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In January this year, foodaily released the “top ten commercial hot spots of 2022 daily food”. In the commercial hot spot of “new staple food culture and return to the core of smoke and fire in the market”, foodaily Research Institute mentioned: “simple and warm, prefabricated dishes 2.0 will incubate new family cooking habits. In the future, a simple cooking, smoke and fire home cooked meal will be seen everywhere”. Jumping out of the lazy house demand, the more ceremonial prefabricated dish 2.0 is detonating a “family kitchen revolution”.
In the first half of this year, prefabricated vegetables once again attracted the attention of the industry. The repeated epidemic situation and the emerging tide of vegetable hoarding accelerated and catalyzed the outbreak of prefabricated vegetables in the C-end market, attracted industry leaders to enter the market in a short time, accelerated promotion by local governments and large capital bets. Behind the upsurge, there was also a reflection on the proposition of “the fate of prefabricated vegetables after the epidemic”.
Calm down, think rationally, and walk from behind the scenes to the stage. Can prefabricated dishes really achieve the next trillion? Turning to the C-end market, what problems still need to be solved in prefabricated dishes? How many new opportunities are there for industrial innovation, brand innovation and product innovation? Behind the excitement, how can enterprises find the sustainable driving point of differentiation and make growth sustainable with innovation?
Foodaily daily food specially planned # family kitchen revolution # prefabricated dishes 2.0 series activities, and conducted special live broadcasts through video number and gossamer platform on May 19, 18:00-21:00 and May 24, 14:00-17:10. Experts and celebrities from 20 + industry think tanks, capital, track head brands and industrial solution providers were specially invited from the perspectives of track observation, industrial innovation, brand innovation and business opportunities, Bring you the latest insight and forward-looking analysis, and answer the two core questions of “to C future of prefabricated vegetables” and “track innovation opportunities of to C prefabricated vegetables”.
Turning to the prefabricated dishes at the C-end, is it trillions of outlets or foam prosperity?
After you sing, I will appear on the stage, and the hot fried prefabricated dishes have become the focus of capital attention. Enterprises such as seeking lion, having materials for three meals, wangjiadu food and pot circle food exchange have successively obtained financing, and the amount is basically more than 10 million yuan; The new Chinese prefabricated dish brand Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan was financed three times in half a year; Weizhixiang was also successfully listed last year, becoming the first stock of prefabricated dishes, and recently released its first financial report: it achieved a revenue of 765 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23%, and a net profit of 133 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6%.
According to the report on the prefabricated vegetable industry released by AI media consulting, the domestic prefabricated vegetable market will exceed 345.9 billion yuan in 2021, and then it is expected to increase year by year at a growth rate of 20%, which is expected to become the “next trillion market”. At a time when the field of prefabricated vegetables is gaining momentum, different views have emerged in the industry. Some people say that prefabricated vegetables are a temporary outlet for capital and the COVID-19 epidemic. At present, there are still many pain points in the prefabricated vegetables industry. Some also said that the current prosperity of the prefabricated vegetable market is only the initial stage of vigorous development, the competition has not reached the white hot level, and the outbreak period of prefabricated vegetables has not yet arrived.
Will consumers really buy it, business thinking vs traditional habits?
Despite the impact of the epidemic and other special environments, will the prefabricated dishes really meet the expectations and continue to be hot at the C end? At present, there is a general consensus in the industry that the market share ratio of prefabricated dishes in b-end and C-end is about 8:2. The epidemic has stimulated the C-end consumption demand of prefabricated dishes, accelerated the speed of prefabricated dishes on the family table, and capital, enterprises and e-commerce platforms quickly poured into the track. However, the development of prefabricated dishes in China started late, there is less C-end market, and it is difficult to stand out from many players without a good business model.
In addition, the diet of domestic consumers has strong regional attributes. Due to different eating habits and tastes, it is difficult to change people’s general habits. It is difficult to meet the needs of C-end consumers. There will be consumers who distrust the quality of prefabricated dishes, think they are not nutritious enough and have poor taste. Consumers have different opinions on prefabricated dishes. The market still needs education and the cultivation of consumption concept. Return to rational thinking. How do you think about the opportunities of prefabricated dishes in the C-end market?
Product homogenization and fierce competition, how to overtake the first machine in the corner?
Some industry insiders said that with the continuous increase of enterprises on the track, the challenge of the prefabricated vegetable market in the future is homogenization. After entering the track, most enterprises will face the choice of whether they are large and complete or small and beautiful. With rich SKUs to meet the market demand, the ability of explosive products is bound to be insufficient. In order to successfully break through the circuit, the prefabricated vegetable brand needs to establish its own unique barriers, develop from cognitive thinking, business model and product innovation, capture new opportunities of the circuit and seize the core needs of consumers, so as to better adapt to and meet the market demand and changes.
Large items on the market, such as crayfish, sauerkraut fish, pork belly chicken and sweet and sour tenderloin, are loved by C-end users. What if they break the circle and conquer consumers’ stomach? What are the possibilities of large items? Can overseas mature prefabricated vegetables give new inspiration to the domestic prefabricated vegetable market? These are questions worth pondering over for the brand of prefabricated dishes. They are also the secrets of the explosion of prefabricated dishes that foodaily will discuss with you and the brands at the head of the track in the series of prefabricated dishes 2.0 activities in May.
It is difficult to innovate the prefabricated vegetable industry. How can we grasp the hearts and stomach of consumers by technology?
Behind the sudden explosion of popularity, prefabricated dishes have also stepped into the tuyere of public opinion. At present, the pain points in the prefabricated vegetable market include the uneven taste and quality of dishes. For consumers who love Chinese food culture, in addition to being convenient and fast, color, aroma and flavor are the basic demands. According to the data of AI media consulting, the first three problems that consumers think the prefabricated food industry needs to improve are: the taste recovery degree of prefabricated food (61.8%), the food safety problem of prefabricated food (47.8%), and the diversification of prefabricated food (47.2%).
But the good thing is that the continuous iteration of R & D and technology in the industry, such as vacuum & fresh-keeping technology, cold chain technology and cooking technology, also brings more possibilities for the innovation of prefabricated dishes. From the industrial port, what are the difficulties and limitations in the development of prefabricated dishes? What are the new solutions?
Gather brands, capital, think tanks and industries to find answers to the C road for prefabricated dishes!
Since May, foodaily daily food has specially planned # family kitchen revolution # prefabricated dishes 2.0 series activities, and carried out special live broadcasts through video number and gossamer platform from 18:00-21:00 on May 19 and 14:00-17:10 on May 24, and specially invited experts and celebrities in industry fields such as industry think tanks, capital, track head brands and industrial solution providers from the perspectives of track observation, industrial innovation, brand innovation and business opportunities, Bring you the latest insight and forward-looking analysis.
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