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Gao Weidong, the former chairman of Maotai, was investigated. A small amount of Li Ning coffee tested the water. The French Nestle factory was investigated by prosecutors. The mainland revenue increased by 10% in the last quarter of the Japanese Qing Dynasty. The United States accelerated the import of milk powder, which was reversed after the break of other meat customers

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Gao Weidong, former chairman of Maotai, was investigated

Today, according to the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, Gao Weidong, director of Guizhou coalfield geology bureau and former chairman of Maotai Group, is suspected of serious violation of discipline and law and is currently under review and investigation. In February 2017, Gao Weidong was transferred to the party secretary and deputy director general of Guizhou Provincial Department of communications, and took over as director general in January 2018. In March 2020, he served as party secretary and chairman of Maotai Group. In August 2021, Gao Weidong left Maotai Group and became the director of the Provincial Bureau of coalfield geology. (governor of Chang’an Street)

Guizhou Maotai will constantly adjust the product launch strategy of “I Maotai”

Li Jingren, acting general manager of Guizhou Maotai, said that I Maotai is in the trial operation stage and has put on the shelves rare Maotai liquor, Maotai liquor of the year of the tiger and Maotai 1935 liquor. At the same time, I Maotai has been connected to 12 third-party e-commerce platforms and put 500ml Feitian Maotai liquor into use. In the future, we will constantly adjust the product launch strategy after the official launch to enrich the product launch. (Daily Economic News)

Li Ning coffee is accused of testing water in a small number of flagship stores

At present, Beijing Qiaofu Fangcao, Zhanjiang huaduhui store and Xiamen Zhonghua city and other flagship stores of Li Ning have begun to provide coffee services. The clerk of Li Ning Xiamen Zhonghua city flagship store said that coffee drinking is located on the third floor and is not open to the public at present. Customers who come to the store can get a free drink after purchasing goods for 499 yuan. At present, there is only one store in Zhonghua city in Xiamen to provide coffee service. Li Ning’s official staff said that they had not received further notice and suggested to pay attention to the follow-up progress. (Sohu Finance)


7-Eleven China Chairman change

A few days ago, 7-Eleven China made a personnel adjustment. The former chairman of 7-ELEVEN China, Shinji Uchida, no longer served as the chairman, and Yan Qian, the former CFO and general manager of 7-ELEVEN China, took over the post of chairman. As for the reasons for the personnel change, 7-Eleven China did not disclose.

(Beijing business daily)


Revenue of Nissin food in mainland China increased by 10% last quarter

Today, Riqing food announced its first quarter results, saying that its first quarter profit fell by 3% year-on-year to HK $90.31 million, and its quarterly revenue increased by 10% to HK $1.06 billion. The sales volume of cup packaged instant noodles in mainland China increased, and the group’s business revenue in mainland China increased by 11.9% to HK $780 million. Riqing food also said that affected by the rise in raw material prices and other production costs, the quarterly gross profit margin fell to 32.1%. Together with the increase in sales and distribution costs and administrative expenses, Riqing food’s quarterly profit fell. (company announcement)

In 2022, Baoding JUNLEBAO RANCH project will be intensively started

Yesterday, the centralized commencement ceremony of Baoding JUNLEBAO RANCH project in 2022 was held in Li county. Baoding JUNLEBAO RANCH project will build six ranches in five counties including Li County, Gaoyang County, Quyang County, Shunping County and Yi County, covering a total area of 1300 mu, with a total investment of 1.03 billion yuan, a design stock of 20000, and an annual output of 100000 tons of newly proliferated fresh milk after completion. (Baoding Evening News)

Nongnongshan spring packaging materials can be recycled by 99%

Recently, nongnongshan spring released the 2021 sustainability report. The report points out that nongnongshanquan claims that the sales weight of products without sugar / low sugar, sodium / low sodium and fat / low fat accounts for more than 85%. In addition, the carbon emission intensity will be reduced by 9.6% in 2021, and the packaging materials will be 99% recyclable. Previously, nongnongshan spring set medium – and long-term environmental goals, reducing carbon emission intensity by 20% from 2019 to 2030 and making plastic packaging of water and beverages 100% recyclable from 2020 to 2025. (issued by the company)


Fruit retailer Xianfeng fruit group activity complained

Recently, Xianfeng fruit, a fruit retailer who made a second sprint for IPO, was complained of cheating consumers and selling spoiled fruit. A few days ago, several consumers complained that they successfully assembled special fruit on Xianfeng fruit applet. When they went to the store designated by Xianfeng fruit applet to pick up the goods, they encountered the clerk refusing to deliver the goods for various reasons, questioning that Xianfeng fruit swiped data and cheated consumers through group activities. In addition, many consumers complained about buying spoiled fruit in Xianfeng fruit. (China Network)


Fuyi wine is seeking other export markets

Recently, Tim Ford, CEO of Fuyi wine group in Australia, said that the company is actively exploring other export markets in Asia according to the formulated strategy, and the work progress is better than expected. It is reported that at the end of 2020, Fuyi wine was affected by tariff issues in mainland China. Before that, the annual value of Australian wine exports to China was about a $1.3 billion, of which Fuyi was Australia’s largest exporter. (Aohua Finance Online)


