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The first three major changes in the children’s snack market are predicted, and the group standard is revised to carefully escort the health of 150 million children

who will hold the password of snack traffic in the new consumption era? It is China’s 150 million children aged 3-12.

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At present, snacks have become a rigid demand in children’s daily consumption. The huge market space has attracted many players, and the overall scale of the children’s snack market is close to 100 billion. The steady progress of the huge market is inseparable from the guidance of policies and regulations and the demonstration and drive of leading brands.
On May 17, coincided with the second anniversary of the release of the first group standard in the field of children’s food “General requirements for children’s snacks”, the strategic alliance of China’s children’s food and education plan organized a seminar on children’s food and education and children’s health, and officially announced the revised content of children’s snack group standard. As a sponsor member of the food and Education Alliance and the standard setter of children’s snacks group, liangpin store has been exploring for two years, making continuous efforts to promote the standardization of children’s food market and popularize children’s food and education in China, and achieved phased results.
In addition to the revision of standards, the symposium conducted a heated discussion on the construction of children’s food standard system; At the same time, xiaoshixian and China children’s center jointly released the 52 week calendar of children’s healthy growth, a parent-child reading manual, and launched the social welfare project of children’s snack nutritionist. The first offline children’s snack brand image store created by liangpin store was also unveiled in Wuhan recently. As a leading brand in the leisure and snack industry, liangpin shop has taken root in the field of children’s snacks.
What role will the newly revised children’s snack standard play in promoting the industry? As the head brand of children’s snacks, how can liangpin store practice and promote the upgrading of the industry? What new changes and ideas have emerged in the domestic children’s snack industry in the past two years?
Standards lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry,
Children’s food and education are getting better
It is understood that the concept of food and education originated from abroad. The fundamental purpose of food education is to enable children to cultivate good eating habits and have correct and healthy eating cognition since childhood, so as to help shape and cultivate children’s personality.
For example, the school will, according to the guidance of food education teaching materials, from the hygiene habit of washing hands before meals, the correct holding of tableware and the cooking of dishes, to the interesting popular science of professional knowledge such as nutritional diet and health management, so that children can understand their “three meals a day” from shallow to deep, understand the importance of balanced diet and nutrition, and cultivate the concept of healthy diet.
Source: liangpin shop
Although the food and education for children in China has just started, the strategic alliance of China’s children’s food and education plan, which has been established for one and a half years, has mobilized all social forces to actively carry out a series of work such as food and education promotion, food and education experiment and demonstration. The Symposium on children’s food education and children’s health also specifically defined and emphasized several key directions of China’s food education work, including the artistic charm of food, the cultivation of the awareness of cherishing food and environmental protection, the scientific cognition of the homology of medicine and food, and the shaping of family dietary structure.
Among them, the family is the main scene related to personal habits and health. The family habitual diet structure affects children’s diet view to a great extent. Therefore, it is very important to build a harmonious emotional bridge between children and parents and cultivate the healthy diet concept of the whole family. In this regard, food brands play an important role of external driving. For example, the children’s food and education paradise of liangpin store and the 52 week calendar of children’s healthy growth can be regarded as a grounded food and education model.
With the solid progress of food education, the demand for healthy children’s food will continue to rise. As the cornerstone of the development of children’s food market, the construction of children’s food standard system obviously has a lot of room for progress. Professor Tong Qigen, former dean of the school of food science and engineering of Beijing Agricultural University, pointed out at the seminar that since 2019, the group standards involving children’s food include quick-frozen rice noodles with stuffing, group meals for preschool children, meat products, nutritious noodles, jelly, beverages and other types, and the children’s food standard system is gradually taking shape. However, from the current market situation, most children’s food in China implements the national standard of adult food, and there is a lack of exclusive standard guidance for children.
Professor Tong Qigen believes that the physiological characteristics and nutrients required by children in the growth stage are different from those of adults. The selection of component categories needs to be targeted, and the corresponding addition amount should also be based on science. For example, the more types of probiotic strains are not the better, and other factors such as the absorption capacity of children’s intestinal tract should also be considered.
Source: liangpin shop
The general requirements for children’s snacks issued in 2020 has laid a good foundation for the domestic children’s food standard system, promoted the standardization of the industry as a whole, and effectively improved the trust of children’s snack brands in the hearts of consumers. Over the past two years, the domestic food market has advanced by leaps and bounds. Both consumption cognition and product innovation dimensions are constantly breaking the original boundaries. As Li Qiang, director of the Food Research Institute of China Institute of standardization, pointed out at the meeting: as the first child snack standard in China and even in the world, some problems existing in the implementation of the industry are restricting the faster development of the child snack industry.
