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Don’t just look at Ruixing x coconut, which is more fragrant than the joint name. You haven’t knocked the hot CP in the food circle?

in addition to co branding, what new ways can pairing unlock? As one of the sources of happiness for contemporary people, what inspiration can CP knock give to the food circle?

Text: Giselle Yin

Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

Last month’s big melon in the food circle can’t beat the two hot news of “happy tea being black” and “a brand’s joint name for the first time in 34 years”.
The onlookers found that the original “happy tea is black” was that happy tea and Fujiwara jointly launched a new product – “black tea”, while coconut coconut juice jointly launched Yeyun latte for the first time in 34 years.
After this wave of operation, the “Cool BlackBerry mulberry” jointly signed by Xicha and Fujiwara sold more than 150000 cups on the first day of listing, with a total sales of more than 1 million cups in recent two weeks; The sales volume of coconut cloud latte has exceeded 100 million cups, so that some Ruixing clerks angrily claim that they don’t want to see coconut cloud again in their life.
This brilliant achievement makes people sigh again: joint names are really fragrant!
Photo source: Ruixing coffee Xiaohong Book No. Xi tea go applet
However, while everyone buys famous brands of pop alliance, foodaily recently found that everyone is also knocking CP in the food circle, which even rushed to the hot search. After deep grilling, foodaily found that there were many “fried CP” behaviors in the food circle!
Speaking of the favorite spiritual entertainment activities of contemporary young people, “knock CP” must be on the list, and “fry CP” has also become one of the contemporary traffic passwords. From the entertainment circle to various new media platforms, many artists and bloggers have long been out of the circle because of the fire of fry CP.
So, from the entertainment industry to the food industry, where is the difference between fried CP and joint brand? “Food circle CP” will make the public shout true fragrance, even more fragrant than joint names, and become a new operation of brand marketing in the future? Today, foodaily Xiaobian will incarnate as a “knock scientist” and take you to knock the CP in the food circle at home and abroad to see whether these CP are fragrant or not!
It’s all in pairs,
What’s the difference between CO branding and CP?
To say that the most popular marketing method in recent years, we must not get around the joint name.
Joint cooperation was first born in the field of fashion and artistic creation, which means working together to create something. Now we often see this word in marketing. It is mainly the cooperation between brands and celebrities, film and television / literary works, IP and other brands to create new products with higher added value and plan marketing events, so as to improve the commercial value, sales volume or product profit of the brand with the help of the influence of both sides.
The advantage of CO branded models lies in the topic and scarcity. In addition to generating a higher product premium, through joint branding, the two sides can increase exposure, borrow traffic from each other, cover the target audience of both sides, reach a richer consumer group and achieve a win-win situation.
Photo source: Leshi official microblog yongpu coffee official microblog Rio Ruiao flagship store
The two sides of the joint name can have a certain relevance, or it can be the brain holes of the two sides that seem to be unable to fight, and open up cross-border cooperation. According to the observation and summary of foodaily Research Institute, the speculation of CP in the food circle is a form of joint publicity and marketing cooperation. Actors and actresses similar to film and television dramas will fry CP to publicize the series; At the same time, compared with CO branding, CP in the food circle can not produce new restricted products, but it will need more “CP sense”, that is, there is a stronger correlation between the two.
There are two main forms of CP in the food circle. One is that the official accounts of brands form CP for interaction. This kind of CP is more storytelling. The official accounts that form CP usually have personality characteristics, which will produce dramatic plots in the interaction and lead to communication; The other is that two products are bundled to form CP. this kind of CP focuses more on the sensory function of the food itself, which will have high adaptability in the eating experience and high relevance in the eating scene.
Next, foodaily will take you through several specific case studies to see what interesting CPS are in the food circle and how to knock them.
Officials take the lead?
“The sweetest CP in the whole network” was born in the food circle?
Food circle love melon shocked the old knock scientist
In early April, the sweetest CP # such an entry appeared on Weibo hot search. As an old knock scientist who thinks he has seen the big scene of knocking CP, Xiaobian disdained and went into a hot search to see which pair of CP are talking nonsense here. As a result, Xiaobian said after reading the content: I’ve eaten melons and my own circle. I really haven’t seen this scene.
Unexpectedly, the protagonists of this love search are the famous local chicken and Zhou black duck in our food circle!
On April 2, the microblog account @ Lin congfei sent a video, saying that it was sweet by the CP of the local chicken and Zhou Heiya, because the local chicken can see Zhou Heiya’s reply “Gaga” at the bottom of each “giggle” microblog for the first time; When Zhou black duck is jealous because of the interaction between the local chicken and other official numbers, the local chicken will comfort in time.
