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Jump out of the trap of “anti phagocytosis of explosive products” and set off a new revolution in the long-term sales of nutritional supplements

The lasting and reliable efficacy of
is the core competitiveness of nutritional supplement products.

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Driven by both consumption trends and capital, the global nutritional supplement market has witnessed a heat wave and accelerated layout in the past year. First, Nestle aimed at the dietary supplement market and incorporated several core brands of bountiful into its territory; Then, in February this year, IFF announced that it would acquire HWP, one of the leaders in nutritional supplement formula and capsule manufacturing; On March 31, Taylor group wholly acquired quantum high tech, a Chinese dietary fiber enterprise.
The domestic market is also fully open, and the industry pattern has undergone great changes. In June 2021, Thomson Beijian’s market value exceeded 60 billion yuan and reached the top of the global industry leader, with a significant increase in the market value of the industry; From May to December last year, in the direction of oral beauty, interest nutrition and personalized nutrition, seven brands have successively obtained financing at different stages from seed to round D.
The promotion frequency of nutritional supplement brands is dizzying, and the overall design has made significant progress in the dimensions of younger design, situational positioning, form snacks, personalized efficacy and so on. The convenience, palatability, beauty and efficacy of products attract a wider range of consumers. However, there is still much room for improvement in the aspects of functional factor activity protection, multi-component synergy, and the effectiveness of release and absorption in vivo.
Recently, foodaily learned that Dajiang biomedical, one of the three ODM enterprises of global health food and with a history of more than 40 years, has launched a “double business technology” with ultra-fine particles and multi-layer liposome hollow structure as the core in China to solve the problem of in vivo absorption of water-soluble nutrients, fat soluble nutrients and insoluble ions, and set off a new revolution in nutritional supplements.
In the business environment where everyone “grabs the flow and makes explosive products”, how can the brand of nutritional supplements jump out of the trap of “anti phagocytosis of explosive products” and create lasting product competitiveness with truly effective products? What is the secret of “dual business technology” to improve the efficacy and performance of products? In addition to technological innovation, what is the creative space for nutritional supplements?
High growth rate and low penetration,
How can the 200 billion nutritional supplement market break through the “ceiling”?
PwC pointed out in its 2020 report that the global nutritional supplement market has maintained an average annual growth rate of 6.3% in the past five years. The driving force from the consumption level – “focus on health”, “sports nutrition”, “customization”, “population aging”, “new lifestyle” and “increase in health expenditure” jointly promote the development of the global market.
The situation of China’s market can be summarized in two words: “high growth rate” and “low penetration”. On the one hand, the average annual growth rate is as high as 8.8% (Euromonitor International Data), on the other hand, the consumption penetration rate is as low as 20%, and the per capita consumption is only one seventh to one fifth of that of developed countries.
Photo source: Thomson Beijian: the channels of brand products are full of energy, scientific nutrition is hanging Yunfan, Debon securities, February 2022
The McKinsey health consumption atlas released in April this year pointed out that more than 70% of China’s post-90s regard health as a top priority. “Laziness”, “quickness”, “fanaticism” and “following the trend” have become four significant characteristics of young people’s health preservation trend. These consumption preferences promote the development of the nutritional supplement market towards daily normalization, scene, light function and fashion.
At the product level, domestic nutritional supplements have made significant progress in dosage form richness, technological innovation and scene relevance. For example, byhealth melatonin flash sleeping tablets, which adopt supercritical water-soluble extraction process, 60 micron film technology and self-developed flashnutritm flash release process, are aimed at improving the sleep of people; The high-energy fruit and vegetable juice launched by 21beaty focuses on the fast drinking demand in the scenes of work, fitness, outdoor, business trip, physical recovery and so on; Unomi tenghuangguo thermal control tablets can help the body control population through the bottleneck period of weight loss by blocking the whole link (sugar and oil), continuously burning cards and improving the sense of satiety. Fight on daily wins the flagship version of collagen peptide multiberry drink designed for women. Taking the dipeptide (collagen peptide + elastin peptide) endorsed by 6 patents as the core ingredient, it creates a “beauty” research method of internal and external repair.
