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Beauty makeup is customized, and what about your nutritional supplement?

from generalization to customization, nutritional supplement needs vary from person to person.

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“Thousands of people, thousands of faces, thousands of makeup.” Remove wrinkles, whiten concealer, brighten and repair face One face can also give birth to so many subdivided needs of the beauty and skin care industry. In order to meet the needs of users who pursue personalization and ultimate experience, many brands also show their skills. They try their best to meet their personalized needs, whether it is to apply advanced technology or create a one-to-one service scene.
When customization and personalization continue to brush the screen in the beauty industry, the same trend is also staged in the global field of nutritional supplementary food. In the past two years, not only the customized nutrition brand has grown rapidly, but also capital has frequently taken shares in the customized nutrition track.
Photo source: blog the power of personalized nutrition
First, the income of Nestle’s customized nutrition brand persona nutrition increased by 300%; Customized vitamin brand and customized nutrition brand pill received millions of dollars of financing each day; At the beginning of last year, FANCL, a well-known Japanese skin care and health food brand, launched the first customized nutrition brand personal one with more than 1 billion combinations.
Recently, GNC, a world-renowned brand of health products, also aims at the customized nutrition track. With personalized customized nutrition as the core, it has targeted to solve the core pain points of Chinese people’s health needs at all stages around different ages and genders, and launched the GNC daily nutrition package series.
Compared with other customized nutrition packages on the market, what are the innovations of GNC? Why does nutritional supplement need to be customized? How to realize customized nutrition? What is the development stage of customized nutrition in China? Will it be a new track and new opportunity?

“Thousands of people and thousands of bodies”, nutritional supplements vary from person to person

Consumption upgrading not only refers to the need for higher quality, more professional and more diversified products, but also includes the cognition and division of consumer groups. From the traditional rough line division according to age, gender and region, to today’s different social identities, workplace roles, living habits, hobbies and even value propositions, all require us to enrich the dimensions of consumer groups. Nutritional supplements for different consumer groups, “thousands of people and thousands of bodies” is no longer a dream.
Physique, age, gender, lifestyle Ubiquitous personalization

People of different ages face different health problems. In addition to the health problems of body, skin, intestine and other quality of life, young people also pay more attention to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression than middle-aged and elderly people. Maintain a high-pressure and fast-paced life for a long time in study or work. Young groups such as staying up late to repair immortals and strong migrant workers generally have a sub-health state of physical and mental fatigue. Eye protection, anti fatigue and improving immunity have become their main health care products. The problems of older people mainly focus on bone health, blood pressure and blood lipids related to quality of life.
Similarly, there are distinct health needs between different genders. Compared with men, women pay more attention to emotional and skin problems, while men have higher health problems in sexual life, three highs and liver than women.
It can be seen that people of different ages and genders will have different health problems, and the differences in lifestyle and eating habits will produce a variety of physical conditions. In the face of different physical demands, the human body also needs to supplement corresponding nutrients to match different physiological needs.
What do people worry about when they talk about nutritional supplements?
“I don’t have the habit of taking vitamins on time. I have to look at the calendar every day to remember to take vitamins.” “I’m busy at work and have to take care of my family. I don’t have time to understand enough health knowledge and nutritional supplement products.” “how can I judge and select products with various functional claims and divergent nutritional knowledge?”
Photo source: 2022 report on dietary health care for young people, yiou think tank
Although the public has made clear the importance of dietary health preservation, for most people, the difficulty in adhering to it, lack of time for health preservation and lack of professional guidance have become obstacles to their regular nutritional supplement, and they do not know what they want and how much they need to supplement. Nutritional supplement is not a simple addition. Adding nutrients with a little knowledge will have the opposite effect.
Taking calcium supplement as an example, insufficient calcium intake is a common problem among Chinese people. Calcium deficiency will lead to osteoporosis, easy fracture and other symptoms, but there is little understanding of joint pain and swelling, cramps caused by daily calcium deficiency, and picky anorexia, muscle soreness and other symptoms caused by calcium deficiency in children. Moreover, in the public impression, the elderly and children are recognized as the people who need calcium most, but the needs of other people, especially pregnant women, are often ignored.
On the demand side, the public has insufficient awareness of nutrition professional knowledge, and different groups have different subdivided needs. On the supply side, the mainstream nutritional supplement products in the domestic market are in a single form, mostly single / compound vitamins and calcium tablets. When the personalized demand cannot be satisfied by the limited product form, consumers cannot choose the products that are really suitable for their own nutritional status. The product differentiation is not large, and it is difficult for consumers to form consumption stickiness.
In the face of this situation, using the characteristics of different populations to promote the prevention, management and treatment of diseases, optimize healthy nutrition strategies, and provide customized nutritional supplements will be a very ideal solution.

