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Today, McDonald’s officially announced the sale of its Russian business. Tongtian liquor is a joint venture with its confidant coffee. McDonald’s China plans to recruit more than 190000 people this year. Hou Yi will step down as chairman of HEMA. It is not easy for Dutch milk powder to be exported to the United States

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McDonald’s China expects to recruit more than 190000 people this year

Today, McDonald’s China announced the launch of the 2022 National Recruitment week, which is expected to recruit more than 190000 people throughout the year. During this year’s National Recruitment week, McDonald’s launched a new student youth talent training program. With the launch of McDonald’s restaurant management talent reserve in China, the project will be officially launched every year. (issued by the company)

Tongtian wine and confidant coffee set up a joint venture

Today, Tongtian liquor, which is listed in Hong Kong, announced that it has established a joint venture with office coffee chain rookie confidant coffee to expand its business to coffee shops and chain pubs. The joint venture “Tongtian confidant wine” is 51% owned by Tongtian wine and 49% owned by confidant coffee, which jointly operates confidant coffee. Confidante coffee currently operates more than 10 stores in Beijing. (company announcement)

Naixue established a beverage company with 350 employees

Recently, Peng Xin, the founder of Naixue tea, said that after the suspension of stores affected by the epidemic, online retail products can be used as a supplement to bring new revenue growth. The company will focus on developing more retail products that can be sold online and offline at the same time this year, such as bottled fruit tea, pure tea, bubble water, tea gift box, Chinese dim sum and prefabricated baking products. It is reported that Naixue has set up a beverage company for independent capital injection and accounting. At present, the company has 350 employees. (China Entrepreneur Magazine)

Naixue’s tea was fined 5000 yuan for selling expired food

Recently, Tianjin Heping District No. 1 branch of Beijing Naixue Catering Management Co., Ltd. was fined 5000 yuan by Tianjin Heping District market supervision and Administration for operating food beyond the shelf life. The punishment also includes confiscating a bottle of unsealed “Guangming” fresh ranch high-temperature sterilized milk that has exceeded the shelf life. (China News Network)

Tan Tsai International’s latest mainland store opening plan

After its listing in October last year, catering chain Tan Zi International announced its first full year results today. Liu Damin, chairman, executive director and chief executive of the group, pointed out at the performance meeting that affected by the rise in raw material prices, the group slightly adjusted the price by about 2% in February this year, which needs to be considered again this year depending on the supply chain and customer affordability. He said that this year, he plans to open 14 branches in Hong Kong and 26 in the mainland. (Ming Pao)

Costa community peace of mind purchase online

Today, csota announced the launch of community peace of mind shopping in Shanghai. During the epidemic period, community group purchase and point-to-point distribution are organized by the head of the team to carry out group purchase in the same community. The orders are freely matched and combined. The distribution starts from the actual payment of 2500 yuan and will be delivered within 72 hours. (issued by the company)

Hou Yi stepped down as chairman of Hangzhou HEMA Network Technology Co., Ltd

Tianyancha app shows that recently, Hangzhou HEMA Network Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes. Hou Yi, CEO of HEMA, resigned from the position of chairman, Yan Xiaolei and Shang Dachun withdrew from the positions of director and manager, and Jin Ou was added as the legal representative, executive director and general manager. (36 krypton)


Wuliangye: it is planned to gradually increase the production capacity of 100000 tons of raw wine in the next few years

Yesterday, Wuliangye recently said on the interactive platform that the company plans to gradually increase the production capacity of 100000 tons of raw wine in the next few years to further consolidate the country’s largest pure grain solid-state fermentation brewing base. (36 krypton)

Swire Cola’s first green power plant in China landed in Qiantang

Recently, Zhejiang Swire Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. and Datang Power Zhejiang Branch reached a power purchase cooperation to purchase 30 million kwh of green power (green power), marking that Zhejiang Swire Coca Cola Xiasha factory has officially entered the green power era. It is reported that the company is not only the beverage industry in Zhejiang Province, but also the first bottling plant in Coca Cola China system that uses 100% green electricity. (Hangzhou Daily)