This kind of long-term love advertisement that responds to every sentence and has a place for everything makes the hometown chicken and Zhou Heiya get # true. They understand the ## sweetest CP # two hot searches they have ever seen. The hometown chicken and Zhou Heiya directly shouted their love across the air and won the CP name of “chicken and Duck Talk”. People who eat melons say that CP is really delicious. If you add some green onions, ginger and garlic, it will be even more delicious
Photo source: Official microblog of local chicken
I thought it was just a hot search, but I didn’t expect it to be a series or a group drama
After the exposure of CP’s love affair, Shu Congxuan, the chairman of the local chicken, directly blogged and questioned the chicken claw of his microblog operator, saying, “you come to work to fall in love?”, The chicken claw responded to the chairman firmly and said, “what’s the matter with falling in love at work? If you don’t fall in love at work, are you here to spread pancakes?!”, Zhou Heiya also came to leave a message and @ Shu Congxuan said, “we are serious and hope to get your blessing.”.
Photo source: Hometown chicken Xiaohong Book No
For a time, gourd eating netizens knocked again, and other official bloggers in the food circle also came to send blessings. Panpan beverage said that he didn’t expect to knock chicken and duck one day. The big white rabbit left a message saying that it was sweet and sent his own milk candy as a wedding candy. The spicy prince asked when to get married and sent them 5.2m customized spicy bars
Photo source: Official microblog of local chicken
In addition to blessings, the comment area is also wonderful. As the “Sea King” of the food circle, the local chicken also “provoked” many other official blogs before the official announcement of the relationship. Some netizens directly “reported” the chicken claws with the chairman of the local chicken after the official announcement, and the message in the comment area seems to confirm the netizen’s “report”.
Milk tea brand kawangka “dejected” left a message saying that it was still wrongly paid after all, but only got a “thank you” from the local chicken; A ping asked the local chicken, “so you only love ducks, don’t you? Where did you put my old cow?”, The local chicken replied “leave you a place”; Baisizhuo food expressed “deep resentment” and made it clear that he didn’t gag enough
Yang Guofu, the only Qingliu, directly sought marriage online in the comment area.
Photo source: Official microblog of local chicken
Official personification trend? Is door-to-door interaction in the comment area becoming more and more popular?
I believe many people will remember that the official microblog number of rural chicken is operated. The employee called “chicken claw” in the Jianghu came out of the circle as “paid fishing worker” and “workplace cool writer” who dare to fight against the boss “because he rattled on the microblog every day long ago, admiring countless netizens.
After the CP of the local chicken and Zhou black duck came out of the circle again, foodaily also found that more and more food brands are trying to personalize and make the official number live, and often come to visit and comment on each other, and even have the trend of forming a chaotic stew scene of CP.
For example, at the end of March this year, on the little red book platform, a group of official account operators suddenly “collective rebellion”, registered “boys and girls rush forward” for their bosses, and even “compare” and “provoke” each other in each other’s comment area. While watching the excitement and analyzing which Chairman can win the game, netizens did not forget to advise “chairmen are not young, take it easy…”
This story is also called “complaining about the chairman of the board of directors and his unfilial employees”. Picture source: Panpan beverage bear Xiaohong Book No
Panpan beverage has become the new king of the food circle on the little red book platform. It has frequent interaction with a large number of brand officials. CP is everywhere.
Picture source: Panpan beverage Xiaohong Book No
The grounded marketing of personalized official number has drawn in the distance from consumers. The interaction between brands provides topics for consumers to have the fun of gossip and eating melons. The official numbers with “different personalities” have also formed differentiation.
At the same time, foodaily Research Institute found that under these more grounded and human official numbers, consumers are easier to interact with the brand side, so it is easier to give some feedback on products or brands. This provides a way for consumers to speak and become a window for a brand to directly connect consumers. When consumers’ feedback is responded, they will directly improve their popularity of the brand, and even spontaneously promote the brand by word-of-mouth.
DIY for food & creativity,
“Product CP” creates consumption scenarios together
One of the tastes of delicious food is to enhance the sensory experience of eating through the collocation of different ingredients or foods. Therefore, many classic popular CP’s have been born in the food circle, such as fried chicken, beer, coke hamburger, pancakes, green onions and soybean milk fried dough sticks. Similarly, in order to improve the sensory experience of products and enhance the mind of product consumption scenes, some food brands choose to form CP with two products that can be reasonably related and matched for consumption, and cooperate in joint publicity.
Create a new experience of afternoon tea at home and make it more fragrant with the “official CP guidelines”!
Since the outbreak, consumers all over the world are facing life changes with the increase of home time, and have to “move back” many scenes experienced in restaurants. In order to enable consumers to easily have a delicate afternoon tea even at home and spend a leisurely and relaxing time at home by enjoying afternoon tea, greeko in Japan chose the “Shili Shili” luxury Houqiao series Baiqi biscuit stick and the AGF “Shijia” shop of weizhisu ®」 Small luxury coffee shop series of ear hanging coffee form CP to jointly create a home Afternoon Tea scene.
In order to provide the best matching experience, grigor and AGF selected a total of 6 employees to form a tasting group, including an employee from AGF who is qualified as an international coffee taster, Q grader. After trying different product combinations, three detailed matching suggestions are finally given, so that consumers can experience happy afternoon tea according to the “official CP guidelines”.
