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Roll flavor? Roll shape? I’m afraid the net red ice cream is rolled in the wrong direction!

how can brands win in the high-end smart ice industry with a large number of roll kings.

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This year’s ice cream “inside roll season” starts again.
Coriander flavor, milk tea flavor, sesame sauce flavor, and crazy with black garlic. In addition to taste, winning by shape is another idea for ice cream people to open their rolls. Cultural and creative ice cream, bamboo ice cream, animal modeling, fruit modeling There are even blind box games. Netizens said that after getting numb, this ice cream is true and can’t roll
Photo source: Little Red Book – call me Mr. Di’ao, national goods intelligence officer
In fact, this is not the first time that the ice cream track is so curly. Eating ice is a national event every summer. From supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, scenic spots to online e-commerce platforms, ice cream covers all sales channels and all scenes that can exist in summer. The price ranges from 1-2 yuan to 5-10 yuan to 15-20 yuan, and even reaches a new height every year. Look at brands, imported, domestic, giant enterprises, local brands, unknown small brands, milk tea shops and catering stores
However, the ice cream track is updated every year, and the new speed is faster and faster. There are countless new products and even explosive products every year, but the next year, it seems that they all disappeared and start over again. What attracts consumers may only be the first glance and greed, but how many brands and single products can be remembered and re purchased that have remained in the minds of consumers for a long time?
I feel lonely.
After rolling for so many years, why is the ice cream track still so rolling? Playing with taste, modeling and concept is indeed an important factor to impress people, but is it enough to stay at this level? In the fierce internal competition, how does the ice cream brand move from a flash in the pan to a long-term success?
After all these years,
Why is the ice cream track still rolling?
From summer to year-round ice, consumers are increasingly inseparable from ice cream
Compared with other FMCG products, ice cream is more sensitive to the weather, which makes summer the main battlefield of ice cream. However, with more participation of the post-90s and post-00s in consumption decision-making, many new consumption scenarios and consumption modes have been spawned, and eating ice throughout the year has become a new consumption trend. The sales data of double 11 shows that winter has become the peak for ice lovers to hoard goods.
The change of the scene of family hoarding means that consumers’ demand for ice cream is no longer just for immediate summer relief, but for more spiritual demands and values.
The most obvious evidence is the contrarian growth of ice cream products brought about by the epidemic. In the face of the anxiety and negative emotions caused by the epidemic, sweet ice cream has become an outlet for soothing and venting emotions. According to the Kaidu consumer index, in the recent epidemic in Shanghai, the growth rate of ice cream category in the food hoarded reached a surge of more than 60% compared with the same period last year.
There are more brands entering the market every year, but it seems that few can make consumers talk about it
According to tianyancha data, there are nearly 45000 ice cream related enterprises in China, and more than 5000 ice cream enterprises have been established every year in the past five years, and the growth rate has always been stable at about 10%.
But think about it carefully. As a consumer, why do you still feel that there are few ice cream brands that can be contacted, thought of, named and re purchased?
Traditionally, as an ice cream category with strong impulsive consumption attribute, offline is the focus of ice cream brand sales. The stronger the channel power, the higher the product exposure. Therefore, for a small freezer, the concept of packaging, beauty and beauty has become the norm, because it needs to stand out from many similar products in a short time and get the attention of consumers. At this stage, for consumers, Brand seems not to be a necessary option for ice cream consumption.
Consumer demands have long changed. Fancy flowers can no longer fool consumers!
Traditional consumers pay more attention to surface factors such as taste and shape. Now, with the upgrading of consumer demand, the competition of ice cream track is more than modeling and taste innovation. “Fancy” is no longer a sharp tool to attract consumption for a long time. Consumers have put forward higher demands for ice cream brands.
On the one hand, consumers’ shopping awareness has improved. Young people who pursue quality life pay more attention to brands and ice cream raw materials, and learn and develop the habit of checking the ingredient list when shopping. According to the Research Report of Kexin food and health information exchange center, only 8.7% of consumers never look at the ingredient list, and the consumers who must see each time account for 13.1% of the sample. Look at the ingredients list and calculate the cost performance. The “fresh and pure” of ice cream raw materials is becoming the goal pursued by consumers.
On the other hand, with the rapid internal rolling of ice cream, its price is also rising. In fact, more and more expensive ice cream has received a lot of controversy. However, according to the survey, young people with higher income actually don’t care about paying a high price for ice cream. They care more about whether the money is worth it. Consumers are also willing to spend more money on better value for money and higher quality ice cream, according to the report. In fact, the “double standard” behavior of making high price gimmicks, which can not keep up with the quality, is the reason why high-end ice cream is really questioned.
In the future, when the consumption demand for spiritual pleasure of ice cream continues to rise, domestic consumers who “treat bitter double standards for a long time” are bound to be more and more eager to have high-quality products with online quality, raw materials and price.
Foodaily observed that Yili’s high-end ice cream brand Qixuan was developed under this background. At present, China is in a period of rapid growth of ice cream. There are a variety of online red ice cream products and brands on the market, but there are not many truly classic and quality products that can meet the upgrading of consumers’ quality and personalized experience. It is precisely because of its keen ability to capture this market contradiction, Qixuan cut into the high-end smart ice track with the positioning of high-quality raw materials, and won the strong recognition of consumers and great attention of the industry in a short time.
Photo source: Qixuan
Sublimate inward and personalize outward,
How does Qixuan break the inner scroll from the inside out?
“Born beautiful” is Qixuan’s brand concept, and this brand concept has also been used to enrich the product matrix. It is expressed as “real material” from the inside and “different” from the outside.