Chairman Feihe: to compete with international brands, we should first practice our internal skills

Recently, Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe, a milk powder company, pointed out in the “dialogue” column of CCTV that under the premise of competing with the same international brands, Chinese brands should first calm down and practice their internal skills. (Xianning News Network)

Ruixing coffee launches new products of “catch horse watermelon series”

Today, Ruixing coffee announced the launch of “catch horse watermelon series” new products: catch horse watermelon latte and catch horse watermelon small iron. (issued by the company)


Pizza Hut launches national style pasta

Today, the wechat official account “South China Pizza Hut” announced the launch of national style pasta, including heniu scallion oil pasta, gilded crab noodles, Shacha Beef Pasta, Jingchu flavor spicy duck hot and dry noodles, and Italian meat sauce Dan Dan pasta. (South China Pizza Hut)

Hennessy xnba flash store landed in Macao

From May 15 to June 12, “Galaxy Macau” luxury comprehensive resort will open Macao’s first “Hennessy x NBA limited experience flash store” and sell limited edition retail goods. (issued by the company)

Baicaowei online qiaoke fruit series new products

Recently, baicaowei launched a series of new products of qiaoke fruit, including yoghurt chocolate flavor citrus slice, flavor mango slice, chocolate freeze-dried strawberry and freeze-dried mango. (issued by the company)

Yuanqi forest “has a mine” won the Gold Award for design

Recently, Yuanqi forest’s new product “youkuang” mineral water won the gold medal in the 2021-2022 a’design Award & competition. “Youkuang” is a “natural soft mineral water” product launched by Yuanqi forest in July 2021. The recommended retail price is 3 yuan per bottle. (issued by the company)

McDonald’s announced the sale of its business in Russia more than 30 years after its entry into Russia

Today, more than 30 years after entering the Russian market, McDonald’s said it would sell its business in the country and is expected to include $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion in expenses to cover related costs. In 2021, Russia and Ukraine accounted for about 9% of McDonald’s global sales revenue, or US $2 billion.

In March this year, McDonald’s decided to shut down its 847 restaurants in Russia, including the iconic Pushkin square store in central Moscow.


Dutch milk powder manufacturers say exporting to the U.S. market is not easy

In view of the recent shortage of infant milk powder in the United States, it is reported that in addition to the approval obstacles, the Netherlands has not left a large amount of milk powder inventory. Among them, the spokesmen of feishilan and Aoyou who have local production capacity said that obtaining the certificate of milk powder export to the United States is “a long-term process”. Danone’s newdihia responded that it was negotiating with the U.S. authorities to find out how it could help solve the shortage. (NOS)

Abbott significantly increases milk powder supply to Irish factories

According to Irish media today, millions of cans of infant formula made in the country have been transported to the United States by air to solve the serious shortage of local milk powder. Abbott said in a statement that it had more than doubled the supply of cootehill plant in Ireland this year. Many American parents rely on infant formula. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in 2020, less than half of the babies born in the country are fully breastfed in the first three months. (irishexaminer)

Wal Mart has to deal with the shortage of store managers in the United States

Recently, Wal Mart has formulated a college student recruitment plan to deal with the shortage of store managers. Wal Mart has about 4700 U.S. stores, and many store managers have worked for at least ten years. Although the annual salary of this position often exceeds $200000, it is not easy to recruit the right person. Wal Mart executives say they need to find a new generation of managers to replace them. (Wall Street Journal)

Implementation of corporate governance reform of French cheese maker bel

Today, the French cheese producer bel group announced the appointment of C é cile B é liot as the new CEO, while Antoine fi é vet, who has been in charge of the company for a long time, remains the chairman, which means that the company’s governance reform has been implemented, that is, the separation of the above two positions. C é cile B é liot, 48, has worked for Danone for 17 years and has led Beverage departments including Evian and fuvik brands (Figaro)