The first suggestion is that Houqiao Baiqi with milk chocolate flavor and mocha matching and hanging ears of AGF. The reason is that “the combination of coffee and Baiqi with milk flavor will produce caramel flavor, and eating together will also produce flower flavor.”
The second suggestion is that Houqiao Baiqi with almond milk flavor is combined with the special blend of AGF. The reason is that “the aroma of coffee will enhance Baiqi’s almond flavor, and the combination of sweet and bitter taste is very wonderful.”
The third suggestion is to use milk chocolate flavored Houqiao Baiqi with AGF’s special matching ear. The focus of this matching is to increase the amount of extracted water and dilute the coffee. When matching Baiqi, it is easier to taste the cocoa flavor of chocolate and the sweetness will be more refreshing. People can’t help but want to eat Baiqi cookies one by one.
In addition to giving the “official CP guidelines”, Baiqi also organized an online “CP Research Association (Research Association)”, and invited 11 users of Houqiao Baiqi to brew ear hanging coffee under the guidance of AGF employees and experience the feeling of coffee and Houqiao Baiqi. Users who participated in this activity said that they would like to try the combination of these two products when they want to enrich their home time in the future.
Quickly unlock the “fairy milk coffee CP” experienced by the cafe
For Chinese coffee consumers, most people prefer milk coffee.
According to the data of AI media consulting, in 2021, cappuccino and latte are the most popular items for Chinese consumers to buy in coffee shops, and nearly 60% of them will choose these two categories; In terms of taste types of instant coffee, the 2021 Research Report on the development of China’s coffee industry by AI media consulting shows that milk flavor is the choice of more Chinese consumers, and the original flavor ranks second.
Chinese people’s taste preference for milk coffee is popular. Oat milk and coconut milk are the new favorites of two coffee partners, which also makes coffee lovers pay more attention to the choice of milk with coffee. New hope and Yutian Sichuan jointly launched “fairy milk coffee CP”, which uses the mellow and sweet milk of today’s fresh milk shop of new hope with Yutian Sichuan Italian style versatile lock fresh coffee liquid. It can be torn, poured and shaken in one second. When you drink the fragrant and smooth “today’s fresh milk coffee”, you can realize the freedom of latte without going to the cafe.
Photo source: new hope fresh milk shop yutianchuan coffee Xiaohong book number
The CP composed of “coffee liquid x fresh milk” not only pokes the preference of domestic consumers for milk coffee and gives the solution of milk coffee matching, but also strengthens the characteristics of coffee liquid, which allows consumers to enjoy a cup of milk coffee very conveniently and quickly anytime and anywhere, but also expands the consumption scene of fresh milk. Through the cooperative publicity of CP Group, it can radiate to two consumer groups at the same time to realize innovation and mental strengthening of consumption scene.
Breaking common sense, KitKat organized “night wine CP” to unlock a new scene of family drinking
Nestle’s KitKat has gained great popularity since it was launched in Japan in 1973. It is one of the best selling chocolate brands in Japan. In July 2020, KitKat launched a new product KitKat snax aiming at the consumption trend of increasing family drinking and online drinking scenes, which cut into the drinking scene through drinking and zero food for the first time.  
Source: PR times
KitKat snax contains three ingredients: spherical KitKat chocolate wafer, salt roasted almond and mellow cheese soybeans. The sweetness of chocolate wafer forms a wonderful balance with the saltiness of almond and soybeans, which is suitable for free matching with various wines.
While the new product was on sale, KitKat also found a CP for their first drink snack.
As a new product launch commemoration, KitKat cooperated with dd4d brewing to launch an original brewed beer “chocolate almond milk stout inspired by KitKat”. This beer uses cocoa powder from KitKat raw material. In addition to the aroma of roasted malt, it can also taste the aroma of cocoa and almond. At the same time, this beer reduces the stimulation of carbonic acid, so it is easier to feel the flavor of raw materials.
As the CP of KitKat snax, this original brewed beer is not sold separately, but needs to be obtained by participating in the trial activity released by KitKat’s official twitter, or as a gift for purchasing dd4d brewing designated beer products.
Photo source: KitKat twitter
This product CP combination of “drinks and snacks + wine” strengthens the new image of “KitKat is not only sweets, but also drinks”. It also arouses the curiosity of consumers, attracts consumers who like drinking to try new products, and feels a new drinking experience by matching different snacks.
As the saying goes, “the essence of human beings is to knock CP”. From the entertainment circle to the food circle, knocking CP can become the source of happiness for the majority of netizens. However, after entertainment, consumers are most concerned about the product itself. Frying CP can attract consumers’ attention for a while, but the product power is the reason to retain consumers for a long time. It is the most reliable marketing. Without product support, blindly frying CP will only be counterproductive.
After reading the CP of these food circles, which pair makes you feel knocked? In the future, what new CP in the food circle and new ways of playing group CP will you want to see? Welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area!
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