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At 6 o’clock tonight, listen to 10 celebrities talking about the future of prefabricated dishes TOC


at 6:00 this evening, we will gather with the food people in the cloud to find the answer to the C road for the prefabricated dishes!
In the first half of this year, the C-end market of prefabricated vegetables broke out, capital entered the market one after another, and the upsurge surged to seize the first opportunity; Facing the huge potential market, enterprises keep up with the tuyere and create new growth points However, behind the fire, think calmly. Can prefabricated dishes really achieve the next trillion? Turning to the C-end market, what problems still need to be solved in prefabricated dishes? How many new opportunities are there for industrial innovation, brand innovation and product innovation? Behind the excitement, how can enterprises find the sustainable driving point of differentiation and make growth sustainable with innovation?
As an observer of the industry, foodaily daily food has continuously promoted the innovation and upgrading of the industry, and specially planned a series of activities of # family kitchen revolution # prefabricated dishes 2.0, which were broadcast live on May 19 and 24 respectively. In the upcoming first live broadcast, foodaily daily food invited guests from think tanks, capital and enterprises such as OC & C, Xingwang investment, Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan, Zuo Dashi, Guolian aquatic products, Lihe flavor and SouFun lion to bring you the latest insights and cases from the perspectives of track observation, brand and product innovation and business opportunities, and jointly explore the future of TOC of prefabricated vegetables.
Part 1: Prefabricated dishes 2.0, starting the family kitchen revolution
Why do we pay attention to the prefabricated vegetable track? In January this year, foodaily released the “top ten commercial hot spots of 2022 daily food”. In the commercial hot spot of “new staple food culture and return to the core of smoke and fire in the market”, foodaily Research Institute mentioned: “simple and warm, prefabricated dishes 2.0 will incubate new family cooking habits. In the future, a simple cooking, smoke and fire home cooked meal will be seen everywhere”. Jumping out of the lazy house demand, the more ceremonial prefabricated dish 2.0 is detonating a “family kitchen revolution”.
Part 2: Panoramic dish dismantling Market
Is prefabricated food a completely new concept? What can be called a prepared dish? At present, under the catalysis of the epidemic, prefabricated vegetables are in a period of rapid growth, especially the demand of C-end. Above the tuyere, many enterprises such as food materials, catering and platform have entered the market one after another, but China’s Prefabricated vegetable track is still in its infancy, and both the track boundary and subdivided categories need to be excavated or defined. How large is the C-end market of Chinese prefabricated dishes now? How much room for growth? What is the competition pattern of the industry? Will consumers pay?

Part 3: investment opportunities of prefabricated vegetable track from the perspective of capital
The epidemic has stimulated the C-end consumer demand for prefabricated dishes, accelerated the speed of prefabricated dishes on the family table, and capital, enterprises and e-commerce platforms quickly poured into the track. But despite the impact of the epidemic and other special environments, will the prefabricated dishes really meet the expectations and continue to be hot at the C end? Return to rational thinking, how to view the opportunities of prefabricated vegetables in the C-end market? From B to C, what is the change and what is the constant? Where are the opportunities and solutions for breaking the circle?

Part 4: business speculation: to B or to C, efficiency or pyrotechnics, it’s a question?
At present, there is a general consensus in the industry that the market share ratio of prefabricated dishes in b-end and C-end is about 8:2. With the demand of cost reduction and efficiency increase, prefabricated dishes have long become the norm in the b-end market, but turning to the C-end seems to have opened the hard customs clearance mode. There are also differences in this view in the industry. Some believe that the demand of C-end prefabricated dishes is untenable, and b-end prefabricated dishes are more worthy of deep cultivation, but others are optimistic about the prospects and opportunities of C-end market. One side is the ultimate efficiency, while the other side needs more pyrotechnic gas. To B or to C, is it compatible or contradictory? Where is the future development space?

Part 5: Super interview – Fireworks in the world. Why should they?
On the consumer side, the rapid economic development, the transformation of lifestyle, the acceleration of urbanization, the aging population, the miniaturization of families, the single economy and women’s entry into the workplace have brought new family dining table needs; On the industry side, the continuous iteration of R & D and technology in the industry, such as vacuum & fresh-keeping technology, cold chain technology and cooking technology, also brings more possibilities for consumers to choose. “Prefabricated vegetables” are once again out of the circle under the catalyst of the epidemic, and the heat is rising. As a representative enterprise in the field of prefabricated vegetables, how do they overcome difficulties and make progress?
Prefabricated dishes 2.0 special live broadcast agenda

Watch the live broadcast win Haoli

Foodaily daily food will also hold the second special live broadcast from 14:00 to 17:30 on May 24. Experts and industry solution providers from China prefabricated food industry alliance, Dingding lazy food, three meals with materials, Mu Mian capital, wangjiadu food, Zhengda Group, China riling food group, sipinge, Tiktok e-commerce and other capitals, brands and industry solution providers will be invited to discuss the innovation opportunities of to C prefabricated food track!

Foodaily’s subdivided categories of prefabricated dishes are open for a limited time. You are welcome to scan the code to enter the group, communicate and interact, link resources, and receive reports related to prefabricated dishes! There are five rounds of brand surprise welfare gifts in the live broadcast. Don’t miss it~
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