Loop and Danone reach a new pet supply agreement

Loop industries, a sustainable plastics company, announced today that it has reached a multi-year supply agreement with Danone. The new five-year agreement will provide Danone brands including Evian with loop pet made of 100% recyclable ingredients. The raw material will be supplied by loop’s B é cancour plant in Quebec, Canada, and production is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2024. (issued by the company)



Reliance, India’s largest retailer, will acquire dozens of small food and non food brands to build its own consumer goods business worth $6.5 billion, Reuters quoted people familiar with the situation as saying. Reliance will challenge FMCG giants that have been operating in India for decades, such as Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi and Coca Cola. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information


CPI release of national consumer price from January to April

According to the National Bureau of statistics, from January to April, the national consumer price (CPI) rose by 1.4% year-on-year. In April, the national consumer price rose by 2.1% year-on-year, an increase of 0.6 percentage points over the previous month. (Sina Finance)


In April, the food manufacturing industry above Designated Size and wine and beverage industry maintained growth

In April, the added value of food manufacturing above Designated Size, wine and beverage manufacturing and refined tea manufacturing increased by 0.1% and 0.5% respectively year-on-year. The retail sales of grain, oil, food and beverage commodities of units above the designated size increased by 10% and 6% respectively. Consumer prices were generally stable, rising 2.1% year-on-year in April, maintaining a moderate rise; Excluding food and energy, the core CPI increased by 0.9% year-on-year, down 0.2 percentage points from the previous month. (first financial network)


Catering revenue in April was 260.9 billion yuan, down 22.7%

In April, the total retail sales of social consumer goods was 2948.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.1%. Among them, according to the type of consumption, in April, the retail sales of goods reached 2687.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 9.7%; Catering revenue was 260.9 billion yuan, down 22.7%. (China Economic Net)


Report on consumption trend of instant food in 2022: the turnover of prefabricated vegetables increased by 156% year-on-year

On May 13, Jingdong consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute and Jingdong supermarket jointly released the 2022 instant food consumption trend report. Among them, the turnover of prefabricated vegetables increased by 156% year-on-year in 2021. People aged 36-45 are the main force of prefabricated vegetables consumption, accounting for 36% of sales in 2021. In 2021, the number of prefabricated vegetables purchased by generation Z increased by 137% year-on-year. In addition, the first and second tier cities have a higher acceptance of prefabricated dishes. In 2021, the turnover of prefabricated dishes in the first and second tier cities accounted for 60%. (36 krypton)

Hong Kong Consumer Council released 30 sausage test results

Recently, the Hong Kong Consumer Council tested 30 types of sausages, and three of them detected trace amounts of the metabolite “semicarbazide” (SEM) of furacilin, a banned veterinary drug in the mainland and Europe and the United States. Among them, the detection amount of one of them exceeded the EU standard by 13 times; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were detected in another two models. The products of “carbamide” detected in the three samples are “yupinhuang”, “a lfresco” and “Chef brand”, which all exceed the EU standard; The Consumer Council has forwarded the relevant results to the centre for food safety for follow-up. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)


Hong Kong Consumer Council released the inspection results of 37 infant snacks

There are 37 types of steamed buns (including 6 types of steamed buns, 7 types of steamed buns with free sugar added for infants and young children), and 37 types of steamed buns with free sugar added for infants and young children, including 6 types of steamed buns, 7 types of steamed buns with free sugar added for infants and young children. In addition, more than 50% of the samples with sugar content belong to “high sugar” food, which is not in line with the recommendations of the United States, Britain and other places that children under the age of 2 should not eat food and beverages with sugar.

Shanghai fully restored normal production and living order in June

Today, Shanghai has made clear the “three stages” of prevention and control, of which the third stage is “the stage of comprehensively restoring the normal production and living order of the whole city”. From June 1 to mid late June, on the premise of strictly preventing the rebound of the epidemic and controlling the risk, we fully implemented the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control, and comprehensively restored the normal production and living order of the whole city. (surging News)

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