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Ice cream national players add another member? Wuyang ice cream shows its strategy after joining Yuexiu food group

Wuyang ice cream, which joined Yuexiu food group in May last year and is operated by popular dairy, now has the latest deployment idea.

At the first anniversary of Wuyang ice cream joining Yuexiu food group held yesterday, the person in charge of popular dairy industry talked about the next development plan of the brand and said that Wuyang would go out of Guangdong and gradually become a national well-known brand with the help of the channel advantages of Yuexiu group’s national layout. Yesterday, relevant principals of Guangzhou SASAC, Yuexiu group and Yuexiu food group also attended the event.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Out of Guangdong

Xiaoshidai previously introduced that nestle ended the production of Wuyang products in May last year and the operation of Wuyang brand last summer. It is understood that with the overall deployment of Guangzhou SASAC, “Wuyang” series trademarks have officially joined Yuexiu food group under Yuexiu group since May 17 last year, and are authorized to be operated by popular dairy industry.

According to Zhu Yihua, Secretary of the Party committee of popular dairy industry, the development history of popular dairy industry can be traced back to 1865. It is one of the dairy enterprises in the whole industry chain with the longest history in Guangzhou and even the whole country. After the company took over the Wuyang brand, the products were replaced with new packaging with Wuyang statue in May last year. Up to now, Wuyang ice cream has launched 17 classic products, 4 innovative products and 2 cultural and creative ice cream products, including Wuyang sweet cone, lotus cup and crispy ice cream.

“Through development and innovation, (Wuyang) has initially formed a market layout centered on Guangdong, radiating Guangxi and Hainan, and gradually entered Hunan, Jiangxi and other markets.” The person in charge also revealed that by the end of 2021, Wuyang ice cream had covered more than 30000 regional sales outlets, laying the foundation for national layout.

It is reported that Wuyang ice cream is currently produced in a cooperative way. There are two cooperative factories in Shantou, Guangdong and Inner Mongolia, but they are also actively preparing to build their own production capacity.

The popular dairy industry replied to the snack representative yesterday that at present, the second phase of the popular Shitan factory is considering the construction of the ice cream production line, and the planned production capacity is 20000 pieces per hour.

“At present, our cooperative factories in Guangdong can basically meet the needs of the South China market. The distribution of points in Inner Mongolia is mainly for the layout strategy of the northern market in the long run.” The company also said that the future orientation of Wuyang ice cream is to inherit Cantonese feelings and Guangfu culture, upgrade in innovation and launch more national fashion products for young consumer groups.

Strengthen coordination

It is understood that Yuexiu group, as the state-owned enterprise with the largest asset scale under the SASAC of Guangzhou, has been increasing the size of the food sector in recent years, and the dairy industry has become one of the three core businesses of the group’s food sector. By integrating Great Wall dairy and Huishan dairy successively, Yuexiu dairy has initially formed a national layout of “popular in the south, Great Wall in the middle and Huishan in the north”.

The popular dairy industry told xiaoshidai that for the future development of Wuyang, Yuexiu group’s idea is to strengthen the coordination of various sectors of the dairy industry with the help of existing resource advantages.

“Yuexiu group already has a lot of pasture resources and has obvious advantages in fresh milk products. Now Wuyang ice cream basically uses its own pastures such as popular, Huishan and great wall as milk sources.” The company also said that the next step is to integrate the existing Huishan and other sales channel resources to help Wuyang further open the market.

In fact, the dairy sector of Yuexiu popular food group previously proposed the strategic goal of “the top three (200000) dairy farming scale industries and the top ten (10 billion yuan) dairy products revenue scale industries in 2025”. Its business areas include low-temperature liquid milk, upstream animal husbandry, high-end constant temperature milk, ice cream and other characteristic dairy products.

For the ice cream category, according to the company’s plan, it plans to rely on Shenyang Yuexiu Huishan creative Dairy Store in the northeast to innovate and develop fresh milk ice cream products. In Guangdong, it will rely on “Wuyang” IP to shape Guangdong’s popular products, focus on Guangdong and radiate the whole country.

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