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Salia, the “most local western restaurant”, has a per capita income of 30 and an annual income of 10 billion yuan

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Speaking of Western restaurants, the elegant environment, complex menus and exquisite meals seem to be the first impression of most people.

The waiters in stiff suits shuttle back and forth, the beautifully decorated menu is dazzling, the dim lights create a blurred atmosphere, and the classical piano music is used as the background music

It’s common to have hundreds of people after a meal. When being sent out by a polite waiter, I couldn’t help muttering:

“300 Western restaurants per capita, 200 yuan is to eat a delicate environment.”

However, in many first tier cities, there is such a western restaurant, which has nothing to do with the word “exquisite”:


The decoration is simple and crude, which is ridiculed as “war damage wind”;

There is no complicated dining etiquette, and you don’t have to worry about being regarded as an alien when eating pasta with chopsticks;

Even if you don’t look at the price, it’s only a few dozen yuan per capita.

“The only western restaurant you can afford at school is salia.”

It was clearly a western restaurant, but salia made Italian food the price of Shaxian snacks.

Can you really eat a western restaurant with an average of 35?

“Italian Shaxian”
with a per capita of 35
Many people eat their first meal of salia in the first tier cities where the university is located after they go to college.
I thought that eating in a western restaurant was bleeding my wallet, but I found that the price of salia was comparable to that of a roadside restaurant.
No wonder salia is called “Italian Shaxian snack”:
13 yuan pasta, 22 yuan nine inch pizza, shredded kelp, roasted spinach and other appetizers are only 9 yuan.
If you want a drink, drink an 8-yuan drink, coke, coffee, soda, whatever.
If you want to improve the style, you can get Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine for 9 yuan, with “the smell of forest fruit”.
Light aroma with forest fruit aromas
“20 yuan can eat, 30 yuan can eat well, and 40 yuan basically has to eat out of the wall.”
It doesn’t take 100 yuan / picture source watercress to order such a table, which has been reprinted with authorization
Salia may be the only western restaurant that has the confidence to order all the menus.
Although the price is as low as a roadside stall, the menu doesn’t mean to fool.
Sally’s menu includes 11 categories, including salad, pizza, pasta, dessert, thick soup, rice, baked goods, wine and beverages, with about 100 products.
Tuyuan meituan, reprinted with authorization
Pizza is about 25 yuan, roast chicken leg is 22 yuan, chicken tail shrimp rice is 18 yuan
It was in salia that many people unlocked many “bluffing” western foods that looked tall.
Guests who come to salia for the first time always mutter when ordering:
“Is this price really delicious?”
This doubt was soon dispelled after the dishes came up: “it’s really delicious.”
It is called happy paradise, not just because it is cheap.
For most diners, salia’s dishes are absolutely affordable.
“Every time I order salia takeout, I want to bake snails. I want to live in salia in the future.”
“After lying in isolation for a day, I ate a few pieces of bread. I just ordered some saria to eat. After eating bacon pizza, I cried happily.”
“After eating seafood solido in salia, I couldn’t walk when I saw salia when I went shopping.”
Baked snails are a popular signature dish in salia
what? You say that such cheap Italian food is definitely not authentic. In fact, Italian bloggers have evaluated pizza hut, Domino and salia. The cheapest salia is considered to be the most authentic Italian food.
Even if it’s hard for everyone to adjust, Sally’s price makes everyone embarrassed to find fault with it.
After all, the guests who came to salia for dinner didn’t expect to eat hundreds of dishes per capita.
“The price makes me embarrassed to find fault”
The cost performance of “not only cheap, but also affordable” has haunted countless cash strapped young people.
“What is better than it is certainly not as cheap as it, and what is as cheap as it is certainly not as delicious as it.”
At this price, what kind of bike do you want
When I was a student, I could eat well in salia for 30 yuan. When I grew up, I realized that this price can only order a tasteful takeout in the first tier cities.
It’s a western restaurant with reasonable taste. Why is salia so cheap?
“Won’t I really eat it?”
In fact, salia’s low price has a lot to do with the founder’s brand concept.
The founder of this popular Italian restaurant is actually Japanese.
In 1967, Taiyan masakaki founded salia in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. At first, it was just a small Western-style restaurant with only 36 seats.
At that time, the passenger flow of the restaurant was very bleak. After an analysis, Taiyan Zhengyuan attributed the problem to the high price.
Sure enough, after the price of dishes was reduced by 70%, store customers began to queue up, and “low price” has also become a great reputation of salia.
Taiyan Zhengyuan realized that parity is the true love of customers. Since then, the word “cost performance” has been firmly engraved into salia’s DNA.
Saria’s “generosity” even makes many true love fans vaguely worried:
“Does salia really make money? I won’t eat it out of business, will I?”
In fact, not only did salia not show signs of bankruptcy, but also her profits were among the best in the western food industry in recent years.
In 2019, the revenue of salia enterprises was 154 billion yen (about 10 billion yuan).
According to the data released, the net profit of saria will reach 8.6 billion yen in 2021, which is expected to increase by about 1.02 times in 2024.
Dishes are cheap and can make a profit of hundreds of millions. How did salia do it?
The most powerful support of Sally’s low price is undoubtedly the powerful central kitchen model.
The central kitchen processes raw materials into semi-finished products and distributes them to chain stores.