At the press conference, xiaoshixian, a sub brand of children’s snacks under China non-staple food circulation association, China children’s center and liangpin store, participated in the drafting of 2022 version of general requirements for children’s snacks, general rules for the certification of “shiyujiajia”, general requirements for children’s candy and chocolate and other group standards, which have passed the review and will be released soon. The revision focuses on the three elements of children’s food safety: raw and auxiliary materials, food additives, finished product quality and packaging, makes more scientific adjustments to the requirements of raw materials used in children’s snacks, the enforceability of physical and chemical indicators and the applicability of some indicators, and increases the requirements for packaging form and packaging quantity. For example, the restrictions on trans fatty acids of products will be moved to the use stage of raw materials, and modified to the restrictions on hydrogenated oils and genetically modified raw materials; Lifting the restrictions on microwave treatment of raw materials; Specify the applicable product categories according to the executable testing standards.
With the product experience of entering childlike innocence,
Build the most beautiful paradise for cultivating childlike innocence
The revision of group standards and the promotion of children’s food and education work not only mean that the children’s snack standard system will move towards a new level of more scientific safety requirements, nutritional requirements and emotional requirements, but also greatly promote the deep-seated quality upgrading of the whole children’s snack market.
With consumers’ awareness of the disadvantages of excessive sugar intake gradually deepened, “sugar reducing knife method” has become the mainstream in food research and development. A colorful lollipop indispensable to many people’s childhood memory has become a pile of pigment and syrup in their current consumption cognition, and has been labeled as easy to decay teeth and not beneficial to their body and mind. Are there only mutually exclusive options between the once sweet happiness and the current concept of health? Many brands are struggling to find the best compatible solution for both, including liangpin store.
Source: liangpin shop
In May last year, xiaoshixian took the lead in launching the industry’s first “nutritional and health lollipop series”, which corrected the name of “Lollipop” with strong product power: there is an intersection between delicacy and health. Since then, xiaoshixian has continued to deepen the innovation of “Lollipop” category, and launched peach banana stick this year. With lovely cartoon appearance and sour, sweet, soft and waxy taste, xiaoshixian has brought richer and fresher healthy snack experience to children, and won a lot of praise. The snack fairy selects seasonal fresh fruits to provide sufficient nutrition for children, and insists on not adding white granulated sugar, but how to control the delicate balance between acid and sweet and retain the taste of peach fragrance, soft and waxy?
The R & D team of xiaoshixian adheres to the ultimate pursuit of nutritional taste and constantly polishes the process formula. In order to control the best sour sweet ratio, the R & D team selected honey peach and Brazilian banana for beating the original fruit, and repeated sensory tests to find a delicate balance. In terms of sugar selection, the R & D team selected more than 20 different specifications of natural sugar substitute raw materials and selected erythritol after more than 90 tests and debugging.
However, the taste and molding effect of natural sugar substitutes are not as good as white granulated sugar. Therefore, the R & D team found the best hot air drying treatment parameters through several formula sensory tests and molding process debugging, so as to realize the perfect integration of high dietary fiber and natural sweet substances brought by fruits. It is understood that erythritol will not be fermented by oral bacteria and can inhibit its growth, which has the effect of preventing dental caries, while dietary fiber is helpful for children’s gastrointestinal digestion.
In addition to giving “Lollipop” a new health meaning, the innovative snack fairy has also developed a series of products that subvert category cognition, including cereal and vegetable puff rings, quinoa yogurt sandwich cake, golden egg, etc., to supplement children with high-quality nutrients such as vitamins, DHA, lutein, protein, dietary fiber and probiotics.
Liangpin shop keeps pace in the two directions of snack health and functional nutrition, and hand over bright transcripts with products that refresh category cognition. They are committed to making healthy snacks more delicious. For example, natural fruits such as hawthorn, peach and blueberry are made into rabbit Hawthorn stick, peach banana stick and blueberry Apple stick, which are completely presented in the form of cartoon fruit stick; Make delicious snacks healthier, develop yogurt flavored sugar free lollipops, bovine colostrum high calcium lollipops, high calcium fresh shrimp slices, real pulp pudding, etc., reduce sugar and oil in candy, puffed food and jelly, and add nutrients necessary for growth.
The consumption behavior of children’s snacks is often caused by the “joint efforts” of parents and children. An in-depth insight into their different consumption psychology is the key to creating popular children’s snacks. Liangpin store not only implements this in product R & D ideas, but also integrates it into the design of offline brand image stores.