The US FDA inspected Abbott factory last year

Bloomberg quoted an FDA report today that the authorities learned from the routine inspection of the production facilities of Abbott Michigan milk powder factory in September last year that Klebsiella was detected in a batch of finished milk powder, which may have been contaminated by a worker touching the contaminated surface without changing gloves. However, these products did not enter the market. (Bloomberg)


Ferrero may restart the Belgian factory in June

Previously, Ferrero’s Belgian candy factory closed due to Salmonella storm in Belgium may be restarted in June. Ferrero related personnel, trade unions and food safety authorities have held meetings to discuss the conditions to be met before resuming production. At present, the factory is being cleaned up to ensure that the products entering the market again are not contaminated. (Food Safety News)

French prosecutors investigate Nestle pizza factory

According to Reuters news yesterday, French prosecutors launched a preliminary criminal investigation into the Nestle buitoni pizza factory, whose products may have killed one person due to E. coli infection. A spokesman for the Paris prosecutor’s office said the investigation pointed to possible allegations of violations of food safety requirements. As of press time, Nestle France did not immediately comment. (Reuters)

Bottler Coca Cola HBC is evaluating its business in Russia

Yesterday, Coca Cola HBC said that after Coca Cola suspended its business in Russia, the company was evaluating its business in Russia, reducing its related business in the country and focusing on local brands. Coca Cola HBC company is one of Coca Cola’s bottlers in the world. It owns Coca Cola’s local franchise. Coca Cola owns about 21% of the company. Previously, the company referred to Russia as one of its largest markets. (Reuters)

Brazilian meat company JBS says China remains a long-term importer of beef

Yesterday, Brazilian meat giant JBS said that China’s epidemic prevention policy would not affect China’s demand for its products, despite logistics concerns. JBS said that China is still regarded as a long-term importer of its beef. It is reported that despite the rise in global grain prices and the decrease in pork exports to China, JBS reported a higher than expected profit in the first quarter. Citibank analysts reiterated their buy rating on the stock and raised its target price to 50 reais (66.15 yuan) per share after the quarterly results were announced. (Reuters)

Other meat customers reversed after falling below the IPO price

Yesterday, beyond meat’s share price was lower than its IPO price for the first time when it opened, and then reversed in volatile trading, rising as high as 12%. It is reported that in recent quarters, different meat customers are coping with increasingly fierce competition and soaring inflation. Wall Street is worried about the possibility that the company needs more cash. (Reuters)

Unilever establishes renewable agricultural investment fund

Recently, Unilever will invest about $104 million in a fund to support renewable agricultural enterprises. The fund is the “influence fund”, established by Unilever and asset management companies AXA and tikehau capital. It is reported that the fund is committed to accelerating and expanding the transformation of renewable agriculture. (justfood)

Quick reading of food industry information


The State Administration of Market Supervision issued the unqualified sampling inspection of 9 batches of food

Today, the State Administration of market supervision released the unqualified situation of 9 batches of food sampling inspection, and said that for the unqualified food found in the supervision and sampling inspection, the provincial market supervision departments such as Shanghai and Jiangsu have been instructed to immediately organize the inspection and disposal, find out the flow direction of products, and urge enterprises to take measures such as taking unqualified products off the shelves to control risks; Violations of laws and regulations shall be dealt with strictly according to law; Timely disclose the risk prevention and control measures taken by the enterprise and the verification and disposal to the public. The details of unqualified food under supervision and sampling inspection are as follows:


Taobao tmall announced a number of 618 measures to help businesses

Today, tmall announced 25 618 measures to help businesses, covering five aspects: financial subsidies, logistics dredging, flow subsidies, special measures for the epidemic and technology upgrading. It is reported that these 25 measures are designed based on the actual pain points faced by businesses under the epidemic and run through the whole link of business operation, aiming to enhance business confidence and help consumers recover. In terms of quantity, tmall’s assistance measures to businesses are more than twice that of tmall’s double 11 last year. (issued by the company)

Release of 2022 report on domestic consumption trend of young people

Recently, JD consumer and Industrial Development Research Institute released a research report on China’s brand development. This study focuses on the young group after 95. The report shows that among the fresh categories, fruit, pastry baking and dairy cold drinks are the top three sub categories in the number of post-95 shopping users. The number of users of domestic products in these categories accounts for more than 90%, 80% and 70% respectively. Fast food, cooked food, pastry baking and vegetables are the sub categories with rapid growth in the number of domestic users, with a year-on-year increase of 257%, 72% and 50% respectively. (China Merchants Wuhan)

Hebei launched a program to promote the high-quality development of dairy industry

Recently, the Department of agriculture and rural development of Hebei Province issued the 2022 promotion plan of high-end dairy industry cluster in Hebei Province. The plan specifies that in 2022, the number of dairy cows in the province will be 1.45 million, the output of fresh milk will be 5.4 million tons, 16 modern dairy demonstration parks and 4 high-end dairy products projects will be built, the dairy structure will be further optimized, and the production capacity and market share of high-end dairy products will be improved. (Hebei Provincial People’s Government)


The United States will accelerate the import of infant formula from abroad

Faced with the increasing shortage of milk powder supply in the United States, yesterday, the U.S. authorities called on the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general to severely crack down on driving up the price of milk powder, and said that the U.S. FDA is trying to understand the obstacles to milk powder import and will speed up the import of formula milk powder from Mexico, Chile, Holland and Ireland in the coming weeks. (Financial Times, Bloomberg)


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