Source: Official Websites of byhealth, 21beauty, unomi and other brands
With the emergence of popular concepts and the continuous financing of cutting-edge enterprises, the nutritional supplement market has ushered in spring all the way. However, if we sink the observation perspective to individual consumers and production enterprises, we will see many unavoidable problems.
(1) Single nutrition, physical and mental weight-bearing
At present, there are many kinds of nutritional supplements with different sizes and forms. If you want to make up for the lack of nutrition every day, you need to eat multiple products at the same time. For consumers, comparison before purchase, daily storage after purchase, and taking it many times a day have become a huge physical and mental burden beyond three meals.
(2) It is not friendly to take and has poor palatability
The aging phenomenon in China is becoming more and more serious. They have reduced swallowing ability and weak digestion and absorption, and face many challenges in taking nutritional supplements. Many products have not been improved for the elderly; At the same time, under the heavy pressure of work and life, contemporary young people can hardly speak the rules of diet and rest, which will also lead to swallowing disorders and poor digestion and absorption capacity. They also need nutritional supplements that are “easy to take, easy to absorb and accurately released”.
Source: everydayhealth
(3) The utility of the product is low, and the explosive is backfired
Capsule embedding technology is widely used in the nutritional supplement industry, but the technology itself is still improving and developing. Many supplements are still mixed in terms of release curve, absorption efficiency and efficacy expression after entering the body, which is difficult to reassure consumers and generate repurchase desire.
Under the Internet thinking of “grabbing traffic and making explosive products”, brands are keen to develop explosive products that meet the trend, but the effect is often unsatisfactory. The life of such products is fleeting like a meteor, which can not be implanted into the minds of consumers, and it is even more difficult to bring long-term benefits to consumers and enterprises. The industry fell into a business cycle of “using explosives to improve performance, but forcing repeated investment to create more explosives due to their short life”. “Anti explosion” is becoming a chronic disease that many enterprises cannot eradicate but cannot ignore.
How to jump out of the development trap of “explosive anti phagocytosis”? Building truly effective, differentiated and strong barrier products is the best answer.
Led by “dual business technology”,
Nutritional supplements enter the era of “efficient” utilization
In the field of research on the effectiveness of nutritional supplements, Dajiang biomedical has independently developed “double Nutri”. This micro fat particle coating technology combines emulsified components, natural plant colloids and functional components, which can highly stably coat oil phase, water phase and even insoluble ions, homogenize the effective components into micron particles, which can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the human body, maintain the stability of components, and reduce the bad flavor in nutrients and extracts.
Source: Dajiang biomedical
According to foodaily, focusing on the “dual business technology”, Dajiang biomedical has applied for a number of invention patents in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, China, Japan and Australia, and won many awards such as the silver award of the “Tokyo Invention Award in Japan”, “the gold award of the” Canada International Invention Award “and the gold award of the” London International Invention Award “during 2018-2020.
What is the magic of liposomes blessed with ultra-fine technology?
1. The secret of ultramicro liposomes
Liposomes are closed vesicles composed of lipid bilayers composed of phospholipids and cholesterol. They have high targeting, slow-release and skin affinity. They are widely used as carriers of functional / active components in medicine, health food and cosmetics.
Conventional liposomes (left) and doublenutri ™ Ultramicro liposome (right). Source: Sohu, Dajiang biomedical
With the help of ultra-fine technology, Dajiang Shengyi enables traditional liposomes to have higher encapsulation efficiency and better stability. A variety of functional components with different properties can be in the same room without interference with each other. Ultramicro liposomes can effectively reduce the influence of human digestive environment on functional components (such as destruction or degradation). The effective ingredients can be released slowly. The absorption rate of intestinal cells is increased and the duration of efficacy is prolonged.
Liposomes prepared by traditional ultrasonic vibration method will have the disadvantages of uneven mass, unstable performance and low coating rate; The hydration reaction is carried out by adding water to the dry lipid membrane, or the hydration reaction is induced under AC electric field, which often causes the coating material to be wasted in the reaction solution.