Source: liangpin shop
Recently, liangpin shop and snack fairy launched the first offline children’s snack brand image store to create a unique children’s fun paradise, which not only meets the all-round needs of children’s snacks, but also meets the core interaction scene needs of parent-child families, such as “encouraging rewards, social sharing, recess supply, travel and play”.
The store is equipped with rich color decoration and interesting display. More than 300 goods in the store cover 10 categories and 80 + varieties. The main business is high-quality snacks customized and developed for Chinese children aged 3-12. The shelf height and assembly tools are customized for children. There are exclusive children’s shopping carts, shopping baskets, mini shopping bags, etc., creating a healthy and interesting shopping atmosphere and attracting children to become small masters, choose freely and enjoy themselves.
In order to meet the emotional needs of parent-child companionship and enrich children’s food and education scenes and main positions, the snack fairy also integrates the concept of “food and education children’s paradise” into the snack shop. “Food education paradise” guides children to form healthy and scientific eating habits and cultivate good communication skills with parents, children’s partners and shop assistants through interaction, knowledge popularization, independent shopping and other links and regional settings.
Source: liangpin shop
When children enter the paradise, they will gain not only the nutrition and delicious food that helps their growth and development, but also the accumulation of social experience and the exercise of independence, so as to help children further understand the world, broaden their horizons, and enrich their imagination and creativity. As the first new type of children’s snack shop, food education children’s paradise responds to the emotional needs of parents and children behind children’s snacks in a childlike and interesting way, reflects the “food education” concept that xiaoshixian has adhered to and advocated for a long time, and truly realizes the two-way travel between brands and “large and small consumers”.
In addition to focusing on the scene creation of children’s food and Education Park, xiaoshixian also launched the growth companion manual “52 week calendar of children’s healthy growth” for Chinese children’s families aged 3-6, so as to popularize nutrition and health knowledge in a more vivid and intuitive way.
Based on the pagoda of balanced diet for Chinese preschool children, the revised version of children’s snack group requirements, and the Chinese children’s and adolescents’ snack guide 2018, the 52 week calendar screened out high-frequency common problems from the background data of 40 million + users of, and invited experts in the fields of children’s nutrition, health care, common diseases, food safety and education to provide professional answers. Through the form of one question and one answer, essence is extracted from expert suggestions and presented in simple words and childlike illustrations, covering the daily problems of parents of children aged 3-6 in the process of child rearing.
Xia Rui, director of children’s nutrition and health research center of China children’s center, believes that since childhood, giving children correct diet education and extending it to the cultivation of artistic imagination and personality is a good way to stimulate children’s interest in eating, but this is also a weak link in China’s children’s education system. The 52 week calendar, which cooperates with xiaoshixian, takes 52 weeks as a cycle to start the exclusive food exploration journey of parents and babies, and will become a new idea of children’s food education.
Source: liangpin shop
Connecting emotion, refining function, type extension:
New atmosphere of children’s snack market
For many years, the domestic children’s snack market has been “growing freely” under the control of commercial forces until the release of the general requirements for children’s snacks in 2020, bringing the whole industry into a standardized development stage. Over the past two years, the children’s snack market has been constantly changing to meet the upgrading of consumer demand, and the competition of the whole track has become increasingly fierce. In the past year alone, several cutting-edge brands such as vegetable Gele, full score Niuniu and duo Maomao have won capital favor and entered the fast lane of development. Large items such as nutritious dried fruits and vegetables, children’s biscuits with eye buff and children’s exclusive milk Qiao, which are designed to replace traditional potato chips, have been launched one after another, constantly stimulating the innovative vitality of the children’s snack market.
A large number of cutting-edge brands are pouring in, understanding children’s dietary needs from different perspectives and designing diversified products to promote the continuous change and evolution of children’s snack development ideas.
According to the continuous observation of the new promotion actions in the children’s snack market in the past two years, foodaily believes that there are three changes worthy of study and follow-up by all brands.
Source: liangpin shop
1. More diversified product forms
Candy, biscuits, jelly and other traditional snacks once filled many people’s happy childhood. At present, many products on the market are basically done around the healthy renovation of traditional categories. However, in the face of escalating consumer demands, the product form of children’s snacks is bound to show a diversified trend.
Fresh and delicious snacks that can not be replaced by snacks packaged at room temperature, while snacks packaged at room temperature have convenience that can not be replaced by snacks packaged at room temperature. It seems that you can’t have both fish and bear’s paw, but frozen semi-finished products can achieve the best of both worlds. Therefore, for children’s snacks, looking for possible intersection with other tracks and creating more product carriers are the next opportunity point of the industry.