Sublime inward and stick to the principle of mellow, rich and high quality
Internally, Qixuan’s high quality is reflected in the selection of raw materials. All products adhere to the standard of ultra-high-end raw materials. Check Qixuan’s ingredient list. The top two are raw milk and Belgian chocolate.
Knowing that good quality is the truth of hard power and real materials have always been Qixuan’s important advantage in the high-end smart ice market. Backed by Yili, Qixuan’s milk source is particularly guaranteed. Qixuan’s whole line of products use raw milk to make cakes. No extra drop of water is added in the production process, which is healthy and ensures the pure and fragrant taste of ice cream.
Source: Qixuan
The crispy crust of Qixuan ice cream is imported chocolate from Belgium, the “chocolate kingdom”, without adding an extra drop of water. The chocolate chip crust made of pure cocoa butter has an excellent melting point of about 34 ℃, which melts in the mouth and adds a unique natural flavor to the ice cream.
Source: Qixuan
To emphasize individuality is to be different
“Born to be gorgeous” means to be distinctive from the outside. This coincides with the concept that young consumers like to flaunt their personality, pursue being different and often express themselves in a personalized way. Therefore, this concept runs through the development idea of Qixuan brand from the beginning.
Different from the stereotyped style of traditional crispy ice cream, the new product Qixuan Heiqiao ice cream launched this year adopts a unique small waist design, which is full of interest and stands out from the shape. In terms of product raw materials, the outer layer of crispy crust is Belgian black Qiao and American Badan wood chips, wrapped with sour and sweet blueberry mulberry jam and rich raw milk ice cream in the inner layer. The triple taste is progressive layer by layer, bringing different surprise experience.
Source: Qixuan
Another new product, Qixuan · xuanlinglong ice cream, is the first mini independent packaging crispy ice cream in China. The shape is small, exquisite and lovely, one by one. The mini shape not only meets the needs of consumers for mini, delicacy and appearance, but also helps to control heat and weight. At the same time, the sharing packaging also opens a new idea of social sharing scene of ice cream.
Behind the “difference” is actually Qixuan’s breakthrough in process and technological innovation. For example, for xuanlinglong ice cream, Qixuan adopts the domestic industry’s first automatic sorting, counting and packaging technology to realize the fully automatic production of outer coating, sorting, independent packaging and counting combination of dual flavor Mini products.
Source: Qixuan
Sales increased again and again,
The secret is to let consumers understand 6031
Foodaily observed that Qixuan’s business has achieved double-digit growth this year, and its sales have increased again and again. It is inseparable from Qixuan’s high-frequency marketing interaction. Wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. Aside from its appearance, how can it convey the core value of the brand in a group of fancy ice products?
High frequency exposure, enter the target group position, and establish the influence of quality life scenes
From offline building elevator LCD, home and other scenes to online social media, Internet TV and video platforms, Qixuan has entered consumers in different channels and reached consumers efficiently through fine operation and high-density exposure.
As a high-end qiaobing brand, in addition to the distribution of offline domestic and foreign convenience stores, Qixuan also continuously participated in JD’s “catch-up day” and tmall’s “super category day” and other large-scale activities to bring products to the market at the first time and effectively promote product transformation.
For marketing, the emotional value conveyed by the brand is always the key to move the hearts of consumers. The innovative marketing activity of “dazzle a high-value afternoon tea” launched by Qixuan and xiaohongshu IP trend food manufacturing bureau is to convey the concept of Qixuan delicacy and quality to core consumers through empathic scene marketing, so as to accurately realize the transformation of target groups from consumers to grass growers.
Hold high the banner of “real talents and materials” and establish a new benchmark of quality and smart ice simply and frankly
In the pursuit of quality life, the phenomenon of false publicity of raw materials and non-compliance of food safety in the ice industry still occur from time to time, which is obviously contrary to the demand of consumers for high-quality and high-quality ice cream, adding a lot of confusion and problems to consumers’ choice.
Simplify consumers’ cognition and choice path. Since March, the top two ingredients in Qixuan ice cream marketing have been the advantages of raw milk and chocolate. With “real raw milk chocolate ice cream” as the differentiated positioning, Qixuan ice cream has carried out all-round communication on social media such as Weibo, xiaohongshu and Tiktok to seize users’ minds and deepen users’ understanding of the authenticity of Qixuan ingredients in many competitive products, Achieve a win-win situation of word-of-mouth and sales.
With a simple and straightforward slogan, Qixuan quickly won the attention and trust of consumers. Of course, the slogan of being confident and not afraid of overturning also stems from Qixuan’s strong product strength and determination to stick to the high-end ice track with high quality.
Since 2014, China has become the world’s largest consumer of ice products. Moreover, at present, China’s per capita annual consumption of ice cream is about 2.9kg, far lower than the global per capita of 4.5kg. With the rise of spiritual and emotional consumption value, ice cream track has great potential in China.
But at the same time, it also sends a crisis signal to the ice cream enterprises and brands on the track: relying only on the fancy shelves of taste, shape and packaging, or even a single explosive product, can no longer become the competitive advantage of the ice cream track. More and more brands are involved in it, It means that only with the comprehensive ability of “differentiated brand concept”, “continuous iterative innovation ability”, “refined operation ability”, “solid quality assurance” and “continuous playing with young people”, can we stand out from the tight encirclement under the fierce competition. Instead of working hard on the surface, it’s better to return to the original intention and work hard on the products. Excellent product quality is the magic weapon for long-term survival in the market.
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