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The most wonderful coffee shop in Japan, which specializes in rotten coffee?



Text: Xiao Feiliang

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Hello, I’m Xiao Feiliang.

Rush to draft has always been a “great nightmare” for many writers and even workers in many industries.

For we media workers, the nature of their work determines that they should be on standby at any time. If there is any emergency hot spot, they should turn on the computer to write.

So you can see them working anywhere.

For example, in a hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot shop, when others eat hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, he eats others’ thumb:

Others are jumping in the bar.

She wrote Xiumi at the bar:

When others go home by subway, she writes articles on the subway.

It hurts to be busy and tired.

There are times when I put off my work, even if I work hard.

So I can only choose to suspend the update for one day.

Every time at this time, there will be dear readers to spend more time.

For example, conventional reminder type:


Poetry recitation and antithesis

Wait, wait.

To be reasonable, I’m good at cooing for a day or two.

Like the old rich thief and Jay, I don’t know when it will be updated.

So, what can be done to treat patients with procrastination like me?


In Tokyo, Japan, there is a cafe specializing in procrastination, called “writing cafe” (manuscript writing).

Recently, this cafe has become popular on the Internet. Many Japanese went to try fresh food and said that the effect was very good, which cured their procrastination for many years.

So what’s the magic of this cafe that makes people want to code as soon as they go in?

Let’s learn about this cafe first.

The cafe looks from the outside, It’s no different from a normal coffee shop. You can’t even feel any tension from the outside.

Many Japanese will specially come here to punch in and take photos. As for going in, they should not dare to go in.

The space itself is called “plateau Temple triangle” (Gaoxi Temple triangle), which is named after the space is a triangle.

You can understand it by looking at the following design drawing:

It used to be a photography studio, which undertook the site needs of interview or program shooting.

Takuya Kawai, the person in charge, didn’t want it to be idle all the time, so he turned it into a coffee shop.

Looking at the interior, the space is only 38 square meters, with 13 seats.

Decoration is also the style of ordinary cafes:

However, the layout inside is unique in some places:

Every day, 13 customers write hard in the store, vowing to complete their work goals:

After introducing the general situation of the cafe, let’s talk about the issues we are most concerned about:

Why does this cafe help people get rid of procrastination?

First, if you want to enter the store, the staff will hand you a card to fill in:

On the card, you need to fill in your work goal in the cafe today.

Moreover, the work goal must be specific, such as “I want to write a 1.5k word tweet”, “2W word thesis”, etc.

If you complete your work goal, you will get a little red flower from the store, and the goal about English will be marked with “a + +”:

Then some friends will refute:

Just a little red flower can make me work? You’re kidding.

Bird food, this trivial reward is not enough, but this cafe has a series of “supporting measures” to let you write.

The first and most important provision:

Customers must complete the goals set by themselves. Don’t leave until they complete them.

Even if you want to leave by force, the clerk won’t let you succeed.

Many domestic netizens do not care about this provision.

They think that since the clerk won’t let me go, I’ll just live here. What can I do?

Unfortunately, the reality is very skinny. Don’t forget: working in this cafe costs a fee.

The charging standard of cafes can be called “conscience”.

150 yen every half an hour, about 8 yuan.

There’s no problem with this. It’s very affordable.

However! This is only the price during normal business hours. Once you need to “work overtime”, the delay fee will be very expensive:

An additional 1000 yen will be charged from 7 to 8 p.m. and then 500 yen per hour.

From 11 pm to 5 am, it is 3000 yen (150 yuan) per hour.

In other words, if you enter the store at 1 p.m. and stay up until 5 a.m. the next day, you will be charged a total of 26800 yen (about 1360 yuan).

If you dare to delay, you have to pay. This is the fundamental reason for people to work hard.

In addition, cafes have other measures to motivate customers.

For example, the clerk will remind you every hour. You can choose the reminder method.

M (mild), s (severe) and H (ask in dialect)

In addition, the cafe also keeps a dog called “Matcha”.

If there are guests fishing, it will bark at them, making TA the focus of the public.

With these measures, it is reasonable for customers to improve their efficiency.

In addition, there are a lot of details in this rush coffee shop, which is convenient for customers to work at ease.

For example, cafes only receive “manuscript writers” engaged in computer text and image work, such as translators, copywriters, novelists and school counterparts.

It is not open to ordinary consumers, which can ensure the rush atmosphere in the store.

In addition, there is an unlimited supply of coffee and tea here. You are also welcome to bring food into the store or order takeout.

The seats will be provided with sockets, USB charging ports and heat dissipation bases of laptops.

Be reasonable, I think this kind of coffee shop can also be set up in China.

Not to mention the rush workers, many college students drag their papers to deadline every year.

If you open one next to the University, you can’t do business every day.

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