For example, the American meat product brand Perdue has launched a heated and ready to eat chicken vegetable block chickenplus, which is a mixture of chicken breast, chickpeas and cauliflower. It can be eaten in a microwave oven for two minutes. The product is specially designed in the shape of a small dinosaur. It is very cute and interesting. It contains 10g protein and rich dietary fiber. It is a nutritious snack loved by children.
2. More precise functional design
Health has become the theme of children’s snack innovation. However, with the health trend sweeping the whole industry, children’s snacks want to break the circle. Health is only the threshold. What consumers need is “every place, go further”, such as the functional blessing of refining the scene.
According to the insight report on China’s family parenting market in 2021 released by the cheetah Research Institute, the refined parenting concept of the new generation of parents continues to release the market segmentation demand of mothers and infants, driving the growth of the parenting market. For the food sector closely related to children’s health, parents are more concerned and more careful. Parents who pay attention to scientific parenting gradually realize that natural nutrition and health are fundamental, but not every healthy snack can meet the functional demands in different scenarios.
As the needs of children’s life scenes are disassembled one by one, new market opportunities emerge. Many brands began to take the natural nutrition addition and subtraction method as the foundation to explore the possible consumption scenarios of children at each time node, so as to contribute to the current children’s physical and mental health.
For example, last autumn, liangpin shop snack fairy launched seasonal loquat Sydney stick according to the seasonal characteristics of dry things in autumn, which is warm, nourishing, nourishing but not dry, and rich in dietary fiber far beyond apple, helping children’s postprandial digestion. American children’s snack brand Bitsy’s has launched a water replenishing and immune mixed beverage Bitsy’s swish, which contains organic Stevia and Siraitia grosvenorii, rich in vitamin C, zinc and electrolytes, so that naturally active children can replenish water in time after exercise and play to enhance immunity.
3. More emotional focus on the scene
Foodaily mentioned in the top ten business hotspots in 2022: “redoing all categories to be healthy can not become the core barrier of children’s snacks. Children’s snacks should become an important social tool to link family emotions. Only by matching the scene positioning and overcoming this idea from emotion, can children’s snacks really last for a long time across different generations.”
Nowadays, the new generation of parents attach importance to their children’s growth and companionship, and their emotional needs are stronger. Snacks that can teach in fun and enjoy eating have become a good carrier. The global snack trend report released by Yizi mentioned that the role of snacks is no longer a simple food, but an important source for consumers to obtain comfort, emotional connection, interaction and sense of belonging.
Therefore, the brand side also began to consider adding interactive factors that make consumers have emotional links in snack consumption. For example, liangpin store focuses on the store form of the concept of “children’s food and education paradise”, so that parents and children can enter the paradise, not only enjoy the delicious nutrition that helps their growth and development, but also have a happy shopping and social experience and create a warm moment for parents and children.
Source: Allrecipes
Foodaily noted that more brands choose to start with game based packaging design to enhance the interactive experience of children’s snacks and give products more emotional value. For example, Hershey’s build-a-santa, build-a-snowman and build-a-bunny chocolate bars allow children to take apart an ordinary chocolate and reassemble it with their parents into interesting cartoon images such as Santa Claus, snowman or rabbit.
According to the current situation and future development trend of China’s children’s snack market from 2021 to 2027 released by QY research, the average annual growth rate of China’s children’s snack market will reach 7.96% in the next seven years, and the total scale will increase to 94.4 billion at the end of the period.
From the scuffle of barbaric growth to the contention of a hundred schools of thought after standardization; From simply satisfying the appetite to supporting health and function for delicious food, the variety is rich, the function is extended, the positioning is upgraded, and the innovative changes in different dimensions jointly promote the children’s snack market to enter a new stage of development.
Represented by the brand image store of children’s snacks and the 52 week calendar of children’s healthy growth, liangpin store took the lead in launching children’s food education in the snack industry, moved the cultivation of scientific eating concept and rational consumption behavior to the stage of children, and became a consumer engine to promote the healthy development of the industry. Their strong investment in the construction of group standard system will also drive a large number of brands to practice a more scientific product innovation model.
The fourth meal of 150 million children has built a 100 billion snack market. How to make children eat healthily and happily, and how to make children’s snacks become an important link to consolidate family parent-child relationship? This is not only a big test for the overall upgrading of children’s snack industry, but also a proposition that snack brands need to think about for a long time.
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