Dajiang Shengyi takes microchannel and membrane pressurized injection technology as the core to prepare ultra-fine liposomes, which is helpful to continuously produce liposomes with uniform size. The coating rate of lipid bilayer membrane structure can be as high as 80%, and the material waste can be significantly reduced. When ultramicro liposomes are made into beverages, the internal components will not be destroyed even after instant sterilization at ultra-high temperature.
Particle size control is also the key point of efficient expression of ultramicro liposomes. The average particle size of liposomes is only 1 ~ 3 μ m. Equivalent to 1 / 9 of red blood cells, the absorption biochemical process can be quickly started without the intervention of physical digestion in vivo.
Source: Dajiang biomedical
2. More absorption and stronger effect
The special preparation process enables the ultra-fine liposome to carry the effective components in the human body. Human experiments confirmed that compared with the non emulsified fish oil group, double Nutri was added to the food ™ After emulsified fish oil in double dosage form, the content of EPA + DHA absorbed by human plasma increased by 5.5 times; Double Nutri ™ The absorption of double camp liquid calcium is 22.3% more than that of liquid calcium; Compared with solid calcium, the absorption increased by 261.8%. The absorption rate of vitamin C coated with ultramicro liposome increased by 33% and remained in the body for up to 8 hours.
Source: Dajiang biomedical
In a skin test experiment for 20 women aged 35 ~ 60, double Nutri was used ™ The preparation technology of lipin can improve the moisture content of skin and improve the content of collagen.
3. High power concentration + efficient absorption = high competitiveness
The double operation technology enables the high enrichment of nutrients in the liposome, greatly improves the absorption efficiency, and finally brings the high efficiency performance of nutritional tonic products.
If the amount of the same nutrients is finally absorbed by the human body is calculated uniformly, the efficacy of a small liquid nutritional supplement using “double business technology” is about equal to 65 tablets, 110 grams of soft capsules and more than 200 vitamin fudges on the market. Such efficient performance not only greatly reduces the burden of consumers’ intake of nutritional supplements, but also makes the products win in the market competition.
Source: Dajiang biomedical
4. Digital printing technology enables nutritional supplements to “add wings to the tiger”
In addition to high efficiency, Dajiang Shengyi also endows its products with stronger “production rate” and higher appearance value. Using the most advanced digital printing technology, they can print 7 packages per second, and realize “one object, one code, one package and one picture”, so that the nutritional supplements are no longer the same.
Source: Dajiang biomedical
It is understood that Dajiang biomedical is currently launching different series of products such as two-way nutritional liquid package, high-efficiency concentrated liquid package and jelly for nutritional supplement brands. In terms of functional demands, it is divided into “Meili series”, “vitality series” and “concentrated extract series”, which are respectively aimed at different life demands such as nourishing beauty, improving vitality and protecting body tissues.
Source: Dajiang biomedical
Dimension, material and process,
How to break through the “siege” of nutrition supplement innovation?
In the environment where consumers pay more and more attention to functional foods, the global dietary and nutritional supplement industry has achieved rapid development in the past few years. Among them, more attention is paid to the performance of nutritional supplements in vivo stability, delayed release curve and bioavailability. By improving the lipid preparation process, reducing the processing scale, using better coating materials, nutritional supplements continue to break through their siege, and obtain better efficacy and function expansion.
1. In the evolution of liposome technology, the efficacy of nutrients has improved by leaps and bounds
Since its establishment, Dajiang Shengyi has been committed to developing raw materials with special functions. In order to make the development of raw materials more efficient, we took the lead in establishing the business model of “biological mining”. With the help of genetic technology, big data, automation, intelligent formula platform and industrial 4.0 manufacturing system, we turned artificial intelligence and automation laboratory into reality, and developed high-efficiency products in combination with global biotechnology resources.
In the process of continuous research and optimization of raw material extraction and screening conditions, Dajiang biomedical gradually expanded its attention to nutrient coating technology. By collecting a large amount of market research information, they realized the defects of traditional capsule supplements. Taking fish oil as an example, it is not only too large for swallowing, but also consumers can not immediately detect whether the ingredients in the capsule are oxidized and deteriorated. In addition, the rapid and effective absorption of human cells is very important for the effectiveness of the product, and the particle size is the key to affect the absorption. The results show that micro emulsification technology can effectively improve the bioavailability of nutrients. Therefore, Dajiang biomedical began to study the coating technology with differentiated and high bioavailability.