Salina has always adopted the direct store model / tuyuan salina wechat official account
After simple heating or combination, the clerk can directly bring the dishes to the consumer’s table.
Like KFC and McDonald’s, with the guarantee of the central kitchen, saria tastes the same in any store in the world.
In addition to the central kitchen, salia is also very “stingy” in site selection and store decoration.
In order to avoid high rent, salia’s store location tends to be in the non core area of the core business district of the first and second tier cities, that is, in the corner of high-end shopping malls.
The Khaki seats and narrow aisles can’t even see the traces of decoration, but also the name of “Shaxian County, Italy”.
Salia’s decoration style is very simple / source: salia’s wechat official account
In order to minimize costs, salia also pays great attention to the improvement of efficiency.
The automatic water dispenser is installed on the mop, and the waiter does not need to mop the floor with a bucket of water, “each brick can only be dragged once”;
Homemade tomato cutting machine, put the tomato on the machine and you can cut it immediately. The whole process takes only a few seconds;
The waiter will not open the seat for the guest. When serving, he will save the tray and use his hand directly.
In short, all the ritual sense of delaying dinner was ruthlessly abandoned by this western restaurant.
A Japanese variety show has been tested. A customer orders 15 dishes in salia. It takes only 10 minutes to finish all the dishes.
Sally’s unique location and efficiency of the supply chain are not valued.
Salia is more like a family restaurant than a western restaurant.
Extreme cost performance, good food, and free ordering will not feel constrained.
“Don’t make a mess of what you don’t have. You come to salia just to show off your food.”
Why don’t the young people of this “returning to nature” love high-grade Western food?
Sally hasn’t changed. We’ve changed
Young people of this generation always seem to have a preference and filter for Sally.
In addition to salia, affordable Western restaurants such as bigger, horungo and Le Caesar also exist in our vision.
On the contrary, the high-end Western restaurants that used to be sunny and snowy fell into the dilemma of frequent closing and bankruptcy.
At the end of 2021, the new element of light food western restaurant with a history of 20 years was declared bankrupt and liquidated due to serious losses and broken capital chain.
As soon as the news came out, there was an uproar: the new element was once a well deserved top stream in the western food industry.
Since its opening in 2002, new element has won many top food and service awards from magazine readers every year, and has been rated as the “Best American restaurant” in Shanghai.
Tuyuan new element official website
As the only western restaurant in the top 20 of the “must eat list of public comments” in Shanghai, new elements can’t wait for the spring of 2022.
After the bankruptcy of new element, a highly praised comment on the social platform reads:
“Sigh, the western food industry used to be a textbook.”
Coincidentally, Mi’s western restaurant, founded in 1999 and witnessing the development of high-end Western food in Shanghai, also came to an end in 2022.
On February 14, Valentine’s day, Michaelis western restaurant ushered in a small business peak.
This is the 8338th day of the opening of Mi’s western restaurant. Unfortunately, it is also the last day.
The Western restaurants that have a hard time are not only new elements and Michaelis, but also reflect the current situation of the western food industry.
According to the data of narrow door meal, the total number of brands in the western food industry is 505, far lower than 2631 in the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot industry and 2256 in the tea industry.
Obviously, with more and more choices in the market and the ebb of the pursuit of “foreign style”, the aura of Western food is fading.
With the continuous emergence of Western food players and the strong output of brands such as subway, salia and Burger King, people’s understanding of Western food is more inclined to “fast food”, and fewer and fewer people are willing to pay for “high-end”.
You can eat a paella with milk for 16 yuan. It doesn’t matter what the term “risotto rice” means
The rise of local fast food brands is also dividing and squeezing the market share of Western food.
In the second half of last year, Chinese fast food drove into the fast lane, and villagers’ chickens, old uncles and rural groups rushed to the market one after another, competing for the first share of Chinese fast food. Among them, there are more than 1000 stores in rural chicken and rural base.
Chinese fast food has become the choice of more and more consumers through its characteristics, diversification and quality.
The 2021 fast food industry development report released by China Hotel Association shows that:
In the first quarter of 2021, the share of Chinese fast food in the fast food market has exceeded 85%, while that of Western fast food is less than 15%. The number of Chinese fast food stores is six times that of Western fast food stores.
Waves of waves have impacted the catering industry. After several major reshuffles, Sally, who specializes in affordable Western food, has retained a place although she is not popular.
There is no beautiful plate, the decoration is simple and rough, and the taste is not amazing, but it can be touched by gently raising your hand.
Although salia is cheap, it is not rotten and can give people enough freshness
It enriches the slightly cramped youth of many young people, and also gives many cash strapped parents a little more confidence after seeing the menu.
Just like the comment left by a customer who spent in salia:
“I’ve seen more than once in salia that parents generously say to their children that they can order whatever they want.”
A western restaurant that allows parents of working families to say “casual” to their children is perhaps its greatest place.
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