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Nutrilite brand upgrade blockbuster exposure! Release a new declaration “nature protects you”

In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of health, health food has become an important category of the big health industry and has been paid more and more attention by consumers. The development of China’s health food industry has also ushered in a new period of opportunity.

According to the data of China Business Industry Research Institute, the market scale of China’s health food industry has grown steadily, reaching 184.7 billion yuan in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 7.75%. It is expected that the market scale will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2022. According to the “double 11” war report released by JD health in 2021, during the “double 11” period, the turnover of nutrition and health care products increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

More and more brands have joined the booming health care products track. How to stand out in the competition and grasp the minds of consumers has become a topic for major brands to think about.

Recently, xiaoshidai noticed that Nutrilite, which focuses on natural nutrition, released a new brand promotional film on its official wechat account. The film focuses on protecting nature, upgrades the brand concept from “natural nutrition, natural health” to “nature protects you”, and has been popular on various platforms such as Tiktok and video numbers.


What insight and logic does Nutrilite’s brand upgrading come from? Let’s have a look.



With the improvement of national living standards and the catalysis of the sudden epidemic two years ago, more and more people pay more attention to their health.

According to the 2020 China consumer survey report released by McKinsey, about 72% of Chinese consumers pursue a healthier lifestyle, and 82% of Chinese consumers are willing to pay for higher quality products. In the white paper on the consumption trend of organic products in 2022 released by, we can also see that up to 93% of the respondents mainly focus on health.

Consumers’ attitude towards health is no longer lying flat or accepting passively, but taking the initiative to protect their health. Nutrilite is also actively exploring this aspect and has insight into consumer needs – “eager to nourish the body and mind, absorb energy and grasp the initiative of a happy life”, which coincides with the rising health awareness of the public.

Based on this commonality, Nutrilite started again according to the pain points of consumers, upgraded its brand positioning, and transformed the original “natural nutrition and natural health” from the perspective of brand into a more consumer-centered “nature protects you”.

Such a layer of brand logic is clearly presented in the newly released promotional film of Nutrilite.



In the new promotional film, Nutrilite invited earthworms, eagles and ladybugs as “guest actors”. This is not a scene only in the studio, but a daily clip that actually happened on Nutrilite farm.

The soaring eagle guarded the crops

Abundant rain protects the forest

Adequate nutrition protects you

Nutrilite believes that only vibrant soil can breed healthy plants, healthy plants can have richer plant nutrients, can produce safer and more effective health food, and achieve “strict control throughout the process from seed to finished product”, so that consumers can use it more at ease.

At Nutrilite, every product to consumers is “traceable throughout the process”.

From species to seeds, Nutrilite scientists have mapped fingerprints of a variety of plants around the world to explore their health benefits. Nutrilite’s official website shows that plant seeds have their own birth certificates to track their growth process. At the same time, a third-party testing organization will test the natural properties, purity and germination rate of seeds to ensure that the nutrient content of plants is high and pollution-free.

In terms of farming and planting, Nutrilite is looking for ideal farms and planting suitable species all over the world except Antarctica. These farms make full use of the power of nature and hand over the pest control work to “animal employees” such as falcons and ladybugs. It is understood that Nutrilite currently has four self owned farms around the world, which are organically cultivated in combination with the characteristics of different farms.

Farm staff will harvest plants when they are enriched in nutrients and make the best use of them. The nutrient enriched part of plant raw materials will be extracted and made into nutritional supplements, while the rest will be used as fertilizer to nourish the soil.

According to reports, in the production process, Nutrilite’s professional quality inspectors will carry out meticulous testing of products; The packaging team will also repeatedly test the product packaging under extreme conditions to ensure that the products always maintain excellent quality and finally reach the hands of consumers.

Nowadays, the health food industry has changed from the previous demand for quantity to quality. How to improve the quality is the direction that the industry has been working hard.

Nutrilite’s scientific essence of green nutrition, from seeds to finished products, is strictly controlled in the whole process, which effectively improves the safety and quality of products and gives the brand more competitive advantages in the health care products track. While using its professional and unique advantages to protect consumers, it also protects the health and progress of the industry.



It is worth noting that the new brand declaration of “nature protects you” can also extend a broader meaning. This is not only a commitment to protect consumers’ health with products, but also the transmission of humanistic care.

In the video, the dialogue between the little girl and her father tells about the mutual protection between human beings and various creatures and plants in nature, which imperceptibly improves the audience’s natural ecological awareness. As the video says: “we are born as a part of nature. We protect nature, and naturally we will generously give everything to protect us.”

On the other hand, there is a “guard chain” in nature. Is there such an invisible “guard chain” between us and the people around us in our lives?

Whether it’s the daily care from the closest relatives and friends around us, the care from a strange “head” after the “epidemic” or the protection of unknown front-line medical staff such as “Da Bai”, this easily neglected guard chain between people is gradually connected by the warm word “guard”, This leads to deeper thinking: “in this Guardian chain, what can I do for the people around me?”

For this thinking, Nutrilite gave its own answer in the second half of the video, that is to protect everyone’s health with the rich protein, vitamins and trace elements in the product. This is Nutrilite’s specialty and advantage. Facing the people we want to protect, maybe we can do what we can and give full play to our strengths.

The brand-new declaration of “nature protects you” not only reflects Nutrilite’s sense of social responsibility, but also establishes emotional connection with consumers by triggering emotional resonance with social value, bid farewell to one-way output, and let the brand enter the hearts of the public.

The outline of healthy China’s 2030 plan points out that the scale of China’s health service industry will double on the basis of 2020, exceeding 16 trillion yuan, and the large health industry has truly entered the “era of national demand”.

The brand rejuvenation and positioning upgrading of Nutrilite has made a good start for the follow-up new development. Starting from the needs of consumers, let the brand seize more people’s minds, and pave the way for subsequent products.

It is understood that Nutrilite is actively developing new products, especially Chinese herbal medicine. We also hope that the brand will bring more diversified and personalized products to consumers in the future and protect consumers’ health.

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