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There will be a person in charge of Wyeth new China! Nestle is going all out in China’s infant nutrition business

Today, according to a notice seen by xiaoshidai, Zhang Suyi, head of Wyeth nutrition business in Nestle Greater China, has decided to leave Nestle group at the end of May 2022. He will be replaced by a “female general” from outside Nestle.

According to the above notification, min Huilin will join Nestle as the head of Wyeth infant nutrition Greater China from June 1, 2022 and report directly to Zhang Xiqiang, CEO of Nestle group Greater China. Before joining Nestle, she was the managing director of Kimberly’s Taiwan and Hong Kong clusters.

Today, Wyeth confirmed the above-mentioned high-level changes when replying to the snack agent’s query, and said that Zhang Suyi resigned for personal reasons. “Wyeth nutrition will continue to take root and serve the Chinese market and consumers.” The company said.

Let’s take a look at the details.

“Handsome seal” handover

According to the data, Zhang Suyi joined nestle in 2014 and served as the general manager of Wyeth infant nutrition market operation and e-commerce. In January 2018, he was appointed as the head of cross-border e-commerce of Nestle infant nutrition and Nestle infant nutrition in South Korea and Oceania.

During this period, he established a cross-border E-commerce Team for infant nutrition products and built a cross-border e-commerce business. Subsequently, Zhang Suyi was appointed as head of Wyeth infant nutrition Greater China business in July 2020.

Let’s take a look at Min Huilin who will take over the “handsome seal” from Zhang Suyi.

Xiaoshidai read Lingying’s materials and learned that Min Huilin has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai University.

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In 2017, min Huilin joined Kimberly Clark as the strategic director of the Asia Pacific region, then served as the general manager of the Taiwan market in 2019, and was promoted to the general manager of the Taiwan and Hong Kong markets in 2020. Earlier, she was also responsible for product sales and brand management in L’Oreal and P & G. she has rich working experience in Shanghai, Taiwan and other regions, as well as in the United States, Singapore and other countries.

The above circular pointed out that Min Huilin has more than 20 years of work and management experience in consumer goods companies. “With more than 14 years of overseas work experience in the United States, Singapore and Taiwan, China, Ms. min not only has a deep insight and understanding of the Chinese market, but also has international sensitivity and a comprehensive global vision.” Informed that.

Critical moment

Since this year, with the repeated outbreaks and even closed management in many places in China, the infant matching industry, which was originally facing growth pressure under multiple factors such as the decline of newborn demographic dividend and the transition period of the new national standard, has to deal with the challenges and uncertainties of ensuring market supply. In this context, maintaining growth has become the top priority of milk powder enterprises this year.

Xiaoshidai once introduced that Fran ç OIS Xavier Roger, chief financial officer of Nestle group, said at the first quarter performance meeting in April that the group is repositioning the baby nutrition business in Greater China, and has made some product portfolio adjustments. It is expected that this part of the business is expected to resume positive growth later this year.

In his opinion, the structure of the baby matching industry in the Chinese market is not as bad as expected. Nestle is confident that the baby matching business will resume positive growth, and the key lies in “doing what the company should do and doing what it should do”.

For Wyeth, as the core brand of Nestle’s baby matching business, this year is also a critical time to seek to return to growth. Xiaoshidai learned from relevant channels that in the first quarter of this year, under the overall planning and guidance of the new region, the purchase, shipment and profit of Wyeth nutritional products exceeded the target. In terms of market share and number of new customers, Wyeth’s high-end product line Qifu Yunchun also rebounded, with significant growth and significant improvement in inventory.

Due to its good market performance, Wyeth nutrition also won the “quarterly star” of the high-performance team in Greater China of Nestle group in the first quarter of 2022.

It is understood that Wyeth nutrition, as a living material support enterprise designated by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce for epidemic prevention and control, has received government support and guarantee in production and processing, material procurement and logistics during the epidemic period. At present, the company’s factory in Suzhou has maintained normal operation, with sufficient stock in four large warehouses in Suzhou, Dongguan, Tianjin and Chengdu, and the import of products has also remained stable. At the same time, the company is actively preparing to speed up the market after returning to work and production.

Confidence in China

In fact, Nestle, which started with infant nutrition business, has always had faith in this business. Xiaoshidai noted that mark Schneider, CEO of Nestle, has repeatedly talked about his views on China’s baby matching market in recent years and released Nestle’s attitude towards winning in the world’s largest baby matching market.

At the 2021 earnings performance analysis meeting earlier this year, Schneider told analysts that nestle would not give up China’s infant formula market. The company firmly believes in the core business of infant nutrition business and that China is the largest and leading infant formula market. He also stressed that if Nestle wants to continue its commitment to the business, it is important to stay in the Chinese market and win the competition, which is exactly what Nestle intends to do.

“I think the management has taken very positive actions, and we expect the improvement results to show up this year.” Schneider also said that this year is likely to return to positive growth. What Nestle needs to do includes improving channel distribution, increasing its influence in low-level cities, continuous innovation and providing cutting-edge products. The company has room for competition and success.

Last June, Schneider revealed new ideas for the development of China’s infant nutrition business. He said that although Nestle is facing the challenges of birth rate and local brand competition in the Chinese market, it is coping with it by improving the penetration of low-line cities and launching new products. He also expressed his confidence that this series of measures will bring positive results.

At the same time, he also believes that nestle infant nutrition needs to tap broader opportunities from adjacent categories.

(data and pictures)

In October last year, Schneider further stressed that he would “go all out for China’s infant nutrition business, not shrink the front or withdraw from the battlefield”.


“China is the world’s largest and most demanding infant formula market. We must win there and strive to become a highly competitive participant in the market.” Schneider said.

After the handover of Wyeth’s business head in Greater China is completed, let’s wait and see what cards Nestle will play in the future.

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