Source: Dajiang biomedical
In 2018, based on the accumulation of years of research, Dajiang biomedical put forward the concept of “double camp”, introduced ultra-fine preparation technology, and developed a new liposome coated carrier with multi-component coexistence, high stability and high absorption rate. Since 2019, human experiments on oil-soluble nutrients, calcium and water-soluble nutrients have been carried out continuously, and a complete set of nutritional supplement solutions that can be mass produced will be finally completed this year.
Foodaily learned that in the development and improvement of coating technology, Dajiang biomedical has invested a total of 120 million yuan. Not long ago, “Research on the bioavailability improvement of vitamin C by double Nutri dual technology” has been included in the international well-known academic journal Journal of biomedical nanotechnology, marking that the progress of nutritional supplements in the core preparation process has been recognized by the international academic community and laid a solid scientific foundation for commercialization.
2. Improvement of nutritional supplement products in processing scale
Double business technology controls the particle size of liposomes at the micron level and obtains extraordinary efficacy. Nanotechnology, which has been widely used in many industries, has also begun to emerge in the field of nutritional supplements.
Prodalim, a European food ingredient company, developed capsoil, a technology for producing ultra-fine water-soluble powder from natural oil. Capsoil powder contains 30% to 60% oil and its bioactive compounds. The lotion particles are nano scale, with large surface area, which enhances the biological contact surface and absorption of the oil soluble components coated. It is reported that prodalim has tried capsoil powder oil in various water-based applications, and the bioavailability and stability results of its active substances are “very encouraging”.
Source: prodalim
In April this year, Sakura dream Co., Ltd. developed the world’s first nutritional functional food and beverage “PONET NMN nano liquid” containing NMN nanoparticles. This technology disperses the phospholipid carrier coated with NMN into nano scale, has good dispersion stability, is not acidolysis in gastric acid, is easier to enter the villi of small intestine and improve the absorption rate.
Source: prtimes jp
3. Improvement of coating material
To improve the efficacy of nutritional supplements, the improvement of coating materials can not be ignored.
Last December, MIT developed a polyphenol based coating to protect anaerobic bacteria from oxygen. The coating is made of ferric ions and three polyphenols. The new coating technology allows E. coli and acid Bacteroides (which play an important role in intestinal digestion and have the potential to treat rectal cancer) to avoid the risk of cumbersome freeze-drying preparation and loss of vitality, and can reach the intestine more easily.
Britvic, a British soft drink company, has developed a micro capsule made of pea protein that can protect photosensitive vitamins. After using this capsule, vitamin fortified drinks can be safely filled in transparent bottles.
In China, vegegel capsule has developed the plant glue 3D embedding technology. The stomach acid resistant plant starch capsule is wrapped with flaxseed oil, and then the high-purity functional components are embedded in two layers by using the antioxidant properties of flaxseed oil, which effectively prevents the damage of stomach acid to modern small molecular nutrients.
Source: imsilkroad
Many food companies around the world are studying ways to improve the efficacy of nutritional supplements from all dimensions. Whether the optimization of lipid preparation process by “double business technology” or the improvement of processing scale and coating material, let us look forward to the future of nutritional supplements!
At the end of last year, glanbia, a world-renowned supplier of food ingredients, released the top 5 trend of dietary supplements in 2022. Glanbia believes that with more snack and interesting product forms, personalized nutrition with online individual survey as a tool will become two important trends in the nutritional supplement industry this year. This means that nutritional supplements will continue to absorb more diverse components, more refined and complex functional expression, and the new technology represented by “dual business technology” will also usher in greater development space.
At 14:00 p.m. on May 17, Chen siting, the chief product trainer and product designer of Dajiang biomedicine, will bring an online live broadcast course of “breaking the” anti phagocytosis of explosive products “and analyzing the long-term sales password of functional food”.
Scan the QR code below and make an appointment for live broadcast with one click
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