaginative sideline. It’s amazing that in this era, you never know who your next opponent is.
Magic crossover: Li Ning officially makes coffee
, and there are already stores offering
free of charge
Li Ning has been brewing coffee for a long time.
through a small red book blogger’s punch in post, we saw the true face of Lushan of Ning coffee. In early February this year, she saw a coffee cart marked with “Li-Ning” at the door of a new Li Ning store in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, with Li Ning brand logo and “x cafe” printed on the hood. In the post, she mentioned that you can drink a cup of Li Ning coffee for free at any consumption in Li Ning store, and the logo of the cup is also a common Li Ning brand style, which has a great sense of atmosphere.
the origin of Li Ning and coffee can be traced back to 2013. At that time, Li Ning made coffee yarn from coffee beans and made a warm at eco series “coffee dress” with coffee carbon fiber as raw material. It not only can inhibit bacteria and deodorize, but also has environmental protection and thermal insulation, which once triggered a hot topic.
in November last year, with the opening of Li Ning’s first global store in 1990 in Beijing, many consumers who came to shop drank Li Ning’s own brand of coffee for the first time. “The shopping guide sister kindly gave two cups of freshly ground coffee, and Li Ning’s own logo was also on the coffee cup.” A consumer recalled.
until this year, Li Ning began to make coffee seriously. First, in March, it launched the joint name of “sports trendy coffee” with Nestle coffee China – it was ready to surpass young, and then in April, the new trademark of “Ning coffee” emerged. Tianyan inspection shows that the trademark is classified as “catering and accommodation”, and the main body applying for registration is Li Ning Sports (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. at present, the trademark is still waiting for substantive examination.
during the May Day holiday this year, Nanjing coffee officially appeared in the flagship store of Li Ning Xiamen Zhonghua city.
Li Ning, who sells sportswear, makes coffee across the border? Such unexpected cross-border is popular on the Internet. In this regard, Li Ning responded that the company pays attention to the consumer purchase experience of retail terminals and hopes to improve customers’ comfort and experience during shopping by optimizing in store services. “Providing coffee services in stores will be an innovative attempt of Li Ning for the consumer experience of retail terminals.”
netizens blew up the pot, and they commented: “unexpectedly, the coffee market has begun to roll up”, “when it comes out, you must experience it and support Guochao”, “support, as long as the quality and price are similar to Ruixing”, and even someone joked: “if you don’t want to be a tavern next.”
Once more than 7000 Starbucks stores are opened, there will be more than 6031 stores in Li Ning
Li Ning, a name familiar to Chinese people.
in 1963, Li Ning was born in Liuzhou, Guangxi. He began to practice gymnastics at the age of 7 and entered the national team at the age of 17. He won 14 World Championships successively in his later sports career, creating a myth in the history of world gymnastics. He is known as the “Prince of gymnastics” and one of the most outstanding athletes in the 20th century.
in 1989, after his retirement, Li Ning turned to business, joined Guangdong Jianlibao group and founded a sports brand named after himself. In August of the following year, on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world, Li Ning, as a representative of athletes, took over the flame of the 11th Asian Games to be held in Beijing.
at this moment, Li Ning brand is popular all over the country. Historical data show that Li Ning’s annual sales revenue increased by more than 100% from 1993 to 1996, and set a sales record of 670 million yuan in 1996. After that, Li Ning faded out of the company’s management and handed it over to professional managers.
under the polishing of time, Li Ning has become a mature local sports brand, and once won the “No. 1 sports brand in China” for more than ten years, which is the mark in the youth memory of a generation. In June 2004, Li Ning company was officially listed on the Hong Kong main board market. Later, from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to 2019, Li Ning’s landing in New York Fashion Week with the theme of “Enlightenment” became popular again. In addition, Li Ning, the leader behind the scenes, returned to the mall. “China Li Ning” has experienced another glorious 10 years, and its latest total market value has exceeded HK $140 billion.
is in an era of national unity and high cultural confidence. Young consumers, especially the post-90s and post-00s, are increasingly accepting national brands, which also brings opportunities for consumption upgrading to a number of traditional brands. The wind of national tide swept through, “China Li Ning” once became the best annotation of the new style of Li Ning trend.
not long ago, Li Ning released the annual performance report for 2021: the company’s revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56%; The net profit reached 4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 136.1%. In terms of the number of stores, by the end of 2021, Li Ning had 7137 stores, with a net increase of 204, including 5935 Li Ning brands; There are 1202 in Li Ning young.
compared with Ruixing, which has 6024 stores in the same period, and Starbucks China, which has more than 5500 outlets, Li Ning coffee, which has more than 7000 outlets, has certain advantages in scale. Once fully or partially launched, it is a force that can not be underestimated.
looking back, this time, Li Ning’s cross-border coffee is more like a long planned layout, embracing the current popular coffee culture to reach more young people, and its ambition to diversify by relying on large stores is obvious. Some analysts believe that from clothing to coffee, this is the signal for Li Ning to make sports brands a way of life and create “Li Ning ecology”.
just like its brand slogan – everything is possible, which Jianghu will Li Ning cross in the next step?
Chinese coffee, supporting a trillion market, is still the hottest sideline
相比这些玩家,赛道内的种子选手更引人注目。这两年来我们亲眼目睹,小小一杯咖啡竟喝出了一只只独角兽,包括了单店估值超1亿元的Manner、身后挤满了VC/PE撑起超40亿元估值的M Stand、百亿估值的Tims中国、还有被喜茶收入麾下的Seesaw等等,来势汹汹。



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