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What does the brand rely on to get out of the circle for the rolled up high-end ice track? The giant gave the answer

The temperature is gradually rising, and the ice cream market is about to usher in the peak sales season of the year.

As one of the most competitive categories in FMCG industry, ice cream industry has many new products every year. In the past, there were industry giants in charge, and then there were emerging players in hot pursuit. How to stand out in the crowded track has become the topic of every brand’s thinking.

On the consumer side, with the continuous improvement of national life and cognitive level, more and more people have learned to look at the ingredient list of products and formed the habit of understanding food raw materials from ingredients before purchase. This also reflects the deepening public attention to raw materials from one aspect.

However, with the gradual expansion of the “cake” in the domestic ice cream market, there have been many hot topics in the industry in recent years. For example, before the ice cream industry, there have been “double standard” events of product raw materials, which has aroused great concern.

On the other hand, discussions on the price of ice cream such as “how outrageous the price of ice cream” have also been hot searched on Weibo for many times. Consumers have lamented that even the “ice cream freedom” is gone. For some high priced ice cream, consumers report that the quality of raw materials on the ingredient list is inconsistent with their price. In terms of price, high prices are used to hold high positioning, and cost saving is the priority standard in the selection of raw materials. In fact, this is also a “double standard” to some extent.

Ms. Wu, an ice cream lover, told the snack generation that she could accept ice cream with more than 10 yuan or even higher price, but it should be made of high-quality and reassuring raw materials. “I will have higher requirements for raw materials. After all, it costs more than 10 yuan, and the quality can’t be disappointing.”


It can be seen that with the awakening of consumers’ consumption awareness, people pay more attention to whether the value of products they buy matches the price and whether the pricing of products is reasonable. While the information of brand products is more transparent, consumers are also more cautious in their purchase choices.


As a giant enterprise in the domestic ice cream industry, Yili has insight into the strong demand of consumers for chocolate ice cream with strict quality materials, and Qixuan, its high-end smart ice brand, carries out product innovation and R & D to meet this demand.

nowadays, Qixuan has quickly occupied a place in the high-end ice cream track, which has not only won the reputation of consumers, but also attracted the attention of the ice cream industry. Let’s have a look at the broken circle secrets of Qixuan ice cream.



The high-end attribute of Qixuan ice cream directly reflects the brand’s high standards for product raw materials.

On Qixuan’s ingredient list, raw milk is ranked first and chocolate is ranked second. The brand has selected imported Belgian chocolate. Raw milk is used in ice cream milk without adding an extra drop of water in the production process. In the current chocolate ice cream market, it is not easy to make such ingredients.

Consumption upgrading has become the general trend of the market. The consumption concept of young people is different from that in the past, which is reflected in the ice cream market, that is, there is more affordable price space. They are willing to try products with high prices, but they will also consider whether they are worth it.

Qixuan takes quality as the first consideration, occupies the industry position with the high raw material standard of real materials, and also sets a benchmark case for the smart ice industry.



This year, in addition to the Qixuan · Qi series with five flavors to choose from, Qixuan also launched Qixuan · Heiqiao ice cream and Qixuan · xuanlinglong ice cream.

Qixuan · Heiqiao ice cream is presented in an innovative small waist shape. It is made of imported Belgian dark chocolate and raw milk. The sandwich is made of blueberry mulberry jam, and the outer chocolate is wrapped with imported Badan wood particles, which has rich taste levels.

According to the report on in-depth evaluation and development trend prediction of China’s ice cream market (2022 Edition) released by Limu information consulting, we can see that “snack cognition” is one of the development trends of ice cream.

The seasonal limit of ice cream has been gradually broken, which can be seen from the hot sale of ice products in double 11. The positioning of ice cream is no longer a simple summer thirst quenching product, but a scene snack or dessert.

Qixuan · xuanlinglong ice cream captures this insight and emphasizes multi scene consumption. Dazzle and exquisite, just like its name, the shape is small and exquisite. A bag has two shapes with two ice cream flavors. The round one is classic vanilla flavor and the love one is strawberry cheese flavor. Its independent small package like snacks is very convenient for a variety of scenes. Take one at home for a nap, you can get delicious satisfaction, and you don’t have to worry about eating too much at one time; When relaxing at work or gathering with friends, the independent small package is also suitable for sharing with colleagues and friends.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of production technology, it adopts the automatic finishing, counting and packaging technology pioneered by the domestic industry, and realizes the fully automatic production of outer coating, finishing, independent packaging and counting combination of dual flavor Mini products. It is also an innovation of the industry.



Due to the differentiated selling points of independent packaging and novel modeling under the support of real materials, it has become an innovative ice cream product favored by e-commerce platforms. It has been loved by consumers since it was put on the shelves in March, and the heat has not decreased so far. Xiaoshidai learned that xuanlinglong has been firmly ranked in the top list of new products under the categories of and tmall ice cream, and has become a dark horse that has impacted the popular models this summer.


Based on high-quality products with real materials, Qixuan’s marketing actions in the past quarter have also contributed to its impact on this summer’s “hot money reservation”.

Xiaoshidai noted that since March, Qixuan has made strong brand exposure on many mainstream platforms, including building elevator LCD, video platform, Internet TV and social media platform with a concentration of young white-collar workers. This move can quickly build up brand popularity for young fans.

At the same time, in terms of communication topics, Qixuan also has its own characteristics. Taking advantage of the advantages of raw milk and Belgian chocolate at the top of its whole product ingredient list, Qixuan shouted the product slogan of “real raw milk chocolate ice cream”, and successfully attracted more people’s curiosity and attention by planting grass on social media and short video platforms.


Thus, the pure and strong storm of Qixuan swept all major platforms and reached all kinds of people, and laid a good foundation for the final transformation with a sense of existence again and again.

Finally, the landing at the channel end is also sonorous and powerful. According to the report on in-depth evaluation and development trend prediction of China’s ice cream market (2022 Edition), the “upper” line of sales is one of the development trends of China’s ice cream market.

As a high-end smart ice brand, Qixuan also takes e-commerce as one of the important platforms to reach consumers. Qixuan continuously participated in large-scale online activities such as’s “catching up day” and tmall’s “super category day” as the main push product of the platform, and finally effectively promoted product transformation.

In the offline channel of the main battlefield of ice cream, Qixuan’s full range of products have also achieved strong channel penetration. The overall business of Qixuan brand has achieved remarkable double-digit growth in the past quarter.


Some industry experts pointed out: “since the 21st century, with the growth of consumption power and the continuous surge of domestic market scale of 20% – 30% every year, the innovation of ice cream brand marketing and playing methods has transformed the way of simply touching consumers with taste into an experiential consumer product with multiple attributes such as identity + personality + entertainment.”

Qixuan’s multi-channel and multi topic marketing not only makes the image of products more three-dimensional through strong interaction, but also repeatedly deepens the brand potential.

In the final analysis, high-quality products are the foundation of marketing. Eye sucking is not equal to gold sucking. For consumers, the high-end of ice cream is not only reflected in price, but also in quality.

From this, we can summarize Qixuan’s out of circle secret script, high-quality raw materials, supplemented by differentiated product innovation, and then superimposed with multi-channel linkage marketing mode, so as to open up a way to overtake on the crowded high-end ice cream track and “dazzle” the brand power.

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