Age and gender are broken one by one,

How GNC realizes professional “private customization”

We have an insight that domestic consumers’ demand for personalized customized nutrition is far from being met. GNC, a world-renowned health product brand, has launched six SKUs around the age groups of 30, 40 and 50 for men and women one by one from the perspective of gender and age, so as to solve the core pain points of Chinese nationals at all stages.
Nutrition supplement, GNC daily nutrition package in one step
GNC daily nutrition package is preferably made of more than 300 kinds of raw materials. Each package contains 1 male / female vitamin and mineral, 1 calcium tablet and 3 advanced precise nutrients with different effects.
1) Professional, high-quality and comprehensive nutritional supplement by age and gender
Taking the women’s nutrition package as an example, women aged 30 + often use electronic products, have high work pressure, and often stay up late and work overtime. At the same time, they begin to have the personality demands of anti-aging, whitening and skin care. In view of the needs of these groups to enhance vitality and resist early aging of skin, GNC daily nutrition package adds theanine blueberry tablets for eye protection and pressure relief, small molecule collagen tablets for hair care and skin care and glutathione pills for detoxification and brightening on the basis of vitamin and mineral tablets to supplement daily nutrition and calcium tablets to maintain bone health. These five tablets constitute the daily nutrition package for 30 + women.
Source: GNC
Women aged 40 + are more targeted at the needs of vascular health and advanced anti-aging of skin. In particular, they have added GNC star product omega-3 fish oil capsule and egg shell membrane extract with advanced anti-aging effect to form powerful anti-aging tablets together with collagen and biotin, and retained glutathione pills to prevent dark spots.
For 50 + women who need to enhance bone mineral density, have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health needs and need to alleviate climacteric symptoms, the GNC daily nutrition package retains the fish oil capsule for protecting the heart, brain and eyes in the advanced nutrients, and specially adds coenzyme Q10 capsule which takes care of heart health and effective anti fatigue and isoflavone tablets to alleviate climacteric symptoms to form a 50 + women’s nutrition package.
In addition to considering the different physical needs of different ages, GNC daily nutrition package also provides more accurate nutrition for different genders. Among the three men’s nutrition packs, GNC specially added L-theanine and blueberry extract to protect eyes and relieve pressure, L-arginine and zinc to help reproductive maintenance, and milk thistle seed extract to protect the liver. 40 + and 50 + men also added fish oil and coenzyme Q10 to protect their heart, brain and eyes, and Maca and oyster extract, saw palm and pumpkin seed oil to enhance energy and alleviate men’s menopause symptoms, respectively.
Source: GNC
Men and women also have different needs for vitamins and minerals. Generally, the basic metabolic rate of women is about 5 ~ 10% lower than that of men. Therefore, men’s demand for group B vitamins, especially B1 and B2, is higher than that of women. At the same time, because the physiological period is easy to lead to iron deficiency in women, while men are not easy to be iron deficient. On the contrary, excessive iron content will cause a burden on the heart. Therefore, iron is added to the basic vitamin ore of women’s nutrition package more than men.
While the GNC daily nutrition package is in a balanced proportion, it breaks the pain points one by one by gender (different ingredients added to basic vitamin minerals for men and women) and age (combination of tablet ingredients for precise nutrition at all stages). This includes a lot of professional, rigorous and scientific R & D experience. It is reported that in the process of repeated experiments, GNC adheres to its consistent professional and technical strength, selects more than 300 kinds of high-quality and cutting-edge raw materials, identifies the safety, nature, reliability and matching response of each raw material, completes the nutritional matching and screening for consumers in advance, and provides more targeted patented formulas with high content addition.
2) Farewell to the difficulty of choice, small particles are portable and easy to swallow
Different from conventional bottles and cans of health products, GNC daily nutrition package adopts the design of convenient and easy to tear small package. You only need to take one package every day, which is suitable for carrying with you. For the working people who are busy and have no time to take care of themselves, or the nutritional Xiaobai who is struggling with the inconvenience of all kinds of bottles and cans and is difficult to adhere to taking, one package can efficiently complete the comprehensive nutritional supplement, and there is no need to worry about how to mix and match the health care products with different functions.
GNC also takes into account the characteristics of similar products on the market that the particles are too large and difficult to swallow, and adopts the mini particle size to provide a more comfortable swallowing experience.
Source: GNC
3) Precise and scientific customized nutrition based on everyone’s physique
Most of the traditional age nutrition package products on the market are European, American and Japanese nutrition packages, which are not customized and developed in combination with the unique needs of Chinese people for the proportion and content of dietary supplements. The GNC daily nutrition package, based on a large number of preliminary research and scientific research support, based on the characteristics of heavy oil and salt brought by everyone’s lifestyle and eating habits and the different nutritional demand framework, carries out scientific proportion and efficient supply, which is more in line with everyone’s physical needs.
Global famous nutrition brand after more than 80 years of precipitation
When consumers buy health care products, they most value the product function, formula, professional and high-quality brand power and other factors. Founded in 1935, after more than 80 years of precipitation, GNC is not only close to the needs of consumers in product research and development, but also persuasive in the professional endorsement of the brand.
From the first health food store named “general nutrition” to becoming a world-famous brand of health products, GNC has always been committed to providing safe and high-quality nutritional health products for global consumers, with a business scope in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In 2011, GNC was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange and became the IPO with the largest annual increase in stock price.
In the field of health food, GNC has very high brand awareness. Source: GNC
87 years of brand history has accumulated GNC’s mature technological R & D advantages. GNC has covered more than 16 categories and provided more than 1500 kinds of health products. The products cover the health and nutrition solutions required by the age groups from basic nutrition to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, mothers, infants, young children to middle-aged and elderly people.
In combination with the needs of Chinese nationals, GNC upgraded coenzyme Q10, fish oil and other domestic products, continuously launched reduced super coenzyme, quadruple concentrated platinum goldfish oil and other products that reached the “ceiling” level of the industry in terms of content, absorption rate and stability, and further cultivated technology to enable consumers to achieve efficient absorption in each product and create a better swallowing experience. Concerned that young people, as the main consumption force, prefer snack and functional consumption demands for functional foods, GNC also launched the functional food brand nelo, which is positioned to be happy and healthy, to better meet the needs of young consumers.
Source: GNC
In terms of channels, GNC made a strong layout of various sales channels after entering China in 2011. GNC has developed online channels such as tmall,, Alibaba health and the official website of small programs in China. Offline, it continues to use the retail store model. At the same time, it has stationed in boutique supermarkets, gyms and pharmacies to reach consumers more yuan.

Demand tens of millions, technology control blessing——

Customized nutrition is a good business

With the increasing demand for nutritional supplements, precise health care has become the consumption preference of young people
On April 26, the Chinese society of nutrition issued the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2022), which was revised in combination with the upgrading of national health concept and the changes in consumption trend. When interpreting the dietary guidelines, foodaily Institute found that compared with the previous dietary guidelines, the new version has made improvements in dietary guidelines, food types and intake and the division of specific groups, and put forward the concept of “Oriental healthy dietary model” for the first time.
In recent years, nutritional health has attracted more and more attention from the public. With the change of the times, the forms of nutritional supplement have also changed from traditional dietary supplement to health care products, and then to today’s rich and diverse emerging nutritional supplement products. Nutritional needs are showing a comprehensive and accurate trend.
It is pointed out in the post-90s health care log that the post-90s prefer health care products containing natural ingredients for oral health care. Customized and accurate health care on demand has become one of the product directions of contemporary post-90s. Globally, the market for personalized nutritional products is growing at an annual growth rate of 15%, and with obvious interest and growing investment, there has been a huge diversification of innovation in the market.
Source: EIT food
In the era of intelligence, big data is also playing with customized nutrition
Nowadays, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, big data analysis based on questionnaire survey and the application of intelligent wearable devices are becoming more and more common. Both consumers and food brands can more deeply and thoroughly understand and use personalized nutritional needs.
In the overseas market with more mature customized nutrition, FANCL’s brand personal one uses the lifestyle questionnaire combined with multiple urine tests to obtain the nutritional status of consumers from the first urine analysis results, provide suitable nutritional supplement products, and conduct urine analysis after consumers take it for a period of time to reflect the changes of consumers’ nutritional supplement. European beyou company has created a health guidance platform to help consumers pursue complete health through the use of mobile applications and artificial intelligence driven health and health care solutions. It also provides personalized meal plans, customized exercise programs, the support of trained coaches and incentives for consistency.
Source: personal one
Customized nutrition is an efficient and accurate solution for diversified dietary needs or the nutritional needs of different people with different physiques. However, at the same time, the personalized characteristics of customized nutrition also determine that this kind of food can not be produced in large quantities during processing and production, and the cost is difficult to control. The middle-aged and the elderly have a relatively poor sense of intelligence in the form of questionnaire and practical operation. How to balance the efficacy value, consumption awareness and cost control of customized nutritional food is a huge challenge for brands who want to enter this track.
According to the latest report released by research dive, the global customized nutrition market is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 13.4%. Among them, the Asia Pacific region is expected to become the fastest-growing market segment. An increasing number of health problems, sustainable lifestyles and awareness of immune needs have become important drivers. Many well-known enterprises have also launched their own customized nutrition solutions.
At present, China’s customized nutrition market is still in the initial stage of development, and the nutritional needs of the public are increasingly subdivided. At present, products are difficult to fully meet, and customized nutrition has become the general trend. GNC cuts into the customized nutritional food track from the needs of subdivided groups, and designs nutritional supplement products according to the characteristics of people in different stages. The acceptance of the public is high, the use of products is relatively simple and easy, and the brand entry is easier.
After reading the above, you must have a deeper understanding of customized nutrition. So how do you think about customized nutrition food and what pain points do you expect to solve for customized nutrition? You are welcome to leave your ideas in the